Tough Mudder South West 2018 Obstacle Course | Tough Mudder

[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Don’t think about it too much. Just get out there and do it. You don’t even need to
be that fit, really. Somebody is lying at home,
like not doing anything. I would tell him, come here. The atmosphere is great. The goal is not to make a performance. It’s about finishing all together. That’s why I love it. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to Tough Mudder SW 2018. Give me a hooah! Hooah! [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Every Tough Mudder that I’ve done,
I can look back at and really grin. Yeah, there’s not a lot of Saturdays
and Sundays where you can think, that Saturday and Sunday
was absolutely epic. But every time I come
here, it’s absolutely epic. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] The team will help you, anyway. And people around you are great, so you
can do it, just believe in yourself. Whichever obstacle you’re
going to do, there’s always going to be someone there to help. And then that makes you want to help. And then everyone’s
just helping everyone. It’s fantastic. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Like if you’re just doing like
a marathon, a half marathon, it’s just boring, continuous. This is a bit different, a bit more fun. You know, you’re getting muddy. You’re having a laugh. It’s fantastic. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Come on! Do it! [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Lift your hands up. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Don’t just look at the website. Don’t just think about it. Just get on and do it. Trust me. If I can get myself
around here, anyone can. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING]

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