True Sight : The International 2018 Finals

– Dota is a sick mental game. It brings out the best
and the worst in you. It comes down to half a second where you just can’t
predict what’s gonna happen. You try to look at everything
as pieces and pawns. You try to look at it as simply the game. Who ended up winning the mental warfare always won the series, that’s how you’re gonna win tournaments, that’s how you win the tournament. If you break the other
mind it gets really easy. Some minds are really hard to beat though. (crowd cheers) – [Chobra] This rematch, do you think it’s still gonna be pretty even, Syn? – When you look across the winner bracket I feel like LGD at their best were better, I would consider them the
favorites based on that. – [Godz] The crowd is driving them on, they’re chanting LGD, they’re
chanting the chat wheel lines, they’re a team that wants it. – [Sheever] Looking at
fy, he’s been so close. – [Black] After TI4 he
was always considered like the magician of the position four. That guy is the definition of talent and hard work in one person. – Final day of TI, you gotta
come to play and Somnus, he just shuts down so much
of what OG has tried to do. PSG.LGD at every position
is just incredible. – [Kaci] This is a bit
of rematch, any lessons that you’re gonna be bringing
with you do you think? – [Trent] Let’s focus on OG a little bit. – [Redeye] I hate to say this, I had OG losing in the
lower bracket straight away. – [Tobiwan] They had their roster ripped apart by Evil Geniuses. – [Fogged] You have
n0tail who swapped roles and became captain. You have a coach that became a player. – He’s probably best coach all time, five time major winner with OG and he comes back and
does this as a player. They are the ones who scrambled to find these last minute replacements. They bring in Ana, they bring in Topson. And I think people are questioning, alright, Topson, is this guy for real? This is, it’s like the first tournament, he’s won nothing before this. – When you go into these
best of five grand finals you know there’s multiple, you have multiple attempts
at trying something so if you have this crazy strategy or this really strange idea. – [n0tail] Oh, another day of sweatpants – [Ceb] Yes, I wanna be comfortable. – I mean, dude, you
should get these pants. They’re basically sweatpants. People think it’s jeans but it’s not. – And I can dance before games like. – [n0tail] Yeah, dude, it’s so elastic. It’s like basically sweatpants. – This is great, yeah, it’s pretty good. What about Drow, they have Drow second. Yeah, we ban Drow. – We can change the
Venge ban to Drow, sure. – That’s perfect, and
then we Necro second. Yeah, awesome, they’re fucked. Alright I’m gonna cut you from
your music just a little bit. So we have a little more challenge today, I mean, the cameras and stuff. I promise that 30 seconds in
we’re gonna forget about it and it’s gonna be gone,
don’t think about it. I just wanna say, like honestly, it’s gonna be fucking very hard day, potentially five games like
the game three yesterday. I’m ready to lose, I’m ready
to win, I’m ready for anything. I’m ready to get smashed 3-0. If they fucking start
smashing us we smash back, you know, we give it our best. Some Ana Spectre, some Topias monkeys, whatever, anything, you
know, it’s gonna be great. But yeah, I mean I’m proud of us, I’m proud to be here with you guys and I’m looking forward to it, okay? Let’s do it. (beeping) – [n0tail] Microphone. – [Staff] Turn around. – [Commentator] Yeah, n0tail
definitely has had several instances where he’s
top spot at TI finals. – [Announcer] The final two teams vying for the Aegis of Champions! (crowd cheers) PSG.LGD! – [Crowd] LGD, LGD, LGD, LGD, LGD, LGD! – [Announcer] Versus OG! – [Ceb] Big Daddy, get
’em, get ’em, get ’em! (crowd cheers) – [Ppasarel] Which shoulder is it, man? – What?
– This one? (laughs) – Actually, I don’t remember. Oh, I think it must be this
one, it must be this one. Oh yes, oh. – Not too long ago I was
watching fucking ABC fucking kid shows, now I’m fucking here. – So enjoy it, no
pressure on our shoulders. We already won everything
we had to win here so let’s just have fun. And no mercy, we slay them.
– Fucking slay them. – Alright, Ceb, so they’re most likely taking the Ench, we’re gonna do the Io ban. Io, Drow, Tiny.
– Yes. – So they want the Ench Shaker, right, because this is the one game they won against us and the one game they won against EG. – I mean, it’s either a Shaker
Spectre or a Pugna Spectre. – Shaker Spectre. Give me Treant game, main stage man. Topias got his monkey,
like, treat everybody the same – This is what happens when I rush. – [Ceb] That’s what happens when I rush. – Remember boys, it’s
not over til it’s over. – Nope, that is. – [Ppasarel] Never forgive, never forget. – Headsets on.
