Truce or Dare: Part 2 | Mecard | Episode 25

Truce or Dare: Part 2 | Mecard | Episode 25

(JASON) Truce or Dare! Part two!Where do these creepy
Mecardimals of Darkness
come from, anyway? I’m surprised your brother
was strong enough to claim
one of them. He didn’t. El
Topo gaveGeryon
to him.
Seriously? Not that El
Topo guy again! He gave Ryan
and me a
tough battle. Did El Topo
send you? Nobody sent me. [grunt] Maybe it was his
plan all along to draw
your brother into the Darkness. Alright! If that was
his plan, then our plan
should be to foilhis plan,
Agreed. Do you really
mean it? You’ll
help me? Not so fast. Hm? We haven’t commited ourselves
to anything yet. We’re still not
even sure that we trust you. Well, actaully…I
What’s wrong?! Why’re you
the only one who doesn’t believe
her? What more does
she have to
say to–? A whole lot! Have you all
forgotten who she
is? She’s with
Black Reef! For all we
know, she’s serving
this El Topo
(DANA) I’m not![gasp] I don’t serve
him… I… I
just… …I just want
my brother back. [bawling] Just great. Nice
work, Ryan. Whoa, whoa. It’s
gonna be alright.
Don’t cry. Look Ryan, I
agree with the
others. I believe
her. So you buy
those tears? I’m not so sure! Let’s
see you put your money
where your tears are! Let’s
battle right now! What’re you doing?
How’s a batlle
gonna prove anything? Think about it, if she really
cares about her brother… she
oughta be willing to fight for
him, right? [grunt] (JULIET) Hold on, Ryan, that
doesn’t make any sense.
Okay, fine! Dana, wait– Cahllenge accepted! Good for you.
Show Parrie and
me what you
got. You ready for
this, Mugan? Ooogah! I think I’m beginning
to understand what your
game plan is, Ryan. With my compound parabolic
eyes, I’ll be able to see if
she’s really telling the truth. An excellent idea. You think so?
Me too. (COP)You’re saying your friend
was snatched by twin goblins
from another dimension, is that
They’re not twins. They’re called Team
Goblin andthey’re
from another world!
Look, just forget about that
part. We’ve called her forty-one
times already and she just won’t
answer her phone. Maybe because she doesn’t want
to talk to you two nut-jobs! Now
get outta here before I send you
to another dimension!
[heavy breathing] That coulda gone
better. You talk too
much. Now the
police will never
help us.
We don’t need
them! We’ll go
to the coast
guard! Uh? Wait, do they
find missing persons
on dry land? Hmmm… When do
they actaully battle? There’s always a lotta
standing around and staring
at each other. It’s how you
assess your enemy. Set up… Mecard! Set up… Mecard! Y’ready, Mugan? Three,
two, one! Mecardimal…
go! Oogah-boogah, oogah-boogah,
oogah-boogah, oogah-boogah,
oogah-boogah… Three, two, one!
Mecardimal… go! All systems good
to go… And
we’re off to
the races! Take it away,
Mugan! Aah-oogah! Oogah-boogah! Show ’em what
you got, Parrie! Yes, sir! Eyes on the
prize! [grunt]… Oogie-boogie-woogie! (JULIET) I see what you mean,
Jason… There is a lot of
standing around… Take it to
him, Mugan! Love to! [chuckle] Hmph! Oogah-boogah, oogah-boogah–!
[grunt and chuckle] Hmmm… Impact in
three… two… [attack yell] Sorry! I’m way
ahead of you. Yeah, you’d better
run, you coward!
I never run
when I can
fly! Hey–! We won’t miss this
time! Blast him outta
the sky, Mugan! Lightning
Strike! Sizzle fo’ shizzle! Ahhh! A bug-zapper! Take
that, ya pest! [dodging grunts] Oogah! Boogah! Go on, Mugan,
get him! Zap
that dragonfly! Hmph! Never gonna happen. And now, it’s myturn!
Do it, Parrie! Hit ’em, with
your penetrating eyes!
That’s it, come
closer! A little
closer… Huh? [chuckle] Those eyes! Boogah!
Get ’em off
me! It’s not polite
to stare! Now let’s take
a look at
Wait, what–?!… When
did theyall
get here?
Was I asleep
or something? Ewww-gah… Hmph!… Go for
Mugan! Hey–! Whoa–! Ow–! [pained
grunts] That’s sounfair,
ganging up on
him like that!
(DANA)Mugan, on your right! Now
your left! Good job!
Ka-boogah! Ohhh… There, that should keep
Mugan busy. And while he’s
occupied with fighting them……I can focus my
full parabolic attention
on finding out what we need
to know. (DANA) On your right! Behind
you! On your left!
[grunt] Thanks, but I got
this! Oogah! Boogah!
Bing! Bang!
[heavy breathing] Tired, Mugan? He’s just fine!Let
the flames begin!
Blazing Inferno!
Ohh! Hot, hot!
Hot! [roar and grunt] [grunt] Didn’t see that
Good one! Oogah–? Watch out! Not bad, Mugan. But now that
you’ve spent your energy on my
clones, time to deal with the
Yeah, let’s see you oogah-boogah
your way out of this one! Blow
him away, Parrie! Gale-Force
Wings! [flinching and straining] [flinching] Whoa! [pained
grunts] We’ve gotta help
her! Whoa, no way!
Stay put! [pained groans and heavy
breathing] [pained groans] [gasp] Why don’tcha just
give up? Face
it, you’re not
gonna win. For Dabby’s sake…
I’ll never give
up! I see it
now. She’s telling
the truth… Those tears… they’re
real. Alright. But if
you end up
regretting it, don’t
blame me. Time to shake
that tail, Parrie! Final ability! Rocket
attack! Stinger Missle! As you wish…
Missle… away! We can handle
it, no problem!
Final ability! Thunder
Club! Always a favorite!
Aah-ooogah! Oogah-boogah, oogah-boogah,
oogah-boogah–! Knock it out
of the sky! Just try it! Oogahhh–! Oww-oogah… I lost… No! Ryan, her anguish
is real. You’re right. I
see it now. Now what’ll I
do about Dabby?
[whimper] I’ll never get
my brother back… [whimper] (RYAN) I think you dropped
Huh? Go on, pick
up your Mecardimal. Huh? I don’t want
Mugan. Well? So what
happened? What did
you find out? We can trust
her. Of course we can!
Jason knew all along
that Dana was telling
the truth. -I knew that, too.
-Knew it all the time. So you finally
believe me, Ryan? Hey, I was
just being careful.
Somebody around here
has to be. Go on, just
tell her you
believe her. I would, but
I’m afraid she’s
gonna start crying
again. Cool down, Mr.
Grumpy Pants. Anyway, we’re all
on the same
side now. M-hm! From now on,
consider yourself our
teammate. And our friend.[sigh] [chuckle] Happy to be
[raspberry] (JASON) Next time on Mecard…Wait! Huh? I’ve been where your brother is
now. I served Black Reef, too. I
know what it’s like to be
consumed by Darkness. Tanatos, what’re you
saying? I’ll fight by
your side, Dana! [gasp]

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