TVJ Midday News: Brazen Attack in Dover, St. Catherine – December 11 2019

TVJ Midday News: Brazen Attack in Dover, St. Catherine – December 11 2019

Grafton innovation brown with the midday
news a special welcome if you are watching on one spot Mediacom the police
are trying to ascertain whether an unreported conflict could have led to
last night’s incident in Davos and Catherine in which gunmen shot nine
persons for fatally no motive has been established for the attack which took
place in this and Catherine north police division where a state of public
emergency is currently in force TV J’s Camilla pullin has our report the
usually quiet community of Dover st. Catherine erupted Tuesday night after
gunman opened fire on a group of persons who were standing in the square
the incident happened minutes after nine heg Monaco and charity streets that is
under my name McCrory was sinner a mere boy boy great money and Tony going to
Arizona Judy Bob wire I start shooting in reimbursement going head of the
corporate communications unit CCU in the Jamaica constable Air Force Senior
Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay says the brew some attack has left for
persons dead and three others remain in hospital among those killed are three
men and a woman we have a Gladstone greens is 67 years
old Marcus why 38 years old Dennis price is
46 years old and Patricia King 42 years old and these purses are farmers and
carpenters and all working person from the community among the victims are meal
and the youngest is 31 years or so these are pretty much middle aged person the
incident has residents fearful local political representatives who visited
the scene have condemned the attack community has community very simple folk
very simple lives with your farming lights you know business you know put
your earring for example or they travel outside the community work and come back
in this is a very unusual occurrence and of course the community is in shock but
apparently as you know that crime is a thing that we just cannot avoid but we
we didn’t want anything like this to happen especially in this festive season
it’s really a terrible task to each family because no one is really special
special amendment for these things to happen and it happened in such times
when everyone wants out their enjoyment SSP Lindsey says no motive has been
established for the incident however the st. Catherine North Police are receiving
assistance from the Criminal Investigation Branch in the probe SSP
Lindsey says the assistance of residents will be critical tell us if there is any
incident that was never reported to the police any conflict with anyone if they
are aware of anyone from the community who is there any conflict with persons
external to the community because at the moment we are just following different
lines of inquiry but nothing concrete to even see how the investigators will
proceed shamela Poulin TVG news meanwhile national security minister dr.
Horace Chang has commented on last night’s shooting at a press briefing at
Jamaica house a short while ago he said the incident may have been an escalation
of an ongoing feud in another community he suggested that the criminals may have
been targeting relatives of a member of a rival gang very close to home that
they were family members of a member of parliament or the old involved they the
best information have this is emerging from earlier gang activity which actor
is it in the cafeteria it is a kind of activity that the police
finally the current stage of police is almost impossible to prevent some of
these activities on to other news now may of Montego Bay Houma Davis is this
afternoon expressing concern about the recent fire at the old fort market in
San James it comes weeks after fire gutted a section of the map and market
in Clarendon leaving over 200 vendors hopeless it’s still unclear what caused
the fire at the old fort market which destroyed four shops but mayor Davis
says these fires are a cause for worry and then any unfortunate accidents
whether by fire otherwise is something which is quite regretable but I don’t
know the reason for these periodical fires and this is why an investigation
is very important mr. Davis says his team from the
Municipal Corporation is conducting that investigation after which they will
provide the requisite help we haven’t gotten the official report from the fire
department as yet but currently we are doing an estimate cost to replace those
four shops so as soon as that is done it will be taken to the appropriate meeting
for the appropriate action to be taken two of those shops rebuilt parties can
now be held longer than usual because of changes to the noise abatement act
Parliament passed the changes to the law last night to a low parties to go on for
longer during the festive season events are being allowed to go on to talk
o’clock in the morning on weekdays and a four o’clock on weekends parties are
usually only allowed to go until midnight on weekdays and at or o’clock
on the weekend it will remain in place until January 31 the National Security
Minister dr. Horace Chan says the bill is in response to calls from
stakeholders so the call from the entity and industrial
the practitioners community associates and residents for there to be a review
of the amendment at the current Nazarbayev act caused a call from the
police force who find themselves being pressured to give extensions beyond the
law and the current atmosphere we have insisted that the police abide by the
law and therefore they would have had the clappers to give extension to any
individual seeking to have any entertainment activities in all the
period the ability of amis are ensuring that over the period of the festive
season public all the laws and regulations can be strictly carried out
notwithstanding the extension we appreciate what the this provision seek
to attain and we fully support that these changes so without further ado mr.
Speaker I give my support and not of the opposition to the proposed amendment and
it’s now time for a break but stay with us more stories right after these
messages welcome back and thank you so much for
staying with us continuing the news now the National Water Commission NWC
customers should expect an increase in their water bills come next year this
follows a decision by the office of utilities regulations oh you are to
approve an overall increase of about four percent in water rates on average
customers paying water rates will see an overall increase of between fifteen
point five percent and a 17 point eight percent the new rates will be reflected
in customers bills starting January 2020 vo you are says
this is an interim tariff for 24 months as the N double AC did not supply all
the information requested including a cost of service study and an asset