– Good luck, boys! (crowd cheering) – [ODPixel] Ladies and gentlemen are here, the Dota 2018 International
Championships grand finals. – [Fogged] OG has drafted a
massive team fight line up, what do you think of
this Ceb Treant offlane? His Treant Protector is, I’m not sure how I feel about it. – Nice boys, let’s do this. (crowd cheering) – [ODPixel] After the set up,
they’ve got the remnants down and LGD looking for first
blood, they’ll find it. (crowd cheers) – [Fogged] LGD is heavily
outmaneuvering OG right now. They’re splitting them
up all over the place, they’re making plays on each of the lanes so it’s forcing OG to react
and then it’s making Ana very, very weak in this laning
phase, unable to really find a place for him to actually catch back up. – [Ceb] I got armor soon,
can we pop this guy? – Oh yeah, I got Haunt. – [ODPixel] They’re gonna try and set up with the walk in with the Echo Slam. Do they have the burst, Ana comes in with the Spectral Dagger,
is it enough though? – Bye, bitch. – [ODPixel] Chalice, he’s running. XNova with the slow on
Ceb, he’s in with the ult, they get the kill, xNova
tried to TP out but OG, they’ll set up for the double kill. – [Fogged] Definitely worth it, that tower is the most
important tower to defend, especially when you’re playing
with a Spectre line up. – Can we Rosh, can we just Rosh? – [Ceb] We can bait them and then go. – I think we just go, fucking
go for it, fucking go. – [ODPixel] So it looks
like PSG.LGD will finally be able to find this tier
one tower down bottom but OG. – Just Rosh and look at me. – [JerAx] I’ll stun the
Storm when he comes in. – Storm will zip in soon. – Get ready. He’s gonna try to jump. – [n0tail] Canceled it. – [Ana] I got it, I got it, I got it. I got double meteor hammered. Nice! – Oppa, Oppa, boys! (crowd cheers) Get fucking fucked. – [ODPixel] The Slam! Look at the jump in on the control. JerAx, straight in on at Ame and Ame pops the BKB but it’s too late! – [Ceb] I’m getting these two. – Ana, I’m coming to heal you. – On to xNova, Ana still alive for now, they get the double kill, the Cold Embrace keeping Ana alive! The Winter’s Curse holding
back the attacks of the Chalice and charges fy, he’ll fall! Triple kill for Ana, can he survive? He gets up to the high ground,
he’s still alive for now! The armor from Ceb! – The Storm, Storm dies, Storm dies. – Nice!
– Nice! – Very nice. My ears. – [Crowd] Let’s go OG! (claps) – GG. (crowd cheers) (crowd cheers) – [Ceb] Dude, this Ench tried
to take the bottom tower. – Oh, this is so nice.
– Oh my god. – Same group, guys, if you have pee, Ana, if you have to pee go
pee and then we’ll go out. – Bathroom, bathroom, go go go. – They stood there for
fucking four minutes. – [Ceb] They’re first picking Storm, that’s how much we got to their heads. – [Ppasarel] What the fuck
is happening right now. – [n0tail] The bottom
lane was so good, man. – [Ana] Yeah, it was fucking good. – Ench mid to Storm. – Do you have an idea of how
many times they tried to, they’re four people pushing
bottom, right, this is tier one, I go in, I meteor hammer
the wave and I’m like, they’re making a play top,
there’s no way they’re four people… – Solo Bloodseeker Shadowblading
in the jungle. – There’s four people watching me meteor hammering three waves in a row. And I’m like, guys, you wanna,
this is not working out. ♪ That’s the way, uh
huh, uh huh, I like it ♪ – Long have we waited. (laughs) – [Staff] Standby, gentlemen, standby. And go, they’re coming! – [Crowd] LGD, LGD, LGD, LGD, LGD! – We haven’t achieved anything yet. They’re gonna fight til the end, they’re not gonna give us anything. They don’t give a shit, these
guys are fucking warriors. They’re strong, we’re also strong. We don’t give them shit today. – [Black] Their coach drafting. I think it takes a lot of
burden off your players. – [Chobra] Yeah, much more systematic both in the draft and in the game. – [BSJ] I think if LGD can
somehow try to take away that condition of, if
it goes late they lose, I think that it changes the
way OG has to play the game. – [BSJ] There’s the first ban Spectre. – [Trent] Get ’em out, alright. – This changes everything,
this changes everything. But they can ban Gyro, no, they can’t. – No they can’t.
– Yeah, you’re right. – [Ceb] They have to ban, they’re fucked. – You’re right.
– Yes, they fucked up. Yeah, this is some next level
overthinking from them. I feel, yeah, I feel bad for them. Whatever, I don’t feel
bad for them, fuck ’em. – [Fogged] Fy, Earthshaker. – [Synderen] But I think
LGD are six and zero with fy playing that hero
so they’re very comfortable. – I actually think we
could pick Invoker here. – [Ceb] Yeah? – Good against all
their three heroes and. – [Ceb] I mean, Voker’s really,
really good with our Gyro, I love it. – [Casters] The Invoker. – [March] I forgot about that. – [Black] The Topson Invoker,
how did we forget about that? The special. – [ODPixel] You have to
feel that PSG.LGD’s line up, it’s a more robust one,
it’s one that just makes a little bit more sense, right. – [Fogged] The Kunkka though
for me is such a good pick. I’m concerned about
the lanes in particular coming out from OG. – This game is very, very nice, boys. – [ODPixel] Straight in, fy helps on the set up
for the kill on to Topson. (crowd cheers) Topson, he’s running but
the rainbows all the way. (crowd cheers) – Ah, shit. – Look at this, this might be
a fight this might be a fight. – Ooh, Chalice.
– The dust? (crowd cheers) – Wanting to find Chalice,
fy pops the Echo Slam, holding down Topson on the side, sets up Ame for the double
kill, Somnus cleans up a third. Ceb’s trying to get out of there but he’s not going to make
it, Ame with the triple kill as OG just cannot take a
fully fledged team fight. – Oh god, not again. – He’s got dust, he’s there.
– He’s got dust he’s prepared. – [ODPixel] Puts the tornado
in the totally wrong direction and now the combo from Somnus comes out. Oh, Topson, how he falls time and time again
here to Somnus’ Kunkka. The carnage continuing to favor LGD. – [Merlini] Do they have the X? – Somnus, he’s going in.
– They got the X! – [ODPixel] They get the
X play, he’s coming back. Ana, there’s no escape I’m afraid. As Somnus continues this
game seven, one, and six, growing this lead, 13k advantage. Topson, looking to lead in with a combo. – But the X!
