TVJ Midday News: Corporate Area Police Force To Be Restructured – March 4 2020

TVJ Midday News: Corporate Area Police Force To Be Restructured – March 4 2020

good afternoon and Bashan brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom the police
force in the corporate area is to be restructured at an effort to curb the
upsurge in crime security minister dr. Horace Chang outlined the details as he
faced questions in the standing finance committee late last night Prince more
reports the six police divisions in the corporate era recorded a 73 percent
increase in murders for the year up to the end of February with 109 murders
reported versus 63 in the corresponding period last year
security minister dr. Horace Chan facing questions and the standing Finance
Committee acknowledged much of the killing which is the index you’re
examining is a result of indigent wards emergency have significantly reduced
those kinds of killings in several areas he added that the upsurge in the
corporate area will get special attention
we expect that significant administrative and strategic change
medic Commissioner of Police Under Armour will have a link back
during the course of this year administrative changes include bringing
all the police divisions in the corporate area under one command instead
of it being split between the police area four and five divisions and adding
st. Thomas to the command to deal with the killings in the bull bay area which
borders st. Andrew and st. Thomas that is being implemented as we speak and of
course there will be reorganization of the formations in that area to deal with
what we Stern the Metropolitan Crime of search Namita obviously have increased
level of activity not only SOE but in terms of code and search profuse
and special operations but I think we need to create the uniform command
structure is critical and we expect to see results on
that so the increased red as well body cameras similar quick response team
alluded in Monte will be an additional mobility
he said he expects the restructuring and the increased use of technology such as
the expanded CCTV system and more vehicles for the police to have a
significant impact on the levels of murders in the corporate area this year
and he pointed to Montego Bay where he said despite high-profile murders the
city and its parish are recording the lowest homicide rate in 27 years and
suggested that the administration may be looking to ease the state of emergency
there at Montague will be nearly two years and begin to look like we can feel
it on he said technology such as the Jamaica I
program on which the government has spent seven hundred and fifty million
dollars so far will help the police to curtail crime in that city Prince more
TV J news meanwhile dr. Chang said he will also look at the legislation
governing district constables and the role they play in the police force with
a view of giving them more authority and in the post reality and how we can
expand the use of social individuals where we can increase the numbers and
our rational basis for example you know there is no need for a fully trained
police officer to do traffic control it’s almost of abused or the man’s
professional skills to have him the alien traffic management traffic light
should be no but it certainly can get a traffic traffic monitor the district
councillor to give him the authority required is also true that funnier that
can be contentious we have six hundred and
30 CPUs 619 fully trained police officers if you’re ridiculous and we
need to review that policy because again a misuse of trained police officers in
that kind of position in many cases HIV occurred on many of the people enemas
scipios don’t need secure don’t have the risk factor that justified a fully
trained police officer and many of them are not used as police officers security
properties and to new zones of special operations doses are to be declared in
the new fiscal year which begins in April dr. Chang also made that
disclosure during last night’s standing Finance Committee he was facing
questions about the recent announcement from the Prime Minister that up to 20
sources could be declared this year 20 please a human capacity without the
human caps tree or in any way to manage 20/20 areas that 21 years that justifies
the special operations there will be introduced our fears miss I think you’ll
get two more very early in this year now there are currently two doses in
operation one in Mount Salem’s and James and the other in denim town West
Kingston there areas where the security forces go to stem crime while social
programs are implemented as part of mitigation efforts the Justice Minister
is expecting to rake in some 138 million dollars from the issuing of traffic
tickets a significant portion of these funds are slated to be used in the
refurbishing of the conscious court facilities but member of the standing
dance committee dr. marie sky questioned justice minister del rock on plans for
their not to bake courthouse which he notes is in a deplorable condition we
know that’s why my let me just explain and to be frank with you we did a lot of
work to renovate or not to me but it is station and i’ve been there a few times
first of all when court is operating they can’t hear because of the taxis are
owned AG no sort of talking abou no no the last the nasa CJ we did put to her
maybe we should really abandon that court to be frank which is not
appropriate it’s just not appropriate to have you know a ban on the building the
building the building because Port Maria is really in a very good state deal is
underutilized but admittedly far away as far away so it would be nice to see we
can find somewhere more appropriate to have cases being tried in an ottoman or
in that vicinity but I’m a little concerned because we did spend a fair
amount of money but when you don’t use courts often rock bats which is what
happened to they’re not a takeover and I mess up everywhere and we now take a
break but more stories right after these messages please stay with us welcome back continuing the news foreign
affairs minister senator kameena Johnson Smith says there are no immediate plans
