TVJ Midday: Christmas Treat For the Homeless – December 27 2019

TVJ Midday: Christmas Treat For the Homeless – December 27 2019

it’s Friday December 27 good afternoon
I’m Herman green with your midday news a special welcome if you’re watching
online at one spot Mediacom things are improving for homeless persons across
the corporate area as a Christmas treat on Wednesday at the Marriott kindaichi
shelter chairman of the Kingston and st. Anne German Isabel cooperation Delroy
Williams gave an update on changes at the facility and conditions across the
municipality for past months they have been growing concern about the safety
and provision of assistance for the homeless this homeless man sums up his
experiences it’s rough you know the Dro you know everything you know how
I work I read job or whatever every difficult feel but according to May of
Kingston Delaware Williams there have been significant improvements over the
last year at a Christmas feeding program at the Mary Atkins night shelter on
Wednesday mr. Williams listed some of those
changes when we were here last year you would remember that we had about we were
we had accommodation for approximately 80 persons today we are up to 102 and so
that is an is an improvement in addition to the increased accommodation the Mary
Atkins night shot has also been improved to provide bathroom amenities we have
also finished the construction of the walk-in shower the walk-in shower is
very important because the members of the homeless population do walk in from
off the streets and they are able to have about and to show and and to go out
again so so we have constructed walk-in shower here and we must say thank you to
Kingston city Ron because this was proceeds from that one that contributed
to the construction of the walk-in shower here earlier this year there was
a growing threat to homeless people as persons were reportedly attacking them
causing serious injury or even death we have received no no reports of abuse
over the last that’s for the last year for months and
so that is also an improvement we did make an appeal to the persons were doing
so to desist and we believe that that appeal has worked and and so we are not
getting as anyway we haven’t gotten a single report of abuse over the last few
months no no virus myung carry no disturbance
come it won’t mix with them meanwhile local government minister Desmond
McKenzie says significant work is being done to improve infirmities in
facilities have been fully furnished start being supplied monthly basis none
of our drop-in facilities will ever find itself in a position where it cannot
provide for persons who are living on the streets who want something to eat
gentlemen has been established to us for assistance whenever be turned back
Minister McKenzie was speaking at the ministries quarterly press briefing
recently there is renewed concern about the safety of workers in the country’s
penal facilities in the wake of yesterday’s incident in which a
correctional officer was reportedly stabbed by a prisoner at the tower
Street Correctional Center in Kingston an inmate was also injured in the melee
there’s their injuries are not considered life-threatening the
University and allied Workers Union UAW which represents some categories of
correctional officers is worried that there could be security gaps in the
correctional facilities first vice president of the UAW Clifton grant is
earning the authority to implement additional measures to ensure the
workers safety Correctional Services says yesterday’s
incident occurred during a routine check at the at a cell at the prison a man was
found dead along a neon tone road in st. Elizabeth yesterday morning he has been
identified as 40 year old Damien Thurmond TVJ News understands that mr.
Furman was at a party in the inion tone district with family and friends reports
are that mr. Furman left the party for home but was later found along the alien
tone men were dead the police theorized that he was hit by a motor vehicle
the K by the police are investigating head of the area for police division
Devon what is is our has signal that in addition to targeted operations the
police will also be looking to play its part in developing the social aspect in
some volatile communities speaking with our news team recently ACP Watkins said
many of these communities have prospects that are not being exploited it’s an
absolute pleasure instead of qualia and the potential I
saw a citizen departure the rich legacy that are not exploited and I know all
Commissioner and Minister signal or intention to move our headquarters
facilities stone in that year to help to rebuild change the culture and to
influence behavior and a positive view he’s added that he would also be looking
to improve the relationship between the police and citizens I want to appeal to
the citizens to China’s but not only in the West
we’re talking about in the east talking about opening not talking about of
another stone they have demonstrated before that they can come together and
we don’t in swallow feel we have are clear we have responded and we see
suppression and we take a break here on the midday news but stay with us there’s
more when we return welcome back continuing the news Tourism
Minister Edmond Bartlet has declared that Jamaica will record an increase in
stopover arrivals this month while speaking with TVJ news mr. Bartlett said
