Olivia: My name is John but I don’t work at the Swiss Co Factory and I like girls (It was kinda inaudible so I guessed a bit) [Challenge Pit intro playing] [Olivia] Hi! What’s up guys?!
[Everyone in the background is Woahing and Wooing] Guess who we’re here with? [Shane] Uh Oh! [Olivia continuing] Yup! That’s right Damien Haas [Damien] Hi friends! Aww you guys are nice [Olivia] We are going to be doing a try not to laugh video with Damien Haas! [Shayne] We’re back and this one’s.. we got some anime wigs [Shane] I’m gonna just have some fun with- [Damien] Really? [Shane] Yeah we got some anime wigs So who’s going first? [Keith] He’s in the hot seat, do you want to go first? [Courtney] No he’s the hardest I’m not feeling very giggly but okay [About everyone is talking at the same time] [Keith] Oh alright fine, let’s do this [Olivia] Oh also no touching right? [Shane] No touching n-no touching [Round One fire sound plays] If this is your first try not to laugh challenge, 1. what the heck is wrong with you? 2. I have to put this water in my mouth and they have to get me to spit it out by giggling. [Courtney] Are you ready? [Lowkey Sexual Music plays] [Highkey Sexual Music plays as Courtney makes weird noises] (Omfg Courtney wtf are you doing with that poor monkey?!!??!?!) (Leave the poor child alone!!!!) (Oh shit I gotta sneeze) (I held it in) (This makes me hungry) (My pinkie finger went numb) (Oh okay I can feel it again) [Dinger goes off] [Damien groans] [Damien] Okay [Inaudible] [Music plays] (Oh shit i cant feel my pinkie again) [Noah with a Country Accent] I’m very excited to introduce to you my brand new baby girl… Corn Dust! [Dinger goes off] There. She was born with a full head of hair [Courtney yells and Noah makes weird noises] [Music] (RIP my finger) Mr. Rick Berg I have some I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is we found your son who’s been missing for 20 years. He’s healthy He’s fine unfortunately, he is… a massive fan of James Corden if you don’t want to make contact with him… here he is—[Keith] Hold on na, na, na, nuu.. James Corden is– [Dinger goes off as everyone laughs] [Laughing] [Damien] He could do Porky Pig style the cowboy hat like [Shane mimicking Porky Pick] mY naMeS JaMEs CorDeN [Olivia] OHMYGOD, oh GOD the urine storm is at a level 10! Oh god there’s just pee everywhere! [Olivia] And I’m reporting live for channel 4 news, be careful of the urine, there’s poop coming down from the clouds [Shane] OH there’s poop everywhere!! Oh no! [Olivia, Courtney and Shane yelling] [Shane] Who put a cracker barrel up there?! [Olivia] [Unintelligible] Be careful!! [Shane] Aw this is what happens (imma finish this later i gotta peeee) [Keith] Roll song for you like to hear it here go. I just slept with my cousin some nuts I was buzzed and I’m talking about that f*cking loving thang [laughter] My cousin is pregnant and I don’t know who did it I’m talking about that dude over there. Yeah (why tf are you dancing like that shayne?) *fail buzzer* (laughter) [Damien] God that last face just blows [Damien] Either Courtney takes over me or the combo of Shane transitioning to Keith over there like that was It was the aLlyyOO use a layup and then Keith was like spike Yeah, and then you pop fly into the end zone Olivia’s like slam dunk So thirsty, oh here’s the water oh, you’re just giving this to me for free yeah Wow Hi 911, this is the [inaudible] Yo, what’s up dawg drinks are on me cuz I got good news, I just got my girlfriend prAgNant, but she’s 85 So we’re giving birth to a ghost!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! OOOohhhh!! Pastor I have sinned I slapped a black man’s ass with a tennis racket please Will you please baptize my daughter, Trishanie, she has seen a horrible act Did you just spit on her baby? She has been baptized I’m you trying to make music Okay, let’s talk about this thing called comedy See what you said was so disrespectful. why? but true Dares it’s not a company more. I just run around up we buy drugs Damian definitely is the most stupid for talking about … He not only was gonna buy me drinks in celebration of his girlfriend being pregnant, but that it was gonna be a ghost Because she was 85 Well never guess who got banned from the pier one again There I was standing outside trying to get some imported goods when there’s a gaggle of pigeons. I think they’re trying to stage a coup What musical am I? Cats, ow f*ck!! jelephant pits Did you really spit that out? I didn’t