TVJ Midday News: Pearnel Charles Jr to Represent JLP in Clarendon By-Elections – February 6 2020

TVJ Midday News: Pearnel Charles Jr to Represent JLP in Clarendon By-Elections – February 6  2020

good afternoon with a midday news I’m
Milton Walker a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot
/ no Charles Jr who is to be the Jamaica Labour Party GOP candidate in Clarendon
southeast in the next general election says despite being new to the
constituency is confident he can win the seat the seat became vacant and Tuesday
following the resignation of Rodion Spencer the government has announced a
March 2 by-election mr. Charles says being new to the constituency presents
many opportunities also means new vision and a new mr. Chow’s who was speaking today on the
morning agenda on poll 106 explained that he was approached by mr. Spencer
about three years ago to begin preparing him to take over the constituency the
dengue prevention fight in Clarendon got another boost yesterday this hi-tech
fogging machine seen there was handed over to the Southeast Regional Health
Authority Sarah better control unit by Custis of the parish William Shagari the
vector workers do not have to be in the back of the pickup manually using the
fogging machine this reduces a health risk due to their exposure to emulation
of the fumes the machine also generates more fumes than the regular machines and
will be used to cover the more at-risk communities in the parish this much in
the second mother of all machine data I’ve given over to the ministry MOU
where I will take care of it and they will use it whenever they need it
because it has to be serviced a la popa a service whenever it is necessary not
like the regular machines it’s a little bit high-tech and has to be very careful
when you use it mr. ps-aguié at the same time reminded
residents of their responsibilities in the dengue fight as preventative
measures are always more effective than fucking people must take control of
their own destiny – you know they can’t be destroyed on the boxes on the wall
cans and and it all tiles are not taking care of them by cleaning them up and
putting oil in them to prevent the breathing of mosquitoes so the people
must blame them said they can’t depend on this this is only to kill what is in
the ear it doesn’t kill what is in the lava that’s in the water so they need to
make sure that it is their protection it is for them to make sure they protect
themselves and not depend on the government or the miserable to do
everything a coldest after I’m sorry a call this
afternoon for unions and their leaders to re-examine their operations to bring
them more in line with the demands of the 21st century labor market Member of
Parliament for Northwest st. James dr. Horace Chang while speaking in Gordon
house early this week said changes in such areas as technology mean the
country’s labor union movement has to become more modern the character
trillion is about change the truth is that the relationship of work on
employer capital and labour still exists and in fact with the emerging change in
what is now called a fourth revolution with the internet taking over there’s a
whole changing character out of the worker and there is even a greater
demand for those who are sensitive to the demands and needs of our workforce
out there because it requires a different kind of Tribune representation
but it’s still necessary that those of us who lead can articulate policies and
implement policies that keep our people engage in sure that is equity and
there’s opportunity if not we will get a distancing between those who lead those
who are working and it can lead to significant social disruption some
members of a parliamentary committee examining the sexual harassment Act
appear too supportive of the suggestion that street harassment should be
included in the sexual harassment legislation the current bill focuses on
harassment within organizations however groups making submissions to the
committee have suggested that street harassment and catcalling should be
addressed by the law member of the committee dr. Angela brown burg
yesterday said the suggestion should not be ignored I’m thinking that we must
also be guided by the percentage of harassment and where they please and if
as the data is suggesting that a lot well one minute women are harassed on
street on the street that in terms of sexual harassment that is one of the
sites where it is prevalent I do not believe that we can pretend it does not
exist and I do not believe that we can turn a blind nothing about it committee
member senator Donna Scott motley agreement of what young women and women
generally are enduring in a society so if it might delay us a bit but I do
think it’s a great moment and it’s important that we we consider it very
carefully the discussion followed a presentation
by women’s empowerment for change which suggested that there needs to be
provisions for harassment by third parties such as clients of a business
the group also suggested that the bill should address stalking meanwhile the
death toll from the coronavirus in mainland China increased by 73 to 563
today it’s a third consecutive record daily rise this occurred as experts
intensified efforts to find a vaccine for a disease that are shut down Chinese
cities and forced thousands more into quarantine around the world Hubei
Province the epicenter of the epidemic reported 70 new deaths yesterday in 2987
new confirmed cases more than 8% of the total reported by Chinese authorities
who Bay province in central China has been in a virtual lockdown for nearly
two weeks with its train stations and airports shut and its roads sealed off
the flu-like virus was first identified in ooh Bay’s provincial capital of Iran
and is believed to have originated at a seafood market in the city there have
