TVJ Midday News: Jamaica’s Preparedness for Coronavirus in Question – PNP, January 31, 2020

TVJ Midday News: Jamaica’s Preparedness for Coronavirus in Question – PNP, January 31, 2020

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot
the national caucus of the PNP is raising concerns about the country’s
response system and mace the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China chairman
of the caucus Norman Scott says the Health Ministry needs to act now to
provide adequate protection to citizens we have details in this report
insufficient that’s how chairman of the National
Caucus of the PNP Norman Scott describes health care professionals screening
devices and quarantine errors at the conscious port of entry
mr. Scott says at this time when the coronavirus is declared a global health
emergency by the World Health Organization the government should at
least have primary and secondary areas designated for quarantine at each port
of entry what it means is you have the device to check the individuals as they
pass and whatever is the results then if there is any reason for a secondary
checking then that area should be provided to have these things done
according to mr. Scott the conscious port of entry as is is not
adequately prepared to deal with the virus it’s why he’s recommending that
the Health Ministry should fully equip hospitals with the relevant devices and
quarantine errors for testing the other the other recommendation is for the
National Laboratory area to be finally put in place and mrs. Scott warns the
Health Ministry to act now with all the factors considered and their knowledge
meant that our National Resource Response system is woefully inadequate
to deal with a virus of this nature we call on the minister to
no to ensure and to give the citizens of this country Oh
perk right TV genius meanwhile the death toll in China from
the coronavirus has risen to 213 even as more countries announced plans to
evacuate citizens from Wuhan the Chinese city at the center of the outbreak
Beijing said there are there are at least nine thousand six hundred and
ninety two confirmed cases which have spread from Wuhan to all 31 provinces in
China the virus has spread to at least 18 other countries smash town’s mayor
Norman Scott is questioning whether the government is playing politics with the
dengue outbreak mr. Scott raised his query based on a
job advertisement for vector control workers but to make a social investment
fund Joseph the Minister of Health forms and Catherine isn’t aware of it in the
advertisement it states that the SDC is the area for collecting the applications
SDC for Saint Catherine and in Kingston edifis is not aware of it we want to
know what is really happening as it relates to is it that the government is
playing politics with the response to the National dengue outbreak the Health
Ministry is responsible for vector control programs however in an interview
with TV J news mr. Scott said the ministry was not aware of the
advertisement the Ministry of National Security says detainees at the Spanish
town police station lockup have been relocated following reports of rat
infestation and overcrowding on Monday the st. Catherine Health Department
ordered the closure of the lockup it’s reported that the facility built to
accommodate 45 prisoners was housing more than 100 individuals
the minister says remedial work will begin next month on the Spanish town
lockup executive director of the national integrity action professor
Trevor Monroe is suggesting that the government moves swiftly on regulations
to make MOCA independent of the police force that he says will help the major
organized crime and anti-corruption agency to effectively probe corruption
issues these regulations long-pending shall be
tabled in short order to make moko fully independent in the foremen in the manner
of an FBI type agency he also suggested the establishment of an oversight
committee in Parliament to review the integrity commission’s performance and
legislation I’m happy to say that the Prime Minister will the same sitting of
parliament on January 28 gave the assurance that that Oversight Committee
drawn from both sides will be established early in the new
parliamentary year beginning as you know on April 1 2020 professor Munro was
speaking Thursday at an a magistrate meeting in Portland and it’s time for
break but stay with us we have more stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news a man was shot and killed in hereis parks sometime after 2:00 Thursday while
he was sitting in a Toyota probox motorcar the dead man has not yet been
identified but the police have held a man they believe can help with their
investigation persons in the area say they heard loud explosions and saw men
running with a firearm and running away from the white car which was parked in
the park shortly after soldiers appeared on the
scene and held one of the men Minister with responsibility for education
carlson muda is this afternoon calling on teachers to play a greater role in
developing human capital he was speaking recently in Kingston at the ministries
regional consultation the only thing that we need to focus on in addition to
some other things is a human development our children but we cannot afford to
start as late as we have been doing to get those results and in sports both
camps are now in election mode after the Jamaica Table Tennis Association
president called a meeting of affiliates on Wednesday night days after Challenger
Angelou met with a group of stakeholders TV jays Ranade Brown has been tracking
developments I am really happy and I wish I found one I’m shaken and ruined
the show a strength that I as president of the Jamaica table tennis
Association one to unite all the different forces it was a call for a
united stance for the good of table tennis on Wednesday night as for the
first time since announcing his candidacy Angelou and president gone
fellow thean met face to face but before calls for unity there was a clash of
opposing views by supporters from either side with that result it was down to the
meat of the matter with Lou who was a surprise attendee being given the
opportunity to put forward his plan I’m here because I want to try and unite
both parts both factions I’m here to to introduce myself and to get to know the
other persons that are involved in table tennis because if I’m going to be a
president of the jtt I have to know everybody I’m gonna serve everybody
everybody’s gonna work with me so I have to know them however one gets
the feeling that not a lot of gains were made I didn’t expect any different I
know these people are very loyal to mr. Louie teon and they have good reason to
be right mr. Louison is not is not all bad what things can be done better for
Lothian two elections in a 12-month period should not be seen as a waste of
resources despite the 7046 result over kind
sinclair limb last february this is not a loser time he’s a democratic
organization and people are choices so just like all my good friend Andrew who
is attend a ring and I welcome you sir because I think you have a lot to offer
I think miss Lim have a lot to offer in the midst of campaigning a crime from
the JTTF boss and we want to go forward in this type of walk that after tonight
we can sit down and we can talk and we can ensure that going forward on to the
annual general meeting that things are peaceful we don’t go in the media and
with no mudslinging and call enough names and a lot we do it decently Lou
also revealed to TV Jay sports that forum a challenge occurrence in
Lim will be a part of his lid I don’t know what capacity she’ll begin as yet
she’s a good administrator so she brings a lot to the to the table I don’t think
it will have any negative effect to have Karen in my team she she’s a strong
woman and she should be able to organize herself and and make table tennis part
of her in the long run you’ve given a chance
I’m voting annual general meeting is expected once a financial audit of the
JT ta is completed renard abroad for TVJ sports and that’s the midday news I’m
Andrea Chisholm join us at seven for the prime time news package on behalf of the
new sports and production teams with afternoon and have a great weekend

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