Typing score on ground-Website is migrated to with more features.

Typing score on ground-Website is migrated to with more features.

This website is migrated to with more features.

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  1. Use 'Street Cricket Scorer' android mobile app, for recording your own matches. Don't waste time on papers. Its very hectic.
    This app has simple GUI for keeping records for each and every player. This app saves career for each player. It has so many features like Statistics, points table and many more.
    Here you can SHARE your Cricket data with friends..

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  2. Hi, I am the innovator of the website, purpose of the website is solely designed for the local cricketers to record their local cricket matches electronically in online. At present there is no as such website in the world, it is the first time such approach been adopted and that's the reason i use the word innovator. Website is not an academy or any-sort of cricket training site rather it is informative for the information fed by the local teams back to the public in an organized way. Website is FREE and anybody from any part of the city in the world can access the website to administrate their local cricket matches to make it public and to see just like how the ICC players or teams are seen. Any doubts or clarification pls do post. Thanks. MyCC Team

  3. Hi, Scoresheet upload is the UNIQUE feature provided in MyCC. Remember, you don’t have to type when there is WIDE+BYES (4) as WIDE (5) runs against the bowlers account. In MyCC you have to let the website MyCC do the computation for you and all you need to type in the provided block is WB4, rest job will be done by the MyCC when distributing the ball scored statistics. You can verify the ball given runs by the bowler and the overall statistics of the teams. Best Regards, MyCC Team

  4. Hi, ICCC is migrated to MyCC. Don't forget it is your website and records in electronic format are kept in organized and in unique format. You have the feature LIVE SCORING. Also, to avoid the risk of loosing score to capture the post match update of score MANUALLY. Best Regards, MyCC Team

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