Top Gun: Maverick (2020) – New Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick (2020) – New Trailer – Paramount Pictures

♫ Your instructor is one of the finest pilots this program has ever produced. (Jet engines roar) His exploits… …are legendary. What he has to teach you… …may very well mean the difference between life… …and death. (Alarm blaring) Your reputation precedes you. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting an invitation back. They’re called orders, Maverick. ♫ Good morning, aviators. This is your captain speaking. Today’s exercise is dogfighting. Two versus one? He’s gotta be kidding. (Laughing) What the hell? ♫ (Jet engines roar) ♫ Smoke in the air! Break right! Break right! ♫ (Sonic boom)

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  1. if i don’t hear danger zone, lowkey gonna be mad.

  2. I know the old lady Tomcat is retired but it just doesn’t seem right seeing Maverick in an F-18.

  3. I want to c tom Cruz puffing on a cigar


  5. Does goose come back?
    In the sequel

  6. Scientology and Hollywood still peddling Children for the Democratic Party- Clinton Foundation-Clinton Global Initiative- Weinstein – Epstein- NXVIM- Obama Administration

  7. Danger Zone always..

  8. Rehash old story all the way down to the beach volleyball scene. Blahhhhh. Now politically correct one woman and ya we need an African American. Sorry Asians and Latinos no room for you. The other 2 scream racism and inequality louder than you. Shit they forgot the LTGB group oh now you know its gonna be on the news.

  9. Looks like a rehash….are we sure Disney is not behind this movie?

  10. Well that´s gonna look good and sound Great in the VIP Theaters… for sure!!!

  11. I can promise you the enlistments into the United States Air Force will go through the roof once this Awrsome movie is released, the first one inspired me to become a pilot here in Australia now retired from the RAAF and a Captain with Jetstar

  12. Well. 2020 has at least one good thing to look forward to.

  13. Got burned out on Mission Impossible……this might fly with good camera work

  14. ❤️❤️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

  15. G reen
    A uburn
    Y ellow

  16. What is this his 3rd type of spin-off. The mission impossibles, jack reacher and now top gun. Lawd Tom Cruise stay winnin.

  17. That theme song took me back to when i would see the first movie with my old man as a kid. Sent him the trailer and he was one excited dude. Looking forward to this!

  18. Day one, I’m there.

  19. P51 Mustang at 1:39 !! I hope that old war bird gets airborne in the movie

  20. NOW I know what it feels like to have your soul shed tears of joy… Childhood memories back again.

  21. Im surprised to say that im loving forward to this

  22. I feel the need, the need for Viagra

  23. Literally one of the most significant movies in the U.S. in decades.

  24. I hope they find a way to add the line "I feel the need, the need for speed" without ruining it or making it corny

  25. I can't wait for this movie!!!! I grew up in the 80's….

  26. "Break right break right" *breaks Right

    I appreciate that hollywood

  27. It needs to be a conflict or something. This movie isnt going anywhere

  28. " You screw up just this much"! " You'll be flying a cargo plain full of rubbber dogshit outta Hong Kong"!

  29. It's going to be sick in 4DX

  30. Looks Toxic Masculine. I’m in!

  31. "I feel the need
    The need for speed"

  32. Haha…too bad Russian and Chinese jets can outmaneuver all the bloated, over budget american Bloat-Ware these days…sorry, US planes suck!

  33. Another volleyball scene? Yesssirrrr. ?

  34. ? ? ? ?this is what the box office for this horrendous POS will look like

  35. Don't forget: he's still a Scientologist.

  36. AWESOME CAN'T WAIT!!! The first film is one of my favorite movies hope this is as Good 🙂

  37. This is what " movies " should look & feel like.

  38. But is Kenny Loggins recording a new song for the soundtrack?

  39. This looks like it will re-hash some of the lamer bits from Top Gun and may not be much of an original story but with Cruise having the clout and stamina that he's developed over 33 years, it's almost guaranteed to feature the best flying sequences ever seen on film.

