TVJ Midday News: UHWI Activate Coronavirus Response Plan – January 30 2020

TVJ Midday News: UHWI Activate Coronavirus Response Plan – January 30 2020

good afternoon I’m Herman green with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching online at one spot Mediacom the
University of the West Indies has activated a coronavirus response plan
regarding transfer students and teachers currently in China the University says
it has been closely monitoring the corona virus outbreak in China because
of its links with China the UE has an administrative presence and 36 students
enrolled in a BSC software engineering program at UA China Institute of
information technology which allows for two years of study had the Global
Institute of software technology gist now at this time of the inter semester
BRIC 28 students and one administrator are currently in Soochow China Lewis
says it’s working closely with gist and other relevant local authorities in
China to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff the
University noted that it is also engaging global precautionary measures
as well as the positions adopted by its stakeholder governments in relation to
the travel advisories and screening protocols now the city of of hsu of
Soochow in china is not within the epicenter of the virus nevertheless the
gist campus remains closed until February 23 when the new semester is
expected to begin ue argues that there is continuous on-site support on the
campus and medical screening protocols have been established the UN leadership
says it’s in regular contact with gist and is receiving situation reports the
university has also held meetings with the students and communicated directly
with parents and guardians who will meet with university officials on Friday meanwhile Health Minister dr.
Christopher Tufton has provided clarification on the travel advisory
issued for persons wishing to travel between Jamaica and China in light of a
deadly corona outbreak in China Minister on Tuesday advised that persons
should avoid travelling to China and that persons in China should stay there
however in Tuesday’s sitting on the House of Representatives opposition
Foreign Affairs spokesperson Lisa Hanna raised concern about Jamaicans in China
who would be stranded is if a student or resident of Jamaica from China wanted to
come back because of weather anxiety or or the threat levels get too high with
the government be willing to repot help repatriate that student back to Jamaica
or would they be alone depending on the exigencies to come back in the early we
are not going to refuse entry to our national who wants to return home for
what one reason or the other in China however in China there are some
restrictions are on trouble depending on where you are now the government has
imposed so once you would have maneuvered that which the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs would be better able to comment on and those persons clearly
would be allowed in but subject to appropriate quarantine arrangements
which is where I spoke to protocols could be isolation so they may have to
stay home for a period of time and checked on periodically by the medical
practitioners to ensure that they are free during that incubation period
meanwhile some 200 US citizens are due to be quarantined in California after
arriving from Wuhan China amid the corona virus outbreak the passengers
mostly diplomats were evacuated via a chartered flight that landed on US soil
on Wednesday we have the details from the CNN we do apologize for the absence of audio
and that clip will try to rectify it as soon as possible now
all this comes as the death toll in China from the coronavirus reached 170
the worst-hit province of Hebei has so far reported 37 fatalities 7711 people
in China are now confirmed to have the infection with 1032 new cases in who be
the World Health Organization wh Oh yesterday warned all governments to take
action over the virus that originated in Hubei as hundreds of foreigners were
evacuated from the city beyond China more than a dozen countries have
reported the illness with new cases reported yesterday in Finland and in the
United Arab Emirates now the World Health Organization will hold an urgent
meeting today over whether the outbreak should be declared a global health
emergency a designation that can lead to increase international coordination it
has described the global risk from the virus as high and we know go back to
that story we had earlier where some 200 US citizens are being quarantined after
being after coming in London in the u.s. from China the corona virus is spreading
rapidly we think in China we think it is appropriate that our citizens who are in
the epicenter of that outbreak in Wuhan be repatriated home for their own safety
American evacuees from the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak are now under
evaluation at the March Air Reserve Base in Southern California being kept away
from other people in a separate part of the base we are going to monitor them
for the full extent of their incubation period the evacuees were isolated on the
plane bringing them back the way that this plane was put together the upper
level of the crew was completely separated from the lower passengers so
air flow all sort of every sort of interaction between the top and the
