TVJ Midday News: Deadly Social Media Trend – February 17 2020

TVJ Midday News: Deadly Social Media Trend – February 17 2020

good afternoon I’m Milton Walker with
the media News special welcome if you are watching on one spot Mediacom the
Jamaica Teachers Association and the National secondary students Council are
the latest stakeholder groups adding their condemnation of the new skull
breaker also called jump trip challenge that is spreading online the Education
Ministry and the children’s advocate have already raised concerns about the
potentially deadly social media trend Giovanni Dennis has this TVG news follow
up other attempt at the jump trip challenge or so it appears these are
representatives from the national secondary students council NSSC
condemning the deadly online challenge jump trip skull breaker or tripping jump
what did you think was I know that ridiculous jump challenge broken leg
arms severe spinal damage they can lead to death this needs to stop I repeat
this already the Education Ministry has urged schools to cut down on the
challenge after a Meadowbrook student broke his hand because of the challenge
the Jamaica Teachers Association is also warning against the risky prank the
Jamaica Teachers Association is at this time deeply concerned and indeed
disturbed by the infamous trippin jump challenge perpetrated by unthinking and
uncaring students in our schools we see it as a deadly threat to safety and
security in our schools at a time when we are seeking to make our schools into
safe zones which are conducive to teaching and learning we call on our
students to immediately cease partaking in this practice mr. speed is urging
teachers and guardians to do all in their powers to reach schools and
communities of the hazardous crease observed mostly among teenagers
we must within our schools and our communities establish a zero tolerance
approach and definitive consequences for these potentially deadly acts against
innocent students and children while we are at this time calling on our students
the immediate assist partaking in this practice we are also asking school
administrators great supervisors classroom teachers and student leaders
to be at their vigilant best the office of the children’s advocate says the
prank started in South America videos of young Jamaicans participating emerged
last week Giovanni Dennis TVJ News the Caribbean
disaster emergency management agents sadena is awaiting feedback from some
member countries to finalize the regional response to the cope in
nineteen Kevon coronavirus a new center spoke with a head of sadena following a
webinar hosted by the caribbean broadcast and union here is T V J’s and
Jo Chisholm with the details over 64,000 reported cases of the kovat 19
coronavirus worldwide and as at friday close to 1400 people have died China and
the rest of the world are rushing to halt the spread there have been no
reported cases in the Caribbean but the region isn’t taking any chances
individual Caribbean countries like Jamaica have activated their emergency
health systems siddhim a– headed by Ronald E Jackson is working on a
regional response and you look at the Chinese kids in particular where you
have what one can say a worst case scenario if you use that as your sort of
your you’re planning benchmark for worst case and come back to your best case
then you know there are certain areas we would you would want to be concerned
about in terms of our ability to manage a large number of persons who may be
social assistance or quarantine let me put it that way as well as you know
questions whether we will be able to provide the necessary support before
numbers grew beyond the unhand resources that we have
sadena is working alongside its partners including the Pan American Health
Organization PAHO and the cabin Public Health Agency careful there is no
specific budget for Kovac 19 coronavirus but if needed donors will be asked to
contribute to the emergency assistance fund but we’re waiting on our members
it’s a come back with feedback on you know the the broader pool of government
approach in that regard our rule in terms of stockpiling would have to feed
off of what gaps countries are seeing that they have and that hasn’t come
forward in all cases at the moment and what calf is saying is it is it’s
gap and then together we would look to see how what strategies can be applied
in terms of closing that gap we are simply resources that we may have at our
immediate disposal mr. Jackson reiterated that cabin countries have to
use a multi sectoral approach health is just one aspect what you’re looking at
is a interface between between health water security and humanitarian support
we would have to come up with a clear appreciation of what a third response
would look like in the worst-case scenario
Andrea Chisholm TVJ news the opposition is seemingly taken the government to
task over the sharing of information to combat the deadly kovat 19 coronavirus
speaking on power 106 FM’s morning agenda this morning the opposition
spokesman on health dr. Maurice guy says a lot more needs to be done by the
government to ensure that the country’s seaports are safe TV chase
Shane Masters reports with the rapidly rising death toll from the corona virus
many are worried about the impact of such a virus on Jamaica as health sector
and economy the death toll from the cove 819 reached approximately 2,000 at the
end of Sunday across mainland China there were 2048 new confirmed infections
pushing the new total of infections to almost 71 thousand but back home
concerns are being raised by the opposition in relation to the number of
visitors that will arrive in the country this year and the security of Jamaicans
we are being approached by the pool some operators within the cruise ship in
industry those who work on land interface to the visitors who come but
as far they are where they are no plans in place no contingencies in place or
protocols in place to screen these visitors as is done as we have been told
each other at the airport so that health minister dr. Christopher talked and I
gave up this response one could take a very extreme position if you want it to
and other country and just prevent anyone certainly in the cruise industry
from coming unsure but clearly that would help other very significant
implications for an industry the the issue therefore is is there risk
associated with allowing tourism through crew shipping to function while we
manage and monitor that risk and clearly that is the position that we have taken
as is the case with the rest of the world but dr. guy maintains the country
could still feel the impact if there is an unsuspecting case of a virus entering
through the country seaports we are concerned that one just one single one
might flip through and then infect the same population I mean call it a wh-who
one one there is minimal waste of transmission to two or three persons
however the Health Minister is assuring term Akins that all is in place and the
relevant or authorities will make the necessary decisions to keep the citizens
safe I do begin that based on past history the it has our turkeys do have a
good system it has turned back ships before I personally as minister of
working with the team turn back an entire cruise ship because
of a health risk that was perceived at the time so we’re not afraid to take
decisions or she’d masters TVJ news did you make a defense force is still on
