TVJ Midday News: Farmers Still Suffering || Calls for More Affordable Housing – December 6 2019

TVJ Midday News: Farmers Still Suffering || Calls for More Affordable Housing – December 6 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Friday December 6 a special welcome if you are watching
on one spot Mediacom agriculture minister Audrey Shaw says the sector
continues to face challenges due to climate change he was speaking at a
quarterly press briefing yesterday TV J’s fashion Brown has more it’s from one
extreme to the next when farmers are not battling severe dry conditions they’re
faced with excessive rainfall Agriculture Minister Audley Shah said
this increased unpredictability in the country’s weather pattern is due to
climate change which has significantly affected the agriculture sector this has
directly impacted this the agricultural sector and during the year there were
several cases of for instance Bush and farm fire fires island-wide in the month
of July for example there were over 123 reported cases of bush fire in mr. Shah
also pointed to the fire in flagman st. Elizabeth in August where more than 200
acres of farm lands were ravaged resulting in losses estimated at forty
five million dollars he said the private sector partners should be commended for
joining with a ministry to assist to the farmers in the era to get back on their
feet in light of the issues relating to climate change the minister said
production in the sector has been effective against that background the
country recorded less than desirable growth in the sector agricultural sector
with flat performance in the January to September period when compared with last
year they were slightly Bethany was in the manufacturing sector this sector
showed modest growth of 1.2 percent in the January to September two thousand
thousand 19 period when compared with the same period in 2018 but despite the
challenges the minister argued that there are some good developments I’ve
always said that in every crisis there’s always a seed of greater benefit so we
have to find the seed and sew it and indeed we have been doing that
so in addition for instance to several companies companies that you drive out
on highway mm you look on the left you see some very impressive developments
taking place by CB the CB group and in addition to that we welcome new
investors such as the gas Anna’s an LED 400 acre lay expand Agri ventures
limited to be established on the burner large lands Vashon brown tbj news prime
minister Andrew Holness has again reiterated his call for more affordable
housing solutions for Jamaicans with the details here Stevie J is Prince more
Prime Minister Antonis has issued a charge to the National Housing Trust nht
to lower the cost for their houses this he says can be achieved through the use
of more technology in the nhd spilling system mr. Holness says the move is in a
bid to ensure that every gem he can has a fair chance of owning a house the
Prime Minister was speaking after handing over keys to families for 29
detached units in Dalston Grove and 23 detached units in Shrewsbury both in
Westmorland he says even though the cost for the
infrastructural development in Darla stone was approximately 500 million
dollars the pricing for one unit at over 13 million dollars is too high that’s
why he’s calling for a new outlook from the nht so I told him to continue to
build houses and build them rapidly but know they have to focus on affordable
housing and what does affordable housing mean there’s a universal measure you
shouldn’t be spending more than a third of your income on the mortgage cost of
the house so that is the kind of housing solution that the nhd should be seeking
to provide the prime minister says he’s not requiring the nhd to overly
subsidized housing but to use measures which will reduce the overall cost of
building schemes we must integrate more technology in the building system
and materials that are used in order to bring down the prices of the housing
solutions that we bring to market in the meantime mr. Hall has stated that the
nhd has been making steady progress in achieving his target of developing
23,000 housing solutions in Jamaica by 2021 burns more TVJ news and the Prime
Minister is satisfied with developments at the catherine hall entertainment
complex mr. Holness toured the site recently
with a member of parliament for northwestern st. james dr. Horace Chang
and mayor of Montego Bay Houma Davis TV J’s ashamed masters reports I think it
will do a great deal of good to just uplifting and elevating the spirit of
the people who live in prime minister Andrew Holness sharing his two cents
about the latest development taking place in Catherine halls and James the
area known as Catherine hall entertainment complex is traditionally
used for entertainment events like the annual reggaeton fest Music Festival a
month ago work started to transform the era into a permanent show sight as part
of a project a 16 acre property formerly known as dumper Beach is being
transformed into a world-class recreational space with amenities that
will be operated as a free access licensed public beach and multi-purpose
park now during a tour of a closed Harbor Beach Park site on Wednesday
mr. horn said once works are completed the space will better facilitate the
entertainment industry so things like maybe an entertainment museum or oregano
more Museum of that nature open park space
with a similar feature of a boardwalk possibly a boardwalk connecting here
through to there which will really create a space that can fool the public
from the congestion of the inner city of the tone to have more relaxing space
space where people can the project which is valued at more than 1 billion dollars
is expected to further boost tourism in the parish it gives an option for people
to come out on the all-inclusive ‘s and feel free to walk her own and engage
with the environment both natural and built you know in a way that you know
gives as I’d like to call it the experiential nature of tourism in giving
