Twin Swap Drive Thru PRANK with IDENTICAL TWINS! (Uber Disguise Pranks on YouTubers) Rebecca Zamolo

Twin Swap Drive Thru PRANK with IDENTICAL TWINS! (Uber Disguise Pranks on YouTubers) Rebecca Zamolo

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  1. Hey ZamFam- Why do you think ALICE is so upset? Let me know your favorite PRANK in this and if you're in my notification squad!

  2. It mite be madly rebecas cousin

  3. The one with the Merril twins

  4. I'm not trying to be rude but you're bad at singing and you said my name I like that part will you say my name

  5. I like how Kurt is there

  6. Maddie loves agent R

  7. Kurt trying to be nice while Rebecca has voice cracks

  8. Alice is upset because she was in love with agent r and she saw him with your cousin she thought they were in love and he was not in love with her

  9. RZ Alice said she was working for the GMI

  10. What kind of idiot has that kind of hair

  11. Maddie said"agent r purposed to me

  12. Who else what Rebecca to go back to the old video

  13. Congrats on 8 million

  14. How do I send letters to you

  15. Rebecca tell Alice

  16. How did she know Everyone called an Uber??? CONSPIRACY THERY!!!

  17. what did maddie say about agent R

  18. agent r is with maddie

  19. alice dot worry aget r likes you moro

  20. I feel sorry for Alice because she liked agent r

  21. You shouldn’t trust agent R

  22. Rebeca we can see your private part in 20:49

  23. Hi rebecca i like wen you did twin swap chalenge?

  24. Sorry we can see your private part in 15:49 acctualy you can even check

  25. When Rebecca sang I–

  26. Love you recbba????

  27. Alice is upset because agent r gave your cousin muddy a ring

  28. What is with maddy
    Who would like agent.r
    So sorry for alice

  29. Congratulations on hitting 8 million subscribers Rebecca and Merry Christmas ????? and have a merry Christmas Matt and Peanut and Blackjack ?????

  30. Rebecca I'm your biggest fan ever????????

  31. defintely not trust

  32. Rebecca I've been your biggest fan for 4 years now

  33. Why don’t more people dislike

  34. No offense, but y’all are the worst actors

  35. I like Rebecca's nails

  36. Happy 8 milllion subscribers your my fav youtuber why is daniel not in the video that and agent s is really funny at dancing hahah lol love u rebecca and matt and peanut and blackjack

  37. she is so mad because she somewhat likes agent r

  38. I think Agent R proposed to Maddie

  39. Tell us what Maddie said I am desperate to know

  40. Rebecca you are just so awesome and I wanted to make you happy today!

  41. Janoi Rebecca p peanut 0656

  42. It switches Before Christmas that's what Matt said

  43. シ i HaVe NoThInG tO sAy シ

  44. Cast or a boyfriend are your dog or ????

  45. she was saying GMI WAIT omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Why do they call her madie? part of her name is mad but then you just add the ie and it spell madie so funny how you have mad in your name do you want to join the bad team mad sorry I meant to say Maddie ?

  47. Agent R proposed and she said the ring was perfect ?

  48. He said veronica which you dressed up and pretended to be her so that means your being watched


  50. Alice like agent r and is your cousin dating agent R

  51. Ro kinda sounds like my cousin

  52. I didnt know that Rebecca was friends with Kurt
    Im so dumb XD
    Its been so long since I watched Rebecca

  53. For Christmas you should give Alice a YouTube channel

    Like so rebbeca can see

  54. Me and my best friend Maddie are watching this! We love you and your channel! <3

  55. omg I hate your singing sorry

  56. Hi Rebecca today is the 20 of December and it's my birthday and tomorrw is my party and I love your vds.

  57. I turned nine today

  58. Agent s eye color is brown

  59. What did Maddie say??????

  60. The plan with the Merral twins with Mr.x getting his blood sugar low I know that will work because I have type 1 diabetes and I see things when I’m low

  61. I think alice likes agent R but she was upset cuz she thinks he likes maddie but he might Just be showing maddie a surprise he has for alice

  62. The gmi agents have a tic tok

  63. Your twin names should be rebecca and ramona

  64. Rebecca you are not going under cover like that I can tell it's u it didn't even make a difference but I love u still

  65. Rebbecca I think Alice is so upset because of the GMI because Agent R and Agent R and my favorite prank is with alice and everything .

  66. A GMi agent was spying on you he came up to the window

  67. It is going in oder

  68. Can I get to meet you in hazel park Michigan Easterling street

  69. She is still your friend?

  70. She is still your friend?

  71. hi omg my name is veronica l hope you love me and l care for you.

  72. Alice:*JUST TALKS*
    Rebbeca:OH THATS COOL
    me: YEAH TELL ME

  73. can you tell us what madie said.


  75. Rose is on nail it

  76. omg hi im a BIG fan

  77. Alice left because she likes him and she was acually crying i love your videos

  78. Agent r is with a girl

  79. I think the girl with the glasses I think she is your firend the baker

  80. I think at the end when Alice said she needed to go I think she was crying ?.What did Maddy do with Agent R.

  81. Congratulations on the 8 million subscribers Rebecca!!???

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