Ultimate Nintendo World Store Tour

Ultimate Nintendo World Store Tour

Welcome Gamers! This is Danny4842.
I’d like to welcome everyone to the NintendoCade channel, and today I have a
very special video, and is the Nintendo World store tour. Now, many of you
probably not aware or if you follow me long enough, my last Nintendo store tour
was in three years ago where I made an update video of the showcase at the
store, and four years ago I made a full in-depth tour of every parts of the
store to show to the world. It is my one of my most requested video and also one
of my most successful videos of all time, and I’m proud to show you what changes
has been done all these years and I’m pretty sure many of you will find very
cool surprises many goodies to be had and things that you would just get you
just want in your collection. So, I hope you guys stay tuned to the very end of
this video. I’ll be giving you a little surprise at the end, so make sure to stay
tuned to the far end of the video and you get to see what I have intended for you.
Just to give you a hint, it is Zelda related. So, if you’re a big Zelda fan, so do check that out. Also, as a favor, I want to get feedback from you
guys. If you watch this video, just put down the comment below what you think of this video. What things that you like to have in your collection or
what interests you or even what you think of this presentation. So, just give
me some feedback, I’m open to suggestions. And if you enjoyed this video and you
like to see updates of it in the future, you know just let me know, I would appreciate that. So this is Danny4842, I’ll be switching to the other camera,
hope you guys enjoy this video and thanks again. We are here at the Nintendo
World store located 10 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City at Rockefeller Center.
The store is open on May 14, 2005 and as of this video it is celebrating its
10-year anniversary. It is a 10,000 square foot long store filled with
interactive game demos, accessories, apparel and collectibles and includes a
variety of Nintendo products that are exclusive to the store. We’re going to
start the tour of the Nintendo World store by entering the first floor, as you
can see from the window when I passed from the beginning of this video that Nintendo is promoting its latest and greatest games for the Nintendo 3DS and also Nintendo Wii U. That is Super Smash Bros., a franchise
that is long and dear to me, that I love since the Nintendo 64 days that I played
my friends a lot and it’s really exciting to see a brand new game in its
franchise. The store contains two floors and is labeled as level 1 and level 2,
and on each floor they contain some pretty cool features, such as this Nintendo 3DS
circle. Now this is where anyone can come up and sit down these comfortable seats
and play the variety of games that they have for the system in a competitive
or Co-Op game setting on these Nintendo 2DS systems, and here we have
our some Nintendo 3DS kiosks where they let you try out the latest and greatest
games for the system. You can see it spans all the way to the front door of
the store, and that’s the first thing you see and the first thing you can play
once you enter this door. Around the corner they have a variety of pushes from
the Super Mario Bros. franchise, that is available to purchase and it’s nice to see
they have a cool selection of bad guys from Super Mario World universe. In the
same corner, they have this amiibo kiosk where they have them in display of the very
common amiibo for you to purchase, and if you guys not aware, Nintendo store
does have a tendency to restock a lot of the harder to find amiibo out there. So,
if you’re in the area, do check out the store, you might get a chance to pick up
one of the harder amiibo that you might be missing in your collection. For the
side of the store, above the Nintendo 3DS kiosks, you see these large posters which
Nintendo decorated with a variety of fighters from the Super Smash Bros.
