Trippie Redd – Dark Knight Dummo ft. Travis Scott (Official Music Video)

Trippie Redd – Dark Knight Dummo ft. Travis Scott (Official Music Video)

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  1. Mu Brasil seus filhos da puta

  2. I like this saga so cool I literally to all day

  3. This will always be my fave trippie red song

  4. 2019 September anyone?

  5. The Beat sounds just like fuck love

  6. 0:03 white girls be like

  7. He seems like a nice guy lol

  8. baba destek veren 2 kişi vardı birisi xxx o gitti sen kaldın

  9. I’ll pop a cap in your head bitch ??

  10. The Trippie Redd I miss

  11. So trash copy right of xxxtentacion and the stupid song don't go with the dumb video stupid trippie

  12. Why does trippie redd look like the possessed bitch from the exorcist

  13. When this song gets mad annoying because of 2k?

  14. Watch this when your super high

  15. fuck trippie redd

  16. Why didn’t trippie make a movie it would of been crazy good

  17. this song is fuckin lit

  18. trippie redd`s gang is me and my bros in a knife battle on csgo

  19. The sounds like f&ck love

  20. school: what do you do in an apocalypse
    trippie: count my guap

  21. 69. 69. 69. 69. 69

  22. Like: TRIPPIE REDD
    Comment: 6IX9INE

  23. 1:05 zombie pops up
    Trippie redd: ima bout to end this whole mans career

  24. I want the means of production. I want all this negros means of production. He does not deserve it.

  25. He must earn it and lick my boots. So must the cowards that gave this negro the means of production.

  26. alguém percebeu que ele plagiou fuck love nessa música?

  27. auto tune left the chat?

  28. Yes he does count ?

  29. oh i didnt know we were playing unlimited ammo games bc they have unlimeted ammo last time i shot my guns i could only bust 6 rounds

  30. There is something wrong with him

  31. Algum BR em 2019??

  32. Watch out!!!!!!!???

  33. 0:03 when your check doesn't get sent to direct deposit
    Soo you have to go pick it up

  34. i swear he came out the the womb with the fucking toolkit…every video is a gunfight

  35. he out here wasting the bullets before he picks up the max ammo 3:04

  36. When you in the menus on 2k19


  38. II didn’t YouTube channel and I printed my little brother Jake up and I also picking him up sometimes and I’ll

  39. Hiphop has a punk and rock edge with R&B that's why I bump Trips music.

  40. Astroworld's planet
    It's my home

  41. This has got such Indian beat feels to it. So sick

  42. 干Θ尸 爪Ử$ℐℂ

  43. Jebem ti sve cavolsko

  44. 3:49 my face when my alarm goes off for the first day of school

  45. Anyone else who came from 69 trippie fight


  47. It took me so long to figure out this was him rapping in 2k

  48. 0:02 when u drop the soap in a boys locker room ;-;

  49. Nobody:

    My career player: *shoots jumpshot in his own condo from 15ft*

  50. When I listen to this song i feel like.

  51. *apocalypse happens

    Travis Scott: ITS LIT
    Trippie Redd: COUNT MY GUAAAAAP

  52. Rich kids when they are playing BO3 zombies

  53. When school start back 0:03

  54. When a zombies eats another zombie

  55. When a zombie sees trippie redd

  56. I like rap music but this music is fucking garbage

  57. When he says he’s on Mars he’s in Area 51

  58. bro, the dude that made this beat WENT OFF, such an amazing piece of art, with or without the lyrics 100

  59. Reference fuck love

  60. Anyone else hears the beat from taking a walk?

  61. they know dog on well , they missing all shots in real life . hahahahahaha

  62. damn les gens c'est tibo in shape

  63. 3:13 When The Guards At Area 51

  64. I just saw trippie Redd

  65. brabo! pique AZAMAT

  66. This music is actually kind of scary even tho it's fake

  67. This guys a nonce and you all listen to him looool

  68. YouTube audio TRA$$$$HHHHH.

  69. Listen it to 0.25 speed

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