Trump impeached after historic vote | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Trump impeached after historic vote | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

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  2. We are talking about a revolution . Off with Nancy's head

  3. God bless President Trump

  4. Let the Americans do what they want. What they have is the "Land of Freedom" right? Let them be. If something went wrong, its theirselves who to blame it.
    Everything is already CHAOS in their country and Trumph getting impeached is not a bad thing, he's just being push away from the possible tragic, problems, issues, etc.. that can be horrific instances in the future.

    Expecting that the Crime Rates will increase much higher in America. God bless America.

    You just lost another great leader.

  5. wish american people to finally get rid of this "person" and start working on international affairs asap after restart, hopefully this leader who was elected by badly educated part of your society will finnaly make place for somebody whos actualy able to run a country and at least make sure that your education and health care system isnt from stone age, perhaps there are better things to do with $693,058,000,000 which is your defense budget for 2019

  6. And China rejoys. LoL

  7. There’s no such a thing to a human being that want to surpass the law, absolutely nobody is above the law and as we citizens from the U.S. raise our voice and ego to impeach this phony and to protect the U.S. Constitution against any individual. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  8. So wont the Senate just over turn it?

  9. I heard that this guy Mickey Spence would take over if Trump got impeached. This is wrong. Did Spence win? Spence didn’t win anything. He didn’t even get in the race. Who got more votes, Spence or Hillary? Spence got zero votes. Hillary got more votes than Trump. Trump only won because he went to College and got elected by his College. Hillary was the runner up not Spence. According to the Miss America rules and regulations the runner up assumes the title and office if the winner of Miss America is impeached. Same for Miss World. Hillary takes over as President

  10. Trump impeach Nancy Pelosi laugh out loud she makes me sick

  11. Most powerful man in the whole planet tell them to go kick rocks

  12. Another bias news channel. Nothing historic about this sham.

  13. REPUBS need to have an intervention to save them from the Trump Lies Cult. They all need to be deprogrammed.

  14. This is a extremely historical
    time because if the REPUBLICANS didn't have complete control of the Senate DONALD TRUMP
    WOULD BE the very first president EVER convicted and removed from office.

  15. Failure …… second Term just right around the corner ….. best President.

  16. Impeachment or no impeachment the truth is that no matter how we all see it , what Mr president did is not a crime but if the two parts can come together to iron and salt out their differences it will help us all now and in the feature .God bless the United state of America

  17. TRUMP is good man president diferent 2020 no corrupción democratas socialistas never…

  18. I’m just waiting for Trump to issue Order 66 and watch all the active duty and reserves to obliterate the remaining Jedi Liberals. I’m sure a few will escape to sanctuaries such as Venezuela and Mexico.

  19. To all those who feel Democrats are the guilty ones. Read your Constitution and also look up "lobbyist to change Constitution" better wake up before the rich has your house, car, and home while molesting your kids… Every republican who defended him is lying… America will fall! And those new jobs are not new jobs… GM strike ended and now they off strike…

  20. Each of these politicians has a single demon in each one of them as a sacrifice to the monetary gains I have given them on this earth, if you choose to listen to lesser low on the totem pole demons go ahead

  21. I want to thank all the democrats for keeping Trump in office another 4 years! You have NO FACTS and cry like babies! You're all finished! Trump 2020!

  22. Pelosi admitted that there's no merit to these articles of impediment and she's afraid to send them to the Senate.

  23. Dow Sets All-time Record High on Day of Sham Impeachment!

  24. meanwhile the people are not being lustened to. so much for votes mattering.

  25. Wait, wait. Not only is there a rogue President, there is now a rogue Senate! Lol! OMG! this is ridiculous!

  26. Its bigger than Trump and the American people…Democrats are impeaching our Economy so they can take control of our lives.
    Why would anyone want to have Miserable people telling us what to do with our lives?

  27. Blah blah blah LMAO y'all might as well change your name from CNN to Democrat news network. DNN. This impeachment sham don't mean diddly-squat because Republican majority in the Senate are not going to vote to remove him from office! And even if they did it would just put our vice president Republican Mike Pence into the presidency. Are y'all going to impeach him too LMAO? I hope the entire country flips red! I will never vote Democrat. Y'all hate freedom and the values and principles that made the United States the greatest nation in the history of the world. You people want to take us down a path of socialism. And you want to infringe on people's Second Amendment right to bear arms to solve a problem of gun violence. This is America land of the free and we don't infringe on people's Liberty to solve our problems!. The founders Put shall not be infringed in the Second Amendment for a reason! I hope the Democrats and all the blue States utterly fail and flip red. Don't you just love how the Democrat majority in Virginia now threatens to use the National Guard to enforce the tyrannical gun control laws they're trying to pass on the good freedom-loving law-abiding gun owners of Virginia. This is total tyranny! And this is what you will get if the American people vote in A Democrat president and a full majority in the house and the Senate. Gun confiscation high taxes and socialism. No thanks. I hope I'm long dead and gone before America ever goes down this path. Democrats if you make your bed you're going to have to lay in it. And just remember If you vote yourselves into socialism and you don't like it the only way to get out of it is to shoot your way out of it! But it will be too late because you will have given up your guns to the Tyrannical government that you voted for. You think people would like to keep things the way they are considering the fact that they have Allowed the United States to become the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world. America is not perfect but for god sakes Why would you people want to change it!? You're going to Ruin this country and turn it into something that it was never meant to be. And I guarantee you it won't be the land of the free anymore.

