U.S. House: Debate & Vote on Articles of Impeachment

U.S. House: Debate & Vote on Articles of Impeachment

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  1. Jim Baird let’s get to the facts in senate floor I defy you

  2. Yes chair Nadler we need to move as quickly as possible because Trump is the biggest crook in America


  4. Jason Smith get your fact right read and study Trump

  5. Andy Barr hope you will see the truth

  6. Maxine Water yes he said “I can do anything” everyone knows that and he needs to know “no one is above the including him”

  7. Ralph Abraham seriously you should go out

  8. Time to celebrate for ??AMERICA ??bye Trump ??

  9. ?the lying slimy treasonous corrupt snakes Democrats in their busted
    ?????????????????? sorry sons and daughters of ?

  10. Should all be arrested for treason

  11. This looks terrible for Trump .

    the sincere dedicated effort is to live
    the life of truth, do good things to others
    is the way towards reality….enjoy life,
    there's is plenty of time to be dead
    be kind, and remember good always win at the end… matter what
    truth is the ultimate power
    when truth comes around
    all the LIE'S will destroy

  13. An impeachment to protect the People's election… from the People? Who the hell do the Democrats think they are? Mao?

  14. I can't believe that three democrats voted not to impeach Trump.

  15. Were all these republicans dropped on their heads or something? O.o Do they honestly believe this shit they are spewing?

  16. wish u the best folks

  17. Republicans are the firewall that keeps the American patriot from killing everyone in Washington D. C.

  18. "Debate"??
    Democrats: "Abuse of Power, Hold him accountable, Obstruction, blah blah blah"
    Republicans: "The Ukrainian President DID NOT EVEN KNOW THE AID WAS BEING WITHHELD! THERE IS NO CASE!"
    Also, HILARIOUS that Pelosi tried to pretend this was a "fair trial"! Half of them ran on impeaching Trump as their platform for election! 'Impeach the mother f***er" -Tlaib

  19. Time to arrest half the government regardless of party

  20. Boy, when you drain the swamp, the swamp creatures come out and they come out mad. Kudos to the propaganda arm of the DNC (CNN/MSNBC). They have driven this all the way to impeachment. Hopefully the Swamp things will keep watching and leaning on that unending bag of crap they spew. And if so, they will slowly but surely make their way down the toilet just like CNN.

  21. American politics is my recent entertainment. No one will bring America down, its own people are working towards its downfall. Just so you know, the world is laughing. Lol, electing DJP for President? Was the whole country high on drugs?

  22. his prayer is false he prays for dems who hate and lie they are in a hurry before inspector durm. report comes out.

  23. The Republicans impeached a Democrat President for lying once a president they wanted out from the start. This president has been accused and found guilty in many crimes. Some of which included fraud, theft, and other serious crimes. Also there is hours of the President openly admitting to the 2 crimes.

  24. If the Republicans think they are in the right and Trump is innocent how come they are only attacking the process and not giving a defense and proof of supposed innocence.

  25. They keep bringing up the Steel report and hinting at the Democrats paying for it but Steel was Ivanka's friend maybe her and her husband started it

  26. I was a live when Clinton got impeached and now trump. And I’m 19.

  27. Dear Adam Schiff,

    This impeachment has been predicated on nothing but lies, assumptions and suppositions. Trump didn't ask for investigations into Clinton or Biden. Those are your assumptions. From the transcript of the phone call, you can see that he is asking for an investigation into the 2016 election interference from Ukraine WHICH WE HAVE CONCRETE PROOF OF. It isn't a Russian conspiracy theory, that's a lie you tell yourself because you know that Hillary Clinton is at the heart of it. This is why you assume that the investigation is about Clinton. Again from the transcript, he does not ask about an investigation into Joe or Hunter Biden, the word used is Burisma. You assume that he wants information on Joe Biden because you know how deeply involved Joe is in all of it.
    All of the false premises and false pretenses and strawman arguments you put forward cannot hide the fact that you know that the investigation of Ukrainian interference into the 2016 election and the investigation into Burisma, will yield proof of malfeasance by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. This is why you make those assumptions. Your arguments betray the truth.


    Pelosi: Impeaching Trump 'not someplace that I think we should go'

    Cristiano Lima


    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that even if Democrats were to retake control of the House in the 2018 elections, pushing for impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump would not be one of their legislative priorities.

    "It's not someplace that I think we should go," Pelosi, appearing on CNN's "State of the Union," said of whether Democrats would seek to oust the president if they regained the majority.


    House Dem: Impeaching Trump on party lines would 'tear the country apart'

    Caitlin Oprysko


    The New York Democrat, who voted against impeaching former President Bill Clinton, said that the impeachment process must transcend party lines “because you don't want to tear the country apart.”