bottom we’re completely isolated more than 160 people in at least 36 states
have now been investigated for possible in fact
by the CDC so it’s the world on the verge of a global health emergency on
Thursday officials at the World Health Organization will reconvene to consider
declaring one American health officials are now airing their concerns this is a
very serious and rapidly evolving situation this is a potential public
health threat in the United States now we know take a break here on the midday
news but stay with us there’s more when we return welcome back continuing the
news in other news no country is ever fully prepared that’s the response from
the office of the disaster preparedness and emergency management odd pimp
following criticism on social media in the aftermath of Tuesday’s earthquake
the agency was criticized for what persons deemed as a slow response after
the seven point seven magnitude quake rocked the region however speaking on a
morning agenda Acting Director General of odd Pam Richard Thompson says the
agencies on the ground risk emergency response procedures were activated
however mr. Thompson admitted that there are deficiencies in its emergency
communication and warning structure I present the agency is heavily dependent
on the media to get messages to the public he says our focus will be on the what you have awareness new restrictions
by the National Water Commission NWC are to begin in the corporate area today the
end of listening media announcement through a media release the NWC news
release stated that The Hermitage demand Moana reservoir are now at 89 percent
and 82 percent of their respective capacities this it says is
a result of reduced inflows on Monday the Barbados miss Caribbean climate
outlook forum warned of possible drought conditions during the February to April
period of this year it said Jamaica will be among the
affected countries the end of list he stated that starting Thursday January 30
areas supplied by the mana treatment plant will experience nightly supply
disruptions between 9 p.m. and 5 o’clock the following morning with the nightly
reduction in operations NWC customers might have no water or experience low
water pressure affected areas include sections of Moana Heights old Hope Road
Hope Road Hope flats lady musgrave road sections of New Kingston and halfway
tree Hagley Park Road Maxfield Avenue maligns Road sections of Harbor View and
Mountain View Avenue other areas on the list are cross roads South Camp Road
downtown Kingston Beverly Hills Raveena moana road Devon square waterloo road
kasia park and eastwood park Assistant Commissioner of Police Garry Griffiths
is this afternoon urging lawmen to evaluate themselves so they are more
effective in policing he says the call follows several
complaints of poor service by police officers working in the area of five
Police Division ACP Griffiths was speaking at an annual devotional meeting
held recently at the Greater Portman police station TV J’s Prince Moore has
the details the air-five Police Division has accounted for at least five domestic
murders since the start of the year Assistant Commissioner of Police in
charge of the division Garry Griffiths is fearful that this figure may increase
this is because he believes there’s a lack of commitment from law enforcers
who work in various communities within the division what we’re getting is
police Kumba so you know ACP Griffiths adds that poor service from police
officers is among the list of complaints received
from citizens which he says is unacceptable
there was a time when policing was something that was seen at a service their bodies around their phones and to
make matters worse he indicated that the resources of the Jamaica Constabulary
force jcf is not being maintained the reality is we have oh I know we use
those resources of better people who need assistance from us so we are asking
we’re begging ponies in order to be a force of good after first Prince more
TVJ news Grammy winner coffee continues to get plaudits locally the 19 year old
reggae sensation became the youngest person to win the prestigious musical
award last weekend head of the national integrity action professor Trevor Monroe
used the artist story to rally young people to stay away from a life of crime
and corruption professor Monroe was addressing students at an integrity Club
launched in Kingston on Wednesday first in the world getting a Grammy Award
copy days ago she is no werth at age nineteen forty point five million
Jamaican dollars 300,000 u.s. usain he is worth 90
million u.s. dollars 1.2 billion unneeded em Eskimo they look they use
their talent the god-given talent which each of you have and they use it to
benefit others coffee many charities she did the ISA trust charity performance
children benefit and that’s the midday news
remember primetime news is at 7:00 on behalf of the entire team present

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  1. The Government of Jamaica need to evacuate the Jamaica nationals out of China period. The British Government has started to evacuate their nationals. The Government need to stop the damn talking and take action now. Like now not next week. All passengers must be screened it does not matter where or which country you are coming in from.