– But the X! Again, Somnus with the Kunkka play. But the Melee rax are taken in both the middle lane and the bottom lane as well as the Ranged rax down bottom. PSG.LGD now 25,000 ahead. – Fuck, alright. Call it?
Yep. – Looks like it.
– Yep. – GG.
– Let’s go next one. – [Ceb] Alright, let’s go next, boys. – [Chobra] PSG.LGD and OG, we’re here at the panel
with SVG, MSS, and- – [n0tail] Alright. – [Topson] Feels bad, man, feels bad man. – What, what do you mean? I was fine, like shit just
went wrong in the lanes also, like on the side lanes too. Like, they kinda managed
to get out of three lanes like pretty good so, game is hard. – [Ppasarel] Game was hard. – [SVG] That was the
Somnus、M show for sure. This guy wins his lane, he
rotates to the side lanes, he wins in the team fights,
he’s scaling on a Kunkka. – [Nahaz] He just shuts down so much of what OG is trying to do. – [Chobra] PSG.LGD
fy coming in. How do you compare these two, what advantage does fy bring? Ame putting up the performances and a lot of pro players
themselves have been saying, Ame’s the player I’m looking for, right? He’s probably the best one
in this tournament right now and really putting up those
numbers in game three. (crowd cheers) – [Chobra] Game three, OG now
looking to regain momentum as PSG.LGD dismantled
them in the second game. – They ban Spectre.
– Take out the Specter again. – [MSS] They just don’t
wanna play against the hero, that’s understandable. – Oh, what the fuck?
– What? – I mean, Chen PL? – Yeah, yeah! – [Ceb] Chen PL, no
Shaker, let’s fucking go! Ana PL, boys, Ana PL on the main stage. – Dude, they actually don’t
even know what to pick. – They don’t know what to pick,
this they didn’t see coming, like they’re really confused. (slamming) – Venge against PL, get fucked. When the, sheet, sheet sheet. – Alchemist, Storm, Lesh.
– We ban Lesh and Storm. – I think so.
– Yes, and we fuck the Alch because we have two picks
against him minimum. – Yes, exactly.
– Exactly. – If they plan to Weaver
safe lane I pick Nyx now and it’s fucking GG. (crowd gasps) – Phoenix.
– Interesting. – [SVG] The thing to
remember with Phoenix is if this hero’s playing four he’s less worried about the egg going off because this hero’s other
spells are also insane. He has a GPM talent, he has a
heal slash high damage nuke, they’re all long range
spell casting abilities. You can do a lot of work
with all these spells that you might not even need
the egg to win the fight just because of how much
damage this hero does. (crowd cheers) – [ODPixel] There’s
Ame, bugs out onto Ceb. He will not dive for it, knows that JerAx has Light
Strike Array back off cooldown. Now midlane of course, with
the way that we saw this start continuing to go strongly
in Topson’s favor, he’s getting revenge for game two with Somnus having that sizeable lead, this time it’s Topson that’s in charge. Midlane, n0tail, he’s
actually gonna tick out, and fy, comes in. – [Merlini] Both creeps die as well, he’s just got so much experience in mid. – [ODPixel] Now JerAx, oh,
he’s a little bit deep here. Just get the Light Strike onto Ame but fy with the Sun Ray
just lasering him down. (crowd cheers) Down bottom at the same time. The egg’s actually come out from fy. As they’re beating into
it, can they kill him off in time, they can’t! Fy gets the Supernova successfully off, he’s playing around with
the three of them here, JerAx tries for the TP out,
ooh, but he ticks down in base! Fy gets the kill on JerAx and
he gets the kill on Ceb, fy! – What? – [ODPixel] He’ll turn
with the stun onto Chalice but Chalice eats the Cheese,
Topson’s up to the high ground, goes for the TP, the Sun Ray! Somnus in with a Blink, finds the kill. – Nice. – [Merlini] I think this is gotta be one of the best Phoenix
performances I’ve seen, he’s just wreaking havoc
all across the map. – I actually have buyback, I
can threaten it now. Are we going to do something about it? Ah shit, they’re gonna go high ground now, they’re gonna go high ground. – Phoenix here, we can kill Phoenix.
– They’re very split. – I don’t think we can. We need to just think
of a way to fight it. – Topson
– They lose another at midlane, Fy just beaming down the
middle with the Sun Ray. Topson’s down for 100 seconds
without buyback and Somnus! (sighs) (crowd gasps) And again the Supernova by the base, they are gonna try and kill it, can they kill it off in time? They can’t!
– They couldn’t get it! – [ODPixel] They just can’t kill the sun. They beat down on the ancient! (crowd cheers) – [Crowd] LGD, LGD, LGD, LGD, LGD, LGD! – [Ceb] Alright, boys. – [Ana] No matter what it doesn’t matter. – Huh?
– It doesn’t matter. – What did you say?
– It doesn’t matter. – [n0tail] No, no, no, it doesn’t matter. – [Ceb] This is when
we have to stay solid. – [n0tail] Yes, just one game
at a time, one game at a time. (crowd cheering) – [Fan] You got this, the next
one and then the next one! Fuck them up, come on, you’re in it! (sirens blaring) – [n0tail] All right. (sirens blaring) – [Ppasarel] Alright boys,
first game from best of three. – Back against the wall. We knew we were gonna get tested, we are getting tested, for sure. This is a rough situation
to be in, of course, but we’re gonna overcome
it together, you know. It’s been too easy so far. You don’t get it like
this, we saw that coming, we were ready for hard games,
we were ready for hard series. Welcome, this is a hard series. We know we are are one game
away, it doesn’t matter, we’re gonna go in, have
fun, win the next one, and win the one after,
it’s what’s gonna happen. We’re getting tested, embrace it. – Yes. We know what they wanna do and all we have to do is do
what we wanna do, that’s it. – [Godz] Every single
player you could point to, they’re just having a
stand up performance. It’s like fy, he’s called
fy god for a reason, his Phoenix 1v3 gets the double kill. – Does it get to ’em?
