TVJ Midday News: Cruise Ship in Jamaica Isolates Crew Member with High Fever – February 25 2020

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom the
Health Ministry’s protocols governing cruise ships kicked in this morning
after a mega liner docked in Acharya Saint Anne it was discovered that a crew
member has a high fever officials stole our NewsCenter that the case does not
meet the required standard for the kovat 19 coronavirus but out of an abundance
of caution that person has been isolated and passengers quarantined none of the
passengers will be allowed to disembark in otras or any other Jamaican port the
ship arrived in Jamaica from Miami today and is scheduled to sail to the Cayman
Islands it can hold up to 5,000 386 passengers and a crew of over 1,500
persons in the meantime Cove 819 is taking a toll on the world economy as it
is dangerous to health and by extension your wallet we have details from the CNN
the coronavirus quickly spreading outside of China Italy hit especially
hard confirmed cases rocketing up from 3 to more than 200 within the last week
the virus may settle down into an endemic pattern of transmission into a
seasonal pattern of transmission or could accelerate into a full-blown
global pandemic there are more than 50 confirmed cases in the US but health
officials say that number will probably rise given the high risk environment
that the Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers came from I would not be
surprised if we have additional cases the corona virus is not just a potential
health threat there’s also a financial factor on Monday the Dow dropped more
than a thousand points stock markets worldwide also took a plunge I think
they’re reacting to most the fact that this means a lot of other economies are
going to be under strain and although the corona virus is playing havoc with a
growing number of companies our rebound is likely before the end of the year it
almost certainly God willing depending on the
epidemiology is going to be finite it is going to be something that six months
from now nine months from now will an economic sense be over we’ll be seeing
some recovery in other news a desperate search is underway for a missing
eight-year-old girl from Epsom st. Mary it’s believed the girl was washed away
by water by from water by flood rains on Monday and Giovanni Denis has details
it’s the worst kind of Tears a mother wailing over her missing child kimura
white eight years old disappeared sometime yesterday afternoon during rain
fall the circumstances leading up to when she disappeared are sketchy but
what is known is that she wasn’t feeling well at school on Monday teacher telling
me that their neck she was crying for initially don’t all
day she develop a fever the teacher give our umbrella to come home I know LCR from then so she called
emergency responders and started searching herself it’s unclear exactly
how she went missing but so far one KU fold our shoes last
night but in the river close by and don’t find our bag we don’t find our
slippers I don’t find I don’t know I don’t find anything else for her so I’m
just open the search ended sometime close to midnight and resumed early this
morning scores of residents came out to help Tommy is a diver we start when we
spot the incident that man searched calm down when I really find him it so a buck
water at the moment I won’t need so come make your art I wrote no I look more
safer come my car that I have again dr. Norman done is the Member of Parliament
that’s really what for the for the for the for the for the best I’m not you
know not what we I mean sometimes there’s a silver lining everything let
us hope it’s a silver lining somewhere in the meantime Kimora’s mom is
dissatisfied with the emergency responders so far last night when the
police and the firefighters came firefighters left and said that they
will be there looking for a community search 5:30 this morning up to 20
minutes to 6 o clock this morning I had to call the station they said that they
are waiting on the response from the jdf and there the other response
so I took my flashlight and I began search oh pardon search in probably
about 6:30 are some about there the police and the firefighter came and
almighty see they’re telling me that rajesh DF should be reached here by 9 o
clock and all no I haven’t seen Giovanni Dennis TVJ News
the opposition PNP believes it can do a better job in fixing crime in Jamaica
speaking recently at a workers meeting in east central st. Andrew PNP president
dr. Peter Phillips said the number of violent crimes is evidence that the
country is in a crisis we have details in this report according to the People’s
National Party after February 15 this year murders were up by 6 percent when
compared to the same period in 2019 this despite several states of emergency
declared in almost half the country while speaking on Sunday at a workers
meeting at justiciero Park in st. Andrew president of the party dr. Peter
Phillips stressed that the security measure is not working dr. Philips
argued that even in spaces your security checkpoints are present it is evident
that the SOE s are ineffective police checkpoint and soldier I’m gonna get
down and then careful police can move unless they get it structured to move it
is a waste of the energies of the men women in the police force is policing
but why has the PNP continued to support the measure of the matter we are not
government and the government dr. Philips believes that the PNP could do a
better job at fixing Jamaica’s crime problem if it were in power if we
weren’t on it we would know what to do we have long said that modern policing
is intelligence-led policing you need to fill up your intelligence gathering you
need to deploy a police men and women to the hot spots of violence in the country
you need to go and reach out to the violent criminals that attention and Giovanna Dennis TVJ news and it’s time
for a break here on the midday news but stay with us we have more stories right
after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news president of the Jamaica gasoline Retailers Association J GRA Gregory
Chong has highlighted some of the challenges faced by the members in
implementing safety standards at gas stations that includes resistance from
some motorists he says indiscipline contributes significantly to gas
stations being overrun by taxis and buses which used the properties as
pick-up and drop-off points the J GRA president says some people also converge
freely at gas stations despite the safety issues which arise mr. Chung
explains that it’s a major safety hazard for gas stations speaking yesterday on
