Top 10 Scary Video Games That Will Trigger Weird Phobias

Top 10 Scary Video Games That Will Trigger Weird Phobias

Yeah, I have superpowers. And no not spider man or doctor strange, but
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when we upload. Today we’re talking top 10 scary games that
will trigger weird phobias and trust me, some of these are weird. Im not shaming anyone for having these however. So with this done, let’s roll the intro. #10 Yellow
Yellow may end up triggering Xanthophobia (Zan-tho-phobia), which is the fear of the
color Yellow. Yellow is a game available online that is
essentially like the impossible quiz, but instead of answering questions, you have to
find the incredibly weird way to make the whole screen Yellow. The thing about these games is that they will
typically only be scary to the fears they trigger, and this game is no exception. If you have the fear of yellow, you’re not
watching this part. If you ARE watching this part and are scared
of Yellow than I just need to say congratulations and I am so sorry. This game does revolve around the color yellow
and since you need to fill the screen with it, you’re going to have a difficult time
avoiding it. There isn’t really much else to say. It’s a game about yellow. #9 Words with friends – Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
(fear of long words) If you suffer from Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
than words with friends, or even scrabble is not the game for you. This game will trigger the fear of long words,
which ironically is on of the longest words in the English dictionary. The game, as I’m sure you know is about
making long words to score points and beat your friends to a pulp because you’ve read
the dictionary. While yes, you can make short words ultimately;
to win you need to hit that sweet 5 syllable word on double points. If you do that with Hippopoto-montros-is-quipp-uh-da-leo-phobia
than you’re going to be so far in the lead you’ll be James Holzhauer from Jeopardy. If you didn’t know he was like the best
player of all time, and it happened earlier this year. So far in the lead not even someone who can
spell antidisestablishmentarianism. Sorry to trigger you Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobes
out there. #8 Job Simulator
While this game is quite the fun or potentially boring Vr game game for some, those with Ergophobia
will be horrified to willingly subjecting yourself to work in a video game. Yes Ergophobia is the fear of work, and job
simulator, c’mon do I really need to explain it it’s the name of the game. No matter what context you do it in, even
if you hire the criminal for laughs its still terrifying. And while most of these games are just hand
and a keyboard or a controller, this one is in virtual reality, forcing you to live the
experience in the most immersive way possible. I don’t know if having this fear would be
a blessing or a curse. Like yeah, you can say you’re terrified
of working and you are, but i’m not sure there is much benefit too it. We need to work to survive, its part of the
reason I’m here, I need food and to afford rent. But does this also constitute that you’re
afraid of housework? Or are you afraid of doing something with
a purpose. Like looking something up for a specific reason? Im not sure how these phobias work to be honest. So if you do please let me know down below
because im really curious. #7 Popemobile
I love that this is an actual phobia, and if I had known about it sooner im sure id
say I have it because its so interesting! Sometime in 2018 the pope was going to visit
Ireland, and the whole country was preparing, so one user thought it would be hilarious
to make a game based around driving the pope to Ireland as quickly as possible. Papaphobia is the fear of the pope and yes,
you heard that right. While the pope is never on screen, you know
that he’s in the car with you and that can certainly give anyone a feeling of dread,
knowing that you’re carrying one of the most important people in the world in the
backseat of your Nissan Ultima. But those with Papaphobia will be scared to
even come anywhere close to the car! The game is available in browser so if you
want a pope racing game, like I know we all secretly do, search it up cause it’s great. #6 Rinse and Repeat – Ablutophobia (fear
of bathing) Do you enjoy taking a shower? Do you love bathing with others? Do you have a desire to wash other men in
a virtual shower with almost no limitations? Well maybe you should stop watching and uh,
go do that? You can do that with Rinse and Repeat, but
for those with Ablutophobia you’re in for a nasty treat. Hey that rhymed. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it! I can make a rhyme anytime! If you didn’t understand that reference
we cant be friends. While bathing does indeed scare people, there
is a way to help get over this fear. Exposure therapy and Cognitive behavior therapy
are both options that help you gradually expose yourself to the environment to help you become
comfortable with the situation. If you have any of these fears and are embarrassed
or worried there is no need to be. Talk to someone about it, maybe your doctor
and see what options you have. #5 Miasmata
Miasmata is a first person survival game with slight horror elements. You play as an alchemist who is dying of a
disease, so you try to invent a cure while a dangerous monster is lurking In the woods. While most people will be scared of the monster,
