[Music] what’s up guys today we’re talking about speed wildly important part of the game and as a pro we work on our speed every week these five core key components are going to help you gotten so make sure you take them seriously get going does the only real way to improve your speed is to be faster than everyone yeah you are not the gentleman sir yep yeah oh you wasn’t ready look when I left handed I got spotty metrics which is essentially jump train these are exercises that are going to teach your muscles to put out maximum force in a small amount of time with the goal of increasing power speed and explosiveness we’re going to keep things as simple as possible so you see B in the first example jumping out of the slide angle alternating feet and really pushing off as soon as he hits the ground you can do these one-legged as well notice that I still pump my arms as I hop as I get to the end I go back to the bounds for a few steps and then sprint out a little and bring it to the other side double leg jumps or broad jumps are perfect for more than just your speed they’ll actually affect your vertical jump which is just another aspect of the game everybody can improve on start with both legs just a little more than hip distance apart and Bend and look the jump as far forward as you possibly can it’s set for a second and go again these are the type of movements that a lot of players miss out on because they seem unimportant or too easy but with repeated work they’ll leave you with much more power and explosiveness in your sprint you have to work on your explosive movement if you want to get faster so we get things kicked off with these over the ball jumps because it’s one of our most taxing movements you’re aiming for a balance between speed and a good sized vertical jump the second you hit the ground you explode back up and over these are an excellent way to work on driving through the ground with your leg in order to truly push off stand with both legs pushing the wall and start with one leg up at a 90 degree angle drive your standing leg forward and up once you’ve got a good rhythm you can increase the speed and work on pushing even harder each time next up our box jumps remember explosive work is the section where we’ll work the hardest and it’s the beginning because we need to be fresh so push yourself will be alternating feet start with your foot on a box or small ledge and drive up and extend you’ll land on the other foot and go straight into pushing up from there what this is doing is creating more strength in your drive and that will equate to a faster sprint squat jumps are classic for our explosive movement and leg strength so they are not to be missed you may remember earlier how we modified these by adding twists which of course can be done by exploding and turning in midair and then turn back the other way you will definitely start to feel these so do your best to get through all the reps with proper form a lot of guys get this type of work run-up because they just don’t want to bother with a band and that’s just too bad because the amount of benefits you’re going to get from doing these exercises is worth the two seconds it would take to get a little piece of rubber as a pro you do exercises like this at least twice a week there are an infinite number of ways to use the band but for what we want today this exercise is perfect all we’re doing is mimicking a sprint hook the band of your ankle behind you and raise it up as if you were running move your arms as well and try to stay fluid even easier to get a hold of this type of band just put it around your ankles and basically go for the same thing you can alternate legs driving your leg up and then repeating on the other side the key is to get resistance with the sprinting motion which will make you much faster this movement is going to strengthen and stabilize your legs we’re doing these without weight and that’s more than fine for today we’re going to be in the gym soon so you have to worry about all that but we’ll place one foot on a bench or ledge and lower straight down try to minimize the wobble and don’t let that front knee get out in front of that ankle if you’ve ever done these you know how incredibly beneficial they offer your legs you can manage to do them without hanging on to anything then great but it’s not a problem to lightly hold on to something at first to keep your balance go as low as you can while keeping your front leg as straight as you can if you’re not ready for that yet just go as low as possible while stand steady and increase the reps just a little bit obviously you’re not going to prove your overall acceleration and speed unless you push yourself so to close everything off we have a series of Sprint’s increasing a distance and finishing with a small shuttle run football requires massive change of direction movement so you’ve got to make sure you get those in as well we’ve got a few quick sprints where the focus is on getting up to your maximum speed we’ll start with ten twenty and forty yards when we get to our shuttle runs we’ll set up markers about five yards apart work on pushing off well after each deceleration guys these drills will benefit you in more ways than one so if you can get through them do it if you can’t take breaks do what you got to do make sure to get in a habit of doing something every day that will make you a better player like comment and you better subscribe peace [Music]

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