Top 5 MMORPGs Releasing in 2020!

Top 5 MMORPGs Releasing in 2020!

And so draw the close of 2019 and pretty soon
or already depending on when you see this video, it’s 2020. This year for me has to be one of the more
exciting ones in mmorpg history at least for me, it’s the first year where we should see
some of these big named crowdfunding mmorpgs release after a lengthy wait, as well as there
have been a metric ton of games either confirmed full release for next year or a playable early
access or beta state. I will put out a video on all the games to
expect in 2020 but there’s a lot, so it’s taking a while. For now, here is my personal top 5 mmorpgs
I’m looking forward to in 2020, what they are, when they are and why they’re one to
keep an eye on. This is in no particular order as that’s something
that changes for me on a day to day basis at times. Before we start, please please please, get
in the comment section, let me know which 5 mmorpgs you’re looking forward to the most
in 2020, I think this year is going to be crazy busy for us all with so many new games
upcoming and a lot of super exciting ones to boot. Starbase
Okay let’s start the list off right. Who here has even heard of starbase? It’s one that even I forget about at times
and only after writing down the other 4 games did I remember the game because they’re pretty
under the radar. They’ve confirmed this is an mmo…So until
we see otherside, I’m going to assume it is. Starbase is a hybird voxel/vertex based space
mmo with a fully destrutible and infinitely expanding universe. Sound crazy? Yeah. So this game in theory is a catastrophe simulator,
which some people may not be aware of as a game but if you’ve ever played games like
Dwarf fortress, Rimworld, Space Station 13, Stationeers, things like that, you’ll know
what I mean. The game gives you, the player, the freedom
to make things, to break things and most likely die, a lot. I could talk all day about the cool things
they can do with this but I think the best way to describe a game like this is, if done
correctly…The limit is your imagination, because this is what a true sandbox looks
like. A game where your actual creativity, skill,
knowledge and critical thinking all play a factor in what happens to you and more importantly
, the people around you. This is basically an mmorpg I’ve been asking
for since I first tried space station 13 many years ago, I encourage you guys to look up
that game, don’t look at the graphics but just read some stories about playing the game,
watch some youtube videos and understand why I’m excited. The rest of the games on this list are fairly
safe bets that they’ll do at least moderately well…This is just so unique and different
that it will either be the best game ever or a total failure. I personally haven’t been this excited for
an mmo for a long time and I think that’s mainly from me thinking about what it could
be and not what it is. So let’s look at what it is in their own words
real quick before we move on. Play and interact with thousands of players,
join factions, shape the universe with other players, build, fight, chat, group up, mine
asteroids, trade and haul cargo, build a capital station with a huge company, take part in
a battle between the empire and the kindom, explore the galaxy, become successful based
on your ingenuity and teamwork and not long hours of grind. The entire universe is destructible, every
single thing you see can be taken apart or destroyed with the right tools. Poorly designed super structures combined
with overpowered steering thrusters will snap spaceships in half….Basically, you as a
player have to actually design and test things before using them and if you fuck it up, you
die. Your friends die. Maybe your enemies die too when you inevitably
crash into them by accident during critical failure or something to that extent. Maybe you join a company who employs you as
a trainee engineer and during maintenance on the ship you accidently put something together
incorrectly and your ship stops working mid firefight…Or maybe you are a spy and did
that on purpose? Shocked pikachu face. The possibilities in a game like this are
truly endless and if you’re looking for an mmorpg in 2020 that is like literally nothing
you’ve ever played or seen before, starbase should be in early access this year. Fingers crossed. New World
Undeniably New World will probably be in most people’s top 5 list because it’s just an unknown
element and implies a lot more than meets the eye. Amazon, obviously a massive company with what
I’d consider unlimited money, releasing mmorpgs? That’s got to get your attention. Now just because the studio belongs to amazon
doesn’t mean they just have a never ending money tap and even if they did, that doesn’t
guarantee a great game as we’ve seen many times. New World has changed a lot over the last
few weeks in terms of what we should be expecting and at the point we’re at now, I don’t really
want to commit too many words to the game’s core features because they seem to be up in
the air… The game started out as a sandbox, survival,
open world pvp game. It is now as they’re describing not any of
those three things, but also not a themepark. They’re just calling it, an open world mmorpg,
whatever that means. New World goes into beta for all pre-orders
in April of 2020 and releases on May 26th 2020, so not super long to wait on this one. Some features that I can talk about which
are unlikely to change from now until release are as follows. A dark, alternate 17th century setting, where
the world was setting off and exploring new lands, in this time line we as the players
come upon a mysterious island called Aeternum. This is an enviroment both beautiful and hostile,
where the land is neither evil nor good, but lies a great neutral power that amplifies
what it is you are. This substance called Azoth will fuel you,
