TVJ Midday News: GOJ Focusing on Travel Ban Impact – February 28 2020

TVJ Midday News: GOJ Focusing on Travel Ban Impact – February 28 2020

good afternoon I am Andrea Chisholm
where the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom
the tourism ministry is focusing on minimizing the impact of ovid 19
coronavirus on the industry portfolio minister edmond Bartlett is gearing up
for a meeting in Germany to discuss a global response to the deadly virus
details in this report tourism Edmond Bartlet if the period of
The Cove in 1900 break is protracted its impact on tourism could be devastating
on Thursday while speaking on radio Jamaica’s beyond the headlines mr.
Bartlett said there is anxiety within the Cruz community not only that but he
also admitted that the virus is already impacting the ministry’s projections for
this year therefore the tourism ministry is now
focusing on minimizing the impact of a potential outbreak
the fact is for the year so far we still growing I’ll be at a lower rate than we
had projected but we still going where we know we’re about 2.7 percent over
last year as we are know but you know my projections are five by five by Senate
right so we still want to maintain sy back as I said and I’m Noah 2.7 and that
is a little concerning yes and I don’t think that we’re going to do very much
beyond that given the current mr. Bartlett said a protocol for the
prevention of the spread of the deadly virus within the tourism industry is to
be implemented in a few days mr. Bartlett said it’s important that global
tourism players do not go into panic mode
sit down to map out the protocols entities regime that has to know go into
play you know public education activities posters all over the place
taking hygienic practices must wash your hands before and after you know sanitize
avoid contact we need employment to hold protocols you know be developed to be
rolled out he will attend a meeting next week in Germany to discuss a global
response to the call with 19 we’re talking focusing on I want to see the
approaches we can take on a broad global global protocols so that we can
understand what kind of socialist funny gender can be tolerable and accepted so
that travel and prints more TVJ news in the meantime Barbados has joined several
other CARICOM countries in advising nationals against travel to China and
South Korea unless absolutely necessary the ministry of health and wellness said
the decision to extend the advisory is based on information provided by the
World Health Organization and the us-based Center for Disease Control and
Prevention national security minister dr. Horace Chang is supporting the
Jamaica constable Air Force and how crime is handled this follows results of
the rgr Gleaner Don Anderson poll which gave the jcf a failing grade
it showed that six out of every ten Jamaicans or 61% said the police force
was not effective in leading the fight against crime
three out of ten Jamaicans or 30% disagreed 9% either did not know or were
not sure suggests that they may be they sing you know you know a entity fighting
crime and this or no this doesn’t address the issue at all respondents to
the survey believe the Jamaica Defence Force should play a more active role in
crime-fighting this was dr. Chang’s response I’ve been under order spread
across every district in Ireland and yet they have come under significant
pressure and oftentimes one bad egg becomes the face of the police and in
addition to that you find because they are the ones on the front line the other
ones were usually attacks on issues of you know inappropriate response charges
of corruption and these issues that become almost living begin to make the
image of the police the private sector organization president is surprised that
most Jamaicans object to some forms of some forms of privatization of
government assets in the rgr Gleaner Don Anderson poll seventy six percent of
respondents believed the government should not sell its stake in the Jamaica
Public Service Company and transgenic on-highway former PSO J president Howard
Mitchell reacted to the finding secure that it is distrust that they feel that
by privatization the ownership of the government entities would necessarily go
in to a few private hands but my understanding and maybe that
understanding has not been communicated well to the public is that the
management of the issue would be such that the ownership would be abroad this
public ownership so I am a little surprised at the reaction what I feel
that perhaps it is it arises from ignorant as to the real process by which
privatization is going to occur the poll also showed that 52% of Jamaicans agree
with the listing state-owned companies on the Jamaica stock exchange
mr. Mitchell says there is a role for the government the stock exchange and
the private sector claim to make our citizens help our citizens to be more
financially aware could be aware of the benefit
of the public market the benefits of ownership which is ownership and
management which is motivated by profits and prudent governance and I think that
process needs to be accelerated 1038 persons were surveyed for the are Jelena
Don Anderson poll it was done between February 8th and February 18 and has a
margin of error of a plus or minus 3% a student of William nihai in Trelawny is
believed to have drowned yesterday at a river in Sherwood as his body was found
moments ago he has been identified as a 16 year old Jonathan Eccleston it’s
understood that Jonathan and seven others went fishing when he slipped on a
log and fell in the water on Tuesday the body of eight year old
Kimora white was found in Dover Saint Mary after she was washed away while
crossing a river on her way home and it’s time for a break here on the midday
news but stay with us we have more stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news the independent candidate concept contesting the southeast Clarendon
by-election is adamant his return to politics as an independent is the better
the lives of a residence Derrick Lambert dismissed suggestions that he’s aiming
to use the by-election to reestablish ties with the PNP leadership and
supporters despite losing by just over 100 votes in 2011
mr. Lambert was overlooked as the p-n peace candidate in the 2016 general
election I have no interest in politics apart from going in Parliament only atom
by message so that’s what get DeLong are at least minore say it isn’t point
forget it after that my business ago that works
the tutorial Kodama interests now my business trigger
on which I see em diverse interests including medical marijuana Dennison so
I forgot oh where the PMPA was say the win and you’re calm and so on that is a
relevant right now I mean other interests but no future politics what
I’ve been doing all my life is dealing with the people with a meal without the
candidate are not our caretaker we never stop do latinum a life in news overseas
the rapid rise in cases of kobe 19 coronavirus raised fares of a pandemic
with the six countries with travel history to Italy reporting their first
cases they are Nigeria Estonia Denmark Netherlands Lithuania and Mexico in
Japan a British man who was infected on the Diamond Princess cruise ship has
died bringing the death toll among a death toll among people who were aboard
the vessel to six for the first time in decades Iran can set fried a purse to
limit the spread of the virus meanwhile stock markets around the world are
experiencing major declines amid invest Affairs and in sports the potential
imposition of a travel ban from Jamaica to Japan may further jeopardize the
country’s participation at this semester your Olympics organisers are uncertain
if the games will go ahead as planned Japan has come under the microscope
after the Health Ministry yesterday announced it would be restricting travel
to Italy South Korea Singapore and Iran due to a rise in corporate 19 cases for
president of the Jamaica Athletics administrative Association dr. Warren
Blake the advice of the World Health Organization would be key in coming to a
decision the World Organization saying that they are not the ones to cancel a
knee in a sporting event but rather the organisers but I’m certain that there
have been close discussions with the organizers the IOC and making
recommendations as to what it is see dr. maté said the j-3 is would suffer
financially if the olympics are canceled as it acts as one of their major
bargaining tools for sponsorship it would have affect us financially as well
because I didn’t wanted the thing that our gear sponsor looks forward to is to
get from returned at the Olympic Games in terms of brand visibility and
everything and this is all I know a performance at these games without
taking Damien’s work home when we look at bonuses that we mirror and you know
only the fact sponsorship because that contract levels not have an Olympic
Games at a time when where we are thinking that Jamaica should do fairly
well will make it difficult for us the argue for an increase in in sponsorship
levels and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the
prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production teams with
afternoon and have a great weekend

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