TVJ Midday News: INDECOM Challenge Court of Appeal Ruling at Privy Council – February 4 2020

TVJ Midday News: INDECOM Challenge Court of Appeal Ruling at Privy Council – February 4 2020

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you are watching on one spot the
Privy Council is now hearing the appeal brought by in the come against the
Police Federation challenging the ruling of the Court of Appeal that it has no
jurisdiction to arrest and prosecute members of the Jamaica Constabulary
force the hearing started yesterday and will end tomorrow in March 2018 the
Court of Appeal ruled that in the comes powers are limited to investigations
three other associations representing members of the jcf are also respondents
in the matter the Privy Council will also decide whether any limitations or
restrictions arise in respect of a prosecution by Indicom or its initiation
the court will also decide whether a claim of uncertainty about the
lawfulness of a request made by an Indicom investigator can amount to a
lawful justification for failure to comply with that request further they
will seek to get answers on whether a claim by a police officer that he or she
is following the instruction of a superior officer
can amount to a lawful justification for failure to comply with a request made by
an indica investigator justice minister Delroy chuck said he believes the Privy
Council is likely to agree with the Court of Appeals ruling health
authorities in China’s Hubei Province yesterday reported 64 deaths from the
coronavirus the death tone in China has now risen to 425 the authorities also
reported 2345 unicorn’ firmed patients in whom a Hong Kong Tunney today
reported its first death from the coronavirus the second fatality outside
mainland China meanwhile the whistleblower doctor who was silenced by
Chinese police when he flagged the corona virus outbreak early on is now
one of those infected we have details in this report in a matter of days
dr. Li wen Liang went from treating patients to becoming one the 34 year old
ophthalmologist diagnosed Saturday with the Wuhan coronavirus but if action had
been taken when he and others started sounding alarms the severity of the
outbreak might have been understood sooner struggling to communicate Lee
spoke with CNN briefly by phone you can hear the hospital machines pulsing in
the background it was back in late December when Lee first warned friends
on WeChat about a SARS like disease going around Lee sent a group message
saying that a test results from a patient quarantined at the hospital
where he worked showed a patient had a corona virus but hours after hitting
send wilhunt city health officials tracked me down questioning where he got
the information within days they closed the suspected source of the virus this
seafood market and they announced the outbreak but instead of being praised
Lee got a call from Wuhan City Police with Lee coughing too much and breathing
too poorly to speak by phone we asked Lee by text how did you feel
when this happened I felt a little afraid afraid I would be detained afraid
my family would worry Lee responded he agreed to sign this document admitting
to spreading rumors online and severely disrupting social order it reads we want
you to cooperate with the police and listen to our reminder and stop the
illegal act can you do that Lee answered yes I can in the weeks that followed the
100 miserable Health Commission maintained that there was no obvious
evidence for human to human transmission no infection of healthcare workers and
that the outbreak was in their words preventable and controllable and with
that the people of Wuhan continued about their normal lives then came a sudden
jump in infections China’s central government took over scrambling to
contain a spreading virus with a rising death toll chinese state media first
reported that Lee was one of several whistleblowers silenced by police calls
for Lee and the others to be vindicated through online China’s Supreme Court
even weighed in adding quote it might have been a fortunate thing if the
public had listened to this rumor at the time tourism minister
Edmund Bartlet continues to encourage employers in the hospitality industry to
participate in the tourism workers pension scheme at a press conference
today the tourism minister said registration will begin soon t BJ’s
Anthony log reports so I’m pleased to announce that the Gazette it did for the
start of the tourism workers pensions give me January 31st 20 tourism minister
Edie Bartlett at a press conference on Monday the announcement is expected to
set the stage for the Board of Trustees to conclude the arrangements with a fund
manager and the fund administrator we expect to have that done in very very
short order so that we can then proceed to have the Augmented partners getting
involved in registration the long-awaited tourism workers pension
scheme is designed to cover workers aged 18 to 59 whether permanent on contract
or self employed this includes hotel workers as well as persons employed in
related industries such as craft vendors tour operators redcap Porter’s contract
carriage operators and workers at attractions this pension scheme is going
