TSL Plays: EPIC Party Games!

TSL Plays: EPIC Party Games!

Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays!
Today we will be playing epic party games! Here are the rules. We are… YouToob. Lift your hand! We are… Ready To Party. Zhin forgot his lines. Never mind. Players will have to drink a full cup of water before flipping it. If the cup stays upside down, the next player will go. Each player will flip the cup twice.
The fastest team wins! SEW! – Charsew drink!
– Me! Yeah! (PD) 3, 2, 1. Go! (Weilun) Go! Go! Go! Go! (Adria) Going down your gullet. Nice, nice, nice. (Weilun) Nice. Eh, don’t vomit… (Weilun) It’s ok… Haven’t… – (Weilun) No pressure.
– (Alison) Just do it. FASTER LAH SEW! Let’s go, Adria! You love water! Aly… Aly…Aly, quick! (Weilun) Ok, nice! Go, go, go. Flip! Never mind. Flip! (Adria) Drink! Drink! Drink! Weilun, you’re the best drinker over here. Drink! Yas! Focus… (Sew) It’s ok, Weilun. (Alison) GO! GO! Water sucks! My turn. – Let’s go!
– We’re gonna win. JuLiAaAaan Flip that! Eh! (PD) Red team won! (Adria you strike lottery is it?) Weilun, you really drink damn fast. Each team will have to blow a ping pong ball into 3 goals. Every time a ball drops, the next player goes. The fastest team wins! (PD) 3, 2, 1, go. Let’s go, Adria. (Sew) Don’t blow too hard, Aly. No, blow harder.
Let’s go, Adria. (Sew) Don’t blow too hard, Aly. No, blow harder. – (Sew) Angle… angle…
– (Zhin) Control your mouth. Control your lips. (Weilun) It’s all about the mouthwork.
Control your lips. (Weilun) It’s all about the mouthwork. (Weilun) Slowly, slowly. (Sew) Yes… yes… (Weilun) Faster. Faster. Good! Just continue! (Adria) Zhin!– (Alison) Go! Sew!
– (Weilun) Sorry. (Sew) It’s ok. (Weilun) Nice. Nice. Don’t (be) nervous! Yes! Yes! Yes! (Alison) Concentrate. (Alison) Turn your head. (Sew) Angle your head. Yes. Ok! Ok! Don’t laugh! Don’t laugh! I cannot. It’s too funny already. Lun. Lun. You are the one. Extend your body. Oh, my God. They are almost there! A bit. A bit. Relax. Relax. – A bit!
– One more… (PD) Blue team won! YEAH! – (Adria) Seems like you’re a great blower.
– (Sew) I didn’t get any but it’s fine. – (Weilun) That’s the part you don’t know about me 😉
– (Alison) Damn tired. Two players will have to transport an empty can using their mouths and an uncooked spaghetti. If the pasta breaks, they have to start again. The fastest team to form a pyramid wins! (PD) 3, 2, 1. Go. (Weilun) Ok. Just go. Squat down. 1, 2, down. Squat. Squat more. – (Zhin) Why did you let go so early?!
– (Julian) It’s so tight. (Weilun) Ok, nice. (Adria) Faster!
(Weilun) Ok, nice. (Adria) Faster! (Adria) Concentration, guys. Concentration. (Adria) Ok, calm and, um, steady. Hurry!!! (Weilun) Nice. (Adria) Go! – (Weilun) Alison, come back.
– (Alison) New spaghetti! – (Weilun) Come, take.
– (Adria) Eh, they got two already. Let go! (Weilun) Must put at the top ah. (Weilun) Sew, move forward a little bit. (Adria) Hurry. Hurry! (Weilun) Up a bit more.
Ok, down. One person let go. – (PD) Blue team won!
– Blue team! YouToob! You so fat. I couldn’t get through! You so fat too!
I was like this just now… Players will sit on a carpet and move it. When the carpet fully crosses the line, the next teammate takes over. The fastest team to finish the relay wins!(Zhin) Thrust that hip! Thrust that hip! Thrust that hip! (Sorry I don’t know how to sub this screaming hahaha) (Sew) Swing your head!(Julian) FASTER!!! (PD) Red team won! My ass pain sia. Each team will delegate 5 slots amongst themselves without knowing the food items. They will then finish their designated food item before the next player goes. The fastest team to finish wins! (PD) 3, 2, 1, go! (Sew) Weilun, you’ve did this before.
(PD) 3, 2, 1, go! (Sew) Weilun, you’ve did this before. (Zhin) Adria you damn hungry one.
(Sew) Weilun, you’ve did this before. (Zhin) Adria you damn hungry one. (Sew) You havent ate lunch. Whoa! Let’s go Adria let’s go! Wei! Lun! Wei! Lun! You’re lagging behind a bit. Open your esophagus. Lun, swallow. Go! Then you can drink your Coke already. Slowly! Don’t choke! Chew first! – Let’s go.
– Breathe… Drink a bit first. Well-deserved Coke. Mind over matter! How to eat ah? Zhin, faster. Zhin! Nice. My turn. *Burp* She is suffering from the heat… I’m burping… – Swallow.
– Eat with your nose. Swallow, open mouth, eat. Aly, enjoy it. Two more bites. Three more bites and you are done for the day.
Two more bites. Three more bites and you are done for the day. She’s so fierce. I’m so scared. She put the whole banana in her mouth. The freaking watermelon… Halfway I wanted to give up. Gonna rip this banana apart, man. I honestly don’t think Aly can finish the banana.
Can I take over? – Nice.
– Oh, my God! Chew! Chew! Chew! Go, Zhin! Go! Zhin! Go! Zhin! Tuck out your shirt. Need more space. Go Zhin! Yes! Halfway! Yes! Yes! *Burps* I just let the air out first. Oh, sorry. Smelly ah? What the… SMELLY! Can I take over? Did you do it? Can I take over? – (Adria) Can I take over?
– (PD) Can sub! – Yes!
– Half the water came out! YUCK! Editor’s note: We cannot believe Adria did that either Plastic! Plastic! Yuck! Look like bubble tea. Earl Grey flavour. You all win lah!The puke came out from my nose and eyes. I saw it like… No, I don’t know what was happening. The red team won. At the expense of this. Y’all deserve it lah. (PD) The winner today is the red team. Kudos to Adria who licked the things on the table. She even ate one piece of the watermelon. – Eee, this one still got foam leh.
– Stop it! Thank you for watching this very vomity episode of TSL Plays. If you liked this video, remember to Like, Share, and Subscribe. And don’t try these games at home or you may vomit also. Bye! Watermelon.

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