Touching the Table | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Touching the Table | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Are you allowed to touch the table during
play? The only thing that isn’t allowed to touch
the table is your free hand so you’re not allowed to lean on it with your hand or the
back of your hand. You are allowed to touch the table with your leg as you come in or
even your elbow or you are allowed to touch the table with your bat or your bat hand as
well. So remember, the only thing that isn’t allowed to touch the table is your free hand. The other thing to consider is that you aren’t
allowed to move the table. So if you touch the table with your leg but you move the table,
that’s your opponent’s point.

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  1. thanks! ive had so many debates with my mates because of this

  2. thanks and so close till 100k keep up the good work

  3. Thank you, this should help resolve the debate between the Chinese people, Indian people and American folks at my workplace

  4. learning a lot with you guys, now im getting ready to go practice

  5. So, can I jump on the table without using my free hand?

  6. Ping skills I have a question me and my dad were playing and he hit the metel part that holds the net and we were debating does it count ps almost at 100k

  7. Hello. I have a question. What if I do the Ma Lin backspin serve and before my opponent gets the chance to hit the ball it somehow comes back to my side of the table? Whose point is it? Just a thought experiment. Thank you so much!

  8. Ping skills I have a great idea you should start a live stream so we can all celebrate with you guys answer quickly before you hit 100k

  9. How come in videos I sometimes see players make a swiping motion on the table, like they're wiping sweat off or something, is that allowed?

  10. what happens sometimes at my low level league that a person hits the table with the body (mostly by running from defence to attack) and the table shakes a little bit but the feets of the table are still in the same position. is that allowed? never saw someone rule it a fault

  11. why would someone dislike?

  12. Ohh nysh!! I seriously wasn't aware of it. Thanku ! Keep vedioing!!

  13. hey ping skills if I short serve a side spin and the ball touches my side of table then other side but the ball just spins off the table near the net where the opponet couldnt reach it. Is it my point or I have to serve again.

  14. wow I didnt know you were allowed to touch so many of your body parts until now.. and it kinda has made it easier actually..

  15. why is it like this?

  16. just a few followers to 100k.Unfortunately it will be night here in europe when you reach it.Best of luck and i hope that you will achieve more on your youtube career.

  17. Wow. I actually didn't know your hand (the one holding the paddle) could touch the table; very interestimg!

  18. Passed 100.000 subscribers! Congratulations!

  19. I used to teach high school for a long time. Had a table in my room. One game that stood the test of time was a game that I called "around the table". Pretty well any number could play, say 10 wanted to play, so 2 at each end, so 3 on each side, everyone has their own racket. One player at one end starts serving, like in doubles, soon as he/she serves, moves counter clockwise around the table, hit only once when you are at each end, agree on how many mistakes you are allowed, say 3, before you have to drop out of the game. so whenever you make a mistake that is a point for you. and you have to say it out loud every time you make a mistake. When it gets down to 2 players left in the game, it is quite entertaining, say one serves, the person at the other end returns it, BUT HE HAS TO HURRY DOWN TO THE OTHER END TO RETURN HIS OWN RETURN (better put it high in the air to give yourself time to get where the ball is, or position very carefully). My students just loved it. Had as many 13 players playing (in this case with so many players, might want to play — one mistake or maybe 2 and you are out.) with only 5 or 6 players at the start, maybe you might agree on more mistakes before you are out. other rules, like interference, not getting out of the way in time for the next person to play the ball, either give them a point or if intentional, out. always good to apply a little common sense.

  20. wait a second, you can stand on the table?? It's pretty obvious that you can't, but according to this rule it seems totally fine 😀

  21. Hey PingSkills, I have a question, while hitting back the ball, if ball is returned from my fingers on the bat and also it's returned well on the table. Is it my fault or game is still on?

  22. Hey,

    How about those times the ball comes in short, usually when it hits the net. Arr you allowed to throw and release the bat so it hits the ball and goes back over the net?

    Then quickly pick it back up and resume play?

  23. How if the bat touch the table coach?

  24. Thank you very much sir…..that was very important for me and my friends…….. please sir make some more videos and help us…..we all truely supports you???

  25. I have a question regarding the hand which is free, you said we can use elbow of free, are you sure it is only till elbow, i mean can we also use the forehand region of the free hand (means the region between between wrist and elbow) ?

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