TVJ Midday News: Police Investigating Reprisal Killing – February 7 2020

TVJ Midday News: Police Investigating Reprisal Killing – February 7 2020

grafton unum Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom the police
are investigating whether a 67 year old woman who was shot dead at her shop in
Old Harbor glades and Katherine yesterday was in reprisal for a fatal
shooting a week ago involving her son who is a corporal she’s been identified
as Letitia Francis of Angels Drive in the community it supported that about
1147 three men entered Miss Francis’s shop
shortly after explosions were heard and people reported seeing the men run from
the shop Miss Frances was shot multiple times she was taken to hospital by
residents where she died Police Federation chairman Sargent Potrero says
the Corporal killed a man after he came under attack in the same community on
January 31 he was off duty when he was attacked by a gunman and he was forced
to defend himself and that led to this incident which we strongly believe
dealing with the murder of his mother a 61 year old man was yesterday sentenced
to life imprisonment at hard labor after he pleaded guilty to weeks ago to the
murder of a woman in Algeria Santana in 2016 he will not be eligible for parole
until after 15 years Norman Thomas otherwise called Ned a vendor of James
Avenue in Otto Rios was sentenced in the sentence Circuit Court by charge of
justice martingale Thomas claimed he had a relationship with 21 year old Kyra
Nelson an employee of a loan company or Cheerios Thomas then used the knife to
stab Nelson 20 times all over her body according to a post-mortem report
tendered in court in handing down the sentence Justice guild took into
consideration Thomas is guilty plea thus earning him a
50% reduction based on sentencing guidelines
he further discounted Thomas’s 21 months already served in jail as the country
goes through the dry season chairman of the National Water Commission senator
urban Hill says the Commission is working to upgrade old pipelines as part
of a long term drought mitigation strategy he was
speaking at a press conference at a Jamaica house yesterday
we have water pipes that are 100 years old older 60 years old the moment you
put a little pressure on them them screw all over the place we’re putting new new
meters in to make sure first of all my house every drop of water I use the
president put in my first if then run over if them use the pipe to fill the
pool and up turn it off and charge me every penny for it because it is very
accurate so we are doing those things to make sure we have water distributed a
distribution system that works you don’t lining the short term
strategies to deal with the current dry spell minister without portfolio and the
minister of economical growth and job creation and Pernell Charles jr. says 20
catchment tanks are to be fully renovated by March he says these tanks
have a capacity of over 1,000 gallons which can support a community of 300
people for 30 days once full of all so we have targeted critical institutions
such as hospitals and schools and when appropriate we intend also visit some of
these institutions to highlight the work that has been done in collaborating with
them to increase their own storage capacity and efficiency in how they
distribute water at their specific institution the Met Service has said
that at the end of December 2019 two parishes were experiencing drought Santa
Mary and Portland several parishes were also experiencing drier than normal
conditions their Kingston st. Andrews and Tans and Thomas and Kathryn and it’s
and James the Minister of Health is reporting that there was an increase in
the dengue cases in 2019 when compared to 2018 with the addition of new vector
control equipment health minister dr. Christopher Tufton is hoping to reduce
the figures this year we have more in this report in 2018 there were 1069
suspected presumed or confirmed cases of dengue island-wide however year
that’s again creased by 11.7% bringing the total number of suspected presumed
or confirmed dengue cases to nine thousand one hundred and fifty nine for
January this year there have been 103 suspected presumed or confirmed dengue
cases but between January 1 2018 and January 31st this year only two thousand
three hundred and twenty five cases were treated at public health facilities out
of that figure there were 85 related deaths 17 in 2018 67 in 2019 and one in
January this year that means from the 2325 cases 3.7 percent of the patient
died while 96.3% were discharged from hospitals health minister dr.
Christopher Tufton is hoping to reduce those figures this year the health
minister says with the addition of the new vector control vicars he’s expecting
better results this year we are hoping that the additional methods the
consistency of methods the engaging of the community will see us having a
better see better results under dengue challenge but we’re not going to be
complacent we’re not gonna call our conclude under threat until we’re very
comfortable that we have it under control in the meantime dr. Tufton is
reiterating the call for citizens to do their part by reading their communities
of solid waste recognize that solid waste and they the presence of solid
waste is is an ongoing some moving target put it that way if you don’t get
rid of it properly it will pile up again and that still represents one of the
biggest threats in terms of mosquito breeding sites Kirk right TVG news in
related news or forties in Clarendon our reporting significant progress in the
dengue fight particularly the reduction in the
mosquito population as well as the number of persons turning up with dengue
like complaints at public health facilities the central parish was among
the hardest hit in late 2019 when the mosquito-borne disease spiked in the
country a significant reduction in the ADEs index for the parish where we are
reduced from a significant high back in the teens we’re about 17 percent so we
have been seeing a significant reduction in the ADEs index in the parish so the
program has been going well so far currently we have at least 90 Temper
vector workers out there that goes house-to-house in all the communities as
far as possible parish manager for Clarendon Health Services Joseph grant
praised the residents for their cooperation with the vector workers now
he says he has noted the attacks on workers in all the edges of a Clarendon
has no such issue active to their persons yes we will have one or two
person that may have given some argument but in on in general the reception has
been very well and a program has been doing exceptionally well and it’s now
time for a break but stay with us more stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now the
open drain in which a nine-year-old boy fell and later drowned in August on st.
Andrew has no been covered know there were many calls last year for it to be
covered after Kyle Richards was washed away we have more from TV Jay’s prints
more this drain is what led nine-year-old
Kyle Richards to his death it was a September afternoon that Kyle was
