TVJ Midday: Head of Trelawny Police Issues Warning – December 19 2019

TVJ Midday: Head of Trelawny Police Issues Warning – December 19 2019

good afternoon a machine masters with
amedeo is a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot uncertainty continues to plague
entertainment promoters who are planning events for the holiday season
they say this quantity announcement of a two-hour extension for events they are
still losing because of unexpected lack of orders from the police TV jays Herman
green reports the culture and security ministers confirmed the – our extension
for entertainment events last week however event coordinators in Vineyard
Thompson’s Andrew say some police personnel may not have received the memo
Clive Campbell says he got permission for a fundraising event on Saturday but
at 2:00 o’clock the police came to shut them down it
said we did enough time permission to go past – that’s why the kapre said to me
and then I said to him he was unfortunate when I spoke to swoop down
here and I went down there Friday I tell Stan would collect the permit which were
already paid the money for Casey he said everything is good I’m in order so you
know from Tilghman firm he told me that there was no doctor you know four meter
up suspicion say police comment stopping according to the minister’s the to our
extension from 12:00 midnight to 2:00 a.m. on weekdays and from 2 a.m. to 4
a.m. on weekends took effect on December 13 and will last until January 31 2020
the promoters say the police are not observing the new lock off times and
this miscommunication can cost them dearly and damaged relationships between
the police and the community because the party who everybody was us was hoping
for the team to go to for so when they came before for what kind of sod they
are calling for clear steps from the government to rectify the situation
promptly mr. Campbell voiced one suggestion which he thinks should be
used our campaign to educate the public and their law enforcers that we extend
it art was passed for until four o’clock for him in the morning to our parties so
this one the government and law enforcement the
clear that everybody can know can work effective it’ll work who want to stay
within a line so notice what I’m clear but for everybody please wait – just 12
days to go before the end of 2019 the Trelawny police are issuing a warning
that it will be clamping down on all acts of criminality more in this report
the tralana police say it will not be business as usual with days to go before
the end of 2019 this is especially so for persons who seek to carry out
robberies and murders during the festive season speaking the TVJ news yesterday
head of the tralana Police Superintendent Kirk Ricketts says for
the festive season special focus will be on the parishes financial district you
were looking at some of the financial institutions we’ll be looking at we’ll
be looking at some of the whole number groups we know at this time of year you
know we’ll have elderly persons coming out to the financial institutions when
I’m not is pension without it it’s it’s money coming from overseas so we are
we’re gonna be trying to help to secure in relation to murders superintendant
Ricketts says plans are being put in place to quantum eyes the level of
murders for the rest of the year so far Trelawny has recorded 29 murders at this
year now of special focus gangs we will be trying to manage these hotspots there
are some other issues that impact Jelani that I’m not necessarily gang-related we
we have had some some murders that that are on the domestic side so we’re
working with some of our other stakeholders to try and see how best we
can address these issues meanwhile mayor Falmouth coleen coleen gator says the
Municipal Corporation has instituted a number of traffic changes in the town of
Falmouth for the festive season this was necessary because of the amount of
traffic that is using the town on the water square coming through water sphere
and Falmouth on a hold the mayor noted that with these new changes parking will
not be allowed in the town sento resemble the parking on top street
all vehicles is supposed to be removed off top street the roadway that we have
given special permission for the firefighters that have their vehicle
they will be part are the roads and were compound there is also that big open
land on top street that was the old transportation center
that can be used to for parking Prime Minister Andrew Holness has held a
Jamaica’s new air traffic control center which was officially opened yesterday
the new centre is located at the headquarters of a Jamaica civil aviation
authority on Winchester Road in Santangelo mr. ho mr. Honus outlined
some aspects of the system-wide air traffic management automation
surveillance system a new Global Positioning System master clock and
receiver and I’m sure that this will be explained later on in the program to
ensure and maintain precision and accuracy in the reporting of time and
it’s time for a break but still with us some more news right after these
messages welcome back continuing panniers Prime
Minister Andrew Holness is adamant that the challenge of
squatting will be addressed mr. Honus argued that the challenge is
that there isn’t sufficient affordable housing being provided for members of
the society TV days and lately reports the issue of squatting continues to be a
major issue with both political parties toughing the topic at the PMPs annual
conference in september party president dr. peter phillips said if his party
wins the next general election it will launch a comprehensive assault on
squatting dr. Philips said a PNP government would change a number of laws
so that about 700,000 Jamaicans can get land titles but speaking import more
last evening Prime Minister Andrew Holness says there’s more to the issue
of squatting than what the opposition leader is positing it’s not that we are
in discipline and just you know ignore what the law says that’s not the case
there is a genuine need for affordable housing solution mr. Horner’s however
hastened to point out that the notion that the system is skewed in favor of
the wealthy is also flawed he says what has transpired is that there was no
investment by successive governments in having an effective operational housing
market if we had a housing market that could provide housing solutions for
every income level of persons then there would be no need for someone to say you
know what let me go and occupy that tea salon that I don’t see anybody using but
mr. Hollis says the challenge of squatting must end VC says we’ll have to
be done by empowering the governments housing organisations we have to start
thinking now about building these communities not incremental we’re
building them up front putting in the rules putting in the facilities and
making affordable and it can’t be done mr.
Hollis was speaking at the handing over of titles by the housing agency of
Jamaica import more last evening and relatedly tbj news Minister what
portfolio responsibility for information Casa muda is insisting that systems are
in place to ensure accountability and transparency in the ongoing Dee bushing
program despite assurances from the Prime Minister that the integrity
commission would oversee the project there have been concerns we have gone
through an exhaustive programme of education to everyone who is involved in
the program and that is led by the prime minister himself who has laid down the
rules and regulations governing the program and I’m satisfied that his
effort in ensuring absolute integrity in the execution of this program is
first-class and as a result you will see the marked improvement that is taking
place so far and we are not finished in all constituencies yet meanwhile missus
amudha announced that cabinet who recently approved the purchase of five
acres of land in down in spent Spanish town for the construction of the
divisional headquarters for the Jamaica Constabulary Force the move is to keep
you know make all the efforts in the world to provide a more suitable working
environment for the police officers and better service delivery to the public
it’s a much that’s an area that has been of concern to the country for some time
and we are doing everything we can in our power to ensure that the environment
in which the national security personnel is operates is is up to a certain
standard the Child Protection and Family Services Agency CPF si is on a drive to
improve its operations so that the process for reporting child abuse cases
is much easier chief executive officer the CPF si Rosalie Kate gray says there
are various methods being put into place to make the agency more
effective speaking at a recent stakeholders meeting at the hotel intro news now in sports
despite a very good 2019 season at national discus throw champion Travis
Michael says he was shocked by the nomination for our gr cleaner Sports
Foundation sportsman of the year for 2019 smile one of the three first-time
nominees for the sportsman of the year takes a spotlight in the build-up the
next months are currently International Sports Awards Gala Avice Michael turned
professional seven years ago but had to wait until 2019 to enjoy his best year
as a senior athlete the 27 year old was crowned a national champion in the men’s
discus of setting favorite and national record holder Patrick Dukakis who is
also his training partner Michael also won silver in the event and the Pan
American Games in Lima Peru and ended seventh on the world Athletics list with
a season’s best of 67 point five seven meters but despite these accomplishments
in 2019 michael says he wasn’t expecting the nomination to be honest I was very
shot I didn’t even know I was just chilling one day I know my friend mrs.
grant and to him I can’t get and I was still in there for and she sent a screen
shot and I was being nominated for the sportsman of the year that’s now I’m
gonna kick by RJ R so that wow you know what I’m truly grateful you know I’m
sure they do for the recognition and opportunity
Michael did miss out on qualifying for the final and the World Athletics
Championships in Doha Qatar but he says rather than view it as a disappointment
it was a learning experience this is very interesting but it was also my
senior leap you know I said I had a good moment my only party I had for the whole
season was no chance because obviously I didn’t make it to the finals but you
know that was my only loss but it’s a learning curve and I’m hoping to do
better next year with a 20/20 vision firmly in place
michael says he’s eyeing gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan and next
year I want to win there so I’m working towards it hoping for personality this
easily I know if I can is a personal best
because this ain’t terrible I can’t medal and I can’t be a contender
for whatever championship is being held back here michael has a personal best of
67.7 two meters for the men’s discuss the Argentine Sports Foundation national
sports man and sports Woman of the Year awards gala takes place on Friday
January 17 at the Jamaica Pegasus Attell in Kingston live coverage will be on TV
j TV jsn once what and on hits 92 of em thanks jermaine and advanced
amid indians a machine masters join us at 7:00 for primetime news on behalf of
the news sports and production teams good afternoon

