Top 10 New Apple TV Games 2019

Top 10 New Apple TV Games 2019

– [Narrator] This video is sponsored by Bedtime Digital Games,
who want to showcase their adventure game,
Figment, which is out now on iPhone, iPad, and
coming soon to Apple TV. More info at the end of the video. (calm music) Apple TV has gotten a
huge gaming boost in 2019, with the release of Apple Arcade and expanded controller
support with Xbox One and PS4 controller support. There are also more gamers playing on this system than ever before, so because of this, I want to share 10 of my favorite games on the system. These games are supported on
Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. Number 10, we have Table
Top Racing: World Tour. There are not many kart
racing games on Apple TV, but Table Top Racing: World
Tour makes up for this. It’s been brought to Apple
TV by Playrise Digital. This new game has split
screen support for two players with two compatible controllers, eight-player online multiplayer,
great offline modes, 32 tracks, 16 miniature racing cars, and heaps of power-ups to collect and use. I’ve been told by Playrise Digital, that their game runs
at 60 frames per second and supports up to 4K
resolution on Apple TV 4K, so it goes without saying,
it looks fantastic. Table Top Racing: World Tour goes for $4.99 USD on the App Store. (upbeat music) Number nine is Cat Quest II. Here, we have my favorite couch
co-op game for my Apple TV. You and a friend can play using
two compatible controllers. If you haven’t played it
yet, it’s a 2D open-world action RPG that shows a
tale of cats and dogs. The combat is really deep and can be quite challenging
at times, so it requires a great amount of teamwork
to get past boss battles. If you don’t have a friend
to play with, don’t worry, the other player will
be controller by the AI and you can switch between
characters in realtime. Cat Quest II on Apple TV
plays at a higher resolution, up to 4K on the Apple TV 4K
and a smooth frame rate of 60. The world looks stunning, from lush green to brownie-yellow landscapes and flora. Cat Quest 2 is available to download if you subscribe to Apple Arcade. (upbeat music) (low thudding) Number eight, we have Hovercraft: Getaway. Here, we have a free-to-play
vehicle combat game brought to you by High Score Hero. Players have to try and escape from the cops
for as long as possible. The longer you survive,
the more stars you’ll get and the more coppers will come after you. Players can build their own hovercraft with different attachments,
but you can also unlock a range of different vehicles too. The game has a realtime damage system, so when you take hits, it will affect your vehicle’s systems. It’s completely playable
with either a game controller or with just the Siri Remote. With the Siri Remote,
you can just tap left or right on the touch surface to move and the same kind of
applies with a controller. You use the left analog
stick to move around. (siren blaring) (low thudding) (electronic chiming) (electric crackling) Number seven is STAY: Are you there? STAY is an interactive
story that follows Quinn. He wakes up alone in a locked room with nothing but a computer
connected to a chat room. You are the person on the
other end chatting with Quinn. You must help him try to escape or you may lead him to his untimely death. The game mostly is cantered
around the chat room, so you’ll be doing a lot of
reading and making choices. So if that’s not what you’re into, do keep that in mind, guys. It can be quite slow. But the atmosphere and
music are really dark, and the dialogue is well written. You can also play with either the Siri Remote or a controller in hand. STAY: Are you there? costs
$4.99 USD on the App Store. Number six, we have Snakebird Primer. Okay, stay with me, guys. I know this game looks
childish, but actually, it’s a puzzle game that Noumenon Games have designed for everyone
young and old to enjoy. You control a snakebird in each level and you can eat fruit to grow. Once you eat all the
fruit, you can then attempt to reach the rainbow,
which finishes the level. In later levels, you have to control and switch between different snakebirds to solve the puzzles. It’s completely playable with either the Siri Remote or a controller. Look, it is a little expensive
in my eyes, $7.99 USD, but it does give you
heaps of levels to unlock and play through and solving the puzzles
can be quite complex. This means you won’t finish
the game too quickly. (calm electronic music) (electronic beeping) Number five is The Bradwell Conspiracy. If you’re looking for a
first-person puzzle game, something similar to the
Witness or Portal, I suppose, well, this game is a perfect fit for you. At the start of the game,
a big explosion happens and you fall into a hidden
underground complex. From here, you have to
work together with a woman and solve puzzles to escape. Your character lost the ability
to speak in the explosion, so to talk with this
woman, you’ll send photos and she will reply,
usually to provide clues. There is also a really