your friends, your enemies and the world around you. Turning landscapes into the mystical, creatures
into the fantastical and enemies into nightmare. The game has this overall, story but the game
is said to have no story quests, no cut scenes and no direct storytelling at all besides
what you can tell from the enviroment and perhaps some things left behind as clues. The game has no dungeons that are yet confirmed,
no raids, practically no instanced content at all actually. The only instanced content they have mentioned
is pve invasions, where the enemies fueled by Azoth gather near your borders and attack
your settlement, causing you to have to defend your home and fight them back. As well as the pvp version of this where the
winner will have control over that settlement. I’d say despite their claim they’ve moved
away from sandbox, a lot of the content is of a sandbox nature. As guilds you’ll be owning land, fighting
for control, warring other guilds, as players you’ll be fighting creatures, gathering materials,
crafting gear, items, decorations, building a house within a settlement giving you a reason
to make friends there, pay taxes, work together to make the settlement better and safer. You can also choose to venture into the land
owned by the evil army of pve monsters called the corrupted who are constantly pushing towards
you trying to remove you from the lands. I think for me, New World is one of the most
exciting if not for the actual game which looks absolutely incredible but because of
what Amazon being in the space means. I think New World is still a game but more
improtantly also a living billboard for amazon to enter the game engine space, with their
own being called Lumberyard. Based on CryEngine but heavily modified to
also include things such as Amazon’s cloud services for networking and heavy twitch integration. While this might not excite you right now,
thinking about an easier and more capable networking solution in an up to date engine
that may allow studios to get mmorpgs out to us faster and with another option other
than the usual unreal engine is a big deal. But that’s enough about new world, we got
4 more games to cover. TemTem
I’m an adult okay. But TemTem is basically Pokemon and that’s
cool to enjoy as an adult right? Glad we got that cleared up. TemTem thankfully is much easier to talk about
and has way less things to speculate about than New World…TemTem is launching into
early access on steam on the 21st of January. This is a game that I’ve personally been waiting
for since I was a kid, sitting in the back of my grandmothers car playing pokemon red
on the original gameboy and all the way through the pokemon games until the end of puberty
pretty much. This is a truly pokemon inspired game but
with that added layer that was never capitalised on, it’s an mmorpg. So if you want to drop the term and references
to pokemon due to legal trouble, you would say TemTem is a massively multiplayer creature
collection adventure game. So the game has a campaign you can play solo
or co op with 1 friend, the combat in the game is breaking the mould of pokemon games,
creature battles are 2v2 which adds a layer of depth that previously wasn’t possible. So the creatures buff each other or have combo
attacks and that means combat is a lot more in depth, I mean I think of pokemon combat
and I think of spamming the most powerful ability you have over and over. TemTem is an actual open world mmorpg too,
with you seeing players running around all over the world, chaat to them, battle them,
trade them. You can breed your creatures, which is also
an in depth system allowing you to improve upon the base creature if you’re good at it
and making better creatures overall by mastering breeding. You can also create and customise a house,
which adds that little slice of life layer to an already relaxing, casual game. From the aesthetics to the gameplay, TemTem
seems like the casual mmorpg paradise which I’d say the market is missing right now. But then it also has one of the most in depth
and interesting competitive combat systems I’ve heard for a game like this. In a battle you basically have a pick ban
phase with your opponent and this means you can’t just carry around 2 broken pokemon and
beat everyone, you’ll have to adapt to what your opponents knows and what he leaves you
with and you do the same, then make the best out of the sitaution you’re left in. This is how you make a popular game, have
a casual front and then add that layer of competition and depth for the people who want
it and this is just a really exciting project for me. I mean who doesn’t like pokemans right guys? Phantasy Star Online 2
Okay so this is kind of a cop out being on the list of mmorpgs coming in 2020 becaause
this game released in 2012….But it only released in 2020 in Japan and I like I’m sure
many of you, do not live either in Japan or close enough to Japan to make that ping worth
playing, as well as the obvious issues of language barrier and all that. I have however played PSO 2 with an english
patch briefly, for about 2 days back in 2012 or 2013 just to give myself a taste of what
is to come, while waiting patiently for daddy sega to come give me my phantasy star online
2….Unfortunately it seems they had other ideas, which included never releasing the
game in the west, since they just said yep next year, every single year until people
stopped asking and then just never addressed it again. Microsoft thankfully went over and dragged
the game kicking and screaming out of their hands and now we have Phantasy Star Online
2 coming to the west…And it is coming in the spring of 2020, so not super long left
to wait. Phantasy Star Online if you’re unaware…Basically
isn’t really an mmorpg. So yeah it’s a double cop out for being on
this list. I at least don’t consider it an mmo, but I’m
not a gatekeeper for the genre so you can consider it what you want. It’s described as a free to play online action