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  1. Holiness is at his usual trick self again I hope the people of portmore don't fall for this his hand out because most of Jamaicans can be easily bought and sold portmore people wise up let him know that you cannot be bought stick to your principles don't fall for no sweet talk you must not let your community mash up take a look at what is happening in the country they are a bunch of disaster look at the crime wave and look where most of the crime is taking place labourite control constituencies don't be fool . Teak way yu self holiness you and your party a total disaster and a bunch of failure ???him out Ole criminal .

  2. Was just a scam.all our government does is scam saying things that they never will live up to

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  4. Every parish needs to have it own police headquarters

  5. People pay attention!!! 6:52 – 8:15
    This is the trickery of politricks in effect. Listen close, he states the need for housing from a 'socialist theme' and promotes the idea as one that would liberate those in 'Capture Land' dwellings. Yet people beware…this was proposed in a much more upfront, integral and sustainable format under PNP government of years past (Michael Manley). I do recognize that party does not exist anymore as both are Capitalist in nature but what this government is not telling you is this housing model they are proposing is failing people worldwide. It is simply another money grab for investment without a sustainable plan. The only upside I can see is it may inspire the country to buy back private land which is again a Nationalist and Socialist mechanism. If the lands remain privately owned it will be no more than the same concept of Private Run prisons or the Adoption system where the design is for people to remain impoverished and dependent so some foreign land owner can collect from this as well as the government. Time to wake up people…the JLP leaders always use socialist dogma and hide their Capitalist agenda. Need a new party Jamaica!!!

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  8. Maybe the coppers were looking for a bribe to allow the nightclubs to open.

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