  28. FAKE NEWS at it's finest. Let me educate a few of the Mentally Challenged Liberals, "Impeachment" Means absolutely nothing if the Senate does not agree. This will change NOTHING in regards to the President's position, policy, or reelection. WATCHING the MSM DEGRADES QUALITY of LIFE

  29. Whats clear is NBC is hack news MAGA 2020

  30. Donald Trump is probably the best president we've had since Ronald Reagan look at those Democrats just quit spending our money for bulshit make America great

  31. 10:10:20 where the truth lies…

  32. Trump isn't going anywhere. The Senate will flush Pelosi's impeachment down the toilet. Trump will be president in 2020. That is all.

  33. Dems impeach Trump

    America impeaches Dems

  34. That's just great go finish your case of beer then go back to holy rollers are the biggest hippocrates rich people count money people like you count on religion. Rich people gave you religion. So you stay under his Control nothing but tool

  35. Modi and Amit Shah of India
    should also IMPEACHED and indicted

  36. Try going out enjoy your life find yourself a mate go dancing or a ball game or something. Trump is a self centered conyver from midtown Manhattan and leave god out of it good luck

  37. lets make america great again…


  39. Donald Trump did not get impeached yesterday. Bold faced lie.

  40. Msnbc dont you know that in order to impeach it must be ratified by a 2/3 vote in the Senate lol. You are reporting fake news.. Pelosi is too chicken? to send it to the Senate. She is going to say next week thet she retracts the accusations then she and Schiff aka Lucy and Ethel.. will launch some lamebrain new scheme next month . Hopefully Civil war doesnt break out before she announces her intentions. Selfish evil instigator. She definately is playing on Satans team. Lie cheat steal attacking babies taking bribes.. Satans spawn herself…

  41. D.S.A. (the Divided States of America)

  42. I am sick and tired of this all. Three impeachment during the length of my life is too much. If we had a king we wouldn’t have had this much drama. It is time to rethink the type of government the US needs. Or New Presidents should take a course on American governmental ethics to avoid presidential misbehavior to avoid misunderstandings.

  43. Cal
    Bring it to the Senate now baby!
    Mitch McConnelly is waiting for y’all!!?
    Trump will take it again for 2020!
    I love that Motherf*****!!!

  44. Our supposed representatives aren't worthy of the seats, they can impeach a sitting president but they fail to acknowledge the backlash that awaits them, I can hardly wait to see their downfall.

  45. i dont understand why teacher dont allow us to read off the board when we present but everyone else does in the work force

  46. The Russian trolls are out in force today. The House did what we voted them in for. Impeach the worst president in history. Too bad the Democrats got cheated out of Senate Majority or this would have been a clean sweep.

  47. Why don't you impeach those rich lawyers in Congress or Senate? They most likely were in bad conduct as well! Get those Congress and Senate thieves out of office! We could use a much better class of crooks than them! Ken

  48. You know whats funny? All the Internet Trolls that went out in mass groups to vote for Trump in 2016 to have some laughs are going out in 2020 again because these idiots made his impeachment such a big deal. Donald Trump winning the 2016 election when so many thought he would lose and the crying that came as a result was the best thing ever. What could be better than that? Donald Trump getting acquitted by the Senate and then getting reelected after getting Impeached. Omg the Crying on the Internet would be glorious. Please give us 4 more years of Trump, I'm not ready for politics to go back to boring Old people doing nothing but arguing, at least with Trump its funny to watch.

  49. Can someone tell me whats happening idk what yall talking about or what the video is about

  50. Concerning for future Presidents who want to breach the Constitution, pocket our tax money for personal use, and compromise national security. As well it should be.

  51. President Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Back then the issue was slavery. Lincoln believed a house divided cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. He was right and to prove the point cost 620,000 lives. He did predict that the house would no longer be divided ergo, no slavery. This time it's a lot riskier. No matter which side wins, we may all lose.