there were fears December would have performed below target December
traditionally our big months and last December was a huge month but we are now
growing at eight point eight percent for the month so far and that is study 21st
and the big week of Christmas is now just happening and then another big week
for the New Year’s so we can see that December is going to give us some
double-digit alternis mr. Bartlett says it is projected that
the country will end 2019 with 2.6 million stopover arrivals at and at
least 3.7 billion u.s. dollars in earnings he adds that Jamaica has
surpassed other destinations in the Caribbean in earnings from tourism of 10
cent in earnings and and and and the fact is that in the three and a half
years that we have been in government we have almost doubled the earnings in
tourism because when I took over as Minister we were earning two billion and
we are now at three point seven going to be three point eight we’re expecting
that next year of course we will do four billion and that would be unfuck a
doubling a call this afternoon for the authorities to put measures in place to
make sections of the MAPE and market safer vendors especially those housed in
sections close to the recently burnt-out area say they don’t feel safe the wealthiest in our darkness
not even one one boy them Conan put in some emergency light we mean this thing
it won’t look right to me we have ears yeah and if you’re shy
visitor on a night it as I said when it will pierce another is that chaos nobody
can see you you can see me if I’m on comrade mio mio would erupt authorities
in the meantime say they are still unsure about the cause of a massive fire
that destroyed that section of the methane market it was inconclusive
there are no more thing that you’re looking at and so they have not give us
giving us a full report as to the immediate cause we go down to original
news less than 24 hours after several Caribbean countries were jolted by an
earthquake the Trinidad based seismic Research Centre SRC is reporting that a
stringer quake had been felt in some other territories the SRC says the
earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 Joel to the islands of Antigua and Barbuda
and Dominica as well as the French island of Guadeloupe on Thursday night
at 9:37 p.m. local time on Thursday an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.2
rocked islands in the Eastern Caribbean the earthquake was also felt in
Martinique and Santa Lucia this is the third earthquake that has occurred near
Dominica this week as well as the fourth to be recorded in the Eastern Caribbean
since Christmas Eve the SRC says there were no reports of injuries are damaged
as a result of those quakes and further feel at least 12 people have died after
a plane carrying 93 passengers and five crew members crashed shortly after
takeoff near the city of Almaty in Cannes Axton Friday morning the plane
lost altitude after takeoff and broke through a concrete fence before
colliding with a 2-story building not of fokker 100 aircraft operated by the
carrier was scheduled to fly from Almaty the country’s largest city for the
capital citing the internal affairs ministry said that at least 14 people
had been killed in the crash and nine people including six children had been
injured and taken to nearby hospitals for treatment on data provided by the
flight data recorder indicated that the plane crashed 19 seconds after takeoff
approximately 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles from the airport videos and images of
the crash site show the damaged plane broke into several parts with the nose
embedded in a small partially collapsed host parts of the fuselage appeared to
be risk relatively intact however raising hopes that many of those on
board had survived the initial impact form a national defender and head coach
of Harborview Damien Snoopy’s Stuart believes not enough football is being
played locally to develop and enhance the game on the island Stuart who played
professionally in England and Malaysia says the lack of a proper Cup
competition is also a big Mis and results in potentially good players
going under the radar listen I think Jacob listen doll Island now coach
Federation Cooper I don’t think it’s better the more I think that’s missing
and Jackie Bell wasn’t played last year so I think them knockos leagues are
needed cover talent the lower seeds will always up maybe I bother that a Premier
League club with spot and taking there to know that that is secret that’s
that’s caught in method within football by just playing and I mean so then
things are out knows but the reason why the football is not getting better
because then things we’re not pretty enough football in Jamaica now Stuart
who has also been in charge of his former club Harborview for the last
month adds that the organizers of the Premier League to maybe part in the for
more tears make it 16 or something like that because I think there’s clubs whose
financial Asteria enough to make it happen and really made
Superliga League because I think if you don’t play Premier League you’re not
really clearly which went under so what does the super league start start finish
and that’s where we wrap the midday news I’m Herman green remember join us at
7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the new sports and production
teams good afternoon

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