lockdown after two rifles disappeared on Saturday military personnel are
continuing their search for the two m16 rifles believed to be stolen from the
armory or news team observed detailed checks at the gate of the Jamaica
Defence Force Base at South camper all this morning TVJ news on the stands are
all green spaces unoccupied buildings vehicles and scrap piles were ordered
searched media affairs officer for the JTF major battle chart told a new center
that the situation has not changed up to this morning on Saturday chief of
Defense staff Lieutenant General rocky Meade said all GF members were confined
to base as his teams search for the missing weapons it’s
still not clear how the two m16 rifles disappeared I know it’s time for a break
on media news be right back welcome back continuing the news gender
Minister mrs. Olivia green says the government is moving swiftly to have the
Domestic Violence Act passed speaking with TVJ news recently Minister green
said the government has identified several amendments such as strengthening
the increasing the penalties for example and and strengthening where enforcement
the enforcement ordered the restraining order can be stronger number of things
and we will be moving very speedily to ensure that back is done it’s a moving
speedily but talking about the time frame we’re talking about within this
within the first quarter Miss Granger added that the sexual harassment bill is
also a priority we are actually meeting weekly to ensure that we fast-track this
piece of legislation so far the hearings that we have had the inputs that have
been made have been tremendous they have been very useful recommendations and so
the committee will have a will have a lot of work to do in reviewing these
presentations and determining what additional clauses will be added as the
People’s National Party the PMP intensifies its campaign activities a
call for the prime minister to pay more attention to national issues this
announcement was made as a party presented dr. Winston delahaye to the
people of essentials and Catherine Moore from TV gist kaliesha Williams on Sunday
night the People’s National Party PNP introduced their candidate dr. Winston
delahaye to the people of east central st. Catherine dr. della hail be good
up against the GOP solando Tara long for the seat in the next general election
Member of Parliament for Northwest scene and dr. Dayton Campbell believes dr.
delaffei the right man for the job we want to give you a member of
parliament that will represent the issues in the constituency we will give
you a member Parliament that will listen to your concerns and will develop
programs and policies to fix your concerns will ensure that your children
can go to school but you have good road for joy one I bet you two can’t get sir
my prosperity and while encouraging party supporters to choose dr. Elahi
as their representative dr. Campbell took a jab at a GLP because unsure on
gone over southeast Clarendon say much at the polls other people with 30
million dollars and we can check the polls a sick patient in hospital because
we don’t have any machine in the hospitals and as a shear are you mr.
prime minister he also accused Prime Minister Andrew Holness of neglecting
national issues I’m Joe Murr Tigana paella watts Lapointe menu cards I’m
sure people are suffer upon the new cloud I’m sure Monica laughter baby
mother look I’m a new cloud I’m sure Mourad
body nope I’m a new class angel people are
get here at this setup away no problem you slob with it Kaneesha Williams TV Jennings when the
port is returning to Jamaica concerns are being raised about how they’re being
processed by the Jamaican government and released into society the issue was
raised on TV Jay smile Jamaica this morning TV Jay’s Anthony lock reports
head of the JC f’s corporate communications unit Senior
Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay says most migrants are deported as a result
of immigration issues attorney-at-law john basi says due to the complicated
nature of deportation it’s wrong to assume that all deportees are violent
criminals with the UK as B to the UK there are two types of removal you’re
the administrative removal which is really called forced removal and it
normally speaks the person who has known no more time left in England there is no
more leave to remain there and then of course you have the deportation
deportation speaks to where person has in fact gone through a criminal sentence
for 12 months or longer and has to be removed by a deportation notice 17
deportees recently arrived in the island on a charter flight from the UK these
individuals had various convictions and a combined sentence of 75 years one had
a life sentence seen a superintendent Stephanie Lindsay sought to explain what
will happen to those with incomplete sentences and those who have already
served their sentences once we get the information that person’s will becoming
then this they will check our local system to see if person if they were if
we have an interest in them because there are some persons who go abroad
because they are run away from all of justice system so if they fall into that
category upon return would have an interest in them otherwise if they have
served their time overseas no matter the seriousness of the offence when they
come to Jamaica they go through this processing they check
fingerprints they check identity because sometimes they are sent back under a
different name that means we have so we go through that but after that process
is done then there’s no monitoring they’re free citizen she also addressed
concerns raised about the migrants who had nowhere to go for persons who don’t
have anyone to receive them there are at least two NGOs that really come in and
support them so they will provide them with meal
they will take their information whatever belongings they have and they
will provide them with some temporary shelter and accommodation until they
find a way to sort themselves and TPG news in sports the Jamaica rugby sevens
team has won this competition to play in in preparation for the Intercontinental
playoffs for the Olympic Games as the Hong Kong Sevens has been postponed
since Hong Kong is close to mainland China the governing body of the sport
world rugby has moved the annual tournament from April to October due to
the corona virus outbreak the series of qualifiers for the Olympic Games is
slated for June 20 and 21 in France chairman of the Jamaica Rob the Union
Jerry benzevich says he will be searching for another competition to
prepare the team for the Olympic qualifiers Jamaica that we have one less
tournament to prepare for the repechage Olympic qualifiers which would follow so
know we are without a extra tournament it means that we have to put in more
work at the one that we’re presently in and hopefully look for another
tournament to attend before the repechage this will be costly because
the Hong Kong Sevens was a fun date trip so no we’re gonna have to probably seek
sponsorship in order to get some of our boys either over to the UK to get into
our tournament or we want to maybe fly them to the biggest sevens to
participate in one of the lesser tournaments that’s going on there
Jamaica’s competed at the Hong Kong Sevens in each of the last three years
and that’s the media news I’m Milton Walker join us at 7:00 for primetime
news on behalf of the news sports and production teams good afternoon you

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