UNBOXING 100.000 SUBSCRIBER PLAY BUTTON , Badminton Exercises

UNBOXING 100.000 SUBSCRIBER PLAY BUTTON , Badminton Exercises

Mine! We need a scissor I get a scissor okay wait Mads, don’t we need to say
something before we open this so guys we have no idea if this play button is
broken or cool or anything but maybe we should use this moment to really embrace
our followers because without you I wouldn’t have sat here trying to cut
this open with this little scissor and here it i.. thought you’re going to see it
now no no first we’re going to show you some of our funny movements and one
of our best moments and later on in this video we’re going to show you this baby We have to open this now we got a piece from YouTube congratulations on your subscriber
milestone we have honored to take part in recognizing your achievement and want
to experience and want English though experience to be exceptional this award
was inspected and packaged by with great care by Rick thank you Rick whoa Oh my god! Look at this baby take it out of this
thing I thought it is pretty grap it, take it You can see yourself in this one. Oh my god my new mirror Not so pretty afterall Dammit you guys this is your trophy guys
and this this is the sign that at least a hundred thousand people walking on this world got better at badminton spend the time on watching this sport
we all love and cherish And of course, watch us play. Because we are so awesome No, you don’t say such things.. Wow there’s a whole lot of zeros in a 100.000 have you ever noticed so I think it’s that’s Yea, i actually did notice that So, next thing. Who should be hanging this on their wall at home? I think it is going to hang where i liv But it almost says Sofie on it This is the more serious part. We got this letter from youtube and I’m gonna read it to you now with my baby in my other arm.
you’ve just done something that very few YouTube creators accomplished you had
an astonishing a hundred thousand people subscribed to your channel we know that
numbers on YouTube can get really big but we hope that you and that’s you Mads and
me Sofie don’t lose sight of the reality behind that six digit milestone
each and every person who has subscribed to your channel has been touched by what
you created oh my thank you guys did we touch, touch?
that is not very appropriate they were inspired let us
know little bit Oh below you know where to go you know that’s not very appropriate! They were
challenged year i think you were challenged by mads English. Perseverance?? ehm.. Sofie
i need back up with a word here at Perseverance? This one. Perseve.. pursuance. That’s it, that’s the word im looking for They were entertained! Deffinetely, deffinetely We know that you don’t do this for rewards Who says that? You do it because you have a drive to create and share and because you
found an audience who cares and thank you to all of our subscribers
that cares that encourages and that watch all of our videos with great
engagement and love the sport or maybe us it’s one small token for youtube
But one giant button for badminton exercises

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