to be the largest pension plan in the Caribbean at the moment we have
potential for about 350,000 members and that’s growing it’s growing because the
tourism industry is growing because the employment in the industry is growing
phenomenally it’s only yesterday only we can I have occasion to be reminded by
statistics that in the last four years we have increased by nearly 50 percent
but just how much will persons have to contribute well it’s a three percent
initially represent of whatever you get for the first three years and then five
percent after that but remember now that the 3 percent is much by 3 percent from
the employer and the 5 percent will be much
but if you are able to put more you can turn ship it up to 20% of your salary
over time analog TV news meanwhile mr. Bartlett
says thousands of jobs are coming for the Jamaican people looking in the
pipeline the next two months we’re going to be breaking ground for close to
12,000 rules the implications of which for job creation and for employment in
the broader scale is going to huge one of the projects that we break in goes on
the 28th of February is going to employ initially 10,000 people and there’s
another one that’s coming which is going to have pretty close to that and then
one which and Wednesday I will conclude this questions on which will bring
another some four or five thousand employ and it’s time for a break here on
the midday news but stay with us we have more stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news market vendors in Saint Anne are livid this afternoon as they say
robberies are threatening their livelihood the vendors are blasting the
Saint and Municipal Corporation as they say the entity has done nothing to fix
the situation the vendors in the st. Ann’s Bay market say there are several
issues which the Municipal Corporation has failed to address despite them ping
their market fees but they say the ongoing robberies at the facility is the
last straw nobody nobody responds about it then don’t care until the seriously
I’m coming in for money market vendor Clinton ash Meade says he has been the
victim more than once and says the response from the Municipal Corporation
is inadequate I was awarded an ember Bishop oh no I wanna tell you what they
do with me when I say you you have to wonder if another vendor Patricia says
thieves have also taken her Goods even since the start of this year removing
over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in appliances and market produce
and come back again and imbricate and enter court everything parish concen
don’t do anything about it we talked today Monica today when we spoke with
mayor of st. Ann’s Bay Michael Bell Navis he said security is at the market
but admitted that the thieves have been outsmarting them her phone is that
people will study what is going on and break in and steal from the poor absolute Mintzberg police and we have
seen this force to do the relevant investigations to bring these people to
justice because it’s a travesty to see people’s secret about work for the
entire market one security for the entire market I know once again together
on every market so they say security they are not told about women nervous be
secured down here so they say even the police investigation is inadequate
police and condemnation come all you can say the McCormick’s insane CID contact
fingerprint ennoble no nobody no comment we are tired of the situation in this
market cockroach Mongoose all type of thing in this market market is not wash
it one time for three months ISIL who’s also in here we are tired of the
situation right now do something that’s one McKenzie to come
forward and keep a meeting with our do something for all stakeholders in the
Clarendon police division are again searching for solutions in crime
hotspots there’s a flare a pan of shootings and killings in the southeast
section the crime wave comes despite the ongoing state of emergency in the parish
TV Jay’s doing Anderson reports the seven-mile Street community is still
tense those faded blood marks as well as closed business places are reminders of
the hostilities that took place hours ago this community and the wider Hayes
community has become the center of increased gangland activities in a total
of five persons have been shot in the area within the last few days three of
those persons died from their wounds don’t want a repeat of 2019 when we have
multiple and I’m saying again that you know we
know what can happen even in the year we have seen it history is there to guide
us the violence has prompted a response from the security forces increased
police patrol in the area in addition a state of emergency checkpoint has been
set up a stone’s throw away from where Sunday’s shooting took place stop and
searches were done in the hope of intercepting illegal weapons or drugs
back in the community persons nervously went about their business residents are
scared but spoke with me off-camera one resident suggested more social
intervention programs scene and murder them community only
naiveness them when the bed time are a certain time so they need to do a whole
sauce thing check miss Jian Ark miss Carroll on what children have and we are
