what’s up everybody welcome back to the
channel caleb is here and somehow he convinced me of this idea Caleb what are
we doing this idea it’s the best worst idea I’ve ever had
trick shot horse vol 2 if you remember last time Josh got a pie to the face and
on you too here loser has to get a tattoo whoa I have not told this idea to
Cassie so I’m really hoping I will beat Caleb today
no she it’s not gonna be a thing because I’m gonna beat you I’ve got my dude
perfect merge on today I assume some of you guys know who that they are they’re
this little YouTube channel they do trick shots bottom line is Josh so
here’s the deal we’re playing trick shot horse same rules as last time Josh you
get up to three attempts but if you make it on your first attempt then they
feeling the first attempt and so on and so forth first one to spot horse loses
it has to get a tattoo here we go my first shot I think I was just gonna be
basic it’s kind of in the middle of football football college championships
coming up I used to be a sinner back in the seventh grade so no way I’ve never
seen you do this okay hike okay that’s impressive please don’t make this oh my gosh
alright alright now it’s my turn that is an 8 nope
alright caleb has an H I’m gonna go behind the back from here I’m ready
what do you get ohh oh my gosh first try well like a little like self
assist interesting I’m an only one of Tim’s so lame attempting that so it’s
HHH stage ok let’s back up what are you doing no way oh gosh I was not ready for
that ok I’m gonna back up second attempt oh
my gosh are you serious guts I would never tell him that does
face facial I don’t know what you’re saying but it better be good like right
to the right of the rim and then a little bit of it oh wait no I was
hitting to the left and shooting with my left hand
oh my goodness I thought I was doing I thought I was
doing something difficult whatever dance back to Caleb I liked it okay okay
Oh whole clothes so much do you guys like
Caleb I’m gonna be in LA for a while now we’ve
kind of talked about that on Cassie’s channel but for the most part movie in
LA for the next several months if not longer than that which means you price
see more of Caleb so let me know in the comments do you like Caleb what you
think he’s kind of lame you know I have low self-esteem you know I’m gonna be
reading these comments you know uh-huh we make that deal like you oh oh so you
haven’t yet make sure you click that subscribe button
turn on the bell we’ve got awesome videos coming three times a week and
Caleb might be in some of them depending on your comments on this video yes
please tell them please say you like what you got from a jack off this
backboard catching the air through the legs into that who’s what what you got Kayla yeah I’ll tell you a
cat cave doesn’t have that I’ll say that you got three tips though oh all right doesn’t count
Oh almost Oh an impressive shot that’s the H oh okay
hi Jamie okay Jess efreet though there’s some reason I don’t believe you Oh see
how’d you told me you’re going backwards I would have been able to track nothing
but now I know okay that’s to never give me three attempts on a shot like this
man this is harder than our normal backward shot by the way for those
wondering at home oh that’s close hole number two I’ll be nervous sir Oh H Oh our I hate that I was that
coffee on this yeah I wasn’t in that hard of a shot I’ve seen you do way
better so this probably stupid but I’m already committed good off the off the
light pole I’m sorry what Oh thank goodness that’s back to you all
right what do you got all right we’re going backwards okay
okay oh wow number three that was so perfect
geez that was I mean that was really nice I I think that deserves a thumbs up
on this video me a thumbs up on that guy’s you were right here yeah no way
yep I can’t jump you can jump this one okay feel like jumping is harder though
because you’re driving energy closer but ho4 me that’s all I have right oh yeah H
oh oh oh r oh yes you do I’m going back to the seventh grade football days cuz
I’m a little upset at myself oh the football shot okay third and
final attempt you really want this one yeah you mean six times it’s impressive though it’s impressive back to me
all right you struggled with the few legs but this is just a making a left
before the ball hits the ground you catch it make it in there all right okay
I mean that isn’t I’m not negating your skills but no team as hard I think I
could be this Oh all right miss this I don’t have to do
it that’s some going three tries why do you do all these active things because I
know that you’re old and busted so and you know it’s crazy you’re older than I
am older than you Oh pretty close do you think this is simple Oh it’s okay so what is that you have h o r
s we get it we get it you don’t have to slow it down for whatever to move on I’m
the bomb how’s it feel you’re gonna get a tattoo I want to make
you get a rubber duck like this on your lower back maybe okay I’m going to go in
classic Josh Horton trickshot horse backward shot come on
pretty close but no cigar well I’ve got a thing that’s also pretty good at the
shop yeah maybe second best to me you need are you gonna you gonna doing 100k