those with Anthrophobia will be scared of the fact that this game is basically a flower
picker simulator. Anthrophobia is the fear of flowers and this
game is definitely full of them. With them being the main ingredients to use
in your elixirs for maintaining your life. If you play this game and avoid picking up
the flowers you’re gonna lose. At least this game isn’t virtual reality;
maybe you’ll be able to disassociate the flowers with real life flowers. Since they’re virtual, don’t smell, and
don’t collect pollen causing your eyes to swell up and, when your sister throws a handful
of them at you right, in the middle of allergy season you have to go home because your eyes
are watering and now are in intense pain because there was a bee in there, okay im going on
a tangent. Just, don’t play this game if your Anthrophobic. Don’t play any of these games if you have
this fear. Unless you like a challenge
Rain The fear is in the name. Ombrophobia is the fear of rain and if you
decide to load up this game because you think the title is ironic you’ll hate your life. In rain it is always raining, so much so that
the story revolves around a character who can see secret objects and people, but only
when it’s raining. So the game is literally always raining because
that’s a crutch the developers stuck themselves with when coming up with this ridiculous plot. Does fear of rain actually count as fear of
water? Or are people who are scared of water also
scared of rain? Is this a sub category of phobia or is it
its own thing im so confused! Well if you decide to play this game bring
an umbrella, or you can get a poncho but that means the rain is close to your skin so I’d
suggest the umberella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh. Subnautica
Subnautica is an open worlds survival action adventure game by Unknown worlds Entertainment
that allows the player to explore the ocean on an alien planet. You can see where this is going, Thalassophobia
is the fear of the deep, open water or ocean and is the literal antithesis to this game. This game does support vr, but unlike Job
simulator you don’t have to play in vr. Not only is this about the open deep ocean,
but it also contains monsters like the Sea Treader Leviathan, who walk along the ocean
floor, the Warper that looks worse than Cthulu, the Sea Dragon Leviathan, a huge underwater
dragon, the Ghost Leviathan, that should have stayed dead, and the reaper leviathan that
is the horrific face spider of planet 4546B. Close Your Eyes – Optophobia (fear of opening
one’s eyes) This game is probably an Optophobes worst
nightmare. The game close your eyes may sound blissful
to those afraid of opening their eyes, but what you’ll realize after closing them,
is that there are secrets behind them, but to continue you need to open your eyes. While the game is called close your eyes,
this is only a small portion of the game, with 3 different endings and a intense story,
you’ll actually have a good time playing this game if you don’t have Optophobia,
the fear of opening ones eyes. The game revolves around the opening and closing
of your eyes and this begs the question, do you also fear closing your eyes? Since it will mean opening them? Or does this fear pass into a video game,
since they call it opening and closing your eyes? I have no clue. Try To Fall Asleep – Somniphobia (fear of
falling asleep) Try to fall asleep is a game about John Herrin,
who suffered a terrible accident that cause him physical and mental harm. After healing from the damage, he must try
and heal from his brain damage by sleeping, but his hallucinations try to scare him. Somniphobia is the fear of falling asleep,
and while for this game you are awake and you repeatedly get scared awake, the game
revolves around you trying to fall asleep. Everytime you get scared awake, you just need
to fall asleep again. Things can get rough for you both in this
game and in real life if you have this phobia. So, like ive said before if you have ANY of
these phobias, DON’T PLAY THESE GAMES. If you want to use them as a coping mechanism
and think they will help you go for it, but when a game is literally trying to scare you
it’s probably not the best idea to add a phobia to the mix. There we have it friends the Top 10 Scary
Games That Will Trigger Weird Phobias. If you enjoyed be sure to hit like, subscribe
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Skitty likes it BIG! Don’t we all. Necroona97
Anyone else hear neither did Epstein? I have no idea what you’re talking about. But I see we have an enlightened one amongst
us. Creepy Waffles
I wonder if Police cars can cause seizures Im not sure, but I know that the episode’s
flashing light was definitely faster than a police car’s lights. If they were able to cause them, I think that
would be a safety hazard because what if something happened on the highway and a police car goes
by. So I’d assume they don’t but again, not
sure. VEK 14
I still see the entries as simply a 10 year old making them up, henceforth why they’re
crazy at times. I can totally understand that but, in my last
video I mentioned how they all had to be connected right? Like its one big universe and a 10 year old
wouldn’t be able to work that out. But who knows? We just need that final piece to tell us if
we’re right. That’s all we got time for today, thank
you so much for watching. I have been and shall remain connor Munro
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