Top 20 Football Caricatures – Part 2! (Football Cartoons)

hi guys here are my favorite 20 football caricatures the first 20 were in a separate video at Christmas click below or I to see that and hear the next 20 which one do you think looks the most like the footballer deli alley and a deli ally and her two Gareth Bale and Gareth Wales David Beckham and draw it like beckham Diego Costa and Diego costly chopping angle de Maria and angle T Maria Didier Drogba and DiDio ap Drogba Robbie Fowler and God Antoine Griezmann and Antoine Griezmann Thierry Inari and Thierry hand Omni Danton and seven-run ahahaha be in Mascherano and Halle rusher on Oh Pedro and as Rooney would say he do Gerard piqué and Nelson beacon Marcus Rushford and Midas rush would Franck Ribery and Frank ribbity Ronaldinho and ronald t theo David Silva and tappet Long John Silver Diego Maradona and Diego Maradona Slaven village and Bernie slave and village and kolo touré and colon or limits to where which one do you think looks most like the real footballer comment below or click in the description to vote in a ball I think the one that looks the best is Franck Ribery thanks for watching you

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