TVJ Midday News: Missed Renovation Deadlines for Cornwall Regional Hospital – December 4 2019

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the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot media calm
the opposition is this afternoon calling for the Health Minister to update to
provide an update on the renovation works now being done at the Conwell
Regional Hospital in San James speaking at a press conference yesterday the
opposition spokesman on health dr. Maurice guy raised concerns about
numerous to miss the deadlines for the completion of the works but the Health
Minister is insisting that an update will be provided soon we have more in
this report a malfunctioning ventilation system in 2016
resulted in the relocation of several services and departments from the
Cornwall Regional Hospital to various facilities out west opposition spokesman
and health dr. Maurice guy Ark is that it is full-time the country’s given more
information about the progress of the repair works at the facility the
opposition is concerned about missed deadlines dr. Giese said the health
minister first advice that renovation works would have been completed by
February 2018 he said that timeline was then changed
to April 2018 then changed again to September 2018 then to December 2019 we
are now at December the country needs an answer and we need to know whether
another deadline will be missed dr. guy argued that of the current
dengue outbreak and the rise in flu cases it’s no important for Cornwell
regional to become fully operational again it is time for the full
restoration so that the surrounding health facilities in that region can
resort to their usual functioning of coping with their smaller usual number
of patients for which they were built to accommodate taken pressure of noël homes
Falmouth Hospital and sub Lamar hospitals which are burst in a year
seems in response health minister dr. Christopher Tufton said the oversight
body chaired by professor Archibald McDonald will soon give an update to the
country dr. Tufton noted that he met with a team in Montego Bay last week and
there will be a press conference in short order we continue to work on the
project continue to equip the facility to provide services even well restore
the building and as you know there’s a new major construction there within your
period an adolescent facility Cornwall is being
affected by like all of the hospitals with the peak demand on the public
health system with dengue and the flu season I don’t there’s nothing
extraordinary in terms of shortages of service provision because as an Hospital
we’re still providing the services even though the main building is under
construction meanwhile cabinet has approved the appointment of a 13 member
Medical Council health minister dr. Christopher Tufton who made the
disclosure said the functions of the council is to register medical
practitioners appoint examiner’s to assess persons applying for registration
as medical practitioners and to maintain proper standards of professional conduct
by these practitioners dr. Tufton says the council should begin should have
been appointed in September but there were delays we have however it was in
train in terms of the process there the members of the course requires somewhat
a consultation I nominate five the others are nominated by the profession
by the body and the cabinet has approved yesterday the council is now in effect
dr. Tufton says although there is no excuse for the delay getting persons to
agree to appointments can be tedious there are some irregular rules about
persons being resident in Jamaica because of previous issues so people had
to write letters so the back-and-forth of trying to get all of that sorted out
I think allowed this one to slip through the cracks normally what I would have
done is ask the the existing boards to continue until the new ones are
appointed in this case the app doesn’t allow it and that is where the oversight
took place so that at the end of all of us that original cones would have
expired unto other news now the police High Command is this afternoon hailing
the guilty conviction of reputed gangster Tasha Miller as a victor for
law enforcement milah was found guilty of being an
accessory before and after the fact in relation to the 2008
of the Venge Amica urban transit company J UTC chairman Douglas chambers in a
statement of this morning Police Commissioner Major General Anthony
Anderson says this guilty verdict is a major victory for the work of the entire
criminal investigation branch he said it underscored the improvement in the
quality of cases being prepared by the conscious investigators meanwhile Acting
Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of crime Fitz Bailey insisted that he
remained confident in the work of the investigators and that of the justice
system he said quote this verdict sends the important message to the criminal
underworld that regardless of how long it takes we will continue to pursue you
and the justice system though imperfect we’ll catch up with you end quote
president of the Jamaica Teachers Association JTA Owen Speed is calling
for social intervention program in schools to help teachers with anger
management issues speaking at a recent teacher and principal of the Year award
ceremony mr. speed lamented that an anger problem is present in the society
at large therefore he’s putting teachers to the task I am charging the teachers
and the finalists who are here today to maybe put some form of a program and I
would like to name that program social intelligence program a social
intelligence program where maybe at the morning’s worship and maybe in the
curriculum itself that we could infuse it there and ensure that we teach it to
our children from us early as infant straight through primary and to the
secondary level of schools last month a video circulated on social media showing
a teacher at the Pembroke Hall High School lashing out at a student in a
classroom the teacher involved in the incident has since been sent on leave
however teachers aren’t the only ones the JTA president wants to be involved
in the program in this anger management program that
I’m suggesting I would like to see all the adults become involved we would like
to see training for our teachers or parents and indeed the wider society and
I am imploring all educators and the powers that be to look into this matter
because anger is slowly eating away at the progress that we could make and it’s
eating away at the prosperity that we could have at the end of it all and it’s
now time for a break but stay with us more stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now the
tourism ministry is now on a drive to improve the contras cruise shipping
sector as arrivals are down by over 15% and earnings have dipped by more than