Universe, and it gives a nice vibe to the environment and a great way for Nintendo
to celebrate its glorious history of memorable franchises. To commemorate the launch of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Nintendo and its partners
on a limited time basis on display at Nintendo store, created exclusive artwork
to introduce a new selection of new characters joining the battle. That
includes Megaman, Pac-Man, Villager and Little Mac from the Punch-Out!! series,
which of all can be seen here. Moving toward the left from the entrance,
Nintendo World is a retail store after all, and that will include a wide range
of Nintendo merchandise all found one location. Right away, you’ll see a sweet
selection of Kirby themed t-shirts, Mario and also Zelda. Zelda theme t-shirts are
always one of my favorite things to pick up from the store as it is one of my
most cherished series growing up. Here we see a small selection of Kirby plushies
and a unique collection of Mario themed sleepwear. They also have a variety of
Nintendo themed shirts including Nintendo Power, Super Nintendo and a
classically-trained NES shirt, and it was one of my favorites and I do have it
in my wardrobe. Here we have are various manga from Viz Media with spanning from
different games from the Zelda series. With these manga, you can actually
understand more of the Zelda mythology, and on that note, they have the Hyrule
Historia on display for purchase, which explains
the entire timeline and history of the Zelda franchise. So, it’s a really
interesting read and highly recommend it if you able to get one. As the store has
a wide selection of clothing to purchase they also have the accessories to go
along with it. Which includes Zelda themed carrying bags, key chains, wallets and
plushies. As you can see from here, Toon Link and the lovable Tingle are
available for purchase. Toward the bottom we have a Monopoly, The Legend of Zelda
Collector’s Puzzle and a Gashapon figure collection. Here we have is some various
hats from Mario Bros. franchise, Bowser, Yoshi and Dry Bones.
Speaking of hats or any items in the store generally, they do tend to rotate
the selection periodically, so you may see a different item on each visit. So
make sure to grab what you see and you may not see it again in next visit. Here
are two of my favorite hats, which includes 8-bit Mario sprite and an NES
controller retro themed hat. On the note of retro, they do carry an array of retro
NES themed accessories such as key chains wallets, and pocketbooks. Moving toward
the bottom, you may not be aware, New York is a very cold place in the winter, so
they do carry a selection of winter accessories to gear you up for the season.
Now moving away from apparel, you have some Mario brick-breaking and super star candies. What’s cool about these is that they have a variety of
these Nintendo franchises themed shells holding these candies and can be a cool
display piece in your game room. Such as that Nintendo Wiimote controller and this
NES Nintendo Power themed candy. Of course, going through the store and picking out
what you want to add to your collection, at the end of the day, you can check it
out here. On a side note, make sure to talk to friendly Nintendo World store
employees known as ambassadors. I’m sure you will strike an interesting conversation with them, as they may just be as big of a Nintendo enthusiast as
you are. Around the checkout counters as seen here, there are various Nintendo
key chains and mugs that are exclusive only to the store. Make sure to pick them
up when you have a chance. I for one have the mug with Link on it, as it was a gift
from individual close to me. Moving toward the backside of level one floor,
here we have a chance to see a large array of accessories for your Nintendo
3DS system. As we move toward the right, here are the Nintendo 3DS games available
for purchase. They have a game selection ranging from prepaid downloadable codes
for the Nintendo eShop to physical games. The available titles ranges from third
party franchises from games such as Lego Star Wars, Skylanders, Harvest Moon,
Bravely Default and Sonic to name a few. They also have a wide range of Nintendo
franchise games such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Yoshi’s New
Island, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. Pokemon games
such as like X & Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Now we have completed
level 1, as we walk toward the stairs moving on to level 2, we are greeted by
this amazing bigger-than-life statue of Donkey Kong. Little known fact about the
statute, it was actually the same one used after E3 2013 when they were
promoting Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. And speaking of E3 2013, that was the last one that the late Satoru Iwata has
attended before passing in 2015. As we say goodbye to level 1, we get a last
look with this panned view of the first floor, of all the things that we went through.