been two deaths outside mainland China in the Philippines and Hong Kong both
involving people who had been to Wuhan where more than 400 people have died and
it’s time for a break but stay with us more stories right after these messages welcome back to midday news several
communities in summer tons and James will soon have a sustainable water
supply system Member of Parliament for East Central’s and James Edmund Bartlett
made the announcement at a groundbreaking ceremony for the
construction of a three hundred thousand gallon water tank in the area the 300
million dollar project will see water being collected from the Canaan pumping
station and distributed to the communities just summit on its all the
areas from Canaan including a Delfy all the way to Goodwill
on the northern side and then in the central all the way to urban true orange
it will connect up with the Appleton system that will give strength to the
flow into our win height set the Oval River and her lock water supply projects
are no 90 percent in completion he adds that project should be in full operation
by the flow sufficient to carry us all the way to John’s own and that’s been
the real push that I’ve had to ensure that this entire area which would cover
the central parts of st. James which have been without and or limited amount
of water will no be fully supplied in the meantime a of Montego Bay home and
Davis is urging residents to spray the part to protect the new water system is
maintained properly that your bills are paid in accordance with what you use and
very importantly that the precious resources is not wasted especially
during times of drought and mr. Davis who is also chairman of the rural water
supply is reporting that the agency is currently completing 26 roll
Jex that will provide pipe water solutions across jamaica the projects
are expected to benefit some 56,000 residents he added at 17 so 17 water
supply projects are also being undertaken
island-wide are being installed in 24 communities across jamaica which will
benefit some 6,000 Jamaicans I am also happy to inform that 12 catchment tanks
has also been rehabilitated and works are ongoing and eight others which are
slated to be completed by the end of this financial year March junior
agriculture minister Floyd green says it’s time local produce take center
stage in the contras tourist sector they cenotes is important as over 40 billion
dollars is spent each year in the tourist sector on agricultural produce
with Jamaica get an Amiga 20 to 30% of that figure it says there are boundless
opportunities in the sector there are so many items that were not producing
anywhere near the demand in Jamaica and you all should be thinking about how can
you start your own little fob cassava we can’t get enough cassava at the ministry
we’re going to help you this year we’re looking to launch our youth in
agriculture policy we’re also embarking on a future farmer program with a 4-h
club and we also plan to launch in short order the roadmap for youth in
agriculture so you can have all information about how you get involved
in agriculture how you get financing in one place for executive director of
Jamaica 4-h clubs dr. Ronald Blake any significant growth in the sector will
have to come from the youth there’s a growing awareness that youth
in agriculture is not only important to the future of the sector but it is a key
strategy that is presently being used across the world and I just forced to
record both when were speaking yesterday that you make a forage youth in
agriculture symposium in Mandeville the responsibility for education kasam Yuda
says the ministry will be looking into bolstering security arrangements high
schools you know order to safeguard students teachers and other stakeholders
his announcement follows the murder of Vauxhall High School created level
coordinator Karl Sammer’s mr. Simonds was shot and killed by two gunmen on the
school compound on January 25 mr. Sameera also extended his
condolences to students and teachers at Vauxhall yesterday he encouraged the
principal prudence Browne Pinnock and her staff to seek and provide counseling
for students and teachers who have been traumatized by the incident he added
that despite the situation teachers must try to do everything in their power to
guide the students in the meantime mrs. Brown pin acknowledged the need for
improved security arrangements at the school advised that the board and
administration are also looking into how best to fill some of the needs in sports
reggae girls Jodi Brown and shadi Adam awoken who were members of Jamaica squad
at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France have been included in the
provisional 35 member squad for upcoming CONCACAF women’s on the 20 championships
set for the Dominica Republic 17-year old brown has scored eight goals in 14
games at the senior level and played all three games for Jamaica at the World Cup
at a mall loken started one game at a tournament both players this would be
their second stint at under-20 level the local members of the squad are never
Abigail Abel Tessa Austin Shakya Forbes Rochelle grey Swain Gregory Chevelle
Henry Giovanni Jones Kelly Nunez and davia Richards the squad will be caught
from 35 to 21 February 15 the under-20 reggae girls are in Group E of the
tournament and will play Canada Guatemala and El Salvador the top three
teams from this group will qualify for the round of 16 of the competition the
two finance will qualify for the fee for Women’s World Cup women’s under-20
World Cup which will be hosted in Costa Rica and Panama in August
Jamaica’s best finish at the women’s CONCACAF under 20 championship was
fourth and that was achieved in 2006 and that’s amid a news and Milton Walker
join us at 7:00 for primetime news on behalf of the new sports and production
teams good afternoon

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