TVJ Midday News: Young Men in Video With Firearm Arrested – March 6 2020

TVJ Midday News: Young Men in Video With Firearm Arrested – March 6 2020

good afternoon and Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot we begin
with news that three of the four young men who were seen in a viral video
brandishing a firearm have been arrested to offer the young men whose names
cannot be released because they’re minors are currently at the Metcalfe
Street juvenile Center the other man has been identified as 20 year old Addison
barrier for Arlington town Kingston – he was handed over to the rolling turn town
police by relatives following a police operation in the community the location
where the video was recorded was also identified by detectives the fourth the
fourth individual in the video is still on the run he’s wanted by the police for
breaching the conditions of his bail in a matter that is before the court now in
the meantime head of the Jamaica constable Air Force corporate
communications unit seen a Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay says
the gun that was seen in the video has not been found to her coverage of the
coronavirus no with the possibility of the virus reaching the island the
Jamaica agricultural society is warning the government to think about food
security the cove in 19 is expected to have a significant impact on the
conscious food as over 900 million u.s. dollars worth of food is imported on a
yearly basis but a jas president len worth fulton says it will not be doom
and gloom for the country we would stand up better than most countries I’ll do we
have the high import bill some of the logs are foods you might not get and you
might have problem with or teen foods and so on
but denied it might not be a bad idea to start to look on it from a food security
standpoint and it bring in today for more people mean more and so on that
could be stored we do not want to go there and we hope to god Karen I won’t
come here but it is teaching us a lesson that we should be more food secure at
this point in the meantime the Jays president has called for some
concessions from the government to transform the agriculture sector these
concessions mr. Fulton noted could look at pond liners tractors and
trailers he also reiterated his call for a fund where farmers can easily access
financing I’m not advocating grant I’m not here telling that government could
give away taxpayer money to people like that
that’s car country can develop that way but we hope that some system will
develop where we can walk into a bank and get a loan the same day loan and
walk out to spree the Irish potato that might be Tritton Byron know while trying
to contain the spread of the coronavirus officials around the world have another
battle on their hands tackling the spread of misinformation here is the
janela pursues with that angle in the same way the corona virus is spreading
globally so too is the myth information about it primarily on social media it’s
a point also highlighted by the World Health Organization the w-h-o the fight
against rumors and misinformation is vital part of the battle against this
virus in fact the w-h-o is calling it an info Demick officials they’re telling
CNN business it’s the first global one so one of the big strains of the info
demmick is misinformation about the virus’s origins and how its spread
numerous sites and groups online have been falsely claiming that this virus is
a result of some sort of biological warfare some sort of bio weapon or even
created by the pharmaceutical industry to try to sell more vaccines recently we
took to the streets to ask a Jamaicans what they knew about the corona virus
and based on the responses it was clear that the misinformation has been
spreading like wildfire just watch it quality we know some
people are from China I mean I see a China I start from from the people dem
start at the bottom it’s near canal them certainly sir–one me about power you
take me about one somewhere in our the island right now and I’m afraid on some
places we take care of the situation Lee boy if dark attach America to all my ear
that one lit no normal because they must say which I have come out a crowd and
our list ya know Jamaica and this getaway know
Jamaica first of all me es a kill a million or many millions people already
that Dana China before and one bill asymmetry you know China feet yeah
Missy things them our a Lago me I said from Facebook on it sewers on media
things everybody know all these viruses have made in a laboratory you know
there’s no secret about that based on what I heard I watch on television on
social media my understanding that it’s coming from China that’s where the
epicenter is from a market where they eat all kind of animals of the last
night I was doing some research I think back to the same place where they eat
all kind of snake I hear that I’m fine I suspect kiss I don’t know if it’s true
art swells news according to the w-h-o to date there is no specific medicine
recommended to prevent or Treat kovat nineteen
however those infected with the virus should receive appropriate care to
relieve and treat symptoms and those with severe illness should receive
optimize the supportive care which takes us to the next area of misinformation
treatment predominantly Bush as women used to drink mr. s image in JAMA Gallic
everything on the WH o–‘s website is a list of Mythbusters like cold weather
and snow cannot kill the virus neither does eating garlic nor taking a
hot bath the virus whe also says cannot be transmitted through mosquito bites or
through goods manufactured in China or any country reporting covered 19 cases
the w-h-o is stressing that person should seek information about kovat 19
only from reputable online sources and importantly exercise good hygiene and we
take a break on midday news but we’ll be right back please stay with us welcome back continuing the news now
councillors in this in st. Anne are fuming over the handling of streetlights
in the parish by the Jamaica public service company JPS it was a major point
of contention at the recent meeting of the Santana Municipal Corporation Prince
more reports it has become a recurring decimal dark tones especially in the
busiest parts of Saint Anne it’s all due to non functioning street lights that
problem has given rise to another criminals used the cover of darkness to
carry out their heinous acts the issue have led counselors in the Municipal
Corporation to believe that the electricity company does not listen to