    “You don't want half the country to say to the other half for the next 30 years, ‘We won the election. You stole it from us,’” Nadler said, arguing that “you have to be able to think at the beginning of the impeachment process that the evidence is so clear, of offenses so grave, that once you've laid out all the evidence, a good fraction of the opposition, the voters, will reluctantly admit to themselves ‘They have to do it.’”

    “Otherwise, you have a partisan impeachment, which will tear the country apart,” he said.


    Liberals push to impeach Bush

    Christina Bellantoni


    >>>35 articles of impeachment vs Bush!!<<<

    "The timing is all wrong," said Rep. Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat. "If this were the first two years of his administration I would advocate impeachment. A lot of people at home say impeachment, and I'm sure he committed a lot of impeachable offenses, but think about it practically. Mr. Nadler said impeachment hearings would be point less and would only distract the country from the presidential election next year."

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, pledged last year not to seek impeachment hearings if her party won control of Congress. "Democrats are not about impeachment," Mrs. Pelosi said on NBC's "Meet the Press" in May. "Democrats are about bringing the country together."

  29. That means 67 of the 100 senators must back the move. Given there are only 47 Democrats or independents, 20 Republicans would have to support removal, which looks very unlikely.

  30. Good laugh, just listen to Republican Doug Collins … "I will fight the facts all day long", rofl. Of course, what else do you need to know about Trump Republicans? Spare me your ignorant protests, Collins' words are on record in this clip. The facts are beyond dispute, only Trumpkins from the alternate universe will go full crybaby in the face of the unambiguous evidence. This is laughable to the nth degree of risibility. And yeah, the Democrats are setting the bar of impeachment at a president seeking, indeed demanding, extorting the help of foreign powers to interfere in national elections. Who will object? Democrats need to pick up the flag of the nation to defend the country against Russia and the Republicans. And yeah, we are all first hand witnesses. We have the memorandum of the call the President falsely calls a transcript. We all have the clips of Trump, Giuliani, Mulvaney, and so on speaking on public TV. History is merciless, enjoy 😉

  31. They got triggers off of his comment out of everybody's comment two congressmen triggered the left that's because loyalty wins always

  32. Catholics are going to HELL!!!!

  33. Justice Lord!! Do Justice for such lies….against our President….

  34. And the funniest part is that Donald J Trump is still the president of the United States of America, whether everyone likes it or not. Keep America Great??????

  35. Merry Acquittalmas

    It was the week before Christmas and the dems made their stand Nancy stood with Articles in hand. She stood there thinking with finger on nose about what to do with all this prose. The Gop not wanting to glut told Nancy she could stick it in her butt.


  36. Every single Republican and two Democrats voted against impeachment. The only bipartisan opinion is AGAINST impeachment!

  37. Democrats crying. You could fill a ocean with their tears. If only they worked as hard as they complain then maybe they'd get something done

  38. Jesus love you all and can save you if you ask him to and turn from your sin.

  39. Democrats think they are above the law. The are a disgrace to our Nation.

  40. These Democrats nowadays are deranged lunatics lol

  41. This was a waste of millions of dollars in tax and thousands of hours from hundreds of people. And at the same time these demonrats claim that they want to fix things.

  42. Andy Biggs “Trump got caught”

  43. Republicans think because a criminal refused to turn over the murder weapon, the murder didn't occur. That's not how the law works.

  44. Mr trox you are full of shit the republicans would not let any witnesses or paper work for the democratic You bring up. And by the way the house does not do the hearings. They do a inquiry The senate does the hearing And the whole Tim the republicans wanted witnesses now they can bring all they want for the hearing but they will not bring one. Because if they do the democratics will be allowed to ask questions and they will not commit perjury to save trump because they know if they do they will go to jail and they will not do that and when have you ever seen a person standing trial controls how it’s done and the jury says ahead of time that the person will be found innocent before they even start

  45. ¿why are there ads on c-span?

  46. Maloney I agree bring out the truth Trump

    "No Quid Pro Quo! I want nothing! Nothing!" said the Thug after trying to extort political favor from a foreign government became public knowledge. Then the feckless thug cancelled the CNN announcement by Ukrainian president Zelinski on the investigation of Biden. He fired life long diplomats and stonewalled Congress! Come on!

    The politicians are all neck deep in dirty money. They all hide their finances, but they are not the most powerful thug in the world. Of course Zelinski said "no pressure" so that he would not face the wrath of the gangster administration and be embarrassed in front of his nation. It is called extortion.

    Donald J. Trump lies. He rapes. He steals from charities. He games the rigged system. He defames patriots and slanders people for their race, gender orientation, disabilities, ethnicity, and political views. He is a pampered narcissist of extreme wealth: a sick and perverted monster who should NEVER have been allowed to high jack our nation to feather his family's golden nests, and gobble all the power he can to fill the emptiness of False Identity.

