TVJ Midday News: PNP Member Calls for Minister of Health Dr Tufton Removal – December 3 2019

TVJ Midday News: PNP Member Calls for Minister of Health Dr Tufton Removal – December 3 2019

good afternoon it’s Tuesday December 3
I’m Herman green with the midday news for those of you watching on one spot
Mediacom a very special welcome to you a verdict is expected any time now in the
trial of Tesla millaa millaa is on trial for the June 2008 murder of former J UTC
managing director Douglas chambers for our reporter Kirk Wright is at the
Supreme Court and now joins us live Kirk and I’m down here in downtown Kingston
at the home Circuit Court and I can tell you it’s anxious moments now for Bert
summers and his client teshon Miller as segments jury is now deliberating
Ramirez fate just over an hour ago presiding
judge georgeanna Fraser gave the jury some outlines some guidelines rather as
to which in reaching their verdict now Tasha Miller is on trial for the murder
of former Jamaica urban transit company J UTC chairman Douglas chambers it is
said that 11 years ago Joe as a jury testified that he was instructed with
other men to carry out the slain of Douglas chambers he testified that he
was joggers Chambers was called to the gate of the Depot in Spanish town where
he was shot now the jury as I said was instructed
was given certain instructions to follow before coming to a verdict right now
everybody is just waiting to see what that verdict is his lawyer Bert summers
didn’t want to speak ahead of the verdict but he says he’s hoping to get a
favorable outcome from this case so right now we’re wait to see what will
happen as I’ve said before it’s just of an hour now since the jury went into a
little room where they will decide what will happen if they will find him guilty
or not guilty Herman
Oh correct our reporter there at the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston and
will continue to check that story and bring you the very latest as soon as it
is available as the crime situation especially murders continues to worsen
recommendations from the Independent Commission of investigations in the come
on how to improve on the efforts of the police in the comms boss Terrence
Williams gave the suggestions even as the Commission continues to be
criticized about them investigating members of the police force in the comb
Commissioner Terrence Williams says like all Jamaicans he too is concerned about
the crime situation however he insists that his job is not a hindrance to
crime-fighting in fact mr. Williams made three recommendations that he believes
will help the police to be more effective well one solution I think we
need to have more technology we need to have more CCTV in public spaces they
need to be a great expenditure in Jamaica on CC TV that’s a that’s the
first thing I think we need to do with the force he says good quality CCTV
coverage will help ensure that justice is served
secondly he says the force is lumbering along because of unaccountability at the
local or community level instead of a National Police Service Commission we
need to have perished police authorities where citizens can hold their police
superintendent for the area responsible for targets
men on the street patrols etc and also support the police because they know
they know they will not feel a part of policing in their area he knows that
this approach is used in the United Kingdom he believes this will create
greater police community cooperation the third one is going back to the ingrained
discipline problem in the force there are some members of the force who are
not part of a force for good and there needs to be a cleaning on the house and
they were concerned that you need to have 10,000 police because if you have
10,000 police and 2,000 against you that is very opposing have a
serious job but area of 5,000 were all pulling in the same direction the
opposition people’s National Party is this afternoon calling for Health
Minister dr. Christopher Tufton to be removed from his post speaking at a
press conference at the PNP headquarters a short while ago opposition health
spokesman dr. Morrison guy argued that the minister has mismanaged the health
Perth portfolio he argued that the dengue crisis the death of children due
to dengue the overcrowding of health facilities the long delays in getting
beds in hospitals after being admitted and resorting to cheers for delivery at
the maternity hospitals sure why dr. Totten is not fit for the job the
performance of Minister Tufton clearly demonstrates that he’s not up to the job it’s unfortunate that he’s a minister of
health and wellness and his continued occupancy of the Minister for boards are
worse than situation and for this country and increase in mortality the
Prime Minister should no act to remove him and give someone the opportunity to
risk Jamaica from this imminent disaster residents of Beach Drive and prospects
and Thomas are calling on the Ministry of Health to resolve a sewage problem
that has been affecting their community for more than a decade TV J’s are Shane
masters reports last month the Ministry of Health reported that there have been
more than 6,000 dengue cases across the island for 2019 with that in mind
residents of beach drive-in prospects and Thomas have grave health concerns as
their community has become a constant resting place for untreated sewage
discharged from a nearby sewage treatment plant the plant is operated by
the National Water Commission and WC when the pump over the sewage plant not
working everything come low near Psalm 101 and if you have the man or block
over there everything come down here Man 1
incanting of a dump sewage from anywhere then bring it from over the pump as soon
as the corner thing Matthew koma nine wooly from this
department to make matters worse the pooling of sewage water has made the
roadways impassable for both pedestrians and motorists yeah I forgot Allawi our
own I’m coming on buck the residency more than a year ago the st. Thomas
Municipal Corporation took steps to assist them and even began the process
of constructing a concrete drain however the Drina means in an incomplete state
