TOP 5 FREE GAMES in JAPAN|Winter iOS 2016

TOP 5 FREE GAMES in JAPAN|Winter iOS 2016

Welcome to the top 5 games in Japan! These are the best…I guess they’re the best… The most played games on the app store in Japan In Japan! Let’s check nummber 5 first Dungeon Striker G Cute like Super deformed characters It looks like a proper full on RPG
– It’s cute “You can make the character as you like” Let’s make one I want to make the panda
– That’d be good too Nexon Striker G Cool! They’ve Mage, Ranger and warrior classes Warrior…Mage… Ranger… Cleric It’s gotta be the Mage right?
– Ok let’s go with Mage Oh, face! So you can change things like hairstyle So many types!
– What’s good? It’s like a mushroom cut Let’s go with the mushroom You can change the color too Really? ok then pink?
– Pink I guess This one looks just like Final Fantasy
– It so does! Haha, angry face Super angry Character name I-D-I-O-T What? It can’t be used! Maybe it’s not possible to enter names like ‘Idiot’ “Are You An IDIOT?” Maybe just go with LPJ
– yea… The character illustration work is super…
– Yeah it’s cute Ah, how to move… So it’s one of those games It’s a joystick type game The music is amazing It’s like that one tune….”SEPHIROTH” Yea it is!
– “SEPHIROTH” It wants us to evade? Can you?
– like this oh i see Aren’t you looking the wrong direction? Oh, makes no difference?
– unrelated This is probably the time to use a skill I see So just, use any skill Strooong Umm, much more than the character we made ourselves… That character just now…
– The tutorial girl is much cuter This smartphone joystick input is really convenient isn’t it? Wow ohhhhhh Looks strong. All of sudden this thing… “The Immortal One – Elston” Ohhh
– Like this right? Can’t escape Can’t escape Can’t escape It *looks* likes you’re doing something really impressive Deadly Deadly
– Deadly technique? Deadly SomethingorOrther Technique Deadly… Deadly No proble You can use the deadly technique as much as you like right? Yeah hmm
– It’s the first tutorial afterall I using it already tonnes and tonnes Looks strong Uh oh, ran out of SP You used it all? Yep not enough SP left… You defeated him? defeated? “As I expected you’ve returned” It’s properly voiced Who on earth is this? Ah, this is one of those games where you’re meant to lose I this guy, the panda Really want it NEEEEEEXT This week’s FREE app Perchang? Paachang? Pah…Chan Paah chan Puzzle game Isn’t like that Japanese TV show, “Pythagora’s Switch?” Isn’t that it…? I did it! oh….ah…. huh? What the?
– Isn’t it the case that it ends if you just get all the balls in the container? The graphics are nice But I don’t get the feeling that I’m achieving anything Right? Level 2. The blue button controls the blue object Ah, like this huh? Looks like fun, this! The ones involving good timing look like fun Oh…in the end…
– It wasn’t actually relevant It was irrelevant!
– Just long pressing it was enough As long as you press both, you can be sure to complete it BOOOOOORRRRRIIIIIING That was dull But, this one looks like it might be more difficult I see I see
– You see you see? In the end…all you had to do is press both buttons It’s still pretty boring huh? You can tap to change the element’s color… Borrrring
– still no good…. BOOOOORI… See, it’s level 6 now It should become difficult now Aren’t games recently way too easy? What is this?? These are designed for people who can’t do anything to feel good There it is again. Just press both buttons
– yeah Number 3 BOIFURENDO “Boyfriend (reverse) Glittering Note” There are, many, cute, boys Yes, you can have fun with many 3d boys
– These boys are not 3D “Boyfriend” “glittering note” The background is super well drawn
– yeah it’s pretty I’m kinda wondering about this hand here… That’s probably, uh, you know, he’s being pushed It’s a sports festival
– oh i see i see Photography trial That’s probably just a set up to get them to do loads of cosplay right? Survival games, spy games, all to raise their abilities It’s totally all about getting them to do some cosplay The voice actors are really great PSP? How dated I think I’ve seen this guy around somewhere Isn’t he in Doubt? He isn’t, no Talking too much! I know what to do so yea yea yea press both at the same time 1 This. is. so. hard. Let’s do gacha
– ok you should do it since you’ve got more luck For the first one you definitely receive a super rare surely? It’s a 3 star character but I don’t really know if that’s good or not 1 star.
– Ah, so 3 stars was a good one 1 star It must only go as far as 3 The timing to press the button is different depending on the game In some games you press it a little early to get it perfect, in others you press it a bit late
– oh i see In Idolmaster it’s just tad early Oh see?
