UK election 2019: the winners and losers

UK election 2019: the winners and losers

Clearly, lots of results are still coming
in and we’re still only dealing with projections. But at this stage, it does look as though
this one nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate
to get Brexit done. I will not lead the party in any future general
election campaign. I will discuss with our party to ensure there
is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party
will take going forward. I can’t help but be delighted by the performance
of my party this evening. Tonight, we have seen that it is likely that
Boris Johnson is on course to get a majority and it is clearly a good night for the SNP. Some will be celebrating the wave of
nationalism that is sweeping on both sides of the border. But let me say now, for millions of people
in our country, these results will bring dread and dismay. And people are looking for hope. This is a very bad night for the climate. It’s very bad night, I think, for progressive
politics. We have to learn the lessons. But I killed the Liberal Democrats and I’ve
hurt the Labour party. But that wasn’t your purpose. The purpose, my purpose was to try to get
the right kind of Brexit. If we get half a loaf out of it, well,
that’s what we’ve achieved.

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  2. Labour changing it’s name to llip “low life immigrant party “

  3. Corbyn should consider a new job as a rag & bone man!!

  4. Apparently these labour cretins want another election 'a peoples vote'.

  5. Corbyn tried to be cool with the kids. He chose the kids who don’t vote lol

  6. Corbyn please leave

  7. labour supporter1 second agoThe conservative party used the same three Australian, social media I T wizards that got that gross scott morrison in. He is literarily letting his own country burn. The way social media has been used in these democratic elections should be investigated. I've just been for a walk on a old pit tip and I cried . READ sharpen thy sicken find out why the labour movement was set up . WHO EVER YOU VOTED FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE LABOUR PARTY WILL BE FIGHTING DAY AND NIGHT FOR YOURS AND YOUR FAMILIES RIGHTS . Any body but the tories willRead more

  8. I could just see how the BBC reporters were disappointed with the result, I could tell from their voices. Journalists need not take sides.

  9. Jonathan just said "this is a very bad night for the climate" No wonder the greens only have one MP

  10. Why do Guardian keep asking for contributions. I thought they supported free stuff!!!

  11. amazing how the working class continue to shoot themselves in the foot enjoy your zero hours contracts you plebs!

  12. Misquote SuperMac '59, "You've never had it so bad!"
    Misquote BLiar '97, "A new MurDark has dawned – has it not?"

  13. The people voted again. Get out of Europe!
    Accept it now

  14. Love Boris Johnson from Israel <3

  15. World news headlines ( sometime in January 2020 )

    ??Johnston delivers Brexit ? ????

  16. Has anyone blamed Russian meddling yet?

  17. Democracy has won through (but I am sure that Gina Miller will be contesting the win in a non democratic fashion in the Supreme Court again very soon)!
    This is Karma for ignoring the democratic will of the people in the 2016 Brexit referendum.
    Now there will be a lot of unhappy people today who will be feeling the same level of anger that the leave voters have felt for the last few years after being ignored by people who thought they knew better than all of us and tried to overturn democracy!

  18. Congratulations from the US, watching, Corbyn resign made my week by itself seeing you guys over pond eject the commies gives me hope we can get it done over here

  19. Bye bye labour now brexit Christmas ?

  20. Is this actually going to reduce immigration in this country? Despite a substantial drop in numbers coming from the eu since the 2016 referendum, overall immigration has remained the same (around 300,000 per year). I’ve yet to hear any promise from “Boris” about an overall cap on immigration, have you??
    The Tories couldn’t give a stuff about immigration – they just want deregulation!

  21. Get your independence back, british friends! Support from Barcelona

  22. I really want to congratulate Katie Hopkins.. you OLD HAG YOU DID IT.. you gotta love this WOMAN for standing with her country and its people..

  23. As an American that enjoys overseas politics, particularly British, the result does not surprise me. First of all, people were probably terrified of Corbyn's extremism. I hope that going forward, Labour reorganizes and distances itself from such radicalism, going back to the New Labour platform more or less, in terms of economics. Second of all, people want Brexit over with. Boris ran on a strong 'get it done' message, which obviously worked.

  24. Make UK great again

  25. Now to kick jacinta adern labour to the kerb and $&@ $&@& her daughter hard

  26. Jeremy Corbyn is a anti-Semitic terrorist supporting socialist that would of ran the economy into the ground.

  27. Is this actually going to reduce immigration to this country?
    Since 2016 the number of immigrants from the eu has dropped substantially, yet the overall figure remains the same (around 300,000 per year). I’ve yet to hear any promise from “Boris” of an overall cap on immigration, have you? The Tories couldn’t give a stuff about immigration – they just want deregulation!

  28. Dear Guardian readers…. ha ha.

  29. Time for indy ref 2 it's clear.

  30. what im going to enjoy most is listing to people say "we" about getting stuff done. right now after this, im out for myself. ive seen tramps vote tory. ive seen old lonely people vote tory. so here is the isolation they wanted. its sort of liberating in a way that there is no longer a burden of society. survival of the fittest, and plenty of laughs along the way.

