Top 5 BEST Pokemon NDS Rom-Hacks (2018) w/Monkiez!

Top 5 BEST Pokemon NDS Rom-Hacks (2018) w/Monkiez!

Top 5 BEST Pokemon NDS Rom-Hacks w/Monkiez! Intro
What is up guys my name is Monkiez and welcome to another Top 5. Since you guys really seemed to enjoy the
last video I did, I decided that I’d continue this concept. Last week we took a look at the GBA side of
things, so this week we’re going to be taking a look at rom hacks for the Nintendo DS. If you don’t know already, Rom Hacks are
unofficial, altered versions of the Main Series RPGs. Of course, there are 2 different categories
of Rom Hacks. There are some Rom Hacks that are just enhancements
of the original games. For example these games might be a bit harder
or have different Pokémon scattered throughout the region. There are also Rom Hacks that are a completely
different game. There are games that feature completely new
regions, a brand new story, and fanmade Pokémon called Fakemon. All of the GBA Rom hacks we took a look at
fall into the category of games that are completely redone. I hate to say it but for the Nintendo DS,
the Rom Hacking community is very behind. Lot’s of these Rom Hacks we’re taking
a look at today are just harder and enhanced versions of the original games with Minor
Changes, but that doesn’t mean these games are bad. Sometimes a little enhancement goes a long
way with these games, and the Rom Hacks on this list prove that. So without further ado I’d like to welcome
you all to the Top 5 BEST NDS Rom Hacks! Please be sure to note that this is my opinion
and my opinion only so if you disagree, please let me know. I will also be leaving the links to these
games down in the description, where you can download them and play them yourself. And at the end of the video if you did enjoy
be sure to leave a like, comment and maybe even subscribe if you’re new. But with that being said, let’s get started! 5. Pokemon Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2
Starting off the list, in the number 5 slot is Pokemon Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2. These rom hacks were designed by well known
Developer Drayano, and have been completed since 2012. Pokemon Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2 are
rom hacks that are very popular amongst the Pokemon Community, and it isn’t for no reason. These games fall into the category of games
that are just enhancements of the originals. The game still takes place in the unova region
and the story is not very different than Black and White 2. However, there are still lots of key features
in this game that still manage to make it one of the better rom hacks out there. For one, these games feature all 649 Pokemon
in the games, and there are ways to catch every single one, including legendaries. Every trainer in the game has had a complete
roster change, of course to create a way harder challenge for you to face. There is also a huge level curve that is given
to these games. The first time you battle the elite four the
levels are at least level 70 so you can probably imagine how other battles before then may
be. Lots of changes have been given to Pokemon
themselves, such as level up moves, abilities, ™ compatibility and in some cases even stats. Drayano also manages to shed light on some
other underwhelming moves, for example, Cut is now a Grass Type move with an increased
base power. If you’re looking for a harder version of
Black and White 2, these games are definitely for you. Oh yeah, and they also have prequels, Blaze
Black and Volt White. 4. Pokemon Hoenn White
The number 3 slot on this list goes to another game that takes place in the Unova Region
as well, Pokemon Hoenn white. Pokemon Hoenn white is a very interesting
take on Pokemon White, that is not like many other rom hacks. This game removes every pokemon from these
games and replaces them with Hoenn Pokemon. Lots of the locations, events, trainers and
gym leaders are changed to reflect characters from the Hoenn games. For example, your rivals cheren and bianca
are changed to resemble May and Brendan from Pokemon Ruby. The game much like many others also features
changes in the music wild pokemon, typings and stats of Pokemon. I like this game so much because it pays homage
to one of my favorite regions. I remember back during the lifespan of Pokemon
Black and White everyone wanted Hoenn remakes, this sort of gives us that feel. Unfortunately though, the Rom Creators have
no intentions to replace the unova map with the Hoenn map as those tools currently do
not exist for Generation 5, and the Beta for the games is essentially complete. If you’re a fan of the Hoenn region and