– Ame had his items. – [Nahaz] And the Phoenix
in the team fights was, they were insane in the laning phase, they were insane in team fights, outplayed the Winter Wyvern and the Lina, I thought they fit well into the draft. – Go ahead.
– Alright, let’s go. – [Fan] Go OG, let’s go,
boys, this is our game! This is our game! – [Chobra] OG now one game away from losing in this grand finals,
PSG.LGD one game away from lifting up the Aegis of Champions, both teams are driven and
nothing’s stopping them on their way to become
a champion here at TI. – That’s really weird, they
banned their own Shaker, like I don’t understand.
– Yeah. I mean, they wanna make it even I guess You know, we’re one game behind, they give us a, you
know, take this, take it. – I actually don’t understand this. – Take this game. – [Nahaz] No, they’re going Wisp, okay. (crowd gasps) – Oh wow.
– A potential counter. So worried about the Io Gyrocopter. – [Nahaz] This is a team that
is feeling itself right now. To first phase Morphling here. – [JerAx] I think we PL, PL, right? – Yeah, PL.
– PL, right? – Yeah, dude, their
fucking themselves, like, can we please not lose to
this, like come on man. – [n0tail] All right, PL, PL again? – PL.
– Let’s fucking do it. – We’re not losing to this.
– Let’s fucking do it. (crowd gasps) – Whatever you feel like playing honestly. – I really like Invoker,
he’s really good here and. – You said you really like Invoker? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Give the boy Invoker. – [Godz] Love it, you know, Topson, put him on one of his signature heroes, put him on one of his best heroes. – [Chobra] It’s great to see
that they have the confidence despite that early game to come back. – I think I, I like Centaur. It’s very strong against Morph, like, Centaur, he has
nothing against Centaur stun, it’s like Axe, you know? – They banned Centaur. – They banned the Centaur. – Oh, Axe might be really good actually. Oh, actually just cut waves against Ench and then Axe against the Morph. – I like that. – Yeah, this might be the Axe game. – Ceb Axe.
– Yes, yes man. – Ceb Puck, Puck Ceb?
– You’re gonna see, man, you’re gonna see some shit, man. – Can they do it here? Is this the TI winning game, boys, we’re seeing again, OG trying
something a little different, there’s the Axe, another hero that people just aren’t playing but they’re bringing it out here on their potential knockout
game of the TI8 grand finals. – [Fogged] It’s a hero
we just don’t see often for a good reason, it takes time. – [Ceb] I’m gonna cut the wave right away. – I think maybe Hunger. No, no, no. – No you cut, I think you cut him. – I’m gonna get, it’s really
bad for them if they lose, believe me. – All trust in you, man. – Yep.
– Easy. – [Ceb] This is my game, boys. – [ODPixel] Top lane,
the Shards from fy out trapping up JerAx and n0tail. – The mid lane!
– The mid indeed! Somnus, diving in Topson,
he’s got the Cold Snap. (crowd cheers) – Oh my fucking. – Stay strong, man, I’ll
link, I’ll link Ana. – [Ceb] I’ll destroy
him, I’ll destroy him. – [Fogged] I don’t know if
Topson can play in this lane. If they’re just gonna go and
kill him once more instantly as soon as he shows
back up and right away. – [ODPixel] TP back in from Topson with the Primal Split ready to go! He looks towards Topson
underneath the tower. Topson, he needs help but he needs it now, has he got any way of
playing his way out of this? – Nice. – Oh my god. – Don’t worry, Topias, focus, stay strong. We’re gonna fuck him,
don’t worry about it. I’ll destroy him, I’ll destroy him. – [Fogged] Topson, he’s gonna
have to go to the jungle to try to catch back up here.
– He’s level four! – [Fogged] Oh man. – [ODPixel] A lot of
weight is gonna be on Ceb. He’s at this bottom lane,
he’s got good levels and he’s got decent farm too. He’s top of the net worth this game. Very close to having the blink dagger on top of the Ring of Health. But TPs are heading down. Somnus seeing if he can find the Rupture, Ceb, ooh, he goes to farm, that’s gonna give time for
Somnus to close the gap. – They’re starting to go on me bottom. – [ODPixel] He’s still pretty beefy– – Just TP’d.
But is he beefy enough? – I don’t have heals.
– Got Sunstrike? – [Topson] Yeah. – Okay, go go, use it, use! – [ODPixel] The taunt, the Sunstrike! Ceb, he gets the dunk off! The Snowball save wasn’t
in time and JerAx! They’re turning this one around. – I got double slow on them.
– Sunstrike, Sunstrike! – [ODPixel] They’ll chase down, do they have the damage to burst him? The Culling Blade just
enough to bring him down so he gets bursted. Somnus is back in, finishes
up the kill but Ceb! Jumps in, has the Call! – [Topson] Anyone shrine here? – [Ceb] They’re in the lane, underneath. – They’re fighting the bottom
rune, can we fight it though? – [Ceb] Yeah, you have Sunstrike? – [Topson] I don’t have
TP, I have Sunstrike, yeah. – [ODPixel] That’s the bait
play, they get the Call onto the two of them, Ceb jumps in, the Sunstrikes down, the
stun as well, the micro play. – End this fucker! – [ODPixel] They’re at a
74% win probability now. – [JerAx] I’ll take you bottom, go Ceb, I’ll take you bottom, Ceb.