– ah, expert mode Ok, Expert mode, no problem All…all..alll That was over in 3 seconds…. I apologise It was actually quite difficult Hard mode. I can definitely do this with room to spare ok looks possible ok At this level it’s actually fun Cannnnnot do it can’t do it Can’t do it “too bad” If it’s me, I put it down to play On the floor…floor?>The table
– ah i see If you put rhythm games on a tablet you can use all 4 fingers of each hand This song is so much easier than the previous one True Seventh RIBAAAAASU Rebirth Ah, *that kind* of rebirth (not “reverse” which means vomit in Japanese) It’s probably a fantasy type of RPG, maybe? Is it same as Seven Knights? Gungho
– Puzzle and Dragons is cute too Things like graphics etc., ah see this is good too The music is really great Gorgeous! Great animation These three are totally the exact same person right? The face is a bit of shame though After choosing between boy and girl the face will change right? Ok then…if it becomes a boy/ We can choose our class here
– Fighter… Priest Wizard Ranger Wizard. This is us
– He was there this whole time This is kinda like Shironeko game
– yea true Battle start Tap to do a lightning attack Boss Attack The monster is cute isn’t it All right what should we do now Press and…
– defense Ah I see Cute This enemy is cute bear We killed him
– Here on his hand So basically just go from left to right
– yep If you press the button you can finish it She said to give the weapon back to her How cruel What the…?
– This is cute What happened? She killed them A different girl appeared She said “onii-chan”. Apparently our little sister Hey look, character settings Wow. Just by changing the hair you can become a girl If your level increases you can get various other hairstyles If we choose cat-ear-long style it’s like hairdresser level It’s the first I’ve seen it Cat-Ear-Long style Oh, blond was good Super bright Let’s go with blond You can do stuff like build houses It seems like a fusion of an RPG and a town building game A gacha place got built Can I do it please please please? Let’s do it So, while making the town You get this Sailor Moon transformation scene If I properly read the story and played it I think I’d get really into this That was number 2 As expected, it gets more interesting as you go up the ranking all right next… Yu Gi Oh How nostalgic It says it’s under maintenance Maintenance?! Until 8pm tonight…. A bit of a shame Wanted to try it but… Kart Battle Shall we just do number 6?
– ok Humans and Cats can race! Well, it doesn’t say that but… Real-time kart battle “Collaborating with Disney. Play with the toys!” Playing kart battle as elsa? We can’t play number 1 so we’re playing number 6 now Ah, like expected you Donald is here Start booster Start booster! like this It just moves forward on its own Uh, if you don’t push it won’t go forward I think Press what?
– Ah, yeah it’s moving on its own When you want to drift you just press the drift button then So, you don’t have to long-press it then “Autopilot”? What’s going on? What, I think we ended up in auto mode Then, er, like this, you can throw stuff like Gooo I understand that the design is “Mickey” but… That big hand is there so… You can’t see mickey at all
– true It ‘s cool that you can play as Mickey But I couldn’t see mickey though Not really no Do things like improve your car
– customize Cuuute
– Beeeetle I want a VW Beetle Some day…I’ll have it A beetle How good ok Gooo Goooo Didn’t really get much boost there The car is also quite weak too But, everyone else should be pretty weak too right? No?
– I wonder Like this? Ummm, uh…even though we were number 1! What’s this? Musshy?
– marshmallow? Oh, if you use this… Oh, somebody used something on us! 4th place I wonder? haha…3rd place! so fas….so fast this game is properly well done If you figure out the tricks and upgrade your car this could be great I think If you connect to the internet you can probably play with your friends online This was number 1 for me today If I were to pick one to download today… Probably this one This was great wasn’t it
– yeah What was it? I forgot the title I thought I’d quite like to get really stuck in to this one All right then, that was Japan’s top 5 (free) games FAIVU I think I’ll probably be playing kart battle all the way home Me, i think I’d probably end up downloading this one…what’s it called… Seventh…
– Rebirth If you play this Kart battle, you don’t need to carry around your 3DS anymore
– right? it’s so light after all Like today, I don’t even have mine with me Bu I always have my iPhone with me Yes Because of that I really do like smartphone games a lot
– y eahh

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