  52. watch this video people. Nancy Pelosi is for agenda 21 and you can pull up Nancy herself speak confirms this to be a fact.

  53. We in Canada are celebrating the. Impeachment hoping to see a sane man take office!

  54. 9:24:37 the guy says Johnald

  55. Hillary will be defeated again by an “impeached” dude.

  56. They're guilty of the same crime they're accusing, these hypocrites have no shame.


  58. For more real news


  60. A trump has FIRED ALOT OF PEOPLE and now trump got A SHOT OF HIS MEDICINE.

  61. Can trump build me a fence?

  62. EVERYBODY should be watching OAN's 3 part investigation. These people have facts, not hearsay or conjecture / opinions. It will rock your world!


  64. The senate will acquit President Trump .First and foremost the history will absolve him and condemn the democrat party !

  65. Watching CNN impeachment coverage…day after.
    CNN has to be THE most biased news reporting organization in the history of civlization!!!
    It is anti-Trump 24/7!!!
    There is no let up!!!
    Story after story!!! Interview after interview!!!
    And I've had enough!!!

    So I'm clicking the remote and going to Fox!!!

  66. Sham shameful Democrats

  67. Big wall whiting for mister Trump. ??????.

  68. What a pity, dirty politics in full display. Bulism

  69. He out can you free 6ix9ine now ? ?

  70. I can't imagine how the history books will explain to the future younglings that Donald Trump was remembered as a meme.

  71. N donny gets lie of the year. What a ????

  72. Trump: Stop calling me and orange! Impeach!

  73. Now senate can unmask the whistleblower. Just like Russia collusion.

  74. The swamp impeached.the people reelected a shot to the jaw of the elites

  75. Trump has been impeached by the house, nothing new they have been trying to do that since he has been elected. Senate will not let this fly. Democrats would of had a better chance had they been fair. Im not a Trump supporter, but not that hard to see the Democrats hate Trump more than they love America.

  76. I have a wonderful idea. Let's have an eight to ten week impeachment trial in the Senate. We'll have Jay Sekulow, Trey Gowdy and Rudy Giuliani as part of the defense team. We'll make Warren, Booker, Klobuchar and Sanders sit, silent in the jury box will Gowdy tears into Adam Schiff and Hunter Biden. Quid Pro Joe will be stumbling and mumbling on the campaign trail with Mayor Pete, while Bloomberg and Steyer buy up votes. Oh the Joy. Oh the Laughter.

  77. unfortunate for America

  78. 9:51:50 what happened to all their lips??

  79. McConnell to Pelosi: You can keep your impeachment articles ……..Proof That This Whole Impeachment Thing is Just A Clown Show And Trump Still Gets Re-Elected Next Year.. MAGA 2020 ?????????

  80. More secret news which fake media never telling you.

  81. Tweeting at each other in 2 min. sound bites.


  83. Folks, whilst I admire the energy and commitment of trump-supporters, if you choose to venture into politics…


  84. This means nothing.

  85. The hypocrisy and deceitful Impeachment of DemoncRats?BETWEEN
    Then And Now!!!

  86. Will still be trump in 2020 what a waste of time and tax payers money. If they actually had some evidence of a crime things would be different.

  87. Who Are The Fools That Think Impeachment Means Trump Will Be Removed From Office Or He Will Not Be Re-elected Next Year… Democrats Are Celebrating Like They Won The Friggin Super Bowl And Nothing Has Actually Happened To Trump.. No Wonder Democrats Can Keep Lying To People And Actually Get Away With It, If They Have That Many Low Information Voters, They Can Tell Them Anything and They Will Believe It… Case For Impeachment is So Weak Nancy Will Not Even Pass it Over To The Senate …. Embarrassing But Hey What Do You Expect From Count Drunkula ???

  88. Proudly voting for President Trump again 2020! ??❤️??❤️??

  89. There are people who actually are defending him and there’s no problem with that. But he has way to much power because if he does get kicked out the office he can just try for a re-election. He has the votes to his advantage, and there is also people who support him without looking at his background and mistakes. Honestly can you name one good thing he has done? Some people don’t even pay attention to what’s going on in their country. One of the reasons on XXXTENTACION’s death is how he explains crucial problems with this country. They don’t want people to learn how this government is playing us. People you see in the commercials defending trump and the speakers are all puppets. And decades went by and trump finally apologized on the Central Park 5 incident, that’s just not acceptable. And he claims he is getting impeached for no reason but they wouldn’t start something if their was no evidence or reason to. He is filling our country with lies and some of us are excepting it. If this continues to go on I’m going to start considering to leave this country. (I’m 15 by the way)

  90. These dems are wasting so much money and if they impeach him they are going to get Mike Pence whom they also hate so much

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