an update mr. horner said he is satisfied with the project so far this
is being done by a local contractor it is it is on time and on budget and we
want to keep it that way it is being supervised managed by the UDC
it is Legacy Project for the UDC and so far from what I’ve seen and satisfied
and I’m sure when it is complete the people of Montego Bay will be more than
satisfied or Shane masters t be tenuous and it’s time for another break but stay
with us we have more stories right after these messages welcome back and were continuing the
news Jamaica’s insurance sector is being called upon to help spur growth in the
economy according to data from the financial services commission total
investments in the life insurance sector was 297 point eight billion as at June
2018 investment assets for general insurance companies was 51 point three
billion it further noted that total assets of the life insurance industry as
at June 30 last year amounted to three hundred and twenty one point six billion
dollars with liabilities of two hundred and thirty two point eight billion
capital and surplus were eighty eight point eight billion it’s with those
figures in mind that mr. Shah says the life insurance sector is poised to have
the country’s economic growth projections it’s a well developed
industry in terms of international standards and contribution to gross
domestic product which accounts for some eleven point five percent of the
country’s financial assets but despite the maturity of the industry
there is still room for growth always and there are many avenues through which
this growth can be facilitated once you build upon your business and refine your
practice that growth will come with an increase in murders there’s a call for
stronger laws to deal with criminals speaking recently at a crime summit at
the northern cabin university president of the seventh-day Adventist Church in
Jamaica pastor Everett Brown weighed in on the matter the suppression of claim
Act which was enacted in 1974 and the recent legislation to to bring about
zones of special what are your operations have not addressed the
problem pastor Brown says a stronger
relationship between faith-based entities and the government is needed to
stem criminality it’s why the National Security Minister dr. Chang has issued a
call for churches to play a more integral role churches therefore well
placed to engage educate and interpersonal in violent or criminal
behavior 21:22 we see the call me dr. Chang has
sometimes their boss you know I’d like to be a grandfather too you know but
they know if they can’t in a life of crime do not getting beer and that’s why
in many ways have put a lot of my funding in this concept they were in fun
in education I’ve had many of these llamado come to me and say all right me
to Aloha what’s America one year send them a different way
dr. Chang said that the major focus of the churches would be on staring young
men from acts of criminality some 100 civil servants were recognized yesterday
for a long service in the Ministry of local government the awardees were
recognized for 15 to 35 years of service at the Montego Bay Convention Center in
st. James local government minister Desmond McKenzie says improvements to
the poor relief program are now at an advanced stage with completion expected
in the new year we have known the process much faster and the
discussions are looking at the total review of the salary structure not just
sorry they didn’t err sister who online the registered nurses but a general
review of the salaries is being undertaken and not result level of local
government but right across the board the minister says better days are ahead
for the poor relief department thank you all and to say to you that better days
are coming for poor relief and in Sports Leaders waterhouse will host Mount
Pleasant Academy in the Friday night fixture of the red stripe Premier League
at the Jews land stadium waterhouse are 133 points while Mount Pleasant Academy
are second on 25 points kickoff is at 7 o’clock
the last time both teams met in October Mount Pleasant Academy won 3-1 week 16
will continue with 4 games on Sunday and end on Monday with Cavalier hosting
humble lion at the stadium Eastfield president of the Jamaica Cricket
Association Wilfred Bella heaven has described the recent signing of a
Memorandum of Understanding with the University of the West Indies as a
significant step in the development of the sport locally on Wednesday both
parties signed a 3-year agreement which will support their respective areas of
need it’s a
and it’s very exciting for both parties we will be looking at infrastructure
development the facilities here at at the University we will be focusing on
better facilities up to the first class level we are lacking right now in terms
of facilities right across the island and this will be an addition to those
that we already have being Savannah Park and the chiller and a multi-purpose
stadium that was Wilford Billy heaven meanwhile principal of the UW muna
campus professor Dale Weber says the partnership will benefit both parties
the biggest benefit to us well be very selfish biggest benefit is our playing
fields we have always wanted to do something with the mana ball with our
plane surfaces and but do we know exactly what to do do we know the best
way to do it are we gonna be able to take advantage
of using it will those come and use it those who we wish to have come and use
it come and use it if it is not in the right place in the right way whether it
is for the duration of the agreement you WI will provide medical screening
rehabilitation as well as educational opportunities and strength conditioning
programs for all national teams meanwhile the JCA will help to develop
infrastructure and provide training and equipment and that’s the midday news I’m
Andrea Chisholm join us at seven for the prime time news package on behalf of the
news sports and production teams good afternoon and have a great weekend