their calls one counselor says that the issue does not seem to be on the front
burner of the corporation he wants the mayor to pressure the JPS to have the
Mater urgently addressed doesn’t see we’re over is importance or result is
important to us mr. weir but mayor of st. Anne’s be Michael Bell
Mavis says his division is also faced with the same challenges
he says currently the relationship between the corporation and JPS has
become strained fact is that we there’s a new management team in place now and
we have not gotten the support from this new management team so hence there is
there needs to be some sort of dialogue going with the minstrel cooperation and
a management team the police is in darkness and I am appealing to JPS for
God’s sake come and fix the light the government of this day as peeled out to
JPS a wholly / mony billions of dollars the government has set redact billions
of dollars so that they can come and do the work right they have been telling us
that they don’t have any money to buy a material that to me is garbage
hence this pledge of the JPS JPS please for God’s sake come on fix the
streetlights come and fix the streetlights we are still Prince more
TVJ news the majority of Jamaicans do not think
of the corruption issues that the energy ministry have been adequately addressed
that’s among the findings of the latest Argentine Don Anderson polls corruption
issues that the energy ministry publicly surfaced in 2018 when irregularities
were revealed that agencies which fall under the ministry like Pedro JAMA
former energy minister dr. Andrew Wheatley resigned in the wake of the
corruption allegations in the latest are green are done and recent polls 52
percent of respondents said the issues that the ministry have not been fully
dealt with 21% said the issues were adequately addressed when we did the
survey last year the numbers were just about the same where people are
dissatisfied with the way in which the corruption issues at the Ministry of
Energy Science and Technology of actually were handled so here we have a
relative the same number of persons 52% who said no we do not believe that the
corruption issues at the Ministry of Energy
were handled quickly now dr. Wheatland former
Education Minister reale Reed resigned from their ministries amid corruption
scandals in this latest poll Jamaicans were asked whether they were expecting
other resignations or dismissals 18 percent of the people that we
interviewed said yes 51 percent said no because they really don’t have any
information on which to base that kind of decision you know
but again 31 percent said we don’t really know we don’t have an answer
we’re not so sure and perhaps we don’t even care the poll was conducted between
February 8 and 18 among 1038 people island-wide the People’s National Party
PNP has signaled that it will not participate in by-elections in the near
future amid reports that Member of Parliament for Clarendon North Central
Colonel Charles senior is leaving representational politics in a news
release BNP Chairman Fitz Jackson said it was alarming and reprehensible that
the Jamaica Labour Party is again intent on wasting taxpayers money in order to
settle its internal disputes surrounding candidate selection mr. Jackson
described it as unconscionable and irresponsible especially in light of the
immediate challenges the country faces as it braces for possible cases of the
corona virus the pnp chairman said money spent on contrived by-elections should
be used to prepare the country for the fallout from the virus the concern is
being raised just days with just days after the by-election in Clarendon South
East which was won by mr. Charles’s son Colonel Charles jr. over half a million
dollars was yesterday handed over to the child resiliency program of the violence
prevention alliance there were this year’s recipient of funds raised at the
national leadership prayer breakfast the child resiliency program established in
2006 is aimed at curtailing behavioral challenges in children Kamel for sports
with no specific date being set for the start of upgrading work at the national
stadium minister of sports Aliyev FC Grange has expressed optimism that the
project will get on the way sometime next year
here’s Spencer Darlington with an expansive upgrading exercise set for the
national stadium redevelopment project minister of sports Olivia
the grant was quizzed about a timeline for this undertaking when she appeared
before the standing Finance Committee of parliament in Gordon house on Wednesday
to look at the budget for her ministry in the 2020 2021 financial year
according to Minister Granger the public investment management Secretariat pym
SEC will have to sign off on the project and also make a determination that such
a project is sustainable I would imagine where we are known that
by the end of this year we would be in a position to enter into negotiations with
the Ministry of Finance to provide the allocation that will allow us to put the
shovel on the ground in 2021 the major aspects of the national stadium
redevelopment will include covering for the stands the installation of 10,000
additional seats and the removal of the cycling velodrome to another location
meanwhile Minister Grange also gave an update on the status of the slide oval
mini stadium in st. Catherine which has been greatly underutilized and fallen
into a state of disrepair since its construction 14 years ago she said her
ministry is now working with the Sports Development Foundation and a GC foster
College to arrive at an arrangement for the renovation of the complex and also
to make it operative that facility in flag oval was transferred to the
Ministry of sports and we were about to make special special arrangements to
utilize the facility and then the government changed during that period
the facility was handed over to the GC foster College to be treated as a campus that matter is no being sorted out as
the facility is being wasted Minister Grange added that her Minister is now
perusing several proposals which have been submitted for the use of these
slides of L complex in 2006 the Chinese government spent 248 million dollars to
construct these likable facility as a gift to the Jamaican people
Spencer Darlington TVJ sports and that’s the midday news on Vashon brawn join us
at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production
teams have a good afternoon and a wonderful weekend

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