are just looking for a hardened version of Pokemon Black and white to play, I definitely
recommend checking out these games. 3. Pokemon SunGold and MoonSilver
The number three slot on this list goes to Pokemon SunGold and MoonSilver. Despite the names of these games they don’t
have any relation to Pokemon Sun and Moon, as those games were not out at the time of
this game being published. These are of course Rom Hacks of Pokemon Heartgold
and soulsilver that are also expansions of another rom hack on this list. There are a ton of new features added to these
games, such as the inclusion of the Fairy type, updated movesets, new attacks, and a
more balanced and fascinating new type chart. The creator of this rom hack says that the
purpose of this rom is to bring out the potential of every Pokemon in the games. Besides including already existing fairy types,
the developer decided to add new fairy types, such as Meganium, Mareep and Milotic. They have also added new dragon type pokemon,
such as Charizard, Steelix, Sceptile and Huntail. Other than that many other pokemon have recieved
typing updates to better fit their appearances. I really like these games due to the fact
that I like using Pokemon that are usually viewed as underwhelming, or just basically
Trash. The Rom hack developer has the goal of making
every Pokemon viable and it works really well. 2. Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver
Our number four slot on the list goes to another Rom Hack by Drayano, and another hack of Pokemon
Heartgold and Soulsilver, Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver. These games are similar to Blaze Black 2 and
Volt White 2 in the sense that the same changes are made to the games. these games feature all 493 Pokemon in the
games, and there are ways to catch every single one, including legendaries. And of course every trainer in the game has
had a complete roster change, to create a way harder challenge for you to face. There are minor story changes, and the game
still takes place in the Johto and Kanto Regions. Most of the changes in typing, stats and moveset
have been carried over from Blaze Black 2. So you’re probably thinking, what about
Pokemon Sacred Gold makes it so much better than Blaze Black 2, and that is due to my
personal preference. Like I said in my Top 5 Best Pokemon Games
*which you should probably check out if you haven’t*, Heartgold and Soulsilver are just
better games to me, and a harder take on them is what puts them in our number 2 slot. 1. Pokemon Bloody Platinum
Our number 1 slot goes to a very unique Rom Hack, Pokemon Bloody Platinum. This hack has been around since July of 2009,
and since then has been completed. Pokemon Bloody Platinum of Course is a Hack
of Pokemon Platinum that is extremely hard. The name isn’t there for no reason, bloody
is an understatement for the amount of Pokemon that youll lose in a Nuzlocke run. For one, there is a huge increase of the level
of wild Pokemon and trainers. Level jumps are common in Rom Hacks but none
that I’ve seen are as crazy as this game, some of the wild pokemon even go up to Level
90. Trainers, your Rival, Evil Team Leaders and
Gym Leaders all have increased levels in their Pokémon. There is also what is Known as the Legendary
5 in these games. The legendary 5 replace the usual elite four. Their name comes from them being nearly, if
not invincible. There haven’t been many people that were
able to take them down on their first try. Not only is the game harder, but there are
also many visual changes made to the games. For example, your rival is different, there’s
a new Team Galactic Boss and almost every NPC has a sprite Recolor. Every Pokémon that exists up to gen 4 is
accessible in the games with a majority of them being obtainable in the wild. Legendary Pokémon are now known as Shadow
Pokémon and Possess the ??? Type, a type with no weaknesses. All in all these are great games, and if you’re
looking for a game with a challenge I definitely recommend this. It’s difficulty and insane take on the Sinnoh
Region is what lands it in our number one slot. Outro
So that is going to be it for today’s video I hope you guys did enjoy, if you did be sure
to leave a like, comment and maybe even subscribe if youre new. Also, if you do disagree with me or want to
leave your own list in the comments below go ahead! And if you want to support me and my channel
further, share this video with a friend. But with that being said, I’ll see you guys
later, peace.

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