  40. I guess I’ll finally go and watch Top Gun for the first time. Never seen it and I was made in the 80’s.

  41. Miles teller: pilots jet and lands what you think

    Maverick: not quite my tempo

  42. Just like the original I’m going to rip it apart for being inaccurate but also quote every like like I was flying the damn jet myself

  43. this is what America needs

  44. this is pretty cool, the first came out when I was just a young boy, this has been a long time coming….

  45. Reminds me of that Space Cowboys movie where they get 4 old farts to go rescue a satellite. 57 year old Top Gun who believes in Scientology. Great.

  46. I guess this means he never ended up flying cargo planes full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong.

  47. And the oscar for best sound design goes to….

  48. I actually went to the midway December 9th it was so cool I went through most of all of it we even heard stories about what each room or plane was a field trip for the California cadet corps I loved it so wish to go soon again

  49. Dumbest shit if if I’ve ever seen dumb shit. Bringing back this 60 year ol atheist, oops I mean Scientologist and hashtag it as #nostalgic

    I’d rather see Goose come back from the dead or even iceman comeback to train than this rookie, oops I mean Maverick smfh

    Science rules

  50. Of course we have a lesbian pilot hero, a black pilot hero and some mexican pilot hero and probably a gay love story between Tom Cruise and the black commander guy. Yup. That way everyone feels inclusive and the snowflakes will be happy. Just like they ruined Star Wars.

  51. Hey Paramount Pictures go check out LyricalGenes on YouTube!! ? He's the man!! ?

  52. looks like USAF gonna get some fresh recruits out of this

  53. Probably not a good idea to see this movie if I haven’t seen the first one yet.

  54. Just waiting for the porn version with Ron Jeremy.

  55. Fuck Tom cruise he’s a pussy

  56. Yes yes yes yes yes and yes.

  57. I just love planes, I don't care if there's no plot.

  58. This is so pathetic

  59. So much fan service, so much fan service…

  60. First movie I will watch in 15 years. Hope it's the end of the super hero era.

  61. Executing the fallen off world entities plans will not end well

  62. We need Iceman in one of these trailers!!

  63. If there is no awkward bromance then I’m out on this one ladies and gents.

  64. Bro Tom never ages

  65. Why is there always a Top Gun movie in the midst of a Republican president led American comeback ?

  66. 3.1k down voted because they can't see the movie NOW

  67. Thank god the movie uses f 18s. The movie would of sucked if they were flying brick 35s

  68. Did China investors really take the Taiwan flag off his flight jacket? ??

  69. This trailer took my breath away as my excitement level came very close to the danger zone. See what I did there..

  70. I’ve never seen Tom cruise ride a motorcycle before…

  71. 33 years later omg

  72. After all this time and he’s only a captain? ?

  73. Break right! Was that Val Kilmers voice I hear?

  74. Hy gayz most watch pakistani movies seen dogfight fighters jet pak airfoce vs indian airfoce ?

  75. That bell in the beginning….Man that gave me a hard on

  76. Can you believe Tom Cruise is 57, like jesus christ look at that man

  77. Last scene was noobie's mistake.. Was goin on mach speed and looked back for taunt.. ?

  78. this is boring already 1 minute in. I just want to see something new.
    maybe should've just been like a body cam or something of him getting in a ship and starting it and buckling and showing us awesome footage or something. but nope same crap boring

  79. shhhhhh dont let the sjws find out about this movie there going to be buzz kills

  80. Sucks hes still a Scientologist.

  81. Maverick's still buzzing the tower!

  82. Miles teller grows a mustache so Maverick can have a bro-gasm about his dead friend Goose

  83. No one still has a counter to the Maverick maneuver? Rookies..

  84. Remember olds days …..!!

  85. 2:10 The Shonen protagonist showing his new power level post-time skip.

  86. Dem clear visors though. No pilot wears a clear visor.

  87. Omg cant wait.

  88. Anyone else sad they didn't use the f35?


  90. First Tom Cruise rides on the side of the plane in mission impossible and now he’s flying a plane.

    What can’t this man do?

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