Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jalen Ramsey! (NFL)

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jalen Ramsey! (NFL)

EverythingTop10 is proud to present, “The
Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jalen Ramsey!” #10. He attended Ensworth High School. He went to high school in Nashville, Tennessee
at Ensworth High School. High school for most football stars often
involves a transfer or two, and for Ramsey, he later transferred to Brentwood Academy. After an injury-stricken tenure in Ensworth,
he succeeded at Brentwood, ending up as a five-star recruit according to both
and He was also one of the top recruits overall
in his class. #9. Ramsey brought back the jersey number 17 out
of retirement at Florida State. He chose Florida State and played for the
Seminoles, initially wearing number 13 as a true freshman. He, later on, switched to number 8 for his
sophomore and junior years. He, however, chose the jersey number 17 during
his junior year for kick-returns. The jersey number 17 had been retired in honor
of former Florida State superstar Charlie Ward, but Ward granted Ramsey permission to
wear the number. #8. He was a three-sport star in high school. Apart from football, in which he excelled,
he was also a pretty good basketball player and track-and-field athlete. Teachers at his former high school call him
one of the most complete athletes they have ever seen. He competed in the two-day decathlon for Brentwood,
an event that includes a 100-meter dash, the triple jump, pole vault, discus, and a 400-meter
run on the first day, and hurdles, shot put, long jump, high jump and a 1500-meter run
on the second day. He also won state titles in the 200, 400,
decathlon, and long jump. In basketball, he never competed as part of
the team, but he took part in dunk contests. #7. Ramsey does not shy away from trash talk and
banter. He is known for always offering his unfiltered
opinions on the game and on other stars in the NFL. In the past, he has often had altercations
with other players as a result of his trash talk, including players like A.J. Green in
2017 and later Tyreek Hill in 2018. He never shies away from this, and has criticized
such star players as Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Josh Allen in interviews. #6. He changed his college commitment from USC
to Florida State. Coming out of high school, he had initially
committed his future to USC. He committed himself to the USC Trojans in
July of 2012, but was still considering Florida and Florida State as potential options. Florida State eventually won the battle for
the cornerback, with Ramsey canceling his USC commitment after a late visit to Florida
State. This did not come as a surprise for many though,
as Ramsey still took official visits in the last month leading up to signing day. Before the 2014 Bowl Championship, he cited
the firing of defensive backs coach Marvin Sanders at USC and the Florida State hiring
of defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt as reasons for the switch. #5. Ramsey has had to deal with gay rumors. He has in the past had to battle rumors that
he is gay. In an interview speaking about his war of
words with the now-retired wide receiver Steve Smith, fans apparently noticed his non-verbal
language and attributed this to his sexuality. He apparently was pictured rolling his eyes,
shrugging his shoulders and moving his head while talking, behaviors that fans stereotypically
attributed to him being gay. This interview prompted a wave of speculation
on social media, with some fans going as far as leaving homophobic comments under his posts. #4. He dated former University of Mississippi
track star Breanna Tate. Though it is unclear when their relationship
started, Tate and Ramsey were together for a long time. Tate is the sister to Giants wide receiver
Golden Tate. Their relationship flourished in past years,
but they recently hit a snag after Ramsey left Tate, while pregnant, for another woman. This decision reportedly angered Golden Tate,
who did not hesitate to express this when asked about the whole saga. Ramsey and Breanna Tate went to the same high
school. #3. Analysts considered Ramsey a possible number
1 pick. He was so good that after a particularly impressive
performance at the NFL combine, Sports Illustrated wrote that he had the chance to become the
number 1 overall pick. Debate raged about whether he was the top
player in the draft, and whether other players could stand up to him in terms of skill and
performance. #2. He comes from an athletic family. His father is now a firefighter but before
then, he played college football, something that might have been an inspiration for Jalen’s
interest and prowess in football. His older brother also played college football,
further reinforcing the strong football family lineage. Given his family interests, Ramsey has always
known that he would be a football star, once famously quipping that he knew he would play
in the NFL straight out of the womb. #1. Ramsey had an unusual way of riling up opponents
in college. Psychological warfare is a crucial part of
sports. Many players believe one of the ways of getting
one-up on the opposition is to speak about them before the game. Ramsey, however, went a step further in his
efforts to throw opponents off their game in college. He would send private messages to their girlfriends
the week before the game. Even though many believe that going after
opponents’ family and significant others is crossing the line, Ramsey has often made
it clear that he loves to trash-talk, and will go after almost anyone he feels like. He would then bring up the fact during the
game, a tactic that seemed to have worked for him against the opposing wideouts. That’s all folks! Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video
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the best cornerback in the NFL! See you next time!

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