– I want mid tower. – I wanna take you bottom,
we run behind them. Look at this, look at this. – Do you have Sunstrike? – Yeah. – Sunstrike ready.
– Sunstrike, Sunstrike. – [ODPixel] Down bottom again, Ceb, finding the opening to
make these plays happen. – Push mid, push mid. – [ODPixel] Found out in the jungle, Ceb seven, zero, four on his Axe. – [Fogged] OG running around
as three or four heroes while Topson, he’s completely recovered. – Keep it up boys, oh look at
mid, look at mid, free kill. – [Fogged] And he wants to keep going. Call off the mark.
– I fucked up, my bad. – They are fighting this,
watch out, watch out, get out, get out, get
out, they wanna fight. – [ODPixel] Fy, uppercut on Topson, JerAx Tethers across but
Somnus has the damage, they’re on top of JerAx,
Somnus gets the triple kill, maybe even more as Ana now all alone. He’s gonna have Doppelganger
back up in a second but the Blood Rite, is it
there in time, it’s not. Doppelganger’s back up, he could jump out. Looks towards Chalice, Spirit
Lance finishes Chalice off. Ana’s still going, cancel on the stun and the Doppelganger’s there. Ana trying to Phantom Rush himself away but Somnus in with the chase,
the Diffusal Blade on Somnus, fy with the Shards! – [Fogged] What a comeback there from LGD. – [ODPixel] Smoke on smoke action here as LGD wrap around. – You guys go first, I
need to be on jumping. – This is a really bad
fight for them if they come. – [ODPixel] OG got that ward down in time and that’s gonna set up
for Ceb to find the jump, fy comes in though with the Snowball save. Keeps his team alive for
now, they’re all onto Ceb. – [Ana] Are you fucking serious? – I’m dying here, do you have anything? – [Topson] I don’t know
if I can help here, I have no buy back. Pretty shit to go.
– Come on. – Ah, fuck, the timing. – [ODPixel] Fy with that save,
taking them out of the combo. – [Fogged] The Snowball play, it looked like the
perfect initiation, right, but fy’s just like, nope. – Alright, shit happens,
chill, chill chill. – [JerAx] Ready, I’m ready. – Yep, yeah, so it won them
those fights, no problem. – [ODPixel] Let’s see mid,
can they get the jump? Ana’s gonna show himself. Ana getting focused, Topson
tries to come in from the side with the combo but the
Snowball again from fy. – He’s dying, he’s
dying, Bloodseeker dead. – [JerAx] Buy back, buy back. – Buy back Bloodseeker, can we chill? They are using everything, they are using everything,
get the fuck out. – I can’t ’cause…
– I gotta get out, Ana can’t. – [ODPixel] Looking to Doppelganger, does manage to get up to
the high ground but Somnus, he’s there to ready to claim the kill! – [Fogged] Those two are
dead without buy back, they’re down for 80 seconds. (crowd cheering) – [ODPixel] Pretty much back to a 50 50. PSG.LGD’s one game need to
secure the championship title and they are ahead here in game four. Open into the base and clean
out this mid lane of rax. – [Fogged] And they’re
gonna keep going here. – [ODPixel] As these rax
on the top lane will fall, the Melee rax gone. PSG.LGD playing this carefully. – [Crowd] Go home OG! Go home OG! – No Tusk here guys, we might fight. – I’m going in, I think we should fight. – [Ceb] Yeah yeah, yes, yes we should. – [ODPixel] Pops the BKB
to get over the Ice Wall, they get on top of Ceb,
Ceb’s in trouble, Ceb’s gone! – I don’t have buy back. – [ODPixel] JerAx back in, the combo, meatball down onto Chalice
but Chalice is so tanky, pops the Shiva’s Guard! He’s on top of JerAx, JerAx is gone! Ana as well, can he really fight back against this? – [Merlini] He’s trying to live! – [JerAx] I have buy back. – We’re gonna need it, we
don’t have PL buy back. – Going Shrine.
– We need to heal the PL up. – [ODPixel] Buy back from JerAx comes in, he’s healing Ana back up! That buy back could set them
up for the kill on xNova! The Cold Snap, down onto the
Enchantress, they find him! Ame, he’s out of mana! He’s starting to shift into the strength but he’s surrounded, OG, can
they find the Morph, they can! – Get the waves get the waves.
– Come, Ana, Ana, Ana, come. – Get the waves, get the waves. – [ODPixel] Ame buys back immediately. – [Fogged] OG, they have to
make so much happen here, they have to push out all their lanes. You see n0tail’s already running to just, he doesn’t care, he’s gonna
throw his life for this so he needs to just keep
these creeps out of the base to keep that back door up,
he doesn’t care if he dies. – They are taking the high ground. I need you guys, man up and take the fight right here right now. – Yes, we have to go. – [JerAx] Yeah, we can catch ’em maybe. – Yes, I wanna run at them. – Oh, he’s here with the Ench. – [Ana] I can show and you catch. – [ODPixel] Ooh, the
Tornado, it’s got him. Topson drops the combo down upon him, the stun comes out though. Oh, the counter play,
JerAx is there though with the heal, the Tether! The bash is coming
through but the Blademail is already out from Ceb. He tries to get the Call off,
the Cataclysm isn’t enough! – [Ceb] Might buy back here, I’m buy backing. – [ODPixel] Bloodthorn onto fy, gets the kill onto fy, fy
buys back straight away! Ana, looking for Somnus
again with the Doppelganger. Ame on top of Topson, Topson is– – [Ceb] I’m gonna get a jump soon. I got ’em, I got ’em. – [ODPixel] Ame tries to turn
again but there’s the Call! Ceb, he catches Ame! Ame dead for two minutes, the Hex! They get Somnus as well! OG!
