TOP 3 MISTAKES Sports Job Seekers Make In Interviews (AND What To Do Instead)

TOP 3 MISTAKES Sports Job Seekers Make In Interviews (AND What To Do Instead)

Do you want to know the top three
mistakes people make in sports job interviews and what to actually do
instead? Watch this video and stay tuned. Hey I’m Adriene, sports industry career
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Okay so, mistake number one. People often overestimate their passion for sports.
When asked a question like tell me a little bit more about yourself or why
should we hire you or what makes you stand out from the competition? Some
people tend to say that they are extremely passionate about whatever
sports team or sports league or sports organizations they’re
interviewing with and that isn’t the answer
passion that is actually just pretty much a minimum requirement for any
sports organization you’re applying to it’s almost like if you are
interviewing to be a doctor at some hospital and they ask you, “Why should we
hire you?” and then the doctor says something along the lines of, “Well I like
to help people,” and that’s not enough because again it’s a minimum requirement. They’re expected to want to help people just as it’s expected for you to be
passionate about the sports organization that you’re going to be applying to that
is mistake number one that people really think that is like the one thing that
makes them stand out. And at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you have been a
season ticket holder for the Cleveland Cavaliers for your entire life. That
doesn’t mean you’re more qualified than the next person to get that job, so
that’s mistake you definitely want to avoid and instead of doing that focus on what value you can bring to the table what your skills are what previous
experience you have that relates that the actual job that you’re doing.
Again passion’s a minimum requirement so try to avoid that you can talk
about being passionate about sports but but it’s not necessarily the factor
that’s going to make you stand out from the next person so definitely keep
that in mind. Mistake number two that I’ve seen people
make Sports interviews are thinking that the
fact that they know every sports player on a team is going to make them stand
out from the next person and makes them again more qualified than the
next person. That is absolutely not the case this is something that
even when people are applying to sports jobs or are thinking about working at
sports just because you’re a sports fan doesn’t necessarily mean that you are
the right person for a specific job and at the end of the day if you’re only
worried about and thinking about or they winning or losing or whatever that isn’t
necessarily like that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the most
qualified person for a job sports organizations don’t want to necessarily
hire fans they want to hire people who can get the job done so knowing all the
players on the 1974 roster including all the backups and
trades and all that like that doesn’t matter unless you obviously you’re
trying to be a sports broadcaster or a sports historian at some museum
somewhere like that is a different scenario, but in most instances knowing
all the players on the team or talking about your favorite player in
the interview for half of the time like that kind of eliminates you
from from being a qualified candidate because the sports organizations will
see you as someone who doesn’t necessarily want to work for
the team they just like the idea of working for the team. So keep that one in
mind instead of focusing all your energy on talking about
your favorite player focus on again how can you bring your qualities
and skillset and previous work experience at the table when you’re
interviewing with them and again you can talk about your favorite player but it
wouldn’t be the main topic of conversation during the interview so
again keep that in mind okay moving on to mistake number three this mistake
actually falls on the opposite spectrum of what mistake number two is which is
just knowing too much about the team and for the opposite spectrum of that for
mistake number three is not knowing enough this situation actually happened
to me where I was going to be interviewing
with the Dodgers and during the interview one of the questions was who
is your favorite player on the Dodgers and I’m not a daughter’s fan I’m a
casual Giants fan I don’t watch baseball everyday I went into the interview and
this is very early on in my career where I didn’t really know again
who the players were to a large degree and even though I did like a
little research beforehand and just knowing like who some of the
key players were I was under pressure during the interview so I completely
forgot all their names now fortunately this was a group interview so during the
interview they were going around asking the different candidates who’s
your favorite player and I was smack dab in the middle and the answer that I gave
which was Jackie Robinson I went to UCLA and I know that he was a Dodger and
knowing how to use that answer yet so and fortunately for me that like answer came to my mind but at the end of the day taught me a pretty
valuable lesson which is just make sure you still do your research regardless
you don’t have to go too crazy about like again who the 1974 starting lineup
was for the team like that doesn’t matter as much as just knowing
some of the key players and and and just keeping that in mind when you’re going
through the interview process for those of you who’ve stuck to the end actually
have a bonus tip for you that is pretty important and I’ve heard this a lot from
different people who have been interviewing for jobs in the past so
just to give you some background on this bonus tip when I was a student at UCLA
our schools school colors are blue and gold and USC is obviously our hometown rival across across town but but one thing that I’ve heard
from from some interviewers in the past is to not wear your rival school or team or whatever’s colors because that could have a negative first impression on you when you’re interviewing interviewing and
just for example usc’s red you probably don’t want to go into the
interview at UCLA’s athletics department wearing a red shirt or dress or whatever
so keep that one in mind it doesn’t apply to everything but it
doesn’t hurt to have some matching colors with the organization that you’re
applying to just to have that same vibe and mesh and whatever with them
but keep that one in mind and that’s the bonus tip for you I just shared four
tips with you on mistakes to avoid and sports interviews and what to actually
do instead and now I’d like to hear from you
what’s one mistake that you’ve seen or have actually done in an interview and
please put that in the comments below just so I know and maybe we can cover
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