twelve point one percent TV Jays Prince more has the details while the country
has seen an uptick in tourist arrivals to its two major ports another aspect of
revenue for the tourism sector has seen a decline that area cruise ship
passengers Jamaica over recent years has experienced significant growth in cruise
passengers but for 2019 those numbers are down wadda tourism minister ed
Bartlett told the TVJ news that the decline stemmed from a redeployment of
vessels to newer ports he however says that measures are being put in place to
revitalize interests in Jamaica’s cruise ports we’re expecting that new ports
will emerge in our area we know that there are some issues right now with
regards to that but we believe that that will be overcome in short order and that
Cayman will become a mega port like Jamaica in which case we would have the
most lucrative itenary in the world mr. Bartlett says when that itinerary is
fully established the Falmouth pier is expected to receive approximately two
million cruise visitors we are starting to plan and to look at Falmouth in a new
way to also look at what is required by way
of new attractions or upscaling some of the attractions that we have currently
this is going to be big because to manage that volume of people in Falmouth
over that period of time is going to be a child on the development of Port Royal
as a cruise destination mr. Bartlett is calling for caution and patience just
bear with us because you know Port Royal is a destination that is long in coming
but it requires a lot of heavy hard investments you know and investment in
in facilities like those are not short-term because the return on
investment is also not short-term so you don’t get investors to tumble over you
to come in for mega infrastructure development require their turns more TVJ
new residents of Round Hill sent Elizabeth protested yesterday morning to
bring attention to the poor state of the roads from Southfield to flagman TV
distortion masters has more once seems a simple choice to make for many is a
challenge for the residents of Round Hill in st. Elizabeth residents
complained that taxi operators often refuse to drive on the road from
Southfield to flagman leaving them with no choice but to walk for miles they say
they have been suffering for years and not more
organizer of the protests malasiya McDonald told
TVJ news and other residents are tired of broken promises and say they feel
they are being neglected she made an appeal to the in the meantime the residents say they
are prepared to intensify their protests if the matter is not resolved da Costa
Ebanks a resident of Round Hill in the parish efforts to meet with the
residence of rondell are also hoping that the issue of water will be on the
agenda to be addressed if and when any work begins machine masters TV genius
after widespread complaints by rafters Member of Parliament for East Portland
Ann Marie Vaz has announced plans to improve the infrastructure in Rio Grande
and surrounding communities she made the revelation in her state of the
constituency address in Parliament yesterday where she also outlined other
plans for revitalizing tourism in the area the fellowship to better deal our
rafting area will have been approved for rehabilitation at a cost of 36 million
by the tourism enhancement fund we are working assiduously with the Port
Authority for East Harbor to become a port of choice the Port Authority is
evaluating the viability of dredging the harbour to accommodate larger cruise
ships this will bring much-needed economic
boost to the constituency and here now is a preview of what’s coming up in this
evenings health report in the next edition of the health report we look at
a link between throat cancer and the human papillomavirus HPV so we might see
in terms laryngeal cancer as we might see about
50 for a year for tongue and tongue B’s cancers and tonsils we might see about
20 for the year you know so it’s not it’s not large numbers for our
population but nonetheless the significance of it can be quite quite
great that’s the Health Report this evening in
primetime news and now for today’s healthy living tip avoid smoking and
high alcohol intake which may increase your risk of HPV positive throat cancer
if you already have HPV ask your dentist to check for anything unusual such as
patches of discoloration in your mouth during regular teeth cleanings if you’re
age 45 or under talk to your doctor about the HPV vaccine if you haven’t
previously received it time now for sports Hugh Menzies has
resigned from the post of Records head coach Menzies told the TVJ sports on
Tuesday afternoon that after months of uncertainty between him and the Jamaica
football federation he has decided to call it a day TV Jay’s Karen Madden has
that report after being courted by rigor girls ambassador Cedella Marley humans
took the records to his star qualification to the FIFA Women’s World
Cup in the summer but since then the odds spoken coach has been engaged in a
fraught relationship with the local governing body matters came to a head
when Menzies took to the media to reveal that he was owed thousands of US dollars
by the jmf after using his personal credit card to cover expenses associated
with the national team Menzies and the rest of his technical staff are also all
salaries associated with their contracts on Tuesday Menzies told tbj Sports it
was time I just feel right now that the lack of communication from the
Federation to myself you know has been a little bit disappointing so you know at
this point I have to you know I run a business here and in the States and I’m
part of a club or that runs the u.s. huge Soccer Association here and I gotta
make some decision so right now my decision is to step down as
a head coach of the reggae menzies is also unsure and how his decision would
impact the rest of the technical staff I spoke to them a little bit I ain’t
talking about my resignation yet but I did talk to them about you know you know
obviously they’re committed to the seventies in the 20s I’m not sure about
you know what they’re gonna do after that you know we put ourselves on them
up you know and we just hope that if somebody else comes in they can continue
her he also disclosed that the Federation
still owes him money it’s a contract so you hope that they’re don’t fulfill that
contract you know we’re probably gonna have to figure ways to expedite that
situation but playing obviously what I have to deal with that personally I’m
you know that I think you know I think at some point you know they have the
source of that contract men’s this has been with the senior girls since 2015
Karen Madden dbj sports and that’s the midday news on Vashon Brown don’t forget
to join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and
production teams have a good afternoon

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