  3. A true man the way how them drive the vehicle on the road , maybe because they are police

  4. Staying home with their families poses another risk the health ministry needs a designated area for the persons returning from china

  5. Is that a wise move to av them quarantined at their home on their return? What about the risk to their families & friends?
    There should be a designated place for such quarantine period

  6. No no no no no. Send them back where? Not unless our quarantine area is gonna be the goat islands. And the plane bringing them in needs to land over there as well. No letting the rich and elite get away from the quarantine either

  7. The Jamaican government should not allowed them to be quarantine home, government should have a facility where they keep them for the three weeks period and monitor them, before they go into regular society!!!

  8. Yow govvy send fi yardy now rasta

  9. That's stupidity. It is not practical at all ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  10. Hope tht lick lickie grovment a take head for what goin on in China an protect our country

  11. What about UWI's suspected case?? Was it confirmed or not??

  12. I'm sorry to say about our Jamaicans in china, they should stay there until we sure about that virus, unfortunately it's spreading fast & we're not safe!!
    Do not take this carona virus lightly!!
    The chinese dem will never tell you the full truth, because a dem cause nuff a these type a virus….health ministers & all who it concerns please assure that you do a deep check on Jamaicans too who are mixing and amongst the chinese!!
    Just saying๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  13. They need to stop this are we jamaicans safe

  14. You should talk to students at schools jamaica

  15. Traveling from the infected country…are visit nearby country should not send home to be around family because there it will spread more…..

  16. Go home?, whats wrong with these incompetent stupid government people?, it is clear they don't have any legitimate plans set up for a situation like this, they should have a place designated for people coming from China so they can monitor them for 7 up to 14 days to prevent an outbreak in case anyone of them is infected sending them home to do what, infect their families?

  17. The Jamaican government is not helping anyone lol and everyone should know that by now if they dont care for the citezens who reside in Jamaica why would they care for Jamaicans living in China. They just don't want it to look so bad in comparison to over leaders who have already taken a stand. Unfortunately Jamaica has no political or financial power you might as well say don't hold your breath. It's sad

  18. Sorry, please let anyone in China stay in China! For the safety of us all.

  19. Real talk officer ๐Ÿ‘ฎ, the policing service in Jamaica ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ฒ is very poor, that's why people ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ dnt show them respect ๐Ÿ™‡, because they dnt know how to manage most situation, they dnt act responsible, act as they here to show ๐Ÿ“บ up in police clothing ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  20. mek dem stay wrh demdeh caz next dem come with it n come infect di whole jamaica kmt

  21. You up town professor man weh a talk bout Usain n koffee……a which 1 a dem de government help fe go school?? Koffee coulda tun wutless if she never have the support of a single mother de system turn her down to continue her education maybe bcaz a few points lacking or she weren't liked by who incharge. Wah unno do fe ghetto youts nuh turn to scamming? When dem dunce n police n gunmen murder dem parents at a young age wah unno do fe dem? Is there a charity headed by ppl like unno fe help young people?? Nuh boast pon Usain n koffee n Nobody else caz a raw talent n support from grassroot people n dem poor ass parents put dem weh dem deh…..not people like unno

  22. Me haffi laugh how dat lean mouth man a cover up the amount of deaths dengue caz but now him woulda willing fe carry home nationals who choose to go abroad n can stay deh get treatment fe come kill 4 million people. It amazes me de bullshits dem chat. Anywhere health care is better than Jamaica so panic or not dem deh weh dem deh n haffi adjust n take precautions n hope for the best. My solution: Jamaica could choose to send them to Miami for quarantine. Caz a dehso dem go when dem sick

  23. When will u people wake up???? Mentain earth population under 500million has anybody heard of the Georgia Guide Stone???

