TVJ Midday News: Voting in South-East Clarendon By-Election – March 2 2020

TVJ Midday News: Voting in South-East Clarendon By-Election – March 2 2020

good afternoon and fashion brown with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom
voting is continuing in the by-election in southeast Clarendon which got
underway this morning at 7 o’clock the contest is between the Jamaica Labour
Party’s Pernell Charles Jr and independent candidate Derrick Lambert
now the seat became vacant last month following the resignation of
long-serving MP for the constituency Rudyard Spencer our reporter Dwayne
Anderson has been in the constituency and no joins us live with the latest
Dwayne non-russian and good afternoon to our viewers on television Jamaica so
let’s start with some geographical information for people in TV land who
will be wondering where the South East by election is in Clarendon so southeast
ground and starts over there at a board of sim Catherine and Clarendon in free
tone that it extends to Central Clarendon oh they’re in mineralize and
then B lines go to the tip of Clarendon down there in Rocky Point on the
coastline no where am i I’m at Vere Technical High School where Technical
High is one of 135 polling stations here in the constituency today now earlier I
was out in the field and our new center we caught up with some officials the
Ombudsman and the aoj staff let’s take their interview to see what they had to
say about activities so far everything going smoothly so far we open on time on
our 135 stations are open at 7:00 this morning and so far everything she did any concern no concerns of our turnout
so far being fearless material on materials or materials the
election center which is really a Jamaican invention is convened in
Clarendon today because of the by-election in Clarendon South Eastern
it is a body that is co-chaired by myself political Ombudsman and a
director of elections and is constituted by Electoral Commission now among the
members of that body we have the Jamaican broiler group our churches the
broadcasting Commission Cafe national integrity action we have the JTF the jcf
and representatives of the parliamentary parties the JMP mentioned which have
been addressed for this by-election forty-one thousand persons are
registered to vote and we can possibly say we will not get one forty one
thousand persons voting today because earlier while I was out in the field we
stopped at several polling stations and the theme throughout SlOO SlOO going the
sprinkling of supporters mostly Jamaica Labour Party supporters as you can see
behind me some of them are here that’s because the People’s National Party is
not participating in this by-election so it’s only the Jamaica Labour Party and
an independent candidate Derrick Lambert and his supporters are scarce so we’ve
not been able to catch up with any of them going through the constituents
we’ve also noted security security presences hi soldiers and police they’re
on guard ensuring that smooth sailing throughout the day I’ll be here all day
getting a feel of what’s happening and as soon as I get get something I’ll be
sure to bring it back to you guys so are
then it’s to the studios thank you so much that was a reporter doing Anderson
he is in the southeast Clarendon our constituency where a
by-election is underway no the jail peace Pernell Charles Jr is up against
an independent candidate Derek Lambert and we’ll continue to track the
developments in that constituency and of course give you more in primetime news
at 7:00 in Ghana control of the world’s fastest-growing economy and its massive
offshore oil fields are up for grabs as voters go to the polls today in a
general election the Guyana Elections Commission says there are six 660 1378
registered voters all of whom are eligible to cast their ballots at 2339
polling stations across the country the elections appear to be a straight fight
between 74 year-old David Granger’s a partnership for national unity +
Alliance for change and the People’s Progressive Party whose presidential
candidate is 39 year-old Efrain Ali final election results are not expected
before Friday although the Commission is allowed 15 days to do so at least two
stakeholders are of the view that the coronavirus will eventually reach
Jamaica both the Jamaica’s Association of local government offices Gallagher
and the Jamaica employers Federation say when the virus hits Jamaica the impact
on the economy will be devastating we have the details in this report that’s
the belief of general secretary of the Jamaica Association of local government
officers Django Kevin Davis white about the spread of kovat 19 coronavirus there
are no three confirmed cases of the kovat 19 in the dominican republic
– in san martin and one in st. Barts it’s why president of the Jamaica
employers for the ratio and a Jeff David one she has a same view as mrs. Allen
Davis white speaking on TV Jay’s smile Jamaica Monday morning mr. Juan said it
