Top Hidden Features on Hike || Latest by Vinay

Top Hidden Features on Hike || Latest by Vinay

okay guys before starting this tutorial starts I
want you guys to check out my brother’s YouTube channel knock-knock the bloggers
here you can get a lot of stuff you want so all the information regarding this
channel is given below in description hello and what is up guys my name is *Vinay* and
hopefully this is my first video on this channel first of all I would like to
thank you all for 200 subscribers this video is basically based on the indian
messenger that is hike messenger it was launched five years ago on december 12
2012 on the time of launch it did not get that much success as expected of
other social media but after a few month of promotion and some improvements it
was seen almost in all Indian’s mobile phone and now it has got tons of
features so let’s start by installing the app from Google Play Store **but
please install the app from the link in description** – IGNORE IT once it is installed open it as you can see how awesome the loading
screen is now you simply register your phone number as I do… once you are registered you can see the
amazing interface and the best thing of this interface is that it is
customizable you can change the theme from here now let’s talk about feature of
chatting with friends you can send messages as SMS if your friend is not
online as you can see you can move the chat hide the chat clear the check and
many more you can also change the chat theme now let’s talk about hiding the
chat using any lock mode for doing so tap on a ‘Hi’ icon and click on quick
setup now you add your desired pattern or pin once you will be set you can hide
any chat from here to unlock the chat again click on ‘hi’ lcon. you can also
make groups now let’s go on Timeline tab from here you can add your status
like you do in Instagram and Facebook one more thing guys you can also send
stickers from here you can also play teen patiy and send blue packets but
basically what are blue packets so I will tell you afterwards
what you yes now let’s move to some freakin amazing tag you can see this
rupees *51*{now changed} offer let me tell you about this as I have told you earlier
that if you will download the app from the below link you will get some money
so it was that if you will tap on valid tab you can see your balance if you want
to add money from your bank you can do so by clicking on this plus icon you can
also send and receive money from your friends now let’s finally talk about
services you can say different services from here you can play different games
and compete with other players around the world you can go through this way
but a service for your loved ones you can go through just for laughs services
as the name suggests it contains jokes and you can see live scores of cricket
as well, you can see daily news, you can get daily thoughts by this hike daily
service and by this hike run service you can calculate your steps and number
of calories you have burnt you can get many more services – so guys
that’s all for this video hope you guys are now well aware of hike messenger and
thanks for watching stay subscribed stay updated

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