TVJ News: JHTA Wants AirBnB Rentals Taxed – December 9 2019

good afternoon I’m fashion brown with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom and
we apologize for the late start Tourism Minister Edie Bartlett is coming on the
pressure from the Jamaica hotel and the tourist Association regarding his
silence to the associations latest call for local Airbnb operators to be taxed
and the sector regulated TV des Prince more reports Hetalia
and past president of the jht a Wayne Cummings recently raised concern about
lavish guest houses and villas operating under the guise of Airbnb s while
charging thousands of US dollars per night while dodging tax authorities he
says tourism minister ed Bartlet’s decision to impose an administrative
charge instead of attacks is not fair the decision was announced in July
following a complaint from the jht a mr. Cummings who was speaking on Monday’s
edition of the morning agenda outlined the importance of rules to govern the
sector the nurses are hardworking earn money in this country is required level
of income in the government no one elsewhere can deny that that is the law
that’s the first thing FS to restore is a minister at Bartlett for our response
were unsuccessful determined that I and others have been using is that these
look Jamaica where we’re all hosted one way or the other but this this is not
these individuals have to make their investments they need to make sure that
they are declaring here that they are enjoying themselves that they are safe
that we are making sure that we are not miserable disturbing or a neighbor who
may or may not have signed up for for their activities that’s really what the
drama mean of this issue is Prince more TVJ news finance minister dr. Nigel
Clark has reiterated the government’s push to privatize more state entities
through the Jamaica stock exchange trans Jamaica highway is the next entity
slated for listing it’s initial public offering which seeks
to raise about 10 billion dollars is expected to be the biggest in Jamaica’s
financial history as that prepares to hit the market dr. Clark reiterated that
it will not be the last we’ll be following that up with the privatization
of other assets that have been announced including transgenic highway which is
the owner of significant infrastructure assets the east-west highway is what I’m
referring to so the opportunity for Jamaicans to own major infrastructure
assets that hitherto have been owned internationally other entities to be
privatized include the governments shares in the Jamaica public service
company JPS and we’ll be following it up with a stock exchange listing of the
Jamaica mortgage bank and there will be more to come but the idea is that the
government is deepening the role of the private sector broadly defined as the
engine of growth and use in policy to ensure that we broaden the ownership
base in the Jamaican economy he was speaking at a recent charity ball hosted
by the mayor of Montego Bay Houma Davis still in San James fire destroyed four
shops at the old fort craft market on Harbor Street in Montego Bay this
morning TV news understands that the fire started about 5:45 the fire which
was contained to the back of the facility has since been extinguished the
vendors are hoping this and James Municipal Corporation can assist them in
getting back into operation in the shortest possible time Member of
Parliament for East Kingston and Port Royal Phillip paudwal
has objected to the removal of the residents from foreshore Road in the
area the national land agencies served a notice to the residents earlier this
year and the deadline is today it’s understood that the properties are
situated in a squatter settlement and are to be demolished however mr. polar
wants certain conditions met before the residents are removed
I did speak with the acting Prime Minister to act for a reprieve on two
bases firstly there are three business establishments that are going to be
affected and I believe that it is wrong for there to be a demolition of these
businesses because they’ve been there for many years on I believe that
especially because you are moving towards crew shippers coming there more
tourists coming to Port Royal you wouldn’t need to have more
commercial establishments and what the government should be doing is to assist
to ensure that these places are properly established and it’s now time for a
break but stay with us more stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now
executive director of the national integrity action ni a professor Trevor
Monroe says despite having good policies on national security and corruption
Jamaica continues to rank low on the respective global indices nabbing
corrupt officials has also been a sore point he says justices of the peace have
a role to play in changing that narrative while Jamaica has good
policies that report tells us that Jamaica has a poor record your words not
mine a poor record in successfully prosecuting convicting and jailing
high-level officials and facilitators of organized crime and corruption what we
are here JP’s and in our a on all of us what we are here in part to ensure that
that poor record no longer continues you are the base of our justice system in
the communities 780 communities across this country we have to help fix these
shortcomings professor Monroe was addressing a justice of the peace
training session in San James recently the mayor of may pen is warning
promoters applying for permits in another parish and then hosting events
in Clarendon to stop Winston mirage says the Clarendon Municipal Corporation has
noticed this trend on the northern part of the parish to include Chaplin Kelly’s
and Spaulding what we have found out is that it is easier for them to go to
Mandeville to register so they will go to Mandeville register come to this
violence police station get clearance from the spotting police however they
are keeping their engagement in the parish within the borders of Clarendon
because as long as your receipt does not say Clarendon municipal cooperation and
you having an event in the borders of Clarendon with another parish permit
newly closed totally don’t know letting up on this one
meanwhile head of operations in Clarendon superintendent Christopher Phillips says the granting of permits
for events in northern clarity we hold four sessions in that space and we are
comfortable know that things are back to normal within that era so we’re asking
our party promoters to cooperate with us work with us adhere to the timeline that
is given and for them to be also vigilant whilst they carry out their
activities for the festive season sports now Olympic and World Championship gold
medallist you and Blake believes his career has been overshadowed by the
accomplishments of legendary compatriot Usain Bolt he also believes the current
generation of local sprinters has become complacent
more from Daniel Blake although he has only claimed one individual medal in the
last seven years Yohan Blake is one of Jamaica’s most successful sprinters of
all time the 2011 World Champion has personal best times of nine point six
nine seconds in the 100 meters and in nineteen point two six in the 200 meters
those times are only bettered by compatriot and former training partner
Usain Bolt who has the world record in both events however Blake feels his
career would be more respected if bolt didn’t have the spotlight I would have
been the fastest man on earth you know that I was I was a bit in the shadow
running in mark in my younger days and you know when running at nine point six
nine and nineteen point twenty six kind of pulled me away and winning that World
Championship kind of pulled me away out of that shadow when you have a six-foot
guy and I’m now an ambien that guy it took away everything but I still
grateful for what I’ve done in the sport there have been many
questions asked about the future of male sprinting locally after the country
failed to garner medal in that department at the recent World
Championships and Blake also has concerns in Jamaica which I can feel is
dying a little bit I don’t know what happened to the younger generation but
we have a very good program the chance program
so the primary program on the prep program that is going on really well and
there’s a lot of talent coming out and I just hope that they don’t get too
complacent and just can’t follow in our footsteps are also going to get better
than than us and despite not winning an individual
gold medal since 2011 Blake is confident heading into next
year’s Olympics in Tokyo I’m going to win a little Blake was doing a press run
in India where he was promoting the road safety t20 series which takes place in
February Daniel Blake TVJ sports and that’s the midday news on Vashon brown
join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and
production teams have a good afternoon and have a great

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