is highly likely that the deadly virus will reach two
Rico and when it does a lot of industries will be affected based on the
rate of spread of the virus that we’ve seen we believe it is highly likely it
will be here in Jamaica it will impact many industries tourism manufacturing
ports and it will it will have a very strong impact on the entire economy
because the mining for example if you can’t get the ships to transport the
output of your minds that’s also another consequence name is the one said
business owners will have to either offer voluntary redundancy or mutually
agreed a separation mrs. Davis white explained that the law does allow for
employers experiencing difficulties in the meantime mr. one said the employers
Federation is depending on guidelines from the ministers of health and a local
government before advising businesses on the protocol in dealing with the cove
819 we’re depending on the authorities at the Ministry of Health and the
Ministry of local government that some have already issued guidelines as well
as internationally we’ve picked up stuff that from experts in spread of disease
that many companies are putting together their plans but we’re depending on the
authorities think it was the guidelines we can then share with our members for
those who have not yet put it together to try and get a program together oh she
had master’s TV dinners meanwhile more reports of the corona virus have emerged
in the Caribbean with center Martin and st. Barts joining the Dominican Republic
in recording cases this has prompted the director of the pan-american Health
Organization dr. charissa Etienne to express concern about the region’s
capacity to deal with an outbreak of the virus
no three cases have been reported in the Dominican Republic two in center Martin
and one in st. Barts as a result of the cases in the Caribbean the number of
countries with the corona virus has increased to 60 dr. Etienne said several
countries in the Caribbean have the capacity to test for the virus
these include Jamaica Barbados Suriname Guyana Trinidad and Tobago Dominica
believes Bahamas as well as Haiti and a second person in the u.s. is now dead
from the corona virus the confirmed cases in the u.s. no stands at 89 both
deaths are in King County Washington just outside Seattle those patients
caught corona virus from person to person spread the total cases include
those the CDC confirmed and those local authorities label as presumptive cases
meanwhile New York has announced its first case a woman is in isolation in
Manhattan after texting positive and on the opposite coast three more infected
patients in Santa Clara County California
Florida also announced two cases Sunday night as well as two new cases in Oregon
and two in the state of Rhode Island and we take a break on the midday news but
we’ll be right back please stay with us welcome back thank you so much for
staying with us continuing the news now centromere recorded its first double
murder since the start of the year on Saturday night the victims have been
identified as 33 year old Damien Wilson and his friend 54 year old Donovan Hoff
Azula the incident took place along the Fort George main road in an otter Bay
has left residents devastated it’s understood that about 9:30 p.m. the men
were among a group of people drinking along the roadside when gunmen drove up
in a car and starting firing at them but is there mister the so next door a
prayer and then a friend come by and you’re
gonna shut up for you and then when I’m a friend run off I want him come back
turn to me and I say me me I know I say a pirate get shot I’m gonna tell him say
look at my you would stop run put me and my sin or cos I’m gonna pass I went to
finished I don’t my style I’m go it wasn’t my brother lied oh she
believes the security forces are failing in the parish
we need something done and I not to be too much crime too much violence I
nakamoto understand me I said everybody drop you know a mangaka finish arm and
it just don’t write this so there have been over five murders in the parish
since the start of the year the William nib high school community is in mourning
after one of its students drowned in a river in perched on Trelawney last
Thursday 16 year old Jonathan Eccleston droned after going fishing with his
friends his body was found Friday a post-mortem a post-mortem examination is
to be conducted since the incident the police have been providing counseling
sessions for both the school and a Jonathan’s family we have met with the
mother and her entire family in reserve and offered grief counseling to them and
to walk them through the process of what will happen and how the investigation is
going on this morning we join William Lynn high school for another session of
grief counseling and then we are going to move over to the family house again
where we will do a second session Jonathan’s form teacher sherry Buckner
says he was a good student but in the midst of the unfortunate incident miss