– Nice! – [Ceb] Take their base,
let’s push, no buy back Morph. – [ODPixel] OG get the bottom Melee rax. They’re taking a full second set, 15 painful seconds for LGD. – Are we getting out or? – Up to you, Ana?
– Get top, get top. – [ODPixel] Another tier three falls. There’s Ana, he gets kicked back. He’s separated from the team
but he has the Doppelganger. He’s been Ruptured, he needs
help and he needs it now. JerAx in with the Tether,
the Hand of God double heal! Relocate as well, JerAx gets him out! – [n0tail] I’m trying to get these, somebody has to def base. – Ana, you wanna Relo into the base? Memes?
– Fuck off. – [JerAx] Bye, bye. – [ODPixel] They see Topson but Topson, he’s already quick with the play, the Tornado into EMP, Cold Snap as well, they’ve got the Hex but there
won’t be any further jumping. (crowd cheers) – [Fogged] Ana up top, they’re
trying to make space. – Survive, survive!
– Run! – [ODPixel] They got the Mega Creeps! – They have Megas in base,
they need to back off. Can we just buy time? – Oh, PL battle.
– Ame and Ana. They’ve opened up onto him, Ame
trying to get on top of Ana. The BKB popped by Chalice,
he’ll get the ult out, n0tail gonna go down straight away by fy with the Snowball, n0tail’s dead for 100. But fy with the Snowball
save, they get the bash out, Somnus will be able to find the Io! They get Topson! – What?
– It’s only Ana! Can he survive? Ana, can he do it here? He’s at half health, Ceb!
– Ceb gets the Call! – [ODPixel] He gets the
Call of his lifetime! (crowd cheers) – Holy shit, that Call,
that was some KreyGasm shit. – No, just Roshan, I
think you can just Rosh. – Ana, can you tell if they Rupture you because I think you get fucked and I have to Relo you out, right? Ana?
– Sorry? – Say if you get Ruptured because
then I wanna Relo you out. – Yeah sure. – [JerAx] That’s the only
thing I care about this game. – I mean, I don’t even know
what the fucks going on, I can’t even see my hero. (laughing) Is it worth if I just yolo here? – [Ceb] Yeah, I think so, or
at least force some buy backs and then we get the fuck out. – When we’re all up and they’re all up we just take a slow fight,
– They die to megas. – Just a slow fight in their
base, it’s all we need. – [ODPixel] Ana says he’s done with this. – Or kill them. – Up to you.
– Up to you. – [Fogged] The Ancients going down! (crowd cheers) – Dude, I love this game so much, man! – [JerAx] They just needed Butterfly. – [n0tail] Aye yai yai,
what is this shit, man? – [Topson] Ceb, you
carried so hard, holy shit! – [n0tail] Ceb, man. (crowd cheers) – All right, now, last game of the day! (laughs) (crowd cheers) – [Fan] You guys got this! (laughs) – What the fuck.
– Oh shit, man. (screams) – Oh shit. – Take a moment, enjoy. – We have 15 minutes, by the way. – Take a moment and enjoy it, yes. 15?
– Yeah. – Enjoy it, yes, enjoy. – Because it’s the last fucking game and we’re fucking important. – This is the game of
our lives, man, enjoy. Game five, grand finals
of TI, this is like, everything is gonna come
together next game, everything. And it’s gonna be beautiful. – I want to play, I want to
play play play, play Dota. – That’s good.
– Yes. – Give it up. – We’re doing this, man, we’re doing this. – You can do, you can
fucking do everything, You proved it, you can do everything. – We’re doing it. Today is our day. Okay, I can tell you their
strat, their strat is, if we don’t hardcore counter pick him mid and like put 20 denies on
his face in four minutes we fucking get destroyed
like in 10 minutes, you know, we just can’t
play, this is their strat. You know? But fuck it, this is not gonna work. First of all, we can play
around it in the draft and second of all, whatever
they think is fucking bullshit. You know, and this game proved it. So they actually, I think
they’re really confused, they just tried to fuck him, they’re just trying to
give Maybe a good game and give Topias a bad game because they think this is
their only way they can win. This is my take. First of all, that’s not
the only way they can win, and second of all, they’re
not gonna get it again. We’re gonna slay, slay, slay. – [n0tail] You guys realize,
I hit 15,000 hours of Dota during this finals. – [Ceb] And what a way to hit it. – [n0tail] 15,000 hours,
whatever they have, I have more than them. Fucking go time. – [Ceb] The pressures on them now. I’m gonna armor you, I’m gonna. – One last ride Johan.
– One last ride. – Yes.
– Go get ’em! (crowd cheers) – All right, final time. – [Ppasarel] Yes, they are fucking scared. – [Chobra] Ladies and gentlemen
we’re getting ready for the last game of TI8, one
last draft, one last game and then we will have a new champion, a new team walking up to Aegis to lift it up here in Vancouver. (crowd cheers) – No matter what happens, I
know we’re all really proud of what we did and we
should be, rightly so, we earned the game five,
which is what we came for. So let’s fucking enjoy it,
we’re doing this together. Lose together, win
together, slay together, slay together, slay together. Now we just do it, all right? Let’s do it guys. – [JerAx] Together. – [OG] OG! – So they banned PL now.