  31. Indipendence for Scotland now!

  32. Soooo…was the UK media crying like the U.S. media was when Trump won? That was the funniest thing I ever witnessed.

  33. The Labour Party was destroyed by the crazy left these two are the worst politicians in the country

  34. So she would prefer no Nationalism? How strange to no want people to be proud of their nation.

  35. Finally this is stupid lost

  36. What is that annoying scottish woman on about? Is she surprised scottish people voted for a scottish party?

  37. The great Britain just defeated socialism again.

  38. If u raised the issue of Kashmir then u defeated..

  39. Whatever………….I have no confidence in the future of Britain, sort it out, I am off

  40. Winners: British subjects who love their nation.
    Losers: socialists, globalists and third world leeches.

  41. There'll have to be a 'Peoples Election' coz of course, it's Putin, Oxford Analytica,the Man in the Moon, and Ad Naseum himself wot done it.

  42. How long will it be before they ask for another vote

  43. What's with the costumes.

  44. is that Lord buckethead ?

  45. Do the left ever stop whinging. They have the potential to sink the titanic.

  46. Labor party lost traditional Indian vote base. I think same thing will happen with democrats in US election.

  47. I would vote monster raving loony party

  48. What are you most looking forward to that freedom from the EU will give you?


  50. English nationalism has finally been reborn…

    Dec 12th 2019.

  51. ??♂♂ i hope everything goes well

  52. So now conservatives have won uk citizen will get free nhs but people who live abroad and not from this country will have to pay

  53. Voted man says ye war in Iraq was right, vote 1 who said no war Jeremy,sad day gor multicultural place in world, Norris votes go to war no nuke, are u stupid on the contrary England has power no change there,,,?

  54. Leftist "Nooooooooooooooooooooo"

  55. Let’s not forget the biggest winners… US the British people!

  56. wonderful news !!!

  57. I don't ever use lmfao but today I really am LMFAO ?✌

  58. England elected new Prime Minister.

  59. Awesome that the people saw through all of the BS. Goodbye Corbyn, Mc Donnell and Swinson, nice try but the people aren't that stupid

  60. The winners are the billionaires who invested in brexit crashing the pound and the losers are the entire population of the UK which will now fall to bits.
    And there we were being told to think the danger to UK sovereignty was coming from the EU…
    And congratulations to the guardian for their successful smear campaign against J.Corbyn which started the very day he was elected as leader of the Labour Party I'm sure you will be wearing your portion of brexshit fallout with pride.

  61. Haha, replay 2016 Trump win, the anchors said it now they're saying it again in the British elections., ???

  62. Booooooooooo????????????

  63. Nothing has changed. Scotland for Europe. North of Irish for Europe. Wales haven't a clue lol. Hung parliament

  64. Capitalism always wins!!!

  65. UK election 2019: the winners and losers
    Obama is a loser…. we sure don't miss that buffoon… —The Brits

  66. Remoaner tears. Yummmmmyy

  67. Losers will stay losers.
    Look at those adult babies crying and whimpering.

  68. You're the LOSER, Guardian!

  69. Guardian loses. BBC loses. Wonderful result.

  70. When the greens and the left cry the world is a beter place.

  71. I voted for Boris,Labour left the Working Class years ago.Ex Labour supporter Northern England.Keep your promises Boris.

  72. Labor lost because Corbyn refuses to kiss a man in public

  73. Congratulations U.K. just like when the US won Trump in 2016. Great news! F the EU.

  74. As a dane, I am so happy for the UK, and the fact that they Can now leave the European Union.
    I hope we danes Will get the chance to leave the EU ASAP.

  75. Loving the look of uncertainty and fear on Bojos face. That's right numbnuts, Brexit is all on your head now!

  76. The country is pretty much effed up that’s safe to say now guys

  77. Most people did not vote labour because they were not clear about leaving European Union policies

  78. oh shut up if you wanted corbyn vote for him simple

  79. Without Jeremy, all other labour mp are dumber. They are the one choose go war with Iraq. I never will vote labour again.

  80. A kick in the teeth for the loony left.

  81. This has more to do with the guardian, and their ilk, than with Corbyn.

  82. Wahahahahahahahahahaha

  83. Nice knowing you UK…hope those who voted Torie gets everything they deserve as they fall over dead…

  84. No one loves me… Plx subscribe me

  85. The losers are everyone who voted. The winners are everyone who didn't vote. Enjoy worrying about politics and letting it consume your life, you are the circus. Chin chin.

  86. The Guardian lost. ???

  87. Jo Swindon’s defeat speech was excellent. Her best speech of her now finished career.

  88. We have ourselves another fukin Donald tramp but now in the UK im so pissed tht he won

  89. Swinson can now retire on her 3.5 million pound pay off from the EU.

  90. NATIONALISM!!! Go back migrants!!

  91. Congratulations to all the bellends who voted lib dem.

  92. Great news! Haha! Glad Boris won. Losers parties fall apart and start arguing with in, blaming each other, pathetic

  93. Liberal Democrat’s should drop the word Democrats from their title because they don’t believe in democracy.

  94. Time to taste that humble pie ??

  95. last person to leave the UK turn the lights out !!

  96. So are Scotland going independent now then? Scexit?

  97. Yay corbyn will pretty much never be PM!!! Also swinson gone. It's a win in my book

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