TVJ Midday News: Vinyard Town Residents Say no to Coronavirus Quarantine Area – February 10 2020

TVJ Midday News: Vinyard Town Residents Say no to Coronavirus Quarantine Area – February 10 2020

good afternoon and fashion brown with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot
residents of vineyard town Santander are fuming over the decision by the Health
Ministry to use these in Joseph’s Hospital as a quarantine facility for
the coronavirus they sought to highlight their concerns on Sunday afternoon at a
meeting with the minister of health TV Jays Prince more reports a heated
exchange Sunday afternoon between residents of vineyard tone and
technocrats in the Ministry of Health this after the st. Joseph’s Hospital was
declared a quarantine area for the ministry to treat with the novel
coronavirus 2019 the meeting erupted in chaos following this statement from a
resident I know of a case that is in Veneto in here at home how do we guarantee that she
stays at home and not come outside to inspect other there is no one no one in
this country with the coronavirus that comment drew the ire of those gathered
at the meeting who came back from China and was walking up and down in the
community she never said the resident further clarified her question asking
how can the Minister ensure that someone who travels from China and is being
quarantined at home stays indoors did she say she knows anybody in the
community with the coronavirus so I don’t want anybody to live here and say
that anybody in Vinnie atone have the coronavirus but chief among the
residents grouses was the designation of the st. Joseph’s Hospital as a
quarantine facility you know that owner going to do this one and about console
the ministers and said to them that we would like to come to st. Joseph’s get
to the vineyard on citizen Association sensitize the community of a meeting mr. Brian was about to answer when this
resident sought to get her point across I have absolutely no problem apologizing
to the community for the fact that we had to before when we look at all the
facilities that we have that can be used to facilitate quarantine this was the
best option prints more TVJ news in the meantime the outbreak of the corona
virus 20:19 death toll continues to rise with 910 deaths and the confirmed cases
now reaching over 40,000 worldwide that means the corona virus has
officially killed more people than the SARS pandemic of 2003 previously one of
the worst medical crises in recent Chinese history the vast majority of the
deaths have been in mainland China other news now teachers will be again asked to
do more to help make schools safer this following an announcement by the
Minister of Justice del rock mr. Chuck wants elected educators in the schools
to be trained in restorative justice so that they can help students resolve
their disputes in more peaceful ways mr. Chuck was speaking at the 11th annual
restaurateurs justice conference recently meanwhile mr. Chuck said the justice
ministry is working to change the plea bargaining law to facilitate certain
offenders it’s an initiative he believes will help to create a better society mr.
Chuck said expanding the law will only allow deserving cases to be expunged I’m
looking at all we can change the law so that deserving cases are expunged not
100% expunged especially for the violent crimes they will next punch so that they
can have a clean record because there are many persons who when they were in
their teens or early twenties committed crimes and they after they tell me you
have to middle line to get that job the justice minister explained that the move
comes amid complaints from persons who have criminal records from as far back
as twenty years and aren’t able to get a job because of their criminal past some
of the our taxi drivers and they tell me when
the hotel find out that 20 years ago they had something a criminal record
they lose the work or they can’t get a job because they have a criminal record
even though over 1050 many times 20 years they have been trying to go
straight and I said these are the deserving cases that I really would like
to expand the law so that many of these can get a second chance and it’s not
time for a break but stay with us more stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news now a new police station is now being constructed in Port Maria st. Mary
national security minister dr. Horace Chan made the announcement at a ceremony
which was held on Friday in the town dr. Chang said several challenges including
land acquisition hindered the facilities construction which was slated to begin
in 2018 he said despite the setbacks the government is committed to enhancing
infrastructure to provide and improve the working environment for the security
forces we are not only fixing the buildings we’re ensuring that
the police officers will have adequate tools to move around Camille and stream
is here not only in turn personally they should have non-lethal weaponry to walk
with tasers pepper sprays some of the men in the patrol division special
operation division will have new uniforms that are more appropriate for
their work today and carry the kind of equipment they require to operate and as
you go beyond that we intend to provide them at the station with adequate
resources in terms of computers communication and generally expanding
the capacity using modern technology the new building is estimated to cost two
hundred and fifty million dollars and will house the police’s error to
headquarters which covers the parishes of st. Mary’s San Tan and Portland it is
to be funded by the National Housing Trust nht in keeping with a mandate to
build and repair police stations within 10 miles of NHD housing schemes in the
meantime Commission of Police Major General Anthony Anderson said the new
facility will symbolize the strengthen relationship between citizens and the
police it’s a good place to start improving not that we have a bad
relationship no but it’s a good place to keep on improving that relationship so