good cast of actors here and the graphics are fairly decent. I’d say the game looks and plays best on the Apple TV 4K compared to an iPhone or iPad. To download The Bradwell Conspiracy, you’ll need to subscribe to Apple Arcade. (soft clicking) – [Woman] The door? No problem, I can do that for you. (low whooshing) Number four, we have Wonder
Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. Recently, Apple awarded this
game Apple TV Game of the Year. Personally, it’s not my
favorite Apple TV game of 2019, but it does still do some
very interesting things. This is actually a reboot of the original ’80s game, Wonder Boy, and is developed by Lizardcube with assistance from series’ creator. It comes with new graphics
and a new soundtrack. You can actually switch back
to the old-style graphics and music in realtime. It’s super cool. What’s the game about? Well, it tells a story
where the adventurer you pick at the start of the game, which is either a boy or a girl, is cursed into a half-human,
half-lizard monster, and then, you go in the search for a cure. There are lots of worlds to
discover, different enemy types, and difficulty options to select. This game for $7.99 USD on the App Store. Number three is Rush Rally 3. Rush Rally 3 has the quality
of a console rally experience, which could be compared
to Dirt Rally, I suppose, but obviously, with not as
advanced visual fidelity. It even plays at 60 frames and supports up to 4K
resolution on Apple TV 4K. Players can go into classic offline modes or engage in online or
local Wi-Fi multiplayer. And recently, the game has been updated with realtime live
events where, each week, you can go into races
against other players. Brownmonster Limited have
even made the game playable with just the Siri Remote and it utilizes the gyroscope in order to turn left or right. It’s playable like this, but for the best experience,
definitely use a controller. Rush Rally 3 goes for
$3.99 USD on the App Store. Number two, we have Oceanhorn 2. This action-adventure
game definitely shows the high-end gaming potential
offered by the Apple TV. It was initially confirmed as coming to Apple TV way back in 2017. Then in 2019, Cornfox & Brothers announced that it would be a part of Apple Arcade. It’s a big game with 15
plus hours of gameplay, massive boss fights, side quests
to go on, powers to unlock, puzzles to solve, and
lots of people to meet. It’s best played on the Apple TV 4K model because of the Apple A10X
Fusion chip in that machine. The Apple TV HD has an Apple A8 chip, which is means Cornfox had
to lower the resolution quite a bit in order
for it to be playable, but yeah, probably the most high-end game available on Apple TV to date. (metallic clanging)
(creature shrieks) (dramatic music) (creature shrieks)
(low whooshing) (metallic clanging)
(man grunting) (creature shrieks) Number one, we have Dead Cells. So, this is my favorite
Apple TV game of 2019. It’s just so freaking fantastic. Playdigious have previously
brought other games to Apple TV, such as Teslagrad and Evoland 2, so I hoped
that they would port this roguevania game,
Dead Cells, to Apple TV and well, here we are. It’s here. I was also a little apprehensive
on how it would perform, being a very fast-paced
game, but it manages to keep a solid 60 frames
throughout gameplay. It’s also so much better on the Apple TV compared to on a
touchscreen mainly because you have to use a controller to play. I always found the touchscreen controls was a tad awkward, especially
later on in boss fights. Anyway, Dead Cells goes for
$8.99 USD on the App Store and trust me, you don’t
want to skip this one. (low thudding) (creature grunting) (metallic clanking) And here is a bonus upcoming Apple TV game, which is Figment,
the sponsor for this video. So Figment recently arrived on iPhone and iPad, with the Apple TV version to come in the near future. The game takes place in the human mind and is a representation of
human imagination and dreams. The story starts out where
recent experiences have let out nightmares or traumatic
experiences in physical form. Players can expect to see
puzzle-adventure elements, musical boss fights with their own songs, a hand-drawn surreal art
style, and a lot of puns. If you’re interested in the
game, you can download it from the link in the video description. The first two chapters are free on the iOS and iPadOS App Store too,
so this is a good way to give Figment a try to
see if you’ll enjoy it. Anyway, big thank you
to Bedtime Digital Games for sponsoring the video. I do appreciate it. I had a blast playing your game first on my Mac back in 2018 and it’s great to see how you translated it for touchscreens. I’m really excited, though, to get my hands on the Apple TV version. I can’t wait. What Apple TV games have
you been playing in 2019? Also, do let me know if
you’ve only started gaming on this system because of Apple Arcade. Anyway, leave a like if
you found the video helpful and subscribe and turn
on the notifications, so you don’t miss out on future uploads. Anyway, thanks for watching.

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