Until Dawn Part 5 (PS4) w/ commentary – Chapter 5

Until Dawn Part 5 (PS4) w/ commentary – Chapter 5

okay I’m back with until dawn part 5 I
think so I was looking for Jessica Estelle she’s she seemed like she was
dead but she may be not dead I don’t know I guess I’ll find out soon
so there was this creepy guy in that creepy building with a wall and I’m not
sure how this will turn out I was expecting the door to be lot that’s let’s I hate as long okay so yeah this woman is definitely
locked I guess I’ll have to find a way around it couldn’t have been that easy
right Oh I’ll try this way
is that yeah it’s something here oh no this is creepy I really don’t like those places is that a camera can I check the pictures on it or
something I would be useful okay it doesn’t look like I can do anything with
it this pathway there looks really creepy
so keep it for later and what is that song look like someone is breeding weird
way yeah so I guess some people died here okay so there’s nothing else going down
the briefie hats out this oh my god no I don’t want to go down
there what am I doing here I was like in nice place early in the game and I’m an
old abandoned Hospital that’s not cool oh shit
cross that’s killing birds yeah I guess now I have some kind of
weapon oh my god I thought there’d be a Chomsky Oh what
happened here you don’t want to know twisted fuckers like the watch I guess and there’s some light here okay wait I wanna check this first gee who wouldn’t want press sniffing
around this paradise okay I’m gonna follow the wolf and
there’s a nice skeleton here out in the little rats or something on
the other side I know that’s the electric chair from before everything
that was a hole in the wall so I must be on the other side what the hell oh my god that’s all
oh well you got to do what you got to do I don’t want to watch oh okay I know
it’s just a game Oh I would not do this in real life
I would probably stay there and die oh my god you should like take the fingers with
him and put them into snow and I don’t know and keep them for later Oh this place just gets better in there fucking cheap hard is there a dead body in there just a
clue okay so she died because of fingernails oh my god there’s the buddy alright that sorry oh this is creepy I hate creepy stairways he’s dead and I was got me well it looks like I won’t be going down or maybe okay wait so I went back to the
first floor oh yeah now I have two key chords so I guess I can go in yeah what is what was that
what would I what do i do what do i press oh my god
that scared me I don’t know what I’m supposed to press what is that okay it’s
not done it I was supposed to stay I thought there was a button for like
punching oh well it turned out okay anyway and I didn’t hurt you all even if
he scared me I don’t want to hurt him Oh okay I didn’t see the gun freak so what is it about exactly it’s like a
serial killer going around and wait is there anything else to get I guess I’ll keep the Wolves fat and
happy yeah I guess that’s good okay yes that’s it for this place just wanna check if there’s anything oh yeah is a trapdoor I’m not sure what the clues are for so
far and I can’t wait to get out of this
place of course locked oh that’s not good okay I don’t remember what were you
doing there hey it’s locked the hell who did that
there’s some seriously uncool shit going out of here tonight I can’t believe Josh is dead he died no
I mean what if they were wrong what maybe we should have checked the shed to
see if it was really true yeah I guess but some things you have to see for
yourself I’ll take look good act I feel better with an axe
yeah that’s you oh now this is watch Matt will break the
door down William whoa wait a second we start smashing shit down he’s gonna hear
us you got any better suggestions I don’t know about look what window that’s
great Matt I can just about fit my lip balm do that little slot come on it you
will never fit through there big guy then go true it sucks my bitch but you
will are you nuts you’re gonna shove my ass
through that little hole I’ve seen you slip into some pretty tight jeans em
it’s a talent think again lug had no candy for one thing that maniac is
probably just sitting there under that window waiting to blend it into pina
coladas okay fine here goes I’m gonna huff I’m gonna
do it she’s so annoying I would have to troll and crawl into the
window scree see we were here just a few hours
ago this must have just happened the fuck is going on it’s got to be the guy
the one who move out to Chris and Hamish and Josh started no this is the only way
back don’t say that I’m good but not that good
flattered Oh Matt if you can’t jump that what are we gonna do he should draw R I
think they knew exactly what they were doing really did a number on this joint such a
mess this place was barely in working condition before and now can I pick this up where it’s just like
the lights there’s got to be something we can do I’m all ears
look at all this crap there’s gotta be something useful in here right Hey look
fire tower hey Magellan maybe we should get the
cable car working and take the show on the road huh very friendly unfollow mmm okay well I can’t do anything with
this great no keys no cable car so back to square one what about the fire tower
on the map you found what I guess it’s an option Oh maybe it hasn’t radio or
something I mean it wouldn’t probably yeah no we gotta get to that radio we’re choice to call for help
somebody’s got to pick up the signal oh wow someone’s learning to play by the
rules what rules rule number one Emily is always right
rule number two nothing else matters because Emily is always right oh my god
how can she think about something like that in a situation like this she’s not the most obnoxious character what’s cooking good luck it doing us out
of here mr. beat for brains I would push your dogs come with me buddy just like magic come on down we can
totally get out here this way I must be going to the character you’re almost almost oh okay holy cannoli thank god that’s over it’s
real oops if it doesn’t work the radio don’t work
but if it doesn’t we need a plan maybe we can just climb down like it’s
floating in the sky it might as well be it’s pitch black out you think some
psychopath is just gonna give up and run away no but maybe we should find a safe
spot maybe the song good morning as long as
we don’t hide in the lodge that’s where she expects us to go moeraki other character like simon lost
and forgotten to do of during the last I want to go this way because I’m tired
of falling back around oh it’s that little shed from before I think I went
in there already I start I would whoa this is best phone I thought the
police like swept the whole area looks like they missed this okay so that’s it that was that the
cliff where did girls fell in the first place that’s the one I just saw it thank you
guys yeah I think that’s where good girls
fell what are you surprised
that’s not given the choice not to spend my evening plummeting to my death office
now we come top okay so what’s the point it’s coming
here it’s there’s mudding okay or day like process for a lot she’s
still in her back you you you that’s why you don’t take your back out
dork what are you doing out there creepy okay it’s my clothes really whichever one of
you did this is my Christmas list seriously not cool guys not cool at all okay so he took her clothes and left her
sock Chris gosh they really like those john scares chris
Mike and Emily this is really getting out of hand okay
it was all very funny haha look at say I’m walking around in a towel but now I
just really want this to be over alright you had enough can I have my clothes back now or am I
supposed to hang out in a towel for the rest of the weekend oh my god I just saw the guy going down
the stairs I think are you guys hey guys come on I’m done with this I
really don’t appreciate the silent treatment here looking for me I don’t
think you’ll have much love I’m looking some that problem you’re only going to
see what I want you to see and I have quite a lot to show you
open your eyes she’s quite beautiful isn’t she a beautiful bathing bracelet I
do you think she has any idea what lies ahead do you think these were the last
happy moments of this creatures life why are you watching I’m going to give you
ten seconds nine hi I don’t know if that’s a good idea
maybe not all of it I press it yeah that was a stupid idea I’m not hiding anymore it is mindless I don’t want her to die she’s my
favorite character okay what the hell is this place is
connect with the AC level oh no no she was the only character I
liked I hope she’s not dead turn it against these people ah but it to keep doing it looking for
me we should look for the others Mike and Jess are off to sixty-nining each
other and who knows where Sam is so that she’s in the lodge why are we still
talking about this let’s go Hey look fire tower what is that

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