as work was halted without explanation the st. Thomas Health Department had
brought the matter before the court but the matter was subsequently withdrawn
the residents claimed that the NWC is yet to give a response about the matter
meaning this place will get done and somebody after coming under you with it
whether mrs. talked on top of welcomed you with this fi Demetria – Tom we’re
coming out not from the parish cause I’m an argument from the health department
some shocked and like I’m of welcome comes up disciplinary be gamma machine
masters TVJ news and it’s time for break here on the midday news but stay with us
more stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news
residents of several communities in Saint Catherine are making an appeal to
the National Works Agency NWA to revisit its decision on the closure of a section
of the old port Henderson rule the road closure took effect on Monday but
commuters believe it’s an ineffective inconvenience TV J’s Giovanni Denis has
the details it’s day two after the permanent closure
of a section of the old port Henderson Road and the motorists are not taking it
when the national works agency made the decision to close the road to reduce
traffic pile up along the Spanish Don bypass where it intersects Salt Pond
Road however residents from communities like Orchard Villa and the Villa Parma
state have expressed disappointment with the move when you block off this road a
lot of traffic that come from who what more will be going one way
second caused a major traffic family stuff like backdoor total entry because
even with this road now sometime the traffic pair up from lime tree go back
on Western corrode comes tree up and yesterday only rural that we ever can
jam but when the traffic bellow he believes the closure is not an effective
solution what are the police for Oh por la la put the full force of the law to
deal with it that’s what the law is therefore if I’m working the rock the
law is here to fix about blocking off the road because a few bad drivers your
convenient tows enough people yeah inconvenient tows enough people and so
you disappear I would like to appeal to the relevant authorities rethink
look into what you are doing look into the sense of this going to serve the
traffic pileup christmas is just around the corner
Giovanni Dennis TVJ News Minister of Local Government Desmond Mackenzie’s be
mourning the shortcomings of the country’s emergency systems especially
if faced with a tsunami most of the country’s population live along the
coast and for mr. McKenzie a response system is needed before it’s too late we’re not sure where tsunami is by
possible the backing against Saddam is that we don’t have anything in Jamaica
to give us any sort of warning that a tsunamis coming the United States which
is a one day along with after fee data from the agent most of my time defeated
we don’t know what to do with it because the business community in st. Mary’s
morning this afternoon as the body of a well-known businessman was discovered on
Monday 60 year-old Carl Saunders of Advent Mountain in st. Mary was seen
floating in the sea at an auto be reports are that sometime after 11:00
Monday morning persons in the area heard an explosion and saw the license firearm
holders body afloat the body was recovered and is said to have a single
bullet wound to the head of the newsstand the police had no further
detail on the investigation we go down to regional news the inter-american
Development Bank IDB says France has agreed to contribute 24 million euros to
the ID B’s natural capital lab this funding is expected to help Latin
America and the Caribbean move forward with innovation innovative projects to
fight climate change on Monday the IDB said the funds will also aid the region
in investing in nature based solutions to environmental problems facilitate the
transition to climate smart agriculture and preserve and restore marine and land
biodiversity according to the IDB frances donation underscores the
importance of the national or rather the natural capital in the cop 25 agenda and
the need to develop new financing models and partnership to tackle environmental
risks and climate change and we go now to news in sports our net
gardens moved to third on the red stripe Premier League table after beating Mount
Pleasant Football Academy one nil in their Monday night fixture at the
Anthony’s falling sports complex the jungle is got
the victory when Kemal Malcolm scored in the first minute of
stoppage time to give coach Alex Thomas his seventh win in 15 games now despite
the defeat Mount Pleasant remains second with 25 points
same as ionic Gardens but with a better goal difference both teams remain
eight points of leaders waterhouse and still on football the Manchester
Football Association completed their annual general meeting on Sunday where
Baron Barry Watson was returned as president to serve for the next four
years having served out the last two years as president to complete the term
started by no jmf general secretary Dalton wint Watson received his own
four-year mandate from the delegates he was elected unopposed at the
association’s AGM and we’ll have Dudley Powell and Janice Grant as first and
second vice presidents la Toya Clark will serve as treasurer and Omar
Robinson as general secretary his committee members are Brian sterling
Michael promo Marvin Adams Craig Lomond and Derrick reader on to bring the
football in Manchester to another liver we had some presidents before did some
good foundation work and I just want to continue to build on that Watson says
he’ll be paying special attention to the structure of the clubs in the parish the
club’s in terms of properly structured ensure that them understand who will
govern under football not only Manchester but in Jamaica we really need
to place some emphasis on that the club’s them are not properly structured
so I intend to get gia v on bodies like SDC to really come on a seesaw structure
of them properly so that they will be able to function better as a club and
that wraps up the midday news I’m Herman green please join us at 7:00 for the
prime time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams good