to reopen the Jamaican embassy in Venezuela the embassy was temporarily
closed on April 1 last year as part of the foreign affairs ministers review of
its missions overseas however mrs. Johnson Smith in the standing Finance
Committee yesterday said she doesn’t know when it will be reopened
do you have closed the Embassy in Venezuela you have and there’s no plan
to – building so you don’t pay any rent mrs. Johnson Smith said she would
however consider a suggestion to expand the Jamaican mission in China which no
has only four people she also said if the minister remains in contact with
Jamaicans in China as the kovat 19:02 break grips that country and speaking of
kovat 19 the viability of the country’s booming tourism industry is on the
threat as the corona virus continues to spread globally workers in the sector
say they aren’t leaving anything to chance and have already started taking
precautionary measures janella pursues has that story best driver in the world the relationship between tourists and
workers in the industry is usually cordial but with the advent of the
corona virus some have abandoned the most common form of greeting the
handshake we don’t need to shake toys and Ogden you know because of that
purpose tour drivers we have to be courteous and friendly but this time
knowing that the virus is so dangerous you have to try all the best – no
touching avoid touching because it can be an issue or you can spread the virus
or spread to yourself work your family and it’s not just in Jamaica people
worldwide are abstaining from giving pecks on the cheek hugs and high-fives
as they try to minimize the risk of contracting Kovan 19 and prevent it from
spreading in this video German Chancellor Angela Merkel was snubbed
her interior minister as she reached to shake his hands in fact the foot shake
has become the new handshake Jamaica has not recorded any cases of the virus but
workers in the tourism sector have become particularly cautious given the
fact that they interact with people from around the globe we sanitize our vehicle
if a tour is getting your vehicle after they get out with solid tires again and
you keep doing that washing your hands dearly every minute you get a chance to
wash your hand if you shit the tour is on you wash your hand you protect
yourself at any cost at the Montego Bay craft market this
vendor proudly displays her Lysol I do a lot of cleaning yesterday and as they
come in anything they touch I’ll clean it wash my hands and just pray that it
doesn’t treat Jamaica at the same time there is skepticism that covin 19 will
reach to make ensures jamia casa blessed country pray I move any mountain and
when I put touches on confident in God improve him protect we are over Lissa me
we have a minister who work for us and that minister or game input people all
around fit tests what is coming in and we can put with chosun confident in that
Minister because he’s working men appear predominantly Bush a drama used to drink
mistress image in Jamaica Alec everything mean you’re so drinky channel
oppress use TVG news the Public Safety and a traffic enforcement branch piece
Deb is reporting that traffic congestion and indiscipline on the roads remain a
challenge and Spanish stone and old harbor in San Catherine
seen a superintendent neverold the Linton says it’s difficult to curb in
discipline in the tones he was speaking on behalf of P step at a recent
commercial service meeting in the old capital SSP Linton says more public
education is needed to curb the illicit practice by motorists to news from the region now in Ghana as
the slow counting of ballots continued from Monday’s regional and the general
elections diplomats have urged citizens to remain calm the chief elections
officer explained that weather and administrative issues are affecting the
pace of counting the Guyana Elections Commission is projecting that full
preliminary results could be available today yesterday the Commission warned of
a fake website posting results now US ambassador to Ghana Sarah and Lynch
urged ghani’s to wait and hear the tabulation of the results and when the
Guyanese people have spoken to accept the results and here is a preview of
what’s coming up in this evenings health report in the next edition of the health
report we look at cleft lip and cleft palate we do not have enough of these
patients being born for screening to be feasible right
however genetic screening by and large is not a very popular thing that is done
in Jamaica but it is readily available overseas but persons who can access it
alright so in summary can it just that’s the health report this evening in
primetime news and now for today’s healthy living tip when feeding a child
with a cleft lip or cleft palate use a specialized cleft palate bottle as
demonstrated by your baby’s medical team place your baby in an upright sitting
position to prevent a formula from flowing back into the nose area and keep
the bottle tilted so the nip is always filled with milk and pointed
down away from the cleft and panel for sports our Jelena group took another
step towards securing a place in the finals of the business house one
basketball championship following business house basketball competition
following a 5339 victory over Minister of Education on Monday night at the
National Stadium Tommy McDonald led the scoring for Argentina with 26 points
while Jerome Thomas had 19 for Mo you said and you’re going to come with the
next game even more intensity so we can’t be relaxed
you don’t walk one can’t be too relaxed with this one so let’s go back to the
drawing board to correct the mistake that we have made I’m just going to
trust God and just put out our best effort in Game two
however doing a second game is possible more support each other move elsewhere
MMB beat NCB 2821 National Housing Trust beat Bank of Jamaica
27:22 while SATA Kirby had a 39:30 win over Western sports game two in the best
of three quarter finals will be played today and that’s the midday news on
Vashon brown join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the new
sports and production teams have a good afternoon you

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