rpg. So they don’t even consider it one themselves
but to be honest, regardless of if it’s massive or not…This is a game that will absolutely
have massive crossover with mmorpg fans. It basically has everything you want out of
an mmorpg besides those large amounts of players at one time. The gameplay consists of picking a class,
each class has different playstyles, strengths and weaknesses. You’re on a big space ship floating through
space, this space ship is your hub, like a town in path of exile. You see players here all the time to trade,
chat and hangout, accept missions from the hub, you also can rent out a room and customise
it with things, open up a private shop using an npc to sell items for you or craft items
for you as you find materials and designs through playing the game. You then choose to travel down to combat areas
where you and up to 3 friends for 4 player co-op will go and fight creatures, robots,
whatever it is and find loot, kill bosses and that’s basically gameplay in a nutshell. I think they did add some things with more
than 4 players but I can’t remember where I read this and unaware of the details but
it’s basically a hub based grinder game with small player limits on missions. For me, phantasy star online is a franchise
I’ve been playing since I was a kid, from seeing my cousin play it with his friends
on dreamcast with his friends on the internet before I even knew you could play games online
on a console. This was in like the year 2000. Ever since then and especially when it released
on gamecube, it became a staple in my life…I’d go over to my cousins house or my friends
house or have people at mine and people would bring their character over on a memory card
and we would play for hours after school every day for multiple years and we still never
got every single item in the game. I’ve basically been waiting for this game
for 19 years you could say. PSO 2 should be on your list of games to try
in 2020 because while it may be dated and not a true mmorpg, it’s a game that if it
clicks for you, you will become a life long fan. Crowfall
Last but certainly not least, Crowfall. As you can probably tell from this list, I’m
into pvp games, I’m into sandbox games, I’m into games that aren’t following the script
or the commonly accepted narrative. I just want new games with new ideas or at
the very least a fresh take on them. Crowfall for me ticks a few boxes as a game
and also is one of the few big crowdfunding projects which seems to be a lock for a 2020
release at this stage. I played crowfall a few months before the
end of 2019 and while it isn’t finished, it certainly isn’t a million miles away and they
have said that in the first few months of 2020 they’ll release a big patch with the
remainer of their content planned for launch and then polish everything up ready to go. I’d say mid to late 2020 is when we get crowfall
in a launch state if everything goes to plan. Crowfall for those unaware is a pretty unique
take on the genre. they’re splitting their game world up into
actual campaigns, just like you would dungeons and dragons. These campaigns will be independant of each
other and have different rules such as pvp rules, durations, maps used, stuff like that. So it’s a game that basically could please
almost everyone. Then outside of the campaigns you have what
they call the eternal kingdom which is basically your own plot of land you can design and build
up using resources you gather from participating in the campaigns. You can terraform, make castles, cities, have
it be an open community for people as a trade hub or perhaps a guild location. This is a much more indepth concept behind
this too but for the sake of not making this video half an hour long I’ll keep it at that. So you’ll pick the campaign you want to play,
create a character, go into that campaign and play it for as long as you like, as long
as it lasts. The gameplay can be described as mostly sandbox,
sieging castles using real siege weapons you have to build and destroying real structures
you have to build, taking over land, fighting for control with other factions and guilds. A totally player driven economy with rare
recipes, rare materials…Open pvp…The beauty of crowfall is that if done correctly, it
basically can appeal to everyone besides the people who absolutely need instances, storylines
and raids to play an mmorpg. Due to the campaigns and the differing rule
sets, if you don’t like a certain rule, if that’s too hardcore for you, play a different
campaign…If you’re looking for the most hardcore experience, play that one. It kind of cuts out on the issue that people
haave had with sandbox games for a long time now, you don’t really have a choice if you’re
participating or not. Now this game can appeal to the casuals, the
hardcore and anything in between, all the while letting them interact with each other
whenever either side chooses but not at the expense of their fun. There’s a lot to be said for this model and
I personally hope the game lives up to my expectations, this being the only game on
this list I’ve actually played, I can say it’s still pretty good even now without being
a finished game. I just want to say that of course this is
just my opinion, my list and what I’m looking forward to which are going to be playable
in 2020. There were a few games that narrowly missed
it and I would have most likely included the likes of Pantheon but I’m not sure if that
will be in any kind of beta or close to release in 2020 so I left it out though I am extremely
excited for that, just like I’m excited for the other 15 or more mmorpgs I know will either
be out or playable in 2020 which will be on another list in the next few days hopefully. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
comment, subscribe, play with my bell. Join me on discord for more discussion, follow
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