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  1. Mr Williams has got more constructive initiatives to combat crime than many others in authority that I have heard , all his points are credible crime fighting measures ,
    look crime in any country is a challenge , however not to put in place common sense crime reducing practices, that can have positive results , is not only foolhardy , it also is negligent for the overall safety of all citizens .

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  5. Deliberating his FAITH?? Him already choose his FAITH ..HES waiting for A JUDGEMENT ..

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  8. Mr politicians I think u out of step
    Even with your constancy

  9. The PNP is reaping retribution or karma from the 18 years of lies and murders from the PNP to the people of Jamaica, now the are having a hard time because of the injustice that they had given to the JAMAICAN people. I wish that they would stay in opposition FOREVER and FOREVER. I never believed in that party before I was even born.

  10. Tufton did not want to know when the dengue broke out last year. They are keeping it quiet then he complained patient flocking the hospital.

  11. Tufton need to go now

  12. ? to say, Jamaica will never reach its fullest potential because of all these BLOOD SUCKING POLITICIANS.

  13. Terrence is absolutely correct it works in the UK. We all know the force needs cleaning out but it seems that this so called Commissioner is not the right person for the job. All the citizens of Jamaica knows what needs doing with this present JCF but people who are in a position to do something seems very reluctant to tackle the situation.

  14. Get rid a tufton & put who?? U??? who wants to WORK really?? There's more problems than $ to go around for every1 & u ever notice ja seem to hire the WORST employees.. they just show up for a cheque along with their attitudes nothing more. The streets across the island & the coast lines needs to be flooded with police & soldiers. Get rid of the guns coming in & ENFORCE UR OWN LAWS u can't be bothered with enforcing, that will make the biggest difference..BUT WAIT!! don't forget the elephant in the room, HUMAN RIGHTS! yes, that WALL every1 will run behind to shield them because ja is supposed to be the FREE WILD WEST not some law abiding country under the foot of the government nor what is right. The saga continues..?

  15. Terrence Williams does not know the intricacies of what he is talking about, if he knows so much. Why he didn't run for the CP since he knows so much, a man from catch and box him up.What he is talking bullshit about England have citizen's patrol,when the PNP party government implemented home guards.
    The same JLP party government got rid of it when they came to power, so what he is saying. That system was in Jamaica in the 1970s ,and the same JLP party government also some of the people was calling.
    To get rid of the home guards, and the same thing that the JLP party government dismantled.
    They are calling for some other organizations, because everything that the PNP party government implemented. The JLP party government got rid of it when they came to power, so the country must having problems.
    I want to asked the JLP party government minister of national security, what he is planning to do with indecom.
    Because they have more power than the sworn police officers in Jamaica, I have never seeing that in no other countries in the world more than Jamaica. It is really sad that they cannot control indecom, something haveto be done about them. If I was living in Jamaica I never want to voted for any of the party, if they are not getting rid of indecom.

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  20. The current dilemma in the health sector required foresight 20+ years ago. No foresight was evident in the then government. Instead of pointing fingers work together and get the job done. Politics is blind to the needs of the average Jamaican, and the average Jamaican is blind to the political apathy and incompetence in Gordon House.

  21. Him and both the jlp must go

  22. we government for the citizens of Jamaica stop lying.

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