even get nowhere Hi, welcome to Long John Silver’s No w-w-wait I’m not done yet! All right, so order up So number two that’s a family meal feeds all the kids I’m giving head, you want one? Howdy brother, do you know what time it is? Huh? You know, that means it’s time for the TROOOOLLL LUAU , woo woo woo woo yeaaaaah The time was at 420! by the way. Wow, this is the most you’ve ever laughed. I feel like I don’t think I’ve ever made you laugh in one of these. you guys all made me laugh it was it was really really pleasant And I’m telling you.. We’re tryna unionize!! we starting small but everybody at the Swiss milk factory are Lebanese SIGN THE PETITION! I think what prevented me from laughing is just the shock of the situation. I think I was like what is happening? Hiya kids. Heya kids. It’s a 3 p.m. On a Tuesday. You know what that meansa? you’re gonna die tonight b*tch What’s up She’s sat on a bowling pin Alright Hello there everyone your principal asked me today to come in order to talk about possible careers that you could have in the future So I’m going to talk today. Oh my goodness looks like a student came on stage I wanted to talk about what it’s like to be an astronaut One of the things about being an astronaut is that you have to have all of your vitamins because being in space is very difficult On your body. So NASA Installs luckily on each and every one of us a direct vitamin tube so that we can have things like omega-3 I gotta admit This was the most commitment on this show I’ve ever seen everyone really really went for it like Olivia and Courtney kissed Non-stop, and then Keith sat on a bowling pin two please… HI! And so another case had been solved the mystery of Noah’s friends dead-ass pet complete But one question still remains Where do babies come from? Why won’t anyone tell me does a man stick his pen pen into the ladies bajimbas Or is there something else involved? Does the woman have to sit on the egg for nine months before it hatches or can a man take over? if the man poops during intercourse Will that make the baby come out all weird? I think what I’m saying is you’re under arrest Copacabana We can have a life and it can change we’re at the Copa Copacabana do you take the cruise two? Nina she was a showgirl So what brings you to Houston Yeah, can I get a glass of milk, please Let’s draw Can I also get a hose You know if Olivia was in that situation she would yell that out. Oh My goodness, I don’t know what it is. I just got like Olivia you like tagging along – like living on Friday for short My husband and I are looking for a home can we stay at your house tonight? Hi my husband and I are- The change of her voice as if it would sway my decision in a different way You know where I can get some crack You don’t talk? do you know I can get some crack nope. Hey mom, can we jam on something that’s been bugging me lately? All the guys in my class have already gotten their periods. I’m the last one not to So Courtney I was thinking that I would go into like some sort of ventriloquist stand-up act so I thought maybe I could like Try it on you my first shows in New York. So I thought that I would try something. That’s this I don’t know maybe about the area What do you think any nuts no, I’ll try I can try my next One is 6 inches I think I could work on the voice. No, I really just need feedback like your commitment alone like You’re just like the fact that you’re just here ok, so show up and people will laugh? ok. Thank you Hi Papa John’s You’re my favorite pizza place Check this out though. Hi little scissors. You’re my favorite pizza place. So, what’s this though? Hi dad, yeah What? I thought you and Mom were working things out Okay, no, I thought I okay so I’ll see you on weekends Yeah, it’s okay, um, no, I was just calling to say you’re my favorite pizza place My parents got divorced about during like that’s real Thank You Damien so much for coming on you always make it so fun You guys are so nice, you can find him on Smosh games. Yeah daddy stop That boy, we do all sorts of crazy silly shenanigans over on Smosh games and we often have guests from over here, too Thank you very much for having me and I appreciate it Who else we should bring on? Yeah, we love we love people or if there’s somebody you just don’t like let us know we’ll kick them out We’ll make the punishment for not making someone laugh death don’t make anyone laugh you die Alright guys byeeee!!

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