TVJ Midday News: 17 Deportees Expected from the UK – February 11 2020

TVJ Midday News: 17 Deportees Expected from the UK – February 11 2020

good afternoon at Milton Walker with the
midday news a special welcome if you are watching on one spot the
deportation flight from the United Kingdom to Jamaica is expected to land
in Kingston any time now yesterday the appeal court in the United Kingdom
ordered the Home Office not to remove any one share due to be deported from
two detention centers near London’s Heathrow Airport but despite that order
the flight went ahead or correspondent Kirk Wright is now at the normal man
International Airport and gives us the latest Kirk
good afternoon welcome thank you i’m indeed at the normal man International
Airport and the bus that should be kicking the seventeen deportees who I
should use arrive anytime soon is here waiting with number of police officers
she tell you the police officers are wearing masks and some gloves just as a
means of added protection but this year here and there waiting the repairs of
the flight has not arrived as yet because the boss we understand will be
going somewhere close to Thomas to receive the deportees after which they
will be taken to what was the harm embarks on South Carroll to be processed
and then released we’re not sure if any of these the forties were wanted for
crimes in Jamaica so we’re not sure if they’re any of them would be held on so
far the police are here and they’re just waiting around to receive him listen
Kirk right thank you very much the governor-general Sir Patrick Allen
delivered a throne speech a short while ago in Gordon House of lining the
government’s plans for the legislative year the ceremonial opening of
Parliament took place with the usual pomp and pageantry
TVJ Sandra Chisholm is that Gordon house and now joins us live Andrea and Ruggero
very much Milton well as you can see behind me a number of parliamentarians
and other individuals gathered out here outside Gordon house
as we just listened to the throne speech from the Governor General for roughly an
hour the Governor General used the throne speech as usual to talk about his
governments achievements for the past legislative year as well as to outline
the plans for 2020 2021 for example he spoke about the 19 consecutive quarters
of growth the completion of the IMF program as well as the ban on single-use
plastic so what’s new in going forward the Governor General outlined that there
will be greater investment in infrastructure and he spoke about an
initiative to be rolled out called the greater infrastructure development
program program which includes not just roads but bridges and structures street
lighting sidewalks and ramps traffic lights water and sewage fire hydrants
and drainage building smart infrastructure with fiber optics cameras
and sensors designed and embedded into our infrastructure assets aligned with
this honorable members will be the lensman program a preventative
maintenance program for rural roads the program for rural roads and high
traffic Carter’s built on a performance-based system now in terms of
laws and regulations the Governor General outlined that there will be
changes to the laws governing the and regulations governing the milk river
bath in Clarendon as well as bath and in st. Thomas the plan is to actually
modernized those two areas to make it more palatable for public-private
partnerships and we’ve heard about the attack on people in recent times by
various dogs well there are plans to actually change the law in that regard
to hold the dog owners criminally liable if a dog attacks injures or kills a
person so we’re looking forward to that piece of legislation being tabled in
Parliament there’s also a plan to have a national mediation policy to help solve
disputes now on the social side of things we know that the drought is upon
us and everybody’s making preparation for the upcoming drought and the
government indicated the governor-general indicated rather that
with the national water sector policy completed there is a plan to have water
supply solutions to 180,000 residents in rural communities squatting is also a
big issue and he made this announcement here the government will complete the
nationalist Quarter survey to accurately determine the extent of squatting in the
country and to provide critical information to guide the completion of
the Nationals Quarter Management policy an implementation plan the real estate board will merge the
real estate board the Commission of strata corporations and the Registrar of
temperatures into the real estate Authority of Jamaica and that’s it for
now Milton and of course we’ll have much more on the Governor General’s throne
speech when we have primetime news this evening at 7:00 and Joe thank you we
won’t stop until we catch you with that warning from the police about the
culprits responsible for the death of their colleagues mother in a hole Abbas
and Catherine last week members of the Jamaica Constabulary forced the GCF held
a memorial service in the area in support of their colleague a prayer
followed by a moment of worship as grief filled the atmosphere in Old Harbor said
Catherine Tuesday afternoon members of the jcf came out in their numbers in
support of their colleague whose mother was brutally killed at last Thursday 67
year old Leticia Francis was shot multiple times in her shop we swear to
serve and protect the people of Jamaica we did not expect that all family
mothers in particular will be attacked when our colleague executes his function
its criminal and worst he was defending his own life circumstances his action
was lawful and legitimate and this is what is a result of it the community and
family members are hurting at this time the police are hurting and I’ve said
before the police we’re accustomed to cases of trauma and
being involved in incidents of high drama but this particular incident has
hurt us in a particular way that we cannot get over the Police Federation
and our membership by large by extension are angered by the incident that took
place here last week the criminals in this instance
so to go to the heart of our security men and women and it’s for this reason
this murder must not be treated as any ordinary murder Member of Parliament for
st. Catherine south Fitz Jackson says no effort should be spared in capturing the
killers and I call upon the GCF and the government in an ahall to make sure that
nothing is spared in terms of resources in terms of capacities within the GCF to
apprehend the persons responsible and to bring them to justice in the shortest
possible time and chairman of the Police Federation sergeant Potrero has pledged
to leave no stone unturned in the investigations we have said to our
colleagues that in your pursuit of these criminals if it is that you must use
deadly force do not be afraid to use deadly force because we anticipate that
the bruising nature of these criminal they will resist and they may put other
police officers life in danger and we are saying that the Police
Federation will protect you the Police Federation will stand behind you and we
are rallying all our members island-y to let this be a Highland white manhunt for
these persons were responsible for this brutal killing and this message to the
residents of the find and cause the perpetrators of crimes of these nature
to be punished Prince more TVJ news we leave it to the police the position of
the Jamaica Teachers Association JTA after last week’s stunning arrest of a
male teacher who was impersonating a police officer tbj is Duane Anderson put
the issue to the JTA leadership on Monday and now reports the country is
still digesting last week’s disturbing case in which 38 year-old drama teacher
Troy chambers from Kingston was arrested and charged for
impersonating a police officer he was nabbed by the real police after
reportedly taking someone to a police station to take a report the police
recovered an illegal firearm as well as illegal ammunition handcuff a firearm
license bearing of the person’s name and one combat belt from the man’s hosts
efforts to contact the leadership of the high school he was said to be employed
to as a drama teacher were unsuccessful but sources informed me the man has been
operating as a teacher cop for several years I put the matter to the leadership
of the Jamaica Teachers Association JTA at a press conference on Monday the
details are sketchy we don’t know enough details to be commenting on a matter
that is in with the police and but as far as we know we are low due process to
take its place and the whatever is in law is in law and
we allow the law to deal with it the jTA’s leadership was not a skoy on other
criminal matters in the education system they have given the government a 30-day
ultimatum to address violence in schools or risk disruptions going on strike
would be last resort I mean there are several other things that we can do
before reach that stage so as I said before we will look at what is before us
we will caucus and then we’ll make a determination as to what we do going
forward but what I can tell you is that we are a professional body and we will
be as responsible as we have been over the years and we’ll take the best
decision in the interest of all parties concerned there have been 14 attacks or
security breaches at schools since the start of the year do in Anderson TV Jade
use and that’s media news but I should tell you that Carey Douglas the council
for the Trafalgar division who represented the People’s National Party
in the Kingston and st. Andrew Municipal Corporation crossed the floor this
morning to join the JLP we’ll have much more on that story and many more in
primetime news at 7:00 on behalf of the news sports and production teams good

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