Bachman believes there is a lesson to be learned to be honest he was a wonderful
student he was he was a quiet one so his that is very unfortunate for us
especially his classmates I hope is that will wake up some of them especially his
friends and in the future I hope they’ll listen
because a part of this is was because a disability we have no more sensitive we
have to be more sensitive and cognizant of the family members and all these will
help to magnify the pain and the suffering I would ask him to cease one
family is this afternoon questioning what really happened to their relative
after she went missing the missing woman is visually impaired and a student of
the University of the West Indies here Stevie J is Cartwright family members
staged a protest in 11 miles bull base and Thomas Sunday evening in a bid to
get information about their missing relative 22 year old Jasmine Dean
Jasmine who is a student of the University of the West Indies Moana
campus went missing last Thursday after she boarded a taxi it’s understood that
the 22 year old is visually impaired we need some justice were seeking some help
because it’s a blind girl and in check out from the school geared in similar
fire somewhere you know supposedly fire I think I found the UE campus geared
really fire Kol afire but there’s some conflicting information I juiced one put
on a taxi and say the taxi man good easy bring our last location even say in our
kms a well if even now even our a no particle big girl Maya only go in our
taxi if it’s a that’s the last location my of our smart cured Maya tick tock see
again mercy any other Jews magnanimity stop the taxi until are going assured I
never take each own a tequila and up go back not a school the family’s adamant
that the police did not handle the situation appropriately damn cool
attempts to know just let go to taxi man so soon elect got a taxi man so kucsma
and must know something we are about my area want I walk easy Kashinath nobody
on chopper nobody not time she nah nobody we are we are about just me
anyone knowing the whereabouts of Jasmine Dean has been asked to contact
the mana police at eight seven six nine two seven two two nine eight the nearest
police station or police emergency number one one nine Kirk right TV genius
what was supposed to be a two-day road improvement work by the National Works
Agency nwa rolled over into a third day which caused the traffic congestion and
a confusion among commuters in Kingston this morning the Hagley Park Road
maxfield avenue and eastwood park road intersection which converges that Vicent
and repairs church in half a tree was still closed this morning to facilitate
road improvement works which were to be completed on Sunday motorists traveling
towards eastwood park maligns constant spring half a tree and hagley
park roads were diverted along several roadways taxi operators said the change
this morning affected their business Senior Superintendent of Police in
charge of traffic Courtney Kubrick was on location and apologized on behalf of
the NWA the police have since opened one lane to facilitate the movement of
traffic along maxfield Avenue SSB kübra said the roadwork is expected to be
completed it today can offer sports 135 athletes seeking to qualify for the
Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games this summer received a cash injection to aid
in their efforts this following Sunday’s start of a government-funded assistance
program valued at more than fifty million dollars the announcement was
made by Sports Minister Aliyev Abzug arranged according to Sports Minister
Olivia Bobbsey Grange able-bodied athletes across seven
sporting disciplines as well as Paralympians which number 135 will
receive an equal amount of Jamaican $20,000 per week over an 18 week period
we are treating all equally important so the same amount of
money will be dispersed to their accounts Minister Green says athletes
chasing Olympic qualification will start receiving their Fonda’s of this week
while the Paralympians will start receiving as of April 1 given that the
Paralympics comes up one month later the announcement was welcomed by World
Championship discus silver medallist federic Degas and Olympian sprint
hurdler megan tapa it’s reassuring that you know the government is actually
seeing what we’re doing actually be rewarded for that it’s really to me the
only thing so i wish to thank the minister her committee and the national
federations who with little time and no money brought this to fruition for the
effort they put into developing this critical initiative athletes the toil
the struggle day in and out I’d like to thank each and every one of you as well
for making sport a part of your life and in some cases your whole life forging
ahead with pride building brand Jamaica president of the Jamaica Olympians
Association Marvin Anderson who also welcomed this latest initiative wants
the assistance program to be developed into a long-term one one of the things
we can do whether it’s through the ministry through this committee is that