there right now are they’re in school with the police police club with a
facility with the training like football cricket me on the sport truck I feel
democratic now I will get them you there you can complete our weekend for
Saturday yeah but we scramble counselor for the his division see and Barnesville
is questioning whether the state of emergency in the parish is useful it but
it is not effective some calling again and the minister of national security to
give whatever support necessary to ensure that the residence of years and
by extension Clarendon is safe because what is not me know is reach alarming
proportion and we are now saying that we are afraid do in Anderson TV G news
there is a slim chance that the demolition of the apartment complex on
upper Montrose road in st. Andrew can be avoided despite an order by the Supreme
Court attorney at law Amy libels who filed a claim against the
developer said there was an opportunity for modifications to the complex instead
of demolition the issue was follows our ruling by the
Supreme the developer should demolish the
structure immediately because it breached the restrictive covenants
attached to the title these covenants stipulated the type of structures which
should be built in that neighborhood however the developer went ahead with
the construction and later applied the covenants to be changed the Supreme
Court did not find favor with this activity it then made an order for the
structures to be demolished so that they could conform with the covenants
according to mr. LIBOR based on the order some time was given for
recommendations to be made on how to carry out the demolition he explained
yesterday on radio Jamaica’s beyond the headlines there’s another date that is
set for the parties to put forth as it is to see the extent to which the
structure on the property can be modified to conform with existing
covenants so if it is that something is put before the court that reflects that
how the property can be modified to conform with the covenants then the
court will consider that in making any final determination on that aspect the
Child Protection and Family Services Agency is moving to provide more
resources to deal with the troubled children head of the agency Rosalee gage
gray says in the near future the agency will be building a therapeutic Center at
the max Miller Children’s Home this Center she notes is vital due to the
level of violence against children and this is will be a critical facility for
us and for the children of Jamaica where we can do the therapeutic intervention
which is if we should see what’s our greatest need apart from the fire safety
it would be the therapy to care for children who have experienced severe
trauma mrs. gage gray was speaking recently either handing over of a fire
safety system at the Maxfield park children’s home approximately 30 homes
will be retrofitted with the safe equipment through a forty million dollar
initiative spearheaded by the Supreme Ventures Foundation and the Jamaica Fire
Brigade director of the Supreme Ventures Foundation Heather Golson highlighted
the reason for such a move it’s a strategic imperative for the foundation
and fire safety has been so topical over the last few years we’ve suffered loss
we have suffered destruction in the society and we’ve suffered so much
emotional upheaval that it was a absolute absolutely clear decision for
us grammy-winning reggae artist coffee was welcomed home by government
officials when she arrived at the Norman man the International Airport in
Kingston yesterday and during a courtesy call at Jamaica house prime minister
Andrew Holness and minister of entertainment Olivia Grange
congratulated the recording artist Poppy’s mother Joanne Williams was also
in attendance coffee later expressed her gratitude to the prime minister and for
winning the award she is proud that she could represent the country me winning
this Grammy definitely represents hope for the future it shows that many great
things are possible as I’ve been saying and it opens new doors not only
established artists before us who not even discovered him talent yet so to
speak so I mean it’s it’s a huge it’s a huge milestone for us and the country
minister Olivia Grange described it as a blessing to be celebrating coffees
success during reg a month it was the singers first time returning to Jamaica
since winning the Grammy Award for Best reggae album in Los Angeles California
on January 20 six and that’s the midday news I’m
Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the
news and production teams good afternoon

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    By Gary Logan

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    There main purposes they are there, is to try to get rid of the gun men, rapists, robbers, burglaries, also those stealing people farming produced.
    Also those wanted men roaming the parish, and committed those heinous crimes, that is what they are there for. Stop concentrating on petty things like ganja,it is a money making for poor people in Jamaica. Poverty is what really leads to most crimes, until the government can really helped in some ways or the other.
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