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  1. When you listened to these kinds of hypocrisy what the minister of national security is calling on the poor churches, to help solved crimes in Jamaica.
    Then you know that the government is just a big joker, because they are taking most of the money for themselves. There is no jobs available for the poor people in Jamaica to do,plus the rapidly devaluation of the dollar.
    The Jamaican dollar is valued less than one U.S. cent, and the cost of living in Jamaica is so high.
    The minister of national security must realized that the crimes situation in Jamaica must goes up,because the government is not doing nothing to alleviate the problem on the poor people.
    There is no training centers over Jamaica anymore, because they were dismantled by the JLP party government in the 1980s.
    So when the minister of national security is calling on the poor churches to intervene, it is government jobs to do so.
    Because they are the ones who are getting paid to do their job, so if they cannot managed it.
    Please steps aside and let someone with the know how, to tried and control the crimes situation in Jamaica.
    It is a very sad situation in Jamaica where the politicians is calling on the poor churches to their jobs, and they are the ones who.
    The people them voted for, and they are collecting money by means of false pretenses.

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  3. Yes, as usual Jamaica following our oppressors about climate change.

  4. Climate change is a Damn scam the weather change all the time. Stop follow Europe and America

  5. I strongly believe that they should get rid of Billy Heaven, also Bennett from the Jamaica cricket board management. Because they are really messing it up,I know a lot of people in going to say that Bennett 5 championships as a head coach, but he took over the team with some of the best players in the world. During taking over the Jamaica team, it was a test team players. Those two guys is there messing up the cricket, Jamaica is going back to the days when certain people was incharged of the selection. It took Jamaica 18 years before they could of broke the spells,and it is the same thing is happening now.

  6. Psalms 23; 1-150;1-150;;27;1-150;91,,?God protection

  7. New technologies in construction are mostly expensive…… It's efficient building practices needs to be practice now….

  8. Houses are always over priced they don't pay that much to workers so I don't know how the prices so high

  9. Unuh give unuh rich friends the bernard lodge lands but run weh the poor farmers

  10. Why can't Jarrett Park be redeveloped. Back in the day Jarrett Park use host shell shield cricket matches. There is a lot of land space adjacent to Jarrett Park that could be acquired to develop it into a first class sport felicity and cricket stadium.

  11. Government plan dat out to ah TTTT

  12. It's not new technology NHT needs, it needs CREATIVE FINANCING. I always say it, maybe I should write u a letter. Offer rent to own instead of selling the property outright. U can't wait to get paid, then to hell with y'all. Thank u tho Mr. Holness.

  13. Everyone don't need to own a house but need to be able to live in one..You either pay MORTGAGE and other bills so that others can LIVE a life or you pay RENT and live your life…GET REAL PEOPLE don't make home ownership IMPRISONED YOU….

  14. NHT is too focused on building single detached homes. I can’t wait to hear when they can’t find suitable land. High rise dwelling for rent to own should be part of their portfolio.

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