I don’t know I just think maybe you’d miss it may be missing call me second
best you needed to I need potentially abuse DIF I make it you miss I’m you’re
gonna get a tattoo I’m missing it I’m not getting okay I’m not missing again tougher yeah I’m not nervous one bit
anymore back to you you have a lot of ground to make up
I think there’s no way that I’m mozo one of the best tricksters in the world Wow
humble – Wow Wow okay all right you know I’m more the best tricksters in the
world who said that I think a lot of people
say okay I said it I have said it thank you okay so what do you decide this all
right here’s why is one of the reasons why well for my Calif user patent og
Jackman Josh followers know this shot yeah this one I don’t need okay I can’t
even try so a little hard oh oh boy tell me what’s
up I know you’ve been practicing oh that was pretty straight home for that girl
you got confused let’s close you’re getting better letter
any better I don’t think you know what you got yourself into oh yeah yeah
actually I think I do know what you’re about to do okay yeah oh wow
okay let’s see second attempt oh my gosh Oh for all the marbles right here its third attempt no okay
I just want to make a disclaimer it’s cold out here so my shoulders a little
stiff but here’s the clip of me making that shot so there just say he has made
it thank you numerous times boy was all he was like oh but I don’t want to put
the misses on YouTube it’s fine it’s fine
he’s really good at trickshot guys he’s also just sensitive I guess yeah it is
my turn my chance to finish the game it’s s the rs2 our time to finish it
right here so that caleb can get a new tattoo of the jugglin Josh you logo what
if I what have you got Josh Horton as a back tattoo oh my god with the little
juggling balls we can put juggling balls as Wow we’re not even that’s not in my
shot no I was just bored okay okay here’s the shot it’s a little risky but
if I make it there’s no way there’s no way you’re making as confident a Harlem
Globetrotter taught it to me shout out to buckets okay fuck it you just did me
thanks for that what are you gonna do are you going this way what are you because you I don’t understand I don’t
have any tattoos and I was never gonna get my mom will disown me if I get a
tattoo if you make this okay let’s see it you’re getting it that
to know he’s okay I actually got to go mmhmm yeah my mom just called me come on
for dinner yeah I don’t even know how to begin with that one do
how’d you skill I don’t like this for the loss I don’t want it to Josh I will
do anything I prompt like I will do anything you else do or die
do or die one shot do or die just get them to stop stop and be serious right
now like off cameras now okay 72 hours later it’s it’s two days later but I’m how do
you feel I’ve had two days to sit on this and it’s not I don’t have any
tattoos anywhere on my body and I never thought I was gonna get any tattoos and
I’m nervous and here’s the catch we decided this is decided you’re gonna get
on your leg yeah I don’t have a priest no matter what it’s going right over
already Shane I have the key I have to have it in a hidden spot for work so and
what we decided we wrap up coins the dumbest idea ever flips on heads and he
gets to choose what everyone’s tails he’s gonna get whatever I want which is
gonna be my Instagram handle Josh the dumbest thing I’ve will I’ve ever agreed
to in my life by far the dumbest thing but like kind of excited you let me flip
it yep no that’s so generous fake Oh
No hey if you can’t juggle Josh tattooed on your body okay so it’s up to you have
you given this any thought I’ve just called your mom yeah I’m so sure talking
to his mom oh that didn’t look good I just heard you can blame drugs on Josh
what did she say she’s not happy with you Oh God I understand that tattooing is permanent now if I if I lost the coin flip no
matter how to get his Instagram did you do to me I’m gripping the table try not to fall I think that’s good it just that’s it that’s it you didn’t even cry
pat on scale of like one two baby how good was I for my first time wait
where’s the scale I just a bird okay tell tell us what what it says what it
means it says we are all well able to overcome it not to like beat down on the
channel been through a lot and it just kind of a reminder that you know what
you can do this so you can get through it no matter what time what season
you’re in in your life what time you’re ending your life if it’s really really
difficult you can’t get through it and I just need a little reminder to tell
myself true I can overcome it you’re gonna need to keep telling yourself that
you’re gonna be doing challenges against me and become that you beat things he’s
funny videos every Monday everyone’s every Saturday sure you subscribe if you
haven’t yet follow us on Instagram hi I’m a speedster struggling Josh here are
in scream status for today’s Bam Bam follow us and comment tattoo on our most
recent posts for your chance to win a shout-out let’s go to the beach it’s okay I’ll tell everyone what it
says um it says I’m gonna go get that girl’s number yo my tattoo I was lucky
we had you see the sparks flying between us yeah

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