– Oh, they banned PL. – And Spectre so I think I’m banning Drow. – [Trent] Seven and oh on the Shaker. – [Synderen] Isn’t the game just over? – [Chobra] I mean, so far. If stats don’t lie the game is over here because of that Earthshaker. – I’m gonna pick the Prophet.
– Yes. – What do we want to follow up with? – Shaker punishing heroes? – I mean, Rubick is like the
hardest punish I think. – Yeah, I think so, right? I don’t know.
– Yeah sure, I like it. – Who knows, fucking TI
finals, I don’t know. – Hey, go for it, I mean,
if you feel your Rubick we’ll go for your Rubick.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Easy, easy, easy.
– Yes, yes yes. – There it is.
– TB. – I mean, we played this before, fucking, we trashed them, remember? – Hmm, do you think Ember’s still good? – [Ceb] Depends what you
wanna fuck them with. – Slark. (laughs) – Go Ember, go Ember.
– Go Ember, man. – Go fucking Ember, I
trust your fucking Ember. – All right, what do
we want against Kunkka? – I mean, Lina our Zeus I think. – [n0tail] Which one, I mean,
what are you feeling the most? – Think about the fights,
how the fights go. – I don’t know. – No matter what it is we’re
gonna destroy them with it. – I think I like Zeus. – [n0tail] We’re doing Zeus, guys? – I’m in for anything.
– Let’s fucking do it. – I’m in, I’m in, I’m 300% in.
– Zeus! – We’re ready, guys. – Yeah.
– Been ready for a long time. – [ODPixel] Here we go ladies
and gentlemen, boys and girls, game five of the TI8 grand
finals between PSG.LGD and OG and it all starts right here. – [Merlini] LGD has so many counter plays, Lasso, Fissure, Echo,
especially Global Silence. – [Fogged] Topson steps up
a bit far in the mid lane. – Coming bottom.
– Shaker mid. – [Fogged] There’s boots on that Shaker. – [ODPixel] They should have
the catch here with the Fissure into the X Mark Torrent
combo, they’ve caught Topson. – [Fogged] Fy and he’s getting close to Arcane Boots already
on Shaker as JerAx, in some trouble here. – I’m lifting, I’m lifting, what the fuck. – [ODPixel] Fy, one more
slam with the totem. (crowd cheers) – Shaker coming bottom. – I’m okay.
– Yep, yep. – [Fogged] Ceb is in a
lot of trouble here too. – [ODPixel] He is, they’re coming, looking for him in the trees, fy’s there ready for him, waiting for him. – [Merlini] He was right on top of him. – [Fogged] Fy making those
moves all over the place. – [ODPixel] This is a scarily quick Blink Dagger here for fy. – [Fogged] With Arcane Boots, this has to be one of the
fastest Blinks I’ve ever seen. – [ODPixel] PSG.LGD setting
up for another kill here as they chase down JerAx and Zeus. To top lane as well,
Chalice runs down Ana. The kills starting to really build up. – [Merlini] That was
just perfect positioning coming out from fy over there,
they need more time on OG. – [Fogged] This is go time for LGD, they’re feeling very confident, the team fights are 100% in their favor. – [ODPixel] They are
absolutely crushing this, PSG.LGD hitting all these timings. – [Ceb] It’s all right, they use Global we have Blink RP still, there’s
another fight to be taken. Stay strong, boys.
– Yep, yep. – Who has the better late game timing? – We do because we’re better.
– We do? – Yes, yes, we’re gonna fuck them, dude, don’t worry about it. We’re not on timing
this game, this is Zeus, Zeus late game, Ember late game. Magnus late game, remember.
– You’re right. – Hey, we got this.
– Yes, of course. We got Blink RP, we got Maelstrom, I think we should run at them, wherever we see them.
– Fuck ’em up, boys. – [ODPixel] Looking for the Terrorblade, TPs coming in, can they kill him in time, Ame quick with the turn and the Sunder, he’s back up to full as now Ana rooted down by the Rod of Atos, he gets the Sleight of Fist off, they do have the control onto Ame, can they kill him in time, Ame will fall! But so will Ana, surely,
he’s got the Flame Guard giving him some resistance
but he’ll still go down. Topson, Eul’sing himself up into the air, OG, they’ve found two so far. But Topson’s brought back
into the boat from Somnus, they’ll get themselves a third, they’ll look to n0tail as n0tail! (sighs) – Whatever. – It’s kinda hard for me to go in first. – [Ceb] This was good guys, like these kills are very
very valuable for us. – [Fogged] I do think that’s what OG needs to be doing though, they need to be trying
to take these fights. – Topias Zeus, Ana Ember. – Johan Prophet, anybody?
– Johan Prophet, Jese Rubick. – Keep it up, keep it up.
– Yes, yes, focus, focus. – [Ceb] Like let’s collapse somewhere. – Let’s go get bottom, we
need to push bottom in. They should be smoking bottom soon, Ana. – I wanna go on them. – I can come in with sentries
if you wanna go on him. Yeah, he can’t get out of Sprout. – [Ceb] Yes, go go go, go go go. You can go in Ana, I’m there with RP.
Now is our time. – [ODPixel] The Remnant forward, Ana. – Ship, I got ship. – [ODPixel] The boat,
the stolen boat, the RP. – Echo, Echo, Echo, I got it, I got it. – [ODPixel] Fy’s there with the slam ready to hold off the fight
but Chalice is so low! – Get him, boys. – [ODPixel] PSG.LGD, they’ve lost three, fy with the TP out, won’t make it! – Nice!
