Top 10 New Mac Games 2019

Top 10 New Mac Games 2019

– [Narrator] Truth be told,
not many games arrived on Mac in 2019, but the ones we
have are floppin’ fantastic. So with that, today, I present my top 10 new Mac games of 2019, and remember, this is my personal list. Starting at number 10,
we have Phoenix Point. Snapshot Games, the people
behind the XCOM series, recently released their new
turn-based strategy experience to Mac computers at the same
time as the Windows version. It all takes place on Earth,
in the middle of a battle between humans and a
mutating alien menace. The game is similar to XCOM, but also brings new gameplay elements. For example, Aliens will mutate or change their strategy in
response to your tactics, so if you fire at an
individual part of a body, the enemy will modify
themselves accordingly. Also, when you shoot
at parts of their body, you can disable their
shield, weapon, or ability. Phoenix Point is available
on the Epic Games Store. It will also come to Steam
in late 2020 or early 2021. Also, Phoenix Point is best
played on 15-inch MacBook Pros released since 2017, 16-inch MacBook Pros released since 2019, and
an iMac from 2017 and up. (dramatic music) (gun booms)
(man yells) Number nine is Ultimate Rivals: The Rink. You know what sucks? There are hardly any quality
sport games on Mac nowadays. Ultimate Rivals: The Rink is
a solution to this problem. It is a sci-fi hockey game
that brings over 50 athletes from hockey, basketball,
baseball, football, and soccer. Matches involve special abilities, which can help to get an
advantage over your opposing team. The game is available on
all other Apple devices, but plays best and
looks the best on a Mac. You also have access to
the Graphics Settings menu which is only on a Mac. Here, you can manually
change the game’s resolution and more advanced graphic options, too. Plus, you can play above 60 frames if you’re Mac is powerful enough and if you have an external monitor with a high refresh rate above 60. Ultimate Rivals: The Rink
is available to download if you’re subscribed to Apple Arcade. Also, it is supported on
all Macs back to 2012. Number eight, we have Afterparty. Here, you control dead
characters, Milo and Lola. Following their untimely death, both have wrongly gone down
to spend an eternity in hell. To get back to Earth,
you have to find Satan and beat him in a drinking game. Afterparty features a conversation system that is presented in a text message style. Depending on the lines of
conversation you choose, this can alter the story and the relationship you
form with characters. Afterparty has fantastic writing and does well with comedic timing and representing dread and panic. To add on, I was taken by the game’s really striking neon visuals. It definitely portrays
the dark aspects of hell, but at the same time, if I can say this, it shows the beauty, at least
for this version of hell. Afterparty is available
on the Epic Games Store. It should be playable on
most Macs back to 2012. – [Lola] Oh my God, Milo, we’re dead. How was this not hitting me before? We’re in hell and we are dead. – [Milo] Get a grip, Lola. You were the rock. Don’t make me the rock. – [Narrator] Number seven
is Life is Strange 2. It took a while for Feral Interactive to port Life is Strange 2 to Mac, but despite this, I’m
super happy it’s here. This release includes macOS support for all five episodes of the game. Life is Strange 2 follows the events after a tragic incident. Brothers, Sean and Daniel Diaz, run away from home fearing the police. Like Max in the first game,
Daniel has telekinetic power, which allows him to move
objects with his mind. As Sean, you must look
after Daniel’s safety and will teach him right from wrong. The game looks great, has
wonderful voice acting, and is just a terrific
story-rich adventure game. The game is substantially
more graphically advanced than the prior game, which
means you should check the full list of supported
Macs on the Steam page. – No wonder your mom bailed on you. (low thudding)
(boy yells) – Whoa, Sean, you hit him. (boy panting) – Get inside now.
– Sean! – [Boy] You’re dead meat, bitch. – [Narrator] Number six, we
have Total War: THREE KINGDOMS. This is the latest Total War game and it is the first
time that it’s set amid the epic conflicts of ancient
China in the year AD 190. Players can choose from 12 warlords and conquer the Middle Kingdom. It mixes turn-based tactics
with massive realtime battles. There is also some sort
of intelligence system for the characters here and we also have an integrated campaign and battles and more advanced visuals. Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is actually the fastest-selling
game in the series now. It sold one million
copies in its first week. Incredible. Let’s also take a moment
to thank Feral Interactive for porting the game to Mac on the same day as the Windows release. Usually, it takes a few
months or even a year. THREE KINGDOMS is available on
Steam and the Mac App Store. The game is supported on a
range of Macs back to 2012, but please, before you buy, check the full list of
supported Macs on Steam or the Mac App Store. Number five is Blacksad: Under the Skin. Blacksad: Under the