reportedly walking with a relative and two other children in goldsmith Villa
when he fell into the drain and was swept away by the rapidly flowing water
for four days members of the August own community
searched frantically for him with the hope of finding him alive but on Sunday
morning September 29 his body was found in a quarrying era in Harbor View Kyle
was a student of the Hope Valley experimental school in Saint Andrew in
October at Kars funeral service this announcement was made by the Member of
Parliament but the work continues across the constituency to act promptly to
clear and clean the gullies I know that today this this week in the common week
we will begin to see some work at the site where Kyle was washed away it’s an
open drain that can be covered at least with a great and we have to ensure that
we clean it regularly if debris backs up there so that it doesn’t overflow it is
not something that is beyond us to do we just have to be vigilant with it promise
made and that promise kept I gave my word that I will seek to cover that
drain area and ensure that in the future if we have such a torrential downpour of
rain and a child happens to you know get caught up in it that they will not get
washed away into that gully and and have the same fate as Kyle Richards sometimes
when tragedies happen we wish we had the foresight to act to prevent them in the
meantime she says there is more work to be done in the community as it relates
to drains there’s much work that needs to
be done on gullies in st. Andrew Eastern but I would say across Jamaica in
general we have not spent enough money successive governments have not spent
enough money to ensure that drains are repaired when needed I mean I the ones
that are in my constituency when I look at them you can see the floor of them
need concrete down there to it to stop the erosion the sides need to be
strengthened and I would think that some of them need to be covered Prince more
TVJ news the Jamaica social investment fund a Jase if in partnership with the
European Union EU has engaged in a health center expansion program the
program involves the upgrading and rehabilitation of health centers across
the parish of st. James during the launch yesterday managing director of
joseph omar Sweeney said the upgrade is estimated to cost one hundred and fifty
six million dollars funded by the EU these centers without the facility to
offer dental services that was not present in the community before right
they will also have the ability to have pharmacies
pharmaceutical access within the community health centers to benefit our
Adelphi flanker granville baritone and Bob walk minister of health dr.
Christopher Tufton so the program is in keeping with the ministry’s vision to
enhance Jamaica’s public health infrastructure coming from where we were
wandering around as to where we need to go being reactive as a people responding
to crisis after crisis with no clear roadmap after four years we have a very
clear vision much with a very clear roadmap and it is no time for us to
implement and to ensure that there’s resources to support that roadmap just
taking some time but we had to do it and we had to do it right
dr. Tufton added that another 50 million u.s. dollars from the International
Development Bank IDB has been approved for health system strengthening program
to support the prevention and care man meant of non-communicable diseases news
overseas now the death of a Chinese doctor who tried to warn about the
corona virus outbreak has sparked an unprecedented level of public anger and
grief in China lie when Lang died after contracting the virus while treating
patients in who Han last December he sent a message to fellow medics warning
of a virus he thought looked like SARS another deadly coronavirus but he was
told by police to stop making false comments and was investigated for
spreading rumors news of his death was met with an intense outpouring of grief
on Chinese social media site Weibo but this quickly turned into anger there had
already been accusations against the government of don’t playing the severity
of the virus and initially trying to keep it secret doctor lies death has
fueled this further and it triggered a conversation about the lack of freedom
of speech in China the country’s anti-corruption body has now said it
will open an investigation into quote issues involving dr. Lai end quote
tamo for sports the Jamaica football federation is seeking to allay fears
that the national senior women’s program will be disbanded after the reggae girls
failed it to advance to this summer’s Olympic Games we have more in this
report sports reporter with the Philadelphia
Enquirer Jonathan Tannen Wald was among those expressing concern on social media
platform Twitter that Jamaica’s a national scene a women’s program was in
danger of being disbanded following the CONCACAF Olympic qualifiers with no
CONCACAF senior women’s tournament in 2021 the next international tournament
is the 2022 qualifiers for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup that’s a long window
but the jmf general secretary Dalton wint
is insisting that the Federation has a plan to keep the team active and so
we’ll sit have a discussion the coaches will make a recommendation we look at of
other Federation look at it and see what we can afford not in danger of being this one there’s
no B we don’t know this one and I can tell you remember we do have a
partner in Ambassador Cedella Marley well given a huge support to this
program and she would not sit down and I motherfuck the president is on record or
president to say that the women’s program will not die interim head coach
Hubert Busby also expressed concern about the future of the women’s program
there’s no such thing as having a dormant program programs need to grow
and and obviously players need to be evaluated constantly especially for
those who are coming through it’s the only way that you grow your pool that’s
the only way you maintain and grow the program to be one of the best in the
region so obviously those are the discussions that we need to take place
and there needs to be a strategic plan in place for this to happen and
obviously a financial one to make sure that it’s supported his sentiment was
shared by former national women’s team coach Charlie Edwards definitely we need
friendlies and all the sea for windows and also to in my opinion have a good
relationship with your coaching staff and the players try and eliminate all
the negativities between now and Darren so that you can get the players and I’m
mentally positive frame of mind so that they can give you a hundred percent or
more if the reggae girls go inactive for 18
months they will be unlisted in the FIFA rankings and unlisted team has a little
chance of attracting quality friendly internationals and that’s the midday
news on Vashon Brown join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the
new sports and production teams have a good afternoon and have a wonderful

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