    He is an abused child who grew to be an abusive adult with all the power in the world. I do not judge him lightly because I have seen this shameful behavior every day since he entered the White House.

  48. Ferguson 63 millions wanted change but not a crook and and a liar president

  49. Demings yes “ no one is above the law”

  50. flush the turd november 3rd

  51. Do not worry, Trump will be aquited in the senate of these weak and false articles and will easily be re-elected in 2020

  52. if the republicans would read the Constitution, they would see there's no protections for the president in an impeachment

  53. Vote Lesko out of office she is an embarrassment the great state of Arizona…

  54. Who's the fat cat republican with the cash hanging out of his pocket? Shameless! Did Trump give him that after he cut FOODSTAMPS? A bloated aristocracy of Trillionaires can only exist from minimum wage, part time, sub contracted and mass incarcerated economic slavery!

  55. How about we just throw all of Congress in the trash and start over new. Take big money out of government. The ones running our country sold us out long ago. Both parties have been corrupted to the core. Politics is nothing but "professional wrestling". Its created drama to keep the public distracted and fighting with each other so we dont take our country back from the banksters who run the world. Its basic "divide and conquer" strategies.

  56. A historic day. The first Republican president to be impeached. The biggest vote for impeachment in US history. The first time a sitting US president invited foreign interference into a US election. And the only impeachment where the govt refused to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry and the task of fact finding fell squarely on the members of the house. This is Nixon x 10. Trump needs to be removed to continue calling ourselves a democratic republic.

  57. Lol what a waste of time.
    Trump is the best president since JFK, thats a fact. Hes still cleaning up obamas mess.
    Won't pass through the senate, Trump 2020!

  58. The basic sentiment is that the president is being railroaded. But the reality is that when it comes to impeachment, there aren’t any protections for the president laid out in the Constitution The basic sentiment is that the president is being railroaded. But the reality is that when it comes to impeachment, there aren’t any protections for the president laid out in the Constitution. In fact, experts told me that pretty much any rights Democrats give Trump are above and beyond what they’re required to do. Trump hasn’t been charged with a crime and impeachment isn’t a legal proceeding, so he doesn’t have any of the rights you hear about

  59. God entered into my body, like a body, same size. holy ghost baptism, acts 2:38. God is attacking me, appearing and laughing,

  60. Our only hope will be that some of these Republicans will find their backboneds, and do what is right!

  61. Nacy pelosi is refusing to send the impeachment to the senate until they find more evidence? Hmmmmmmm………… I thought they had enough evidence to impeach him ?

  62. We should all be upset. We have 12 years left to live and Democrats are wasting it trying to impeach President Trump. Shouldn't they be working on stopping the world from ending in 12 years?

  63. Children. They are all children. Sickening how much this whole charade costs us.

  64. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic, from which it stands, with liberty and justice for all

  65. Honestly,

    I hate it when Reps only talk about the middle class but when Dems are doing something they call it socialism. What STFU.

  66. 4:19:25 C’mon… when you guys cheat it isn’t winning. You whine about deporables, you guys call us socialists even when we run business and most successful. So shut the fuck Rep. Higgins.

    Reps talk about Dems takin away your President, not as much as you guys wanted to remove my President. That being President Clinton, I’m 19, and I wasn’t around but the clips are evident that Reps were doing the same shit that Dems now are doing. Damn Karma is a real BITCH.

    Also how did President Clinton obstructed justice? I don’t know where’s the evidences but I do know when Trump obstructed justice.

  67. The democrats really have hate in their hearts. To really want to take away the voices of the American people who voted for President Trump. Latinos for TRUMP 2020!

  68. Give me a break. A notoriously horny was impeached because of a blow job. The same men who turned Clintons blow job into a crime have nothing against Donald's bromance with Putin? A criminal KGB officer? With Rocket Man Kim?

    Moscow Mitch. McConnell deserves his nickname if he doesn't admit an honest jury to the Senate.

  69. Had to come here because Fox News shit the bed with its video.

  70. Does any member of The Squad speak?

  71. the democratic impeachment is for personal gain, how is that different

  72. Separation of church and state, please.

  73. This just solidified my change to Republican party and my vote for Trump. "I didnt leave my party my party left me."

  74. Shameless trumped up charges.

  75. Andy Barr hope you will see the truth

  76. The Republican Representatives that are lawyers should face penalties for their lies in the floor of the House.
    Trump is not their client!
    The American people they represent are being misled and lied to by them.
    Their Bar Associations should be penalizing them.
    Disgusting, misleading, divisive, unconstitutional statements one after the other.

  77. Jason Smith get your fact right read and study Trump

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