that our officers have somewhere that is suitable to do policing from and that
you as citizens should feel comfortable coming there and interacting with the
police and that’s our commitment to you the Port Maria police station is one of
60 stations being targeted across the country under the protect rebuild
overhaul and construct program it is expected to be completed by December
2020 efforts are being made to curtail the recent flare-up of violence in
August on st. Andrew in recent weeks there have been a number of shootings
and killings in the community this has affected the lives of students who
attend universities in the area and the businesses in the community member of
parliament for East Saint Andrew faithful Williams says Sunday’s meeting
is another attempt to bring some semblance of peace to the community it
has become really really frustrating for the residents at nights they are
walking by gunshots and just recently in the last two weeks there was a murder
here broad daylight 10 a.m. in the morning couple of guys on foot with gone
just walked into her hermitage walked into the house where the guy lived shot
him dead they said about seven or eight shots and then just walked out mrs.
Williams says no effort will be spared in restoring peace and order in the
community as the level of violence is getting out of control we’re not gonna
let these these little guys I mean it’s not men they call them men but they’re
not there they’re there they’re young 15 16 17 18 year olds with an illegal gun
that just wreak mayhem in the meantime you would guilt president cristina
williams says the community should protect its investment the students but
we talk a lot about faith and hope what does the Bible say we don’t work
favorite of work is death literal death so if we sit here as community members
as parents as community leaders as those in the school and the church I will just
pray and there’s no work there will still be death and if I spirits we say
we just pray and we don’t watch our children and ensure they don’t become
delinquents I don’t turn to crime there will be death 1004 sports two-time world
junior champion jheel Hyde and a 2017 World Championship bronze medalist
Tristan Anna Tracy were among the highlights at Saturday’s 16th camperdown
classics at the national stadium here is T V J’s at Jeremiah Brown having endured
an inconsistent last two seasons during which he fails to mate Jamaica’s at doha
world championship team and has once again switched the training camps jheel
Hyde announced a semblance of a return to form the two-time World Junior 400
meter hurdles champion clocked a personal best for the 6.4 seven seconds
to win his heat and the overall men’s 400 meters he won ahead of World
Championship mile mr. Terry Thomas who was second in 47
point four zero and former world 100 meter champion Yohan Blake who was third
in 48 point two four hi who is now training at the swept Track Club had a
previous best offer forty six point six six over four hundred meters setback in
2016 incidentally that was the last time he
also run a personal best for the 400 meter hurdles
this year we just paid a little more attention to detail I know taking it one
step at a time getting stronger and better each week and still learning so I
think that this race today was just as a result of what we’ve been doing so far
in training meanwhile a slimmer looking Blake says it’s a part of his new
approach for sure for more stuff give car tanks I just finished reading indoor
day and to start by creating a pretty late I feel really good I’ve been
training really well Maren Gregory I’m in Suffern has been working us seriously
for this for injured unhappy I feel I feel pretty good I’m not going to lie
it’s my first run in over a year over the 400 I just looking forward to some
more 2019 boys shams 100-meter winner oblique Saville formerly of Calabar now
at the races at Track Club was also impressive as he posted a personal bests
of forty eight point two three four second in his heat behind former world
youth 400 meter finalist Anthony cogsa and 2017 world championship 400 meter
hurdles bronze medalist ristin Anna Tracy clocked an encouraging fifty three
point nine seven to win her heat and overall women’s 400 meters
she won head off Samantha James at fifty four point five five and dejeuner Oakley
fifty four point six seven Tracy who has also endured a challenging last two
seasons says she was pleased with her outing I am pleased in some aspects
being as um my oh my sister with 54 I last season so to come here and to
actually open faster I think that’s a plus
meanwhile a total of ten records were broken at the 16th staging of the meet
Jeremy and Ron reporting for TVJ sports and
at the midday news on Vashon brown join us at 7:00 for prime time news package
on behalf of the new sports and production teams have a wonderful

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    I remembered when those came out in Jamaica in 1960s and early 1970s, people useto used several bushes, or herbs to counteract the fevers. Nowadays Jamaican people got too sophisticated to used our local herbs for their health, they relying too much on the United States for everything now a days.
    They got too lazy because Jamaica have several herbs to cured every kinds of sicknesses, but they are relying too much on the pharmaceutical companies for medicines. So watching those people in Vineyards Town behaving so erratic against the speaker, they have no form of respect for the chairman of the meeting. Anyone who is at the meeting does not likes what am saying about their abnoxous behaviour, they can reply, or respond to my comment. Those people at the meeting must learned to respect themselves 1st, before they can respect anyone else.Their conduct at the meeting was very out of control, I hope those people in Vineyards could sees this video, and seeing themselves how they are behaving so erratic.
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