Like in level 1, here we see some more awesome artwork displayed showing the
various new characters joining the Super Smash Bros. Universe. Moving up the stairs, passing the colorful Nintendo World wall, this
is a panned view of the level 2 floor, giving you a glimpse of what exciting
features this level has to offer, In my opinion, this is where the real
excitement begins. The Nintendo Wii U take center stage with its multiple
interactive display kiosk, more video game merchandise to explore and lastly the
exciting Nintendo World Showcase. So, let’s get started. Toward the center, we
are greeted by this life-sized Mario amiibo. Like the Donkey Kong statue, it
too, had its beginnings at E3 2014, and now is placed here for all to enjoy. On
the backside of this life-sized Mario amiibo, we are greeted to an amazing
amiibo showcase. Now this is where anyone can come up close and see their favorite
characters. They display all available and upcoming amiibo up to wave four, as of recording this video. If you’re not aware of what an amiibo is, I don’t know where
you’ve been all these years. It is actually a series of Nintendo character
toys that interact with multiple games on Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. And
how it works, is actually by tapping an amiibo to a Wii U gamepad controller or
a Nintendo 3DS system to a compatible Nintendo games, and what you get is
new outfits, power-ups or other fun bonuses. To me, as a longtime fan of
Nintendo and as a Nintendo collector, have a passion of collecting
all of them. It’s certainly a thrill to hunt for the amiibo and that’s its allure,
and that’s my take on it. To name a few, some of my favorite amiibo are Toon Link,
Sheik, Pac-Man, Shulk and the Fire Emblem characters such as Marth, Ike, Lucina
and Robin. I think these are one of the best sculpted and painted amiibo thus
far. Be sure to tell me what your favorites are, as I’d be interested to
hear what your thoughts on it. To give you an idea what the entire amiibo
showcase looks like, stepping back, you can see all the amiibo are lined up
neatly around the circumference of the display. Moving back up to the life-sized
Mario amiibo, we are now at the interactive Wii U display kiosk. This is where anyone can pick up a Wii U gamepad controller and have a blast
playing the great selection of Wii U games. As you can see here, from the selection
menu, they have a variety of game from many of Nintendo’s famous franchises. So,
which one will you be playing if you are at the Nintendo World store? Once you
finish playing on the Wii U kiosk, we are greeted to an area where you can pick up
and purchase the latest games available for the Wii U. Like the merchandise
around the store, the selection here are constantly rotated. Some of my favorite
games shown here for the Wii U includes Toad Treasure Tracker, the amazing
action-packed Bayonetta 2, the awesome Donkey Kong Country: Tropical freeze and the fast-paced Mario Kart 8, and speaking of Mario Kart 8, I do play online frequently. So, if you
are interested in joining me, be sure to add my Nintendo Network ID, so we can get together and have a lot of fun. Moving back to the center of level 2, we are now
moving towards the Pokemon Center. A piece of historical information that you
may not be aware of, the current Nintendo World store use to be a store totally
dedicated to Pokemon, named the Pokemon Center. It was eventually closed on
January 2005 and was reformed to current Nintendo World store that we all know of
today. In this area, we find a wide selection of Pokemon merchandise, and if
you’re a big fan of the franchise, I think you will find something amazing
take back home and add to your collection. They have various plushies,
small to medium sized figures, plushie key chains and a t-shirt of your favorite
Pokemon characters spanning various generations in the franchise’s history.
Other items found here are Pokemon manga volumes, anime DVDs and popular trading
card game with its array of starter and booster packs. Going through this area of
the store reminds me of my time playing the original Pokemon Blue, back when it
first debuted on the Game Boy in 1998. I would spend countless hours training,
battling and catching all the Pokemon in the game and at the same time every
day after school, was a joy to come home and catch the latest Pokemon anime, doing
the slogan “Gotta Catch Em them all.” As a child, I also delved into the world
of Pokemon trading cards. I would compete in local tournaments, trading cards with
friends to enhance our decks, collecting rare first edition prints of cards and
also just having a blast doing so. Pokemon was a phenomenon back during my younger days and its popularity can still be felt to this day. The Nintendo World store is like a nostalgic walk through memory lane, reminiscing. the fun
pastimes you had as a child Toward the right, passing the Pokemon
Center, you will find a large section dedicated to various Nintendo merchandise for you to explore. In this area, there is an expanded selection of plushies, like
these awesome Luigi plushies from Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Bros. U and
Super Mario 3D World, and if you need some bedroom accessories, the Nintendo
World store also got you covered with these Super Mario themed bed sheets and