Skin is a narrative game and follows a corruption scandal in New York City’s underworld. Players will have to
investigate, solve puzzles, go through quick time events, and use a multiple choice dialog system. Every decision you make
will have an influence on the more than 30 characters presented and the story’s ending. This game was originally
a comic album series in the early 2000s, and like this new game, both feature anthropomorphic animals. There are no humans. Each character is a different animal and in my opinion, they can portray different types of human personalities. I think if you like games from
Telltale or Life is Strange or just decision-making titles, this is a new adventure
you should give a chance. Blacksad: Under the Skin
is available on Steam. The game should be supported
on most recent Macs. – You still don’t get it, do you? You are the message. (laughs) (Jimmy yelling) (gun bangs) – [Narrator] Number four, we
have the Untitled Goose Game. This is such a classic sandbox game. It’s developed by House
House and published by Panic. You play as a Goose and will
make you way around a town and cause all kinds of trouble. Each location has its own checklist to complete in order to progress further. This could be setting up
pranks, stealing hats, honking at people, or just
having a good old picnic. It’s all ridiculous, but funny and also just an enjoyment to play. The art style and even sound design is quite simple, but it works in favor for
the style of the game. It means it’s also approachable
by children and adults, and it means the game can be supported on all Macs back to 2012. Untitled Good Game is available
on the Epic Games Store. If you’re one of those people who don’t like the Epic
Games Store, don’t worry, the game is coming to Steam,, and the Mac App Store in late 2020. (footsteps pattering) (light clinking) Number three is Borderlands 3, one of the best FPS games
released on Mac in 2019. Borderlands 3 is the
latest game in the series. In fact, all previous games
were brought to Mac, too. This is the first time though
that it was brought to us internally by GearBox Software instead of ASPYR Media or
Feral Interactive helping. The game plays like the previous ones, but you can use new weapons and gadgets, blast through
new worlds and enemies, and play as one of four new Vault Hunters. The Mac version also supports
cross-platform multiplayer, so you can enjoy co-op with
your friend on a Windows PC. Unfortunately, this is one of the most demanding games on Mac today. It’s only supported on
27-inch iMacs or iMac Pros released since 2017, a Mac
Pro released since 2013, or a Thunderbolt 3 Mac
with an external eGPU that has eight gigabytes of VRAM. Borderlands 3 is available to
buy on the Epic Games Store. (gun banging)
– Now let’s go over this space. I protect the family. This is my moment. – [Narrator] Number two, we have GRIS. Yes, this game was
originally released on Steam back in December 2018. However, in August 2019, it was
ported to the Mac App Store. You may remember Apple
recently awarded the developer for GRIS, Nomada Studio, the
Mac App Store game of the year. It’s an atmospheric platformer
that shows a young girl dealing with a painful
experience in her life. To escape from reality, she
gets lost in her own mind. Her dress is an also a
representation of her sorrow too and it will grant her new
abilities as you explore. This can help you navigate
around with more ease. Players will also see light puzzles and can go into optional
skill-based challenges. The game was incredibly
underrated in late 2018, but I think now it’s finally starting to get the recognition it truly deserves. It should be playable on
most Macs back to 2012. (calm music) (low whooshing) Number one, we have
Shadow of The Tomb Raider. With the release of the Definitive Edition of Shadow of The Tomb Raider in November, Feral Interactive used this opportunity to release their port
of the game to macOS. It’s the best action-adventure or triple A experience you
can get on Mac right now. It’s the final game in the series and shows Lara attempting
to save the world from a Mayan apocalypse, and she’s becoming the Tomb
Raider she is destined to be. Feral have use the latest
Metal API features, which are new to macOS 10.15 Catalina. Some examples are new HDR
features for Mac displays and full external eGPU support. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
is available on Steam and the Mac App Store. This is the Definitive Edition, which combines the base game,
all seven DLC challenge tombs, and all downloadable
weapons, outfits, and skills. The game is supported on
some Macs back to 2013, but please, before you buy, check the full list of
supported Macs on Steam. – No one is safe, not if
he gets the box first. I have to go. I’m the only one. – You’re the only one that can what? You don’t know that you
caused all this, Lara. Not everything is about you. – [Narrator] What Mac games
have you been playing in 2019? Was it one from this list? Did I happen to miss it? Do let me know in the comments. Again, please leave a like to show your support for Mac
gaming videos and subscribe and turn on notifications to be alerted about my upcoming videos. Anyway, thanks for watching.

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