– Nice! Good job, boys. – I’m actually fine, I’m actually fine. – Maybe TP, maybe TP, holy shit, Ana. Oh my god.
– He’s alive! – Oh my god, my boy! – Oh shit, Ana, you’re
so fucking good, man. – Focus, focus up, boys, focus up, we’re not giving them anything
here, we’re fucking them. – Yes. – [JerAx] They’re
looking at Rosh probably. – [Ceb] Did they use
Global, they did, yeah? – Yes, they did.
– They used everything. – [ODPixel] As they’ll look to capitalize on this Metamorphosis as much as possible, straight into the pit they go. – They’re really low
though, they’re really low. – No, I’m gonna bait it, I’m
gonna bait it, look at me. – [Ceb] Play to win boys, play to win. – [Merlini] Oh, OG may
be looking to fight, there is no Remnant out
on the Ember Spirit again. – [ODPixel] Do get xNova
on the side but fy! He jumps in with the Echo Slam! JerAx is gonna be there
with the Telekinesis but already they’ve lost n0tail. – [Merlini] LGD kinda need
to reset but Rosh is so low. – [ODPixel] They have nearly
got RP back up on Ceb. Oh, fy, he’s losing that fight to Roshan, will smoke his way out. – [Ceb] I wanna fight, yes, yes. – [JerAx] Yeah, can we
do it, no Echo Slam, no Global, guys, they’re dead. Man up, guys, man up.
– I mean, the Shaker’s up. – [JerAx] No Echo, he
does nothing, man up! – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – Fucking man up!
– Yes. Guys, win or lose, we don’t care, we play. – [ODPixel] They’re gonna
head into the pit, OG. They’re confident, ready
with a counter play. Ame getting Sprouted,
Chalice, looks to make a play! – [ODPixel] Eul’s himself up as the Flame Guard ticking fy down, then the Sleight of Fist! (crowd cheers) The RP onto Ame as OG, they find three! Somnus, he will go down as well. The buy back from Ana securing
the fight here for OG. There’s only xNova left alive. – Yes!
– Let’s go! – Looking at Ember, I’m looking at Ember. I want to run at them,
I want to run at them. – Ceb, I have wards for five.
– Yeah, nice, nice. Lets rush at them. – I got Fissure, I got Fissure, they’re going to lose this fight. – [ODPixel] They do, they’ve
got the set up on to fy, in comes Ana with a Remnant, the Sleight. – [JerAx] Nice. – Push mid, push mid.
– Can we catch? – [ODPixel] Gonna get the
Eul’s up, onto xNova, Ana able to walk in, close
the gap onto the Silencer. Straight in with the
Lasso, the tower will fall but they’ll drag back the
Ember Spirit into the Torrent, but on the side! They find Ame! OG take three and up into the base. (crowd cheers) This tower going down, no buy back on fy. – Go mid rax, mid rax! (crowd cheers) – [ODPixel] They’ve taken
a second Melee rax here. 20,000 net worth lead at 31 minutes. – We have the waves, guys, let’s go. – Can we chase them? Yes yes yes.
– Yeah. – He’s in the Nimbus, he’s in the Nimbus. – Go, go, go, go. – [ODPixel] He’s committing fully. JerAx, the stolen Fissure onto two. Ame, he’s Sprouted. – Look at this guy, look at this guy. – Keep pushing, keep pushing. – [ODPixel] He has got Sunder,
can he get it off, he can’t! – I can Lotus you, I
can Lotus you guys in. – Hit it, hit it, hit it, hit it. – Go in Ana, I Lotus! – [ODPixel] As the tier
fours now being taken by OG. There’s the Tidebringer.
– The damage! – [ODPixel] Able to get
Chalice, that’s another down! – Very low Kunkka.
– They might die here. – Can I get a ward behind them? – [ODPixel] Somnus down to half health, he’s trying to retreat but the Chains! They get themselves
another Somnus taken down! – Nova just dies!
– The Shockwave from Ceb! – Echo, Echo, yeah, it
doesn’t matter, I Euls him. – Reposition, he still got
Echo, he wants Echo here. – It doesn’t matter, it
really doesn’t matter, we have buy backs, fucking end the game. – [ODPixel] They’re onto the Ancient! OG! Your TI8 Champions! (screaming) – [Ceb] That was the fucking best game. – [Ana] Ceb, Ceb, come on,
it’s real, Ceb, it’s real! (fireworks thudding) (crowd cheers) – We won! We won TI, what the fuck! – [Ana] It’s real, dude, its real. (crowd cheers) It’s real, dude! (crowd cheers) – [Ceb] Fucking did it. (crowd and players roar) – [Ceb] Gimme that shit, gimme that shit, let me see, let me see, let me see. (crowd cheers) – (screams!) (crowd cheers) – [Chobra] Ana, Topson,
Ceb, JerAx, and n0tail. Now the five they are the champions. – [Machine] From the open
qualifiers to champions, OG, the Aegis is yours,
the Aegis is yours! (applause) – Your missing your beautiful shoes. Johan, we won TI. (laughs) Are you high on emotions? We won TI.
– I can’t believe it Finally got to play the finals, Ana. We did it, we fucking did it, man! – [Ana] We fucking did it, man. Look at it, man. – We are gonna be right here,
we’re gonna be here, Ana. (sighs) – Man, we were like in the room watching. – [Crowd] OG, OG, OG, OG, OG! (crowd cheers) – I strongly believe that
if I woke up in the morning and I had to play the TI final I would play the best Dota of my life and that’s all that would matter to me. If I played my very best nothing else would matter.

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