Unsere 4 Tipps für deine perfekte Vorhand

Unsere 4 Tipps für deine perfekte Vorhand

Hi friends, my name is Bojan Besinger and I am your table tennis coach. Today I am here with Peter. We will give you 4 tips
that you can easily apply in order to improve your forehand topspin in the table tennis. Yes, my name is Peter Frick. I’m from Bremerhaven, I’m here
for the course this weekend and we want to give you 4 good tips on how you can get better in your forehand game. So, let’s go with tip #1: The most important thing on playing the forehand topspin is to actively use the whole upper body,
which means not only playing from the arm, but actively going back and forth actively. Especially with the plastic ball that’s very important because many just try to play the ball standing and because of the the plastic ball kinda stops in the air, it is
then important that you go to the ball and turn the upper body. Let’s go on with tip
Number 2. In table tennis it is incrediblely important that you have a good footwork.
Not only at the forehand ball but also in general, in the rallies that you just go to the ball
move. That you, when you see the ball will go right into the deep forehand that you are then move more into the deep forehand. It’s also important that you watch the ball,
then you move and only then play the ball. Many think “Oh I will play the next ball with the forehand ” and thus stop and then want to play the ball. But if
you do it that way, the quality decreases a lot. That’s why, it’s very, very important, if you see the ball comes for example into the FH, then you move into the FH.
If you notice the ball comes in the BH and you have a good FH, you jump over immediatly. Then it is important that you are not trying to play too close to the body, just do a step sideways. and then to play the ball.
So what we can conclude: If you wanna play your FH ball, especially in the match, always look at the ball, then move to the ball, that you are in the right position and only then you play the ball on the table ans score the point or even to prepare the next counter ball. Let’s get on with Tip # 3: This one’s about
the wrist. Here we focus on the wrist being folded down and not like that. Because I there are so many players that just use the whole arm and go forward. There, the movement is just way too long and especially when you are right at the table you miss most of the time. When you fold down your arm, you can do a lot better, play shorter and it is also much more effective -just try it. So we already arrived at our last tip. At Tip # 4, which is
all about acceleration. At table tennis we often want to just hit the ball
quickly on the table that in order to surprise the opponent and therefore
2 factors are very, very important. On the one hand the hip movement and on the other hand the forearm use.
Let’s start with the hip: When you play the ball when it is here, then
It is important not to wait for the ball, but before – as well as Peter already said – you go back with the shoulders and hip, take it to the back, then explosively be able to move forward. That’s exactly how the forehand movement has to look like. When the ball comes right at you, you will be able to do a very quick movement. You can train that a bit with shadow training – if you go a
bit forward, you always have one make a very fast movement, especially at the table.
If you are a little further back, you can also improve through the movement of the shoulders and the arms. Especially when you play at the table and play many balls, it is very important to use the forearm a lot if you wanna play a fast and strong ball. Therefore: In the acceleration phase
, you should pay attention that you harmonize hip and forearm well,
that everything fits, and then you will achieve the quality you wish to have. Even if you dont want
to play every ball mega fast, it is still
important to use your hip, because the hip is not just there for fast balls, but also to improve the quality and to have stability, and
also use your forearm to be more active at the table and to be able to play with even more pressure
So that’s it with the four tips from ourselves. We are looking forward to the weekend to offer some good tips to the participants and to improve their forehand technique
BTW: On the weekend the next HP course is in Baden-Württemberg for the first time. Really cool, that Peter is there for the first time as a coach
It is important that the FH improvement or that every stroke has to be improved individually. We do not know exactly your skills your are right now, nor what needs to be improved at your game,
thats something we can just do here if you are a participant. If you cannot take part, you can visit and add you there in the waiting list
for taking part later and then it’s important that if you get tips or
if you see tips from the video you have to really apply them in your training and focus on applying them in your exercises and
that you just look “OK, does it work? What do I have to optimize? “And then you will improve your FH for sure and are able to play more successful in the next season. My name is Bojan Besinger and see you in the next video again. Bye.

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    Du verwendest aber auch nicht deinen Unterarm oder? Muss man den Unterarm extrem einsetzen oder nur ein bisschen schließen?
    Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen

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    Oder machst du das Schritt für Schritt (erst die Armbewegung, danach die Schulterdrehung dazu, danach … dazu etc.)??

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  4. Und ich habe gemerkt das diese Tips wirklich sehr hilfreich und entscheident sind ich würde diese Tips empfehlen… ?

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