  24. a hope dem lock down wi country good………..cause everybody else a tek precautionary measures fi prevent infection

  25. Need to have a few hospitals built as fast as how the Chinese built theirs

  26. This is no new virus my ppl ,if u don't believe me go read the back of ur Lysol disinfectant spray ,this virus is written on it forever so how come this is a new virus now smh some cover up a gawn ,virus breakout in the two richest countries in the world Hhmmm seems shaky to me

  27. what kind of question is that LISA HANNA ask the government…bout "will a Jamaican be allowed to come back to their country??..i find it rode and out of order..a Jamaican's home land is the island of Jamaica FULL STOP

  28. KMT!! The government is like a dog without teeth why they don't try to evacuate it's citizens as the rest of the world is doing? Andrew Holness a kiss America ass every opportunity him get why him no bum a ride Pon the plane wey Trump a use evacuate his citizens him jump up fling Venuzuela under the bus like a little yes man.

  29. The Jamaican government is going to evacuate it citizens. They are that useless. I can name several African countries that would have been on the ball to evacuate their citizens.

  30. Why show the video if it doesn't have a sound I'm lost

  31. The A.C.P Gary Griffiths must realized that the police officers, and the force is far different from now. Because the present JLP party government is humiliating the police officers, by restricting their powers. When they are putting indecom incharged of them, that if indecom can arrested a S.P a gazzetting officer.
    You must know that is a big demotion on the JCF, in all my life living in Jamaica. I have never seeing a ordinary civilian arrested a senior gazzetting officer, when I read it. I could never believed it at all, I know the procedures of the JCF. That if someone got themselves into trouble, then that officer would be investigated and. Turned the files to the DPP for a ruling, until I have learned that the JLP party government took away from the DPP and. Turned the files to indecom having more power than the DPP,according to what I am learning.
    So A.C. P Gray under that circumstances that will demoralizing your officers from putting a 100%,because The JLP party government is badly humiliating the men and women in the entire JCF. Plus the government took the money which the PNP party government left to bought those new vehicles, they used the money for their personal benifits. By using it to run those by elections, and buying votes, so there is not enough vehicles. To respond to the people, or citizens calls,so the people shouldn't holds the police officers accountable.
    For their poor services throughout Jamaica, they should holds their government who they have voted, and put them in office. Who refused to provided the police stations across Jamaica with proper vehicles, or equipments to respond immediately to crime scenes. So if the police is not properly equipped, how are they going to do their jobs properly.
    Gray right now the JCF is badly humiliated, or demoralised by the JLP party government.
    I was watching a video and know Camlo from he was a cadet in 1970s, I thought he already left the force and. When I saw the former minister of national security ugly man Montague, really handled Canola as the CP. Then I really realized how these low life JLP party government ministers really rude,I know that most politicians. Also the Jamaican population does not respect the police officers in Jamaica, it does not matter what kind of education you have. It does not matter to them, that is why when some police achieved what they are looking for. In terms of qualifications liked having their degrees liked my brother, after my brother holds his Master degree. When they were trying to promoted him to superintendent, I told him to left and. Come living in the United States because I am here, the way they were treating the police officers. It does not make any sense at all to stay any longer wasting time with those loggerheads, because they does not going to respect you.

  32. Gray how much more time you have to get your pension, because as I as I am seeing right now. The JCF is gone to the dog because of the JLP party government, because of the kind of treatment which they are getting from the government.

  33. Feels like I'm watchin a VHS

  34. If the police mess up the cars they should pay for the repairs out of their pay.

  35. I would strongly suggest that the minister of health refrain from procrastinating and take strong steps to secure the health of our nationals, like other resposabile administrations , and do not afraid upset the Chinies if that's what iit takes tto protect us. Let's remember that we comes ,first, dispute what the ruling classes might think………And as for TVJ, do some followup news on the news you've presented previously, so you listeners can have some trust in you, and not ssound-bite news…..

  36. As a Jamaican Chinese that has never been to China, i can safely say that will never happen. Jamaica needs to stop everyone who visited the country from coming back in, If the 1st world countries are struggling so much how can Jamaica even think about managing it.

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