we put together a framework that is sustainable a framework that can go
through respective years respective Olympic cycle so that all we’ll have to
do is to populate that framework the relevant and immediate athletes this
latest assistance program is an addition to the Jamaica athlete insurance plan
which involves more than 1500 athletes I am Keyon Rihanna reporting for TVJ
sports and that’s the midday news on Vashon brawn join us at 7:00 for prime
time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams have a

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  3. South East Clarendon is a JLP strong holds they are going to win, the independent candidate have no chance at all . I was wondering why Dr Peter Phillips and the executive director of the PNP party ,refused to take part in the election. Whether they win or lose but give the PNP party supporters a chance to cast their votes in that constituency , don't just let the JLP party government just won the seat without any form of resistance. The PNP party should contested the election, because there are several areas with strong PNP supporters. The whole of mineral Highst was built by the PNP party government in the 1970s, I know that areas like my hands middle . I must warned Dr Peter Phillips and the executive directors of the PNP party,if they does not listened to the PNP party supporters. They are going to be out in the wilderness for a very long time, because they are not listening to the PNP party supporters.
    It is not education is going to win the election,it is the people who is going to casted their votes,I am not going to say anymore about it. Not contesting the by election by the PNP party was a very silly moves, Dr Peter Phillips and the executive director of the PNP party must respect the will of the people.
    As a long time supporter of the PNP party, I am really pissed off will the decision by the leadership of the PNP party also the executive director of the PNP party.
    He cannot realized that some of the executives is trying to messed him up ,to get rid of him from the leadership, I am involved in the PNP party. In 1972 election I worked for David Coore,I don't haveto listening to anyone of them. I remembered when Dr Peter Phillips was the PNPYO, I met him at the national arena also Portia Simpson Miller was a ordinary supporter of the PNP, until she became councillor for the Jones Town areas.Before she becomes MP, when MP Ralph Brown stepped down.
    I can see that a lot of animosity is still going on in the PNP party, because of the election between Peter Bounting, and Dr Peter Phillips within the executives committees.
    It is full time that they should put that bullshit behind them, and started to pulling together. Because the JLP party government is very good at lies,and they are going to trying to manipulate Jamaican people in general with their misconceptions. So the PNP party should be having planning to used certain slogans against them to counteract them ,with their lying lips and their broken promises. The PNP party needs a think thank committee to come up with some really good slogans against these, liars JLP party government Mps. Because they are very good at that, they making all these promises during the last general election and. Not one of them does not materialized all now,but the main person to be blamed for the defeat. Is the Hon Portia Simpson Miller, because she make her stupid ass advisors them told her not to have a national debates on the TV .Against Andrew Holness I am not living in Jamaica, and I wrote on Facebook also on her page too have a debate.
    I told her if she refused from debating with Andrew Holness, she is going to loose the election and it does happened. They were beating around the bushes to told her the truth, I further told her if she caused the party to loose, the supporters should voted out her of office . Because she does not listening to nobody, because she does not owned the party and. If Dr Peter Phillips does not listened to what I am telling him,it is the same thing is going to happened to him too. As i already told him with that seat with Damion Crawford, that they are going to loose the seat.Because the people does not welcomed him,you haveto give the people in their constituency who they want.
    It does not matter what you are,and what the executives directors is thinking, they are not the ones who is going to votes for the candidates. So you cannot really dictates to them, you must learned to respect the will of the people who are supporting you.Because they will sabotage you,because they are the ones who is going to votes for the candidates. I really liked the new person who is replacing Damion Crawford, that is giving the PNP party a 99.5% chances to win the next general election. He is going to beat that JLP party pm straight, and lane,the PNP party can recorded it into their winning column.

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