comforters. Toward the bottom, you’ll notice some of the more obscure Nintendo
plushies from Pikmin. They are rarely seen in other retail stores so if you
love the franchise, make sure to grab these. Here in level 2, children’s
Nintendo themed clothing takes center stage. You will find Mario t-shirts to
outfits that make them look the part of Mario and Luigi. Mario being Nintendo’s
mascot, the store would not be complete without having some Mario plushies
representing himself. You got flying Squirrel Mario, Cat Suit Mario, to coin
blocks and large Goombas toward the bottom to choose from. For children who
is a bit older, they also have a selection of Nintendo t-shirts ranging
from the Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart with different
designs to suit different tastes. Kids of all ages are covered but make sure to
ask the Nintendo ambassadors for clothing size you need but not present
on display, as they will be on hand to help you. Moving away from clothing, they
got an amazing array of toys, starting with these Super Mario 3D Land and Super
Mario Bros. U K’NEX sets. With K’NEX rod and connector system, you can combine all your Super Mario building sets to
build bigger or you can design your own unique levels using your imagination. On
these cool display stands, anyone will be amazed to find such a variety
of character plushies to choose from. I am sure you’ll recognize your fair share
of recognizable characters from the Nintendo universe. To name a few, they
have villains such as Bowser, Wario Blooper, Pokey, Fuzzy and Dry Bones. On
another stand, if you look carefully, they have Animal Crossing plushies and beyond
that they have a selection of Baby Mario, Yoshi, Cat Peach and Princess Peach to
choose from. If you have a child going to school or you’re going to school
yourself, why not take what you need in these Mario themed backpacks and bring
your lunch in these lunch carrying bags. On level one, the adults gets to have
Mario themed sleepwear, the kids also have a choice of various Mario Bros. matching set sleepwear to choose from as well. If you love the Mario Kart franchise,
the Nintendo World store has an awesome array of Mario Kart collectable pull and
speed kart racer packs, and if that wasn’t enough for you, you can purchase
this amazingly large Carrera RC Donkey Kong. With this remote controlled
kart, you can get Donkey Kong moving at a full speed of 20 kilometers per hour or
12 miles per hour. Moving toward the bottom, the store does carry various
World of Nintendo figures and the Mario Bros. Universe Micro Land Layer Cake Desert with Yoshi playset. For those of you into playing or collecting Skylanders or Disney Infinity, the Nintendo World store also stock numerous
non-Nintendo products such as Activision Skylanders Trap Team and around the
corner, you will discover Disney Infinity figures are available as well. One of the
biggest attraction at the Nintendo World store and it’s a must-see for anyone
visiting, is the Nintendo showcase. The showcase is separated into two parts, the
first seen here is the Museum, and is currently showing the evolution of
Nintendo handhelds. On display, starting with The Game & Watch, is a line of
handheld electronic games produced from 1980 to 1991. It was created by the late
game designer, Gunpei Yokoi. He moved on to creating the very successful line of
handhelds we all know as Game Boy. The Game Boy went on spanning many
generations entertaining gamers around the world with the Game Boy Pocket, Game
Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and lastly the Game Boy Advance SP. Later Nintendo continued its legacy with its successor, the Nintendo DS and
3DS. The second part of the showcase displays some of the popular fighters
from the Super Smash Bros. universe, with items and games of each fighters
respective game. In case you’re wondering about the banner in the center, the store
hosted the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS National Open Tournament on October
11, 2014. Be sure to stay and watch a photo slideshow where you get a chance
for a more intimate look of this showcase. This concludes my tour of the Nintendo World store, ending off with this awesome Pikmin statue. Be sure to stay for my
conclusions. Well gamers, I hoped you enjoyed this in-depth look of Nintendo World
store. I’m pretty sure you guys were seeing many surprises, many changes, what this store has to offer, and I appreciate you leaving down below in the
comment section of what you guys thoughts of this entire presentation and
also what things that have surprised you and what things that you enjoy to have
in your collection. It would be pretty cool to hear what you guys had to say.
Please be sure to give me a thumbs up, if you especially liked this video, to help
me spread the word of this video to entire world, and be sure to subscribe to
my channel, and follow me on social media such as Instagram Facebook and Twitter
you find me at Danny4842, and you see firsthand what happens in my collecting
world and any updates are happening on my channel. So, this is Danny4842, thanks
for watching at my NintendoCade channel, and I hope to talk to you guys again soon, bye.

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