valuation report needed for a full tariffs assessment though you are in its
assessment of the NW C’s tariff application found weaknesses and major
data gaps in the submission consequently it has concluded that it would not be
prudent to establish the normal 5-year tariff the N SS you will be expected to
formally apply for a full tariff review 20 months after the effective date of
this termination of this determination notice that date is by August 2021 the
rural agricultural development authority Rada is this afternoon warning farmers
in South Manchester and south-central is worth to be on the lookout for an
increase in the beet armyworm population the agricultural Authority says based on
its recent beet armyworm risk assessment there was an increase in the pest which
mainly affects scallion and onions this Rada says is due to an increase in
rainfall in October Rada is calling for farmers to increase the monitoring of
crops at least twice a week or every three days utilised traps as a
monitoring tool to detect early arrival of the mitigating beat armyworm adults
monitor for the early detection of the egg sacs often deposited near the tip of
leaves and ensure that the scallion crop is harvested and sold at maturity and
not left in the field due to marketing issues areas mostly affected are Cross
Keys and new forests in South Manchester Junction South field and the petro
Plains in st. Elizabeth means from the region now we go to the
Bahamas health minister dr. Dwayne sands says that weeks after the passage of
Hurricane durian their bodies that remain unclaimed in a refrigerated
trailer on the island of Abaco dr. sands says approximately 50 bodies have not
been claimed he says DNA samples have been taken and the expected time from
DNA sampling until comparison and conclusion can be as long as six to nine
months according to dr. sands while the remains of a few storm victims have been
sent to their families the government might use an independent third party to
act as an intermediary to enable undocumented migrants who may be fearful
to identify the remains he says health officials would like to curtail the
length of time the bodies are kept in the a backhoe trailer and here’s a
preview of what’s coming up in this evenings health report in the next
edition of the health report we look at prostate cancer and abnormal growth of
cells within the prostate which starts with one or two cells and then they
multiply get bigger and then you get these tumors sat inside the prostate
gland that then make this PSA that you can measure in the blood that’s the
Health Report this evening in primetime news and you know for today’s healthy
living tip if you want to reduce your risk of prostate cancer consider trying
to choose a low-fat diet foods that contain fats include meats nuts oils and
dairy products such as milk and cheese increase the amount of fruits and
vegetables you eat each day and maintain a healthy weight by doing exercise
activities news from overseas no we go to the United States where an hour’s
long standoff between two suspects and police ended with multiple people dead
including one officer and according to authorities the suspects targeted the
location they attacked more from the CNN a chaotic scene unfolding in Jersey City
Tuesday following reports of an active shooters standoff inside a local bodega
heavily armed officers blocked off streets schools were placed on lockdown
actually told me that there was a shooting in the area they actually do
drills for it police say the situation began with the
killing of detective Joseph seals and involved a stolen vehicle one stolen
u-haul via vehicle that may contain incendiary device that has since been
taken from the location and has been examined by a bomb squad members the
standoff at the bodega reportedly started around noon three other officers
were wounded in the gunfire but are expected to survive five people were
found dead inside the bodega police believe two suspects were among those
who died there are days that require us to stop and think about what it means to
put on a uniform every day that God knows this is one of those days and a
time though for sports Kyle speedy Greg and the co-driver Marcia Dawes joined an
elite group of drivers to win the rally Jamaica back to back capturing the
Richard Stewart Memorial Trophy over two days on the truth whose property inbox
and Catherine longer and straighter stages meant more consistent speed and
at the first stage defending champion Kyle Greg and Marcia doors lost to the
pair of Thomas hall and James Leto by three hundredths of a second from viren
Greg and doors driving their evolution nine took full control of the next 11
stages winning eight leading day one with 49 minutes and 28 seconds ahead of
Timothy Stewart and co-driver Stephen Gunther who posted 51 minutes and 28
seconds also in an evolution nine Harlan later fell to third with 51 minutes and
32 seconds after losing their front windshield
meanwhile a reigning champion Bobby Marshall and co-driver Marcel Brandon
took full control of the front-wheel drive a class winning nine of the twelve
stages to finish day one with 58 minutes and 44 seconds Rayna King and ramasees
McGregor won the first two stages but felt a second trailing Marshall and
Brandon by a minute on day two Gregg and doors having a
two-minute lead approached the famous water splash basically at a walk but
Stewart and Ganta splashed through as they tried to cut the lead but it was
Harlan Letcher who proved to be the fastest throughout the stage winning all
five the six Whitfield long stages were the most competitive for the top three
teams as hall and later won three while Greg and daughter shared the next three
with Stewart and contour after twenty two stages covering 159 km/h instead one
over 49 minutes and 12 seconds to join Greg’s dad Gary and co-driver Hugh
Hutchinson along with Jeffrey Ponton and Mike Fennell jr. to win rally Jamaica
back to back it’s truly a great feeling I didn’t expect to win this year cut the
developed competition was so good but kept our composure from day one and
basically maintain the pace today – definitely Marshall she did a fantastic
job navigating seed and it shows that we set the bar a sport Harland later who
received the day – trophy where runners up one minute and 31 seconds adrift
Marshall and Brandon regained the two-wheel drive class hosting two hours
five minutes and 49 seconds finishing two minutes ahead of King and McGregor
only seven of the 12 competitors completed the two day dirt rally I am
Denise Walters for TVJ sports and that’s the midday news on Vashon brawn don’t
forget to join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the news
sports and production teams have a wonderful afternoon

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