Truth About Sport Parents and Athletics: Are They Out of Control?

Truth About Sport Parents and Athletics: Are They Out of Control?

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  1. Yes, absolutely this ruined my baseball dreams

  2. Well don't know! Are they?

  3. That's a great program. Wonderful ideas for an important topic. I didn't see his email in the description. Those shirts are cool!

  4. Great program. I am glad you are telling their story.

  5. Do manners & respect disintegrate in the me generation ? Are people not properly dealing with rejection and disappointment on an emotionally intelligent level?

  6. Professional sports need to be played clean as the yardstick by which others measure

  7. Parents are idiots these days. Glad I don't have kids!

  8. Bob: We are most famous physical therapist on the internet.

    Brad: In our opinion ofcourse!

    We love you!!!!

  9. Hello Bob and Brad.

    I just had a baby 3 weeks ago. Can you make a postpartum workout so I can hit the ground running when I have the "all clear" from my doctor?

  10. WOW! Kudos! I think this is a very necessary aspect in sports for ALL people. Terrific effort.

  11. 180 sounds excellent!
    Michael Lewis, the author of Money Ball, The Big Short, the Blind Side etc, is doing a podcast series about the decline and disrespect of refereeing in all walks of American life including sports. It is really informative. Just google Michael Lewis podcast.

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