radio Jamaica’s beyond the headlines he gave further details of the
challenges it is said and sometime it’s complied with and sometimes it’s met
with resistance and you know I personally and dealers personally can
cannot be on there for court all day so while they may go there and talk to a
few persons most of the reinforcement is left of the staff what they do is that
they use a gas station instead of going to a bus park or into a line or some
kind of formal system they use a gas station to pick up passengers drop off
passengers in other easier quicker method of doing their business convicted
jamaican-born sniper Lee Boyd Malvo has agreed to drop his request for
resentencing that was spending before the US Supreme Court the decision was
made after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed legislation yesterday
that creates the possibility of parole for juvenile offenders serving sentences
of 20 years to life Malvo received four life sentences without parole for 3
Virginia slayings commited with John Allen Muhammad during the regional
sniper rampage of October 2002 Malvo was 17 at the time he received six
additional life sentences also without possibility of parole for six killings
in Maryland during the same three-week period in 2002 the bill signed by
Governor Northam would only affect Malibu’s Virginia
sentences over 300 persons living in Montego Bay st. James and neighboring
communities attended an expungement fair in the parish on Friday it was to help
clear criminal records or provide information to those seeking
clarifications on applications more in this report about justice unit and for
lawyers were on location to assist with the application process
persons seeking to remove their criminal records spoke with our news team about
some of the challenges they have faced I tried a good job try to get jobs but
just because of this police record it’s like yeah my thinking you know for you
and I’m this police record is like a nightmare you know I mean you know
without you having a clean when you can’t get a job so I applied for my
realize I had to go to this this and that and this and that I had was to
write a letter to the Transport Authority to say you know what I mean
because of so on so on so on so on so on so on so and so and that’s why I feel to
get a new police record or a clean police record so in a sense yes and I
would like the expansion so that I can get a clean police record in the future
going flour Attorney General Marlin mallalieu Ford revealed who are eligible
to have their records expunged here we’re focusing on those who have been
sentenced either to non custodial sentences or two sentences for less than
five years who have served their time and where a period of five to ten years
have elapsed three to ten in some cases and more importantly are on a better
path they have acknowledged the wrong they have done and you have turned your
lives are on but are still haunted by the criminal record I need a fresh shot
those who have applied will be assessed and processed once found to be eligible
they will then be informed on how to move forward offenses including unlawful
wounding assault occasioning bodily harm
malicious destruction of property possession of and dealing in marijuana
are eligible for expungement offenses such as export of drugs are not eligible
burns more TVJ news and in sports last Thursday TVJ sports aired a story about
the continued decline in the standard of cricket at the high school level and in
the follow up we hear from some stakeholders about how the decline has
affected the local cricketing landscape and we have more from T V J’s Orin
Arthur Brown in 2017 fifty schools participated in the is a rural Eric Ries
helicopter competition in 2019 eight fewer schools took part in the
tournament it’s a trend that has stakeholders concerned including
Trelawny Cricket Association president Chester Anderson has only one school
from that parent currently participates in the head to cook on my board
we have mandated people to go into these schools and try to get them to be more
interested and put some more of the funding that they have towards sports
interpreting vice president of the Jamaica Cricket Association dr. Donovan
Bennett is also concerned about the drop in the standard of high school cricket
but says it’s no fault of the JCA I don’t think you should look at the the
GC for a solution because our real mandate is to promote the game at the
senior level and of course to be involved at a junior level but a
representational level at the level of these is good team playing for Jamaica
dr. Bennett also provided this explanation it’s all about money right
cookies are expensive here number one and be not and even though it’s an
expensive game at that level it still does not generate any income for the
schools right so the schools will gravitate towards sports that generate
income ie check on field and football and this
is what is happening more schools are putting all their resources into track
and field and football for obvious reasons one the popularity and to the
fact that they can make money also to support themselves in the meantime at
least one local club is worried about its own survival
every cloves on possible zompires team has been
suffering from the the weakness of glue I could just know I’ve been thinking I’m
thinking to find out what the best way to get it written I wanna do we must get
more schools playing and further funded from the high school playing we have to
start playing hardball cricket at the primary school level McLeod says clubs
have to be proactive well I think that we’d all sing catching CC we don’t wait
on them to leave the ask we try to get them while they’re at school so we can
assist because you know some schools don’t have shank watches some school is
the easy for them that teaches that that coaches some of them yes there they can
coach but time is a factor I know after these players doing what
they’re doing more than one day or two days a week you have to at the club
level would be a little bit stronger than the school level so when they play
at the school and feel that they are there and they come to the club they
realize that still have a lotta work to do so it’s best to have them who playing
at the club level along with the school in part three and Tuesday we hear the
concern from GC foster college lecturer gives Williams renard abroad for TVJ
